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Mustard and Johnson on Sports Saturday -- The Red Sox Continue to Roll and Everything is Going Right

Sep 7, 2013|

After another amazing come-from-behind victory over the Yanks last night, Craig and LJ get going discussing the magical season for the Red Sox so far. Can anything stop these guys? Craig makes his bold prediction - the Sox will win the World Series this season! LJ isn't as confident, but it's tough to pin-point any real issues the team has right now going into mid-September.

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Yes if it is Saturday it must be mustard and Johnson on sports Saturday the feel of fall is in the air we almost had our first frost over the last. Couple of nights little -- The air actually heroes of frost last night down at Yankee Stadium -- solely in the feel fall means football and Scott cynical up gave you the count down. Less then. When he eight hours away Buffalo, New York were really is beautiful this time a year patriots opened up the 2013. Season. In buffalo against the mighty bills in yet another all important. AFC. East tilt. But it sounds as if Larry Johnson is chomping at the bit. He cannot wait to discuss what happened in the Bronx last night so. What you just do little monologue and we go get some coffee may be a Danish or -- -- and when you finish with a Yankee Red Sox monologue I'll be back there's not a monologue. It's just a presto I'm amazed. That. The Red Sox have put a string of wins together since playing out on the left coast since August 24 their eleven. In two. Around the lead the majors in RBIs. They're first in the major leagues with 515. Probably more now marks. It tied four on base percentage -- I'm chest. Don't listen. If bench Arrington does not get executive of the year and I don't know who should and I think we all all of us myself included to the beginning of the year. You know we're mighty signing -- these known nameplate is for thirteen million here thirteen million day air. But every time you turn around somebody different is stepping up victory that was played a fantastic. Series defensively. Any had a clutch two run homer last night. Yeah do brought I would be concerned about that would be the only negative -- he had six marks last night again he's him and I. Dempster seem to be the two who were struggling the most but overall -- this team is just. If army Yankee fan right now I'm beside myself not only be for them blowing a lead in in in losing like that giving up. So so many runs and now four runs in the eighth. In five runs in the seventh and in grand slams and the fielding is an -- did not making plays. Job Johnny Jonathan Winters Chamberlain came in last night and he just couldn't find the plate giving them. -- Stewart the catcher fits with that the throw the ball in the dirt continuously. Dick -- and dig a -- lot of for a space that a ride made a play on Reynolds couldn't couldn't dig to throw out -- I'm just not used true. See in this kind of Yankee baseball and a shopping funny I am really not certainly and I know I'm not trying to be I just I was shocked and affluent American fourth homer get a that a little bit later with the BC football team. It's a new team out there ladies and gentlemen and I hope people stop paying more attention to the way they're playing. But. You -- talked about the Red Sox Yankee dollars odds are you're well it's -- Iraq that you're in pain about it but you gotta give this team some credit union. You're Harry I fat you know I again I thought. Lackey does a lot more credit that he had been getting I don't think he got to run support this year and he's been a team player and he's been in nearby. Have a player award hey let's stop the drama right now your parrot the I don't even know technically by the way is great I don't know why they even have him in there. To save the game -- again 123 punch out in the in the ninth Jeter -- ground outs are Rihanna are struck out you know struck out. We it would take me without this guy. -- think the -- chances of beating the bills on Sunday are. What EJ Manuel at the controls for the bills -- cardinals felt expressed -- -- I would really I think the bruins' training camp is about to begin and I wanna break down the schedule. And why you you're you're kidding when I said monologue yes -- take me serious -- not if you sat marks the seventh and eighth inning of -- game last night at I each averaged just flabbergasted at the inept miss in the in the way they're playing good just not making plays and and in a Wednesday. -- well obviously Mariano blows the -- but now I'm not knocking him for that everybody does that -- Except for your -- but com. I'm -- in what the -- with the Red Sox as it's like different people every time. Doing something well I'm in the words of Dennis your comments my comment is I'm just gonna quote the the great Dennis Green you -- crown a mom and a crown -- Their -- they've won that there are you looking at the 2013. World Series champions I hate to would say it it it hurts me it -- me utter those words. But all indications are in -- something really. Turns in the post season is is this something on -- seen some dramatic reversal. Of fortune. I think you're gonna see the Red Sox win their first championship since 2007. And third. In this century because I I just think they have everything right now they in the last week you're complaining about. This why it up doesn't have -- east. Islands. All they have is Ortiz in the middle line up. There's just no marquee names to get anybody interest that well with Jon Lester returning to his previous form from a couple years ago. We've -- called -- making his first start. Since way back when on September 10 -- John Lackey being that consistent work -- the you're talking about would PV solidify the rotation. They got the rotation. They got the closer. They got the clutch hitting you gave me the statistic number one and RBIs. Comeback ability how many late rallies. If they pulled off do you need anymore. Evidence that what you saw the last couple well. The other thing and I've certainly been leading the parade on this is that well you know them really played anybody good they missed the at the aces Wachovia of the Dodgers team and then they played Baltimore in a certainly yet they two out of three -- ball -- the -- Archie can't count them. But I thought Detroit was really going to be a problem for them and they won two out of three would -- Rory and and now what -- doing to the Yankees -- so what you're seeing is out there saying it's time -- time to stop whining and saying well -- -- -- -- they played right. I think people have taken a long time. They are a little gun shy with -- team -- -- wanna get burned again on no one wants to go through what happened in 2011 the Bobby Valentine error not era. Came to a merciful conclusion. Last year and it's been. Several months and I think now we're starting to see. A Red Sox team that now is it true contender they have to be the fevered at this point. And as the team in the mix Larry. They are. Exactly what their record says they are. They are the best team in the American League. And I would venture to say best team in baseball right now they beat the Dodgers two out of three out there they've beaten Detroit two out of three here. They were behind twice against the Yankees team that was on the rise making a play off -- and they beat those two teams know if you need to see anything more. Back of the day. Way back my eastern panel commend our day and into the big show and a textured jumped all over me because I said in in baseball like you don't want or you hit as hot if the same time. Any thought that was a ludicrous comment but the point I was making as we all know. Everybody doesn't state it -- state Maine you know hit 400 for the season so every nobody stays hot all the time. What you want is for people like it Ortiz -- Pretoria to stay hot for awhile in vain if they call locked in people usually do. Then somebody else steps up. What seems to be happening witness the there's no name team. Is they just have different people who are stepping up all the time Indy -- and you watch in the dugout after which is not like god. Youkilis over in the corner pouting because -- getting hit that night. Everybody in Ortiz you gotta give Ortiz credit he is the consummate team player with just in regard to this not fighting over his extra RBIs. They all seem to be on the same page and there are rooting for each other -- is up it is a pleasure to watch it really. Winning is pleasurable and now that they're beating contending teams and you were banning -- from all year long until last week there were they weren't interest because there was no star power there were I don't have I'm not -- off of that and I think it I think conversation around these parts has been that. Baseball's certainly takes a second position to put Paul and I still believe that. But I did just has not been that much interest in the Red Sox but I today after watching them a -- Detroit number at the Yankees. I think it's time at least for me then I'm gonna I have to stop putting more interest in more enthusiasm and watching them. It's a very likable team and I like the -- the around union. Is that come to the playoffs only -- Q fourteen minutes to get in the weren't likable yeah I read the Bible whether you like it and not when this season spotted. I dreamer if it was a worried that we used in the -- the word which you boost. Is because there was so unlikable last year right that's why you say. Which normally you know if there -- the patriots are likable team it doesn't matter but because they were celebrating it. Internally. In so many different areas between Bobby Valentine between that chicken between quitting in September. They were -- not a likable team and and half of the plays that were not like a -- have been jettisoned dot here. But I think when you're watching them now not only I agree winning is the first priority. What I else I I like the players I like the way they're pulling for each other art I just I like they haven't had any controversies this year. At all under the radar. No. It's not that's in all of controversy. And -- give all the credit in the world you talk about general manager bench Harrington finally. Was able to wrest control of the decision making from other people in the Red Sox front office that should be -- today. You know I got I think you give them credit I think you give Larry a -- you give John Henry credit interest of saying you get a good thing happening here. You don't need to be out front selling bricks and and and souvenirs and plaques and everything. Those things irritate your we think it's still here -- I'll say it that it's a negative and I wish somebody would would look into it right about it. Is I still do not understand why NASA is insistent. By having Jenny Dow interviewing people is crucial parts of the dog the and that I don't know I don't back Detroit game. We ever -- -- topic to how we sex crazed get people pre. I guess veterans are a west and us Airways and not just say it out critical propagate -- she's. If it was somebody about throwing up -- that now you got to be you don't think that's integral to the broadcast no I do not at all now. The other question it needs to be looked into weaknesses jets -- job. Why can't we have actually on for the rest of the year. Might they have a mind that he's not on any on. Is it about money can you pay the guy in just have he is absolutely. So we've rushing. In so candid. And yes you know I love the Rem dog ran -- played at different role. I'm actually is just he just tells it like it is he is unfiltered. IQ did you ever in the rest of the year. Well good question I don't work at NASA and don't plan to be part of that particular. I thought you're gonna be a media reporter yeah that was a few years ago it didn't quite work -- if you were Arab media reporter it would deputy item in question Dennis sectors -- fan. Four he years. -- only when he was a member of the Red Sox or even admired him from afar when he was the hall of fame closer for the all amazed. But he's always been in honest up front candy guy will say exactly how he feels shoots from the hip you see that. In the broadcast Booth -- about. And recklessly replacing -- can certainly understand where Jerry's priorities are at this point. It's a completely I think you said it it's a completely different Apollo approach they're both excellent what they do to with the best in the business certainly from. A locally for a national perspective. But they do it very differently their perspectives are different so it's not as it -- -- coming in. In trying to replace. Jerry Remy and Jerry's great report dollar so -- he just who we as it's his personality. And he's -- his personality out of the broadcast it is. Entertaining it is analytical it is refreshing. And of course NASA should have backers and with the. Tell me something I don't know or tell me something beat USC that we are not seeing yet Rivera came -- the other night in their within. One -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He would not he would now right as a former calls yet and I mean British just. Is eight me and you sit there I love his is dialogue about cheese and Alia the stuffy as. I am just saying I'm not getting off -- I I just think he is so enjoyable -- why can't and NASA maybe there are other reasons but. You really if you want people -- really get a pop up about this team and stuff aside from your putting on the field. He is that me and well to be in the -- and I go back when you beat the Dodgers. The team perceived to be the best team in the National -- two out of three at Chavez ravine you come back. It beat the tigers the team that went to the World Series last year the team to beat in the American League. I'll lose the first inning comeback win a pitcher's -- to one in -- over the best team in the American League outweighs the defending champions out the next game. Then you come back from a sure. Defeat on Thursday night when an extra innings down by five last night Napoli gets the Grand Slam go onto win of by. What four runs twelve to eight against the arch rival I think if you can't get people interested now. You're never going to get them interest and I know it's a long way off we're still. Just about a month away from the post season. But I'll tell you right now there's not a team in baseball that looks better than the Red Sox on this day -- -- September 7. October 7 not October 27. Long way to go but I'll tell you what if I were putting my money on any team Major League Baseball. It is the Boston Red Sox I don't which everybody had to divestment. It's it's just like playing cod so you don't see people a blackjack tables -- -- they know what they're doing which trot stepped. You know give me three or whatever this guy I mean he goes out and get this quick and buried his speed merchant. And I mean immediately the guys paying dividends field it's just it is it is a joy to watch. And I think Craig it's more of a joy to watch. Because a last year. Say it last year where some old bat. In -- many areas. -- mismanagement between the front office. Between the manager some of the players there were just an awful awful team and I guess I'm just just my own personal observation. It's time to come back -- and -- -- pouting as a fan because they let you down that's rob -- good guard right now you're missing some very good baseball. You're protecting yourself from mob getting burned again you -- one liked what they saw 2011. A disastrous. September. One for the record books last year which is disastrous from the minute they hired. Bobby Valentine. And you talk about a guy who is certainly restored common tranquility of that Red Sox locker room in the dugout John Ferrell. What do what a great aunt -- about refreshing anything it isn't Bobby Valentine by my definition is refreshing but. Barrels taken it to a new level we criticized. -- Larry Lucchino four. Unilaterally. Essentially. Deciding that Bobby Valentine was going to be the replacement thirteen dollar at a banner certainly -- -- -- -- on the everybody's door denies that by radio. Of genius. The diabolical. Larry Lucchino knew exactly what he was doing he he intentionally hired the worst possible manager. -- the absolute worst possible replacement for Tito. Let them. Completely sink this team. And then when John -- was available they went out it was a perfect plan it is paid huge dividend. And the reason you know Ferrell has arrived in he's been validated is people are calling on criticizing. That's a good sign. By Getty -- peavy into long while we obviously they're contending team exactly. And that's I've tried to explain that to them over there. Went went went callers stop criticizing your team. New -- irrelevant. Well yeah he to have a little bit of that in America's that second guessing is -- that nature in football and and baseball anyway. About 2000 men twelve. Happily is turned out for Red Sox fans the -- the aberration worst year. Since 1965. They are back into contending status higher than that I would say that right now as I said. If you had to put your money on one particular team of all the teams in baseball. Is not Detroit it is not taxes is not the Dodgers not Cincinnati. Or the Atlanta Braves right now I think in the power rankings you got to put the Boston Red Sox. Right at the very it is what they think they may because what's happening is that it's no coincidence they lead the league in March which means they're being very patient. Which means they're putting guys on base. And they also oh lead the league in RBIs right in everything that could possibly go right where the Grand Slam that that. Unbelievable shots that gargantuan blast. Off the bat of Mike Napoli everybody thought it was caught right I mean you know solo set fly ball you're gonna get out of any of apart that's an out. Well I hope so yeah but obviously the home run both give -- and take of the way. For the New York Yankees last night Mike Napoli the Grand Slam his second at the stadium third. Of the season and the last got hit three or more grand slams in -- Red Sox uniform. None then George Herman Ruth back in 1996177797. 937. Tax line up and running courtesy of AT&T 37937. As I said we'll get into a little off football as well yeah patriots have a game that really touts its tomorrow afternoon. In buffalo get into things up in buffalo things down the Bronx you're telephone calls on the way mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. And I'm a girl. First and I saw feature you know timing his jump and commoners. Parents -- No one believed the least of all Mike Napoli hit Apple's gonna go out of apart Joseph -- gobble David dot arsenal on the TV side didn't believe it -- can't -- bet that twice had to give him. Wrote it and believe it and -- sitting in my little and I am the only guy I believe because I called I said it's going to be Grand Slam. The Red Sox comeback and win another game that's what happened and according to. The official reporter for the mustard and Johnson shows got Auburn today's Boston Herald -- player. In Red Sox history -- more than three grand slams. In the the annals of the team's history that would be a fellow by the name babe from the year before he was. Treated to the Yankees. The iron 8617. 779. 790 and you -- SA and and the question is can you believe. That Joseph will be saying that sometime in late October can you believe will Joseph be saying can you believe in late October in -- and can you believe it if they cute -- colts back in and he they even Buchholz at this point. By you get -- -- lacking he. -- You know that your big consistent three right now. But you know it's interesting we we all looked at well this team is going nowhere in last -- -- combat give back in the form. Hasn't pitched since may he's getting his first start on Tuesday. But right now looking pretty sound obviously -- bronze -- struggles particularly against the Yankees. Last couple times now but he's not going to be part of that rotation come playoff time. They are looking. Very strong disabling the -- to the phones Roger in the car your first that would -- Johnson. I Roger how he would who's Smart and good how you don't Roger there are questions for your. Yen down but questions there's there's let steerage on every ship that. It's -- -- charged in more imports from our might have -- changed. And what -- -- they catch -- aren't over the Nazis and everybody wished for actually they're catching wired inside the guys Victoria dark structure. Right everybody thought that there were overpaid stars. I wonder how much it -- Harm by it village edge they had at -- are you guys. Well you -- Carmine was such an integral part of the Theo administration which and -- and was part of but you know I I always felt that when cheering him was hired to replace the -- That he was gonna bring the developmental scouting side to it because that's what he did very well the -- -- numbers cruncher. Where chairing -- was a guy that was down and dirty did all the the work in the trenches boots on the ground etc. I think he's brought a keen eye to this organization that I don't think has been here. For a long long time and I think those acquisitions that you allude to. Where are perfect example of what Ben charity and understands is more than just numbers. It's being complete ball player so every acquisition in the chairing his -- while we've got to scratch their heads at the beginning of the year. Have really paid a man's dividend the other thing right it -- to. Well but you do have to approach a monetary. Way of putting eighteen together. -- from the perspective that if he's your money if it's gonna make any sense at all and I think what has happened. With the Red Sox. Of late when they jettison those three characters out of town is. And archer sitting back and laughing at the angels right now they had they have -- holes he's off for the rest of the year you're stuck with that contract. You start for Josh Hamilton is stock -- to share -- -- with a rod. And I think it is starting to learn that if you you pay people a little more. -- what the norm is. In if they have you know above average ability not great they're not superstars but above average ability. It seems to -- a way to put eighteen together you and they continued the stock price on the found you know among many were mocking -- -- company for that magic number thirteen million a year for a victory you know it I was done nothing but assert our west -- -- -- bright feet. What you understand is in order to have is an intelligent. Rational discussion about any -- aspect of sports is hindsight. You can't wary about. You know. I don't wanna be wrongly just arrived on site that you you have to say which you're feeling at the time. And I did think rubber stamping is like day giving out thirteen million dollar contracts in this rubber stamping them it didn't seem. That the likes of us Napoli -- and Victor Reno in the rest of them. We're gonna we're all ports we were aware that kind of money right -- I don't mind being wrong I'm not getting page Harrington money he knows a lot more than I do. But this is a delightful surprise I love being wrong we would situations like this in and the light constantly then I NL barrier next on Sports Radio WE I again. I got -- or not. Our I would cited economic that I Bart -- and patriot talent a great too that's where we're going. Our the blood stock and lies a little bit earlier in the broadcast. He said that -- turned -- that he's gotten twelve was the aberration for the buck guys I think you're dead on with -- what I have been thinking as well. If you look at the past. Three years now are really -- -- September about -- got a lot and -- and keep well they don't fit more other Mac -- stock could be. -- -- one of the best team in the following definitely offensive. Art art yeah I think. What what no. -- is it. -- -- play ball low error. There actual level our ability to walk all over -- equal time. And lest we forget. In August last year. In early August they were within three or four games of that second wild cards they were in contention until another implosion by the way. Other September last year was even worse in the September -- treat it -- The more infamous one in 2011. They also only once having games last year. The end the other thing and I'm very interested and asking you is. I UAE late bloomer in terms of coming back to this team did you kind of turn away from them for awhile because of that the disappointment with the Valentine Eric. And -- if so are you back on board now. Are there. I wouldn't be -- I all of the unions are either. I would say that I was cautiously optimistic at the beginning. I liked the idea. And that are doing. -- the -- over the past you big market teams and then a little pain badly for her Olympic Games. I like the idea of over a little bit for birdie these large number of pretty good names -- the idea that no on any given night at least one of them -- it. -- almost -- I thought the -- out strategy for building -- team and that it does look like off. IE you know would very much of the opinion that. That the Red Sox were 88 strong overlap. Few years -- Had some really terrible law. -- areas. And -- selling it that's actually up. Job laughter I think if you looked -- is it is pitching last year and situations where the had. You outs he stopped the above approach right right and it it. And -- got work toward more out. Or they're cute cute. When he got -- strike batter up Burke Greg and I want out he added it in the work they've got and and you look at it is. -- Record. He completely naked city you'd certainly be -- this guy. Here. -- sort wetlands there battered -- extractor. Why I think there are a lot of people who felt he would never be able to get out of this funky obviously has in the second half of the year I think you sought again. On Tuesday night and -- Jon Lester back to where it was two or three years ago. It makes them very difficult to beat come postseason time 617. 7797. 937. It's mustard and Johnson will patriot talk as well thrown in with some Red Sox were here it'll 1220 yourself Red Sox and yankees playoff. Rare 1 o'clock game at the stadium will have a four -- right here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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