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John Farrell postgame press conference Sat. September 7

Sep 7, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference Sat. September 7

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-- -- It's gonna run is no doubt about consider him the number runs scored by both teams no lead seems to be big enough. -- it's a testament to the offensive capability of both clubs and -- -- at the plate and you know knowing today that the -- we're gonna stay away from home and we had to -- things. Throughout the remainder of the game and and finally we scored a number -- for John which we know the story I don't know. And even. Officially waited for my don't -- From there the importance. I think it's safe to say. He's a great place right now and I think just. Maybe periodic rest as helpful. Yes it is and good players and only. -- home run through people on base but a big one late in the game today just to give us -- again. -- put. It this is almost reminiscent of vehicle and had about a spring training so. Obviously a major threat in the morning. Is it. No I mean just. And he's explained by -- Interests. Me today you know what was impressive more than anything is that. Without regular everyday at bats and and step in doubles first at -- home run later on. Plays very easily defensively. I mean it today it was a glimpse of why people are so high on him as a player. Even at that stage very realistic mysteries is very comfortable. At this level. John how important that it took to keep your foot down and you won the first two games now and I was -- -- the -- but today it was a game that really continued that. Keep the throttle on. Well I think if you spent any time -- this team or or guys say in that clubhouse when there's been in this series or any time previous. That this is a very driven group in -- very. As we said before committed. You know they love to commit and compete and look to win each and every day and we're pretty good run right now. Again good stuff -- strikes I uses breaking a little more than a split them. And to his credit after a couple of outings where things haven't gone so well for him to pitch with a lot of confidence. I'm just. I think he finally had to leave and he pitched a little bit more relaxed and whether that. I don't want that to sound like he was. Less than or or trying less and less focused. But -- there wasn't through the pressure on every pitch as we've seen the last ten starts or so where he hasn't gotten any -- so. You know what he deserved on -- today. Well it's reflective -- in the win loss column know regardless of its. A long streak of some sort. To think that we haven't lost more than three games and earning one point in time in the years. I think very impressive but you know whether whether it's just single win series wins mean we don't look at that I was going into. A new opponent of winning a series it's win today in an -- falls where maybe that's that's the approach taken.

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