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Mustard and Johnson Discuss the Perceived Low Attendance Numbers at Fenway this Season

Sep 7, 2013|

Recent reports suggest attendance at Fenway is down this season - but why? Do people not have faith in this team, is it a financial situation or are fans just down on baseball in general? The guys discuss these issues and talk about the Sox coverage in Boston.

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Well Tony pregame time that's when Joseph and David in the rest of the gang John Ryder. Bring your Red Sox and yankees can't help well -- bet my question is will always be hearing Matt. Somewhere in late October Joe's famous calls its 2004 and 2000 -- Well that will you hear it again then in late October from this vantage point looks like the Red Sox Larry. Based on what -- against the tigers at Fenway what they've done the last couple nights in the Bronx what they did out in LA against the best team in the National League taking two out of three. Right now they look pretty invincible I know -- a long way to go public they -- invincible right now rather -- You know it's interesting to -- about Ellsbury coming back with his fourth. Time. -- and solid. Center fielder. Which you do have to wonder. How much this helps him out long term and turns are pursuing one of those mega. Contracts down on the road because one of the concerns people have about him his durability. And we know the I I don't blame him for the two. Major injuries that he did have. I don't think those are things that you -- Is -- you could be held responsible for a somebody falling on your shoulder and colliding with a freight train over the -- for a period based. But I do think even with this little -- thing it it'll be interesting to see how long he's out because that doesn't help any doubt on the road of somebody's kicking the tires. By goes back to back call before the top of the hour. Europe pretty good position. If all you have to do is no pun intended car. About the fact that dead Daniel Nava is not getting enough at bats the guys hitting 300 he's been instrumental like so many other. Role players have been you know we we've discussed this all year long. And -- -- an article in the globe just recently. Why aren't they selling out Fenway Park why hasn't there been the usual hysteria. Surrounding this team might be because people. A very defensive and paranoid about another September -- 2011. Coming back to haunt them again in May be that people haven't gotten over the Bobby Valentine air or. But it has been amazing just the lack of marquee names on this team but it's absolutely amazing and what better. -- definitive moment. Then last night's -- that with -- apple. It looked as if the Red Sox were dead the rights they were down five going into the seventh inning. And Napoli it's that fly ball that any other place even -- or solo even. -- stake even Dennis actually even Ichiro bought that ball was gonna stay in the park Mike Napoli -- the ball's gonna stay in the park. But even the guy you have on the hill today a Lackey Timmy has a in his racquet is not indicative of how he his Bayard this year for them and I think you pretty much know what -- you're gonna get a battle out there and he's -- to be at least six or seven. Innings I think with the Yankees were you looking at obviously they have been a team affected by injuries this year and I can understand that. In Slovakia has not been the -- that they needed to help them break streaks losing streaks when they need to this still not -- firearm for the -- -- race. I just I'm -- -- back in an interview with I mean interest no interest why he's coming off your follow the games because that's what we do -- interns are really saying wow this game is really interesting to watch this team. In to watch this this this group pretty bench in the light into how. Farrell is able to move people around in in the other thing I really like Craig is. Nobody gets that bent out of shape about it I mean in years past -- his Red Sox team you hear people complaining and whining. You know if they didn't get enough playing time. So I think it eat out again. Last night's game was that it went seven. And -- out every edit I'm looking at 11 o'clock in the game still lines so I Yankee Red Sox I don't -- I still think that the people. Finally getting turned off by that it takes a long time to get in there and -- if you take that train of a parking and about a time the game's over and you gotta get the kids home or if you just by itself. It's a long game. What is this fixation that even Ortiz like. After every pitch you got to fix your batting gloves is this wrong with the gloves it was a Nomar that I think did that occasionally did tap dancing while it was I don't. That kind of foolishness but again. It's a billion dollar business and right now they're making a lot of money so they don't feel they have to -- this and arrogance about it but then don't coming after affects anything. Well this is -- Essentially cash cow over this ownership they've contributed a lot about their expert businessman they refurbished Fenway Park all that. Rob we got to build a new Fenway controversy pretty much -- about ten years ago they won the two World Series from my vantage point is they said few minutes ago. Unless something dramatic happens I think they're gonna win another World Series yet unlike 2000 war in 2007. Where the hysteria was shall we say the fever pitch. It is no there's no fever pitch have little Mike Myers and drew Barry Morse hang out at Fenway Park right now for some reason I don't know what it is. Maybe somebody hasn't explanation for this team is. Then astounding. In the way they've come back in late innings they've beaten all the best teams they have more wins 86 than any team in baseball. Yet they're not selling out in this still I think just a few people out there. Or a little fearful of what might happen in late September and October -- -- my question but this team right now when I'm not sucking up to the Red Sox I just think if you spend time beating on them is we did the past two years. Then I think it's also affect correct thing to do to give credit when credit is still what is there not to like about this team right now. Absolutely not -- I mean what's your concern about Daniel not present bats like their previous caller was I think at this point you know you were perhaps a little bit about. Are set up bullpen guys who are has been. Out of his mind. You might worry about some vulnerability. In the bullpen. But look at the way this starting rotation usually come around. Lackeys numbers don't look good but he's been a war horse all year long. You look at what -- -- done over the last a month or so return to his previous form from a couple years ago. Short term you satellite TV I've ever really in you know how I felt about likely -- I did not want to make the move but short term. You've got to admit that peavy is a bull dog I think Farrell left a -- to walk right by dumb what's not to like about him then you really. I come playoff time and don't have to worry about the back into the starting rotation to Brian headed to the bullpen Dempster had the ball -- I'm talking about in the post season. In a -- colts is what we expected to be last army that was what early June. -- even -- -- isn't what he was not might be impossible the guy was lights out before he went down with his injury in what June -- something like that. This team is. Former -- both as a a team that can hit the baseball particularly late innings particularly were runners in scoring position and making get. Quality starts from the starting pitching. I I just think on paper in every other way right now you have to say the Red Sox are the favorites to win at least the American League if not. World Series not tell you one thing remember right back to the phones. I think in the next five years. It's going to be a universal problem with the office sports it's. The sophistication. Of the of the TV and high -- injury and red zone and all the comforts of home. I don't see why a lot of people would Trojan to into any of these arteries now. -- -- greatest feeling in the world is watching -- terrible game. And you are all in the game's over and you just -- up. You click it off in you go to bit. Well I think the one sport. That really has benefited from the high Def bear it Larry Johnson the luddite himself has been in the high -- -- for several years now. Is hockey. Because it's rectangular. It's easier to follow the clock it seems more immediate. You know fifty inch HD. Samsung television than it did back in the old that when he and -- that. He has the awareness factor to the other three major sports. Are run by -- clock. Pretty much know -- to gamespot that one market's going to be over by 415 at latest right. You can pulling and you -- life around that. You can't do that the -- sex games that's -- 1 o'clock and did you have any idea what time a game over now television. The years the ice the -- -- hockey. Probably baseball doesn't fare as well I still think it's a better. Disagreed instantly better ago in the game I agree with -- baseball again. -- -- Jerious they're complaining of the four game and you have to be sitting well Jerry gets up at 4 o'clock in the morning on weekdays I get up at 5 o'clock in the morning weekdays it's hard to lots of those games at 103011 o'clock at night. I feel his pain but I do I think baseball is the best team to -- life. It -- out of pocket I think hockey's the best game you know the worst game -- the atmosphere pace Volvo it's worth it watch line. Football football the apps will work your game. Well you can see a whole -- you -- you concede this that when you're missing for the most the most important part watching football games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All while over the big Bullock -- at all while Larry really did it. And we were fortunate enough one of my boyfriend but he says season tickets up its -- re 06. That wasn't re focus it was a three -- Not all the steps to right that have escalated liked about vertical public Jimmy's. Heart. Up now now now they're sure doing that. In the middle of December now and you don't get the replay in the replays they'd do we show you. Are rarely controversial ones anyone that that that be would be questionable call by an official. They do not joke -- they obviously don't now wanna show up the official on the field. I think the best experience for watching football game. Is in the comfort of your -- 6177797937. Let's get back the phones here in Providence. -- -- -- -- Called on you know I think we should put to rest so lack of interest. In the reds are one week ago I went White Sox in. According to the scoreboard it was 100 seats. Sure it was so low -- and been in the past in the past by the year. Additional screen that we experienced that that can get a whole huge huge loan terms weren't. I could get a kick -- -- -- get tickets to any game. The last five years right up routine trying. I'm lying that you want -- peer -- 15100. To 2000 seats available. And -- -- other hand I bought my tickets are more and last week I paid 63 dollar and articulate. What could have carried the right guy and production nationally. Okay he hadn't thought he bought his ticket from the box or is -- a lot dollars. OK so they don't shoveling can get to these. You know these stub hub is that this shortly after grand. And that's not really on -- beginning kickback -- what in the popular and this whole thing about shell out and you know -- spiritual and many people. Making. When I'm there as there were three and forty years ago during actual cost reduction commitment. Have a visit here's -- bill between. Quote unquote sellout how many people are actually there are many of those at the -- seats were actually paid for. Peter years here's the other problem. Sports is is that one forum that people can call and complain about different things and have opinions on the -- can ticket prices. But I'm Tanya you can go to way if you wanna see something at the I won't name a placement one of the theaters or or go online and buy tickets. Like twenty to thirty dollars and more than -- actually walk into the box office and buy them. Ever it's almost like all of these different places in entertainment venues. Have a way of adding on our a couple of you know I don't know what handling means like shipping and handling how much of the -- the ball a couple of tickets and an -- -- sudden -- Thirty dollars. Right but if you go into one of the secondary markets and that's typical stump -- and all those other places it's still very difficult to get a Red Sox ticket. Anywhere close the face value go anywhere else for instance last year we were down in DC. Want to check out the -- that was a winning team prospered and Strasburg was still around and Bryce Harper was a rookie and we were down there last June. And we got these on stub -- I believe or another one of those secondary. Places. And I think they were. Twenty dollars each and we were right behind the first base line up for five rows up I mean it was amazing. Rates seats it was less the sellout. That way because of the desire or ability in the ex general homicides happen how big is the apart bit bigger but most of the new parks there are now. Most of the departure between forty and 45 Fenway. In its current constitution's only a little bit less that was a 3738. Something like that. But it's still difficult to get tickets as -- think it's a matter of economics. I mean I love that usually target about. -- 20000 dollars for season tickets and stuff like our planet myself I gridlocked -- It's always about supply and demand let's go to fill in -- and I fell on Sports Radio. Symbian. And go to the game year. Kids or at least two the then. But ago. Like in. So even watch the game on TV. It takes four hours and -- watching an inning and I don't know how much action. -- While -- seventh and eighth inning last night were pretty good while you like that they'll let me ask you this what you're what is your favorite sport to watch on television. -- he's like a guy. Who needs to see nonstop action because I heard something on the radio. On this very radio stations in the past week at -- if you break it down. The number of minutes of actual action NFL game Larry eleven minutes. Eleven minutes if you added up all the plays it would take eleven minutes corset with federation of football game three hours. On the other hand familiar mostly right if you want nonstop action. And and hockey game. No I I used to watch a baseball game two and a half hours. You know it's the action was contracted in that time and rightly or how Malarkey you. Yeah now -- commuting. Outside of Boston. -- out so I mean it is like you said if you wanna take how many kids you have four. I mean I don't know what crushed you -- I mean you'd wanna give five tickets. And by the time we get to a parking and concessions you're you're pretty much in it you know we -- we -- as if you stayed home with a nice high Def TV -- Fixed a nice latest action -- speaker -- -- is that afoot for a while now but if you'll watch it again -- it is not yet pellets a lot easier I think you'd agree. The -- great dad and and it's great that you give Richard -- deal but. To me I think it comes down economics I I watch these games sometime I watched the Yankee game last thing is that it in the eighth inning and -- argument. A lot of those 2000 leather seats were empty always are well even more self but I think that. -- I watched the Fenway Park crowd and stuff and people around cellphones and gone back and brought that texting and I don't know I don't know I. I wonder Craig if the element the used to go ten years ago is still. And supporters of it because. You know like I said most of the people I see -- out there there have been a great time and everything but it. Some of them are watching the game on eight hitting two went to recount their on this -- art market as somebody next round and not even watch the game. That's just the reality in this world today I don't think -- to the Red Sox I think people just become addicted. To their cell phones intact and then it bring -- waved back -- -- can you come up with -- and I'll stand on your head or something that is embarrassing you know -- Red Sox fans like to think of himself the most astute intelligent -- -- -- intelligent but they still have to execute the waves were to do that if you were there at the game -- -- -- in -- absolutely -- -- -- it's definitely -- -- -- you know -- from way back -- -- I wouldn't do it because it. I -- door because the seats this -- is difficult to stand up the wave -- out of fashion like in 1989 brown sludge that way may be the last bastion of the weighs 6177797. 937. We go to -- And in north Carolina tar -- -- John how are you on job. I'll always do an excellent. How to bring up a point that I haven't heard mention on the radio station and this news that -- that appeared to be in it for the wild card rates. -- if you look at all three schedules. I think Cleveland. Record although sudden and they're going against. That the -- the white truck -- true and then the twins so I wouldn't say that was a very formidable schedule. Everybody else who come into the Yankees Orioles Indians they're all playing together. -- I don't hear anybody talking about it but you know. -- a base though that Francona has that team ten games above 500 race. Why you may as you -- we we did we think that the Red Sox were justified in firing Terry Francona -- ago now. Ballot this data they have my personal life -- and I'm not gonna go window that anyways I I I will not talk about Francona. I won't root for him -- good pitching and obviously not against. -- your read his -- did you read a book on him. No you know I try to. I do know. Let me ask this to Hawaii for -- stuff you don't wanna talk about it and brought up well what Dario like John do you feel about Cleveland anyway. What I'm saying here is and I'm not a I want the court Ohio on the Ohio -- -- -- -- yeah I mean I've read and growing up back you know. I I'm just saying nobody brought up the point -- these schedules how old that clean. You don't quite know what he's brought it up because no one can years no offense John no one cares -- the Red Sox have a seven and half game lead. The second wildcard is of no concern. Red Sox fans at this point that would be hilarious scenario however. How about. Tito and getting that second wild card winning the one game showdown with the other wild card team either Texas or Oakland or Tampa maybe who knows what might they. And then having to play the Red Sox in the next round Terry Francona. In the divisional round taken on the Red Sox three out of five that would be interest 617779. 7937. You can Texas -- 37937. Where. An hour away from the Red Sox pregame appoint a 1 o'clock game on fox we have it for you right here on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Patriots tomorrow 1 o'clock we're also previewing that more your calls coming up on Sports Radio WEEI.

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