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Xander Bogaerts postgame after his 1st major league home run

Sep 7, 2013|

Xander Bogaerts joined Joe & Dave after he hit his first homer in the majors, and the Red Sox took the third game of series in Yankee Stadium.

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All right John thanks so much in before we get to Zander let's hear it. Swing and a high fly ball this is deepen the lap of the rising up up up that one might golf she is -- guy. I -- she didn't know it was not -- over the top of the Red Sox bullpen and it's the first Major League home run for Zander Bogart's. Patti absolutely crushed him. Rising and rising here at Yankee Stadium and up into the bleachers and a Red Sox are now in front twelve to three. Santa tell us that feeling -- while -- about 433. Comment even if he had this to how far away you know when I when I hit that block. I like got to live little something in my foot. Regular cramp in my foot so -- my people to get him to do so -- army just got a cramp so with the revenue that are out of races well. And is a great day today in a moment for this over the flu there's no way too soon to give -- where they give you. Zenawi who we thought today did today was a perfect setting for you to do this I don't know why the -- -- an hour here in the Booth before the games like Santa's gonna get once there's going to be number one for him. Armed man I really -- that the last one the last level off man I really there again everyone -- that I mean I hit that ball hard and all the balls that are so you're right on a harmonica. You know you -- very comfortable hopefully yeah meant to be honest is stopped halfway everything -- argued that the service of America to where the sort of the electric utility -- -- It's not as as well as the food -- so that I could do it. While they got the ball for you I think yeah that I haven't -- Parker right now. -- -- -- dirty stuff stopped once not on novels on the with a given long the agency model get this yeah I you know wasn't -- -- -- Before again host the -- home. Kept his Republican at home while we're at the you know but afterwards it's been remind them that and when I hated. Afterward the caves -- -- are allowed to recruit. As your -- see you play yet in person yes he gave embossed or nuclear the Orioles. Yeah when they're together it was -- -- their move them angels dropped and so. -- Jose -- remember that -- Doing that it Yankee Stadium and and a big win like this on national television it's got to be extra special. Man -- I mean growing up Newton do you get by itself you to visualize the stuff -- against the Yankees and the Red Sox and also. I mean me being a part of the Red Sox have been against the Yankees this is specifically go to and -- just -- -- in the -- -- that -- -- both. How about the play you made you know charging in -- in Egypt they get a good shot. I know and it was close but after I -- -- -- alive because thought I was not -- not too sure about that. And I got out so that. You did very very pretty play now the -- gotta feel great about being part of this because the way the Red Sox are playing it it seems like every guy is coming up there with full confidence. -- and the runs are just piling up like crazy. I mean -- begin when it came it was the pitchers that doing so well you know given -- left a lot of a liberal run so. I mean I was just that the deceptive overruns and our offices open while ago so we're -- -- them stay in the game and I hope you have with the established around it and start to go through together. They'll -- it was about a street personal. Zander who's have been counseling has been helping you most. Vance to David to everyone and -- the colts is you know the camp fought for an officer's specific guys this all the guys in this bill also. The way that you have so far is that that's that's the reason why also called the room -- meant to -- just. The B is this dispute if you can mean well it it's also true that is lucid before in his prime accused you know you're good. Man I -- -- -- my -- you know because baseball is a weird game you know so I just. I just think normal. A normal it's you know not many guys hit their first home run especially for the thirty feet before that point one years old man I really wanna see if you see the replay of this profile particularly it's still it's still traveling we are talking about taking graduate today -- -- today enjoy it happy birthday to your -- so what's today.

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