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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

Sep 7, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien before the third game at Yankee Stadium. John told Dave that he brought Koji Uehara into last night's game because the middle of the order was due.

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With John Farrell and John 41 runs thirteen homers in the last three games and beat goes on the last night. Was one of those extraordinary Red Sox wins that we have really come to find commonplace this season Natalie. Well they've I don't know if you university commonplace today we get down by five. And much like they were the night before they they stormed back in that seventh inning and it was almost a replay of the first game in the series we stormed back in the seventh inning. Highlighted by obviously Napoli each Grand Slam to -- some things up. But it's the relentless -- -- to the at bats that never escape this group whether it's the first inning of the ninth inning. Because even even last night when were up 128 when he considered the at bat Dustin Pedroia had against. -- their rookie reliever making is in his debut here about a nine pitch at bat from outside on right hander that. Ends up with with a double down in the left corner. Almost exemplifies the way this team goes about the offensive approach and it is relentless and that's what allows us to build those innings and come back from the deficit we're in last night. Is John Lackey said in a dugout last night going save some of these for me just give before today. Yeah I tell you want to. I think it is as confident as we're playing right now and we never know what we you know -- going to a game you never know what to really expect but. As well as John has pitched if he goes out just takes care of his end of the business which he has done routinely every time he walks -- amount. -- -- where he's got a lot of runs coming his way and and we might be just in that's all right Lowery finally get some of his fair share. Couple of notes from last night you bring in Koji it's not a save situation to four run game. Yeah Adam warmed up is that a case of I got in heated up on I'm gonna bring him and again I'm not gonna waste that even though you know he's not in a save situation well Dave where we were last night with guys sort of used. It in the in the ball game previous to Koji plus the guys that had pitch multiple innings the night before. They're also in the heart of their order and we've got a four run lead. It is if I don't bring in Koji and the guy gets on base or get in coach yet get hot get in the game anyway so my thought is OK it's not a save situation. Let's just get him in the game and do we can to seal off right here now and he's done just that not a save situation but in a way it was -- situation. Well it is certainly you know in this ballpark. Anything can happen as we've seen the last two nights in the quieter we can make that ninth inning the better. He has a remarkable way of making a ninth inning quiet every single time out that's what seven or eight perfect saves in a row. But 27 straight batters he set down that in essence is a perfect game. To do that at the big league level against the line -- she's facing is incredible. Well it it really is and do. The one thing that you know -- a coach -- start to get more notoriety for the performance of his -- -- this year but if you look back what he's done not only in Japan but. Every year he's been here in the states his performance this year isn't that far out of the norm for him. The fact is he's now in a close -- also is get a little bit more more notoriety where before he's been that. You know seventh eighth inning -- sixth inning guy were you know the strikeout totals were the same the hits allowed per inning at the same. And yet finally with us -- maybe because we're in first place were in Boston he's our closer. Some of that acknowledgment is finally -- like you certainly hope that's the case because it's been an amazing run for him. Time for our Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John -- about your line of John and you're mixing and matching a little bit -- you have a Jackie Bradley and today. While Jackie had come to us Jacoby as we know didn't play last night because of -- ball office for it to probably 56 games ago. Re aggravated it in the final stolen base two nights ago and wasn't really responding to treatment throughout the course of the game last night we did send him back to Boston get -- examined. We're still trying to gather all the information there's probably some more testing in violation that's got to want. He has been put in a boot so this isn't just a quick -- anything he's got something legitimate going on here and and we've got it like you should get more information before we have the definitive plan going forward but. It's kill him right now because he wants to go on the field he's complained banged up. And hopefully he's back to answer so are you concerned about it. While it's in that spot or you know it's that vernacular bone which might not mean much to people listening but it's the same -- the both PD and Varitek had broken. In the last couple years and we've got to be very careful with the spot and give at the time needed a quick question about -- buckles for -- ago have you made a determination on when he's gonna start point. While it's likely everything's going to this series and Tampa he's traveling back was today who throws pulpit here tomorrow. We've got just one more sit down meeting with him with long been. I'm just. How we get just the rotation going forward so. It's likely he'll be start and force them to -- things -- it thanks appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. The all new Mercedes-Benz CLA is arriving at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers this month. The CLA -- superior technology engineering and safety you've come to expect from Mercedes-Benz and a price you never saw coming. Visit NB USA dot com slash CLA. John.

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