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Mike Napoli with Joe & Dave after the second game of the New York series

Sep 6, 2013|

Mike Napoli talked to Joe & Dave after the second game of the New York series. The Sox first baseman's grand slam completed a five-run comeback in the win over the Yankees.

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-- can't might get congratulations what a great comeback win their first off tell us what you thought when your drive to right field left the back. I was hoping I got enough of it -- watch Ichiro and you know he jumped forward and I was prophetic caught up personal softball could topple on. Mike what were you thinking before you announced that it that when you've got back into the dugout -- every once seemed almost to be indicated to you that. That you knew you gonna hit one out in that spot and I and I know the slings -- take is a pretty good chance to be connecting as you can hit it out but. What was the thought -- is going up that well enough -- pretty good you know from my first about to. It's facing a lefty. More comfortable face lefties so. -- -- -- -- drove off you know I got 232 count fell off some pitches in no distrust issuers. Pitch he knows who's out there but in I got muffled. Three grand slams into with this part this year but. Tonight how much in here the short courses. To right field. My powers that way and you know conflicted. -- his team's amazing. 83 down seventh inning come from behind and went just last night doing it against Rivera like that. What does a win like this say above the Red Sox in 2013. We've been doing all year that we -- never give up. Not everyone grinds out about of the matter with the scorers. -- just keep you got it so. We do that you know things were if you have a feeling that I couldn't -- inevitable then this could happen. -- road -- you know ground. Those -- must often. You know we -- it. Very. They've -- goes. I don't I so wanted to double and then we. Especially one like real little surprises she -- coming in tonight. A little bit but in those games matter. United in. It was an off there too long you you -- a 123 inning. If for -- Mike thanks very much congratulations I think.

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