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Did the Patriots blow it by not bringing back Wes Welker

Sep 6, 2013|

After an amazing start for Welker and the Broncos offense in Denver last night, we're left wondering whether or not the Patriots made a major mistake by letting Welker go... early results are in, and even though we don't know the whole picture yet, people are reacting.

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I love talking jobs now that being said. Ron Jaworski I think he's one of the best ESPN football analyst I loved is his breakdown he gives you great quarterback perspective blocked. He seems to have gone completely insane just like in the last few weeks. Ever put -- had a Brady ever after seeing Peyton is no way you could possibly put Payton had a Brady -- I brought everybody go to pick -- I mean he's outside the top ten now right. Right right I don't think so no not after last night you know -- ago there ago. Peyton looked back to -- that impressed last night c'mon. You were not jealous you did not fall into the trap Michael you're better than that I'm not don't fall into that not happen. You fall into the 27 of 42462. Yards and 7080 strapped notable in order certainly fooled three sacks -- says don't be fooled. Off -- the line broke down. You're not a press last night with with Peyton Manning. He Peyton Manning I hate hate -- -- -- that Manning had to stay home on that to admit this no I don't have to get anybody. Best. Opening performance. Game one performance. That you have seen what a guy or requiring docks all over the field that somehow landed wide receivers and gotten sick duck quacking ducks that touchdown pass across the middle plaque plaque is up there forever. He -- docs and lately in the eyes were wide open all the time. It is it is is the most act and he'll back you -- no I don't think so didn't see any quacking ducks -- in any of those fluttering Peyton Manning third. Charles you didn't watch Hewitt the Charles River you don't want to write a game where seem not flat flat when I went back -- I wanted to. Or -- this house we're not and that -- last night. I didn't single out and see a single duck -- really. I doubt when I watch statement has been this way for the entirety of his career and now even more so because you really have the -- anymore. You just see these these balls that lot of running never throws a perfect spiral they are always up there for every uncle -- certainly that was gonna get picked. And the -- guy and nobody within fifteen yards of them it's unbelievable not only -- Dallas Clark and -- the other guys about how little you argue hate huh. -- -- -- You patent you -- and you reached in and you trip there is no way. There is no way in the world can duplicate that performance last night. -- say it wasn't impressive was an impressive performance there was not only from Peyton Manning only from the Broncos but go ahead. Yeah you knew I was gonna bring Obama you know I wanted to bring that part out even been -- to. -- -- It. They screwed up bike now they did based -- Go to Cuba. Got a little cheap. Thought that he was dispensable. Thought that we are we can just drop somebody -- logic is just don't twist it any at all. Corporate America. Propaganda. All this put this guy who replaced him and where can do this no you can't know you're kidding what he meant more -- New England than anybody else. And the Denver Broncos. Denver Broncos were intelligent and up there and wait for Wes Welker. If Arctic Colorado. I am so disappointed HIQ. Are you more disappoint you should we are here I'm not there more disappoint how ridiculous as your overreaction to -- one. Game one not one game of every week also haven't didn't even wait till the eleventh week one to overreact to -- are talking about Wes Welker or. -- but not like this I mean now you now you've really seen in your view evidence. Of what is happy not evidence is one game from one team we haven't even seen both sides -- you haven't even you've seen them play one game. Against the Baltimore defense that looks like a shell of its former self starter getting -- left guys wide open all over the field of people haven't even -- -- -- -- yet to play out details about that man -- about whether Baltimore's playoff team on the air on T we urge you will see two playoff teams last we will see whether or not Baltimore's playoff team and if they are it's not -- be because of that defense it's going to be because that. Aren't exactly. Baltimore you guys can jump in Tulsa that 1777979%. Last Welker. Hollywood feel and look what Wes Welker -- I didn't think he was gonna become a bad player because he's no longer on the patriot he's replaceable I think he. Think -- you think he -- and dairy easily. Are irreplaceable player who look like he's not looked like all the other guys who have been in Peyton Manning system for -- I did it look like -- brain and still not it is better branded. Difference. -- disrespectful. Not the same sentence at the same kind of player Brandon -- you don't -- last night. Brandon -- certain -- when Stokley is now a hundred. -- Brandon Stokley is like literally dragging these are eagerly looking like 45 years older than what I think is more than he is not charged forty. And I were you when you look for years. If he's not for shipment but Wes Welker in Seattle three years ago he was -- he's been done for every have a harder can cautions he's had injuries galore you. Can't make that comparison I do stand up for the short white receiver okay because this is what happens. You know little receivers. Receivers. White receivers who don't get the credit that they deserve really -- I'm telling you really it's what happens okay because. Wes Welker with the same school or excuse names and camera Danny Amendola went to the same school as Wes Welker. Any kind of looks like it was sort of kind of looks like -- compared to them sorry. -- the same race they don't have the same game not even close. Not even if this is a terrific player who has been described. As some. Some little cog in the machine he's -- -- Dole can't it be something you're used to call. Me golden eagles'. Michael -- -- losses. And Michael -- -- was on the. He's out -- running between those two things he is a good player he's not a lousy player who was just made by the system but he's been in a great system for him for the parity is patriots career and he's in another very good system for him and Peyton Manning. It's a very good spot for him to be and it's been a very good spot for a lot of players before him like well what what I just mentioned Brandon Stokley for one. I Stokley caught on a ball and being -- Peyton Manning says in Kansas many of the gets as many as rocker catcher we have a lot of -- as many as well that's good players well they're they have as many 100 hit seasons as brokered. Don't. Okay well what -- had a great at doing place is not easy and he's been doing it with a lot of good player market where you play one time and decides it all my doctor. -- ever man let me let Peyton Manning they'll have their little Pappas in Denver this is what -- cares what happened to the patriots -- the patriots played. They kept saying to Wes Welker will prove to me again. So he gives you a hundred and get up to me get another 100 catch season. Not 100 catch season how how about well we'll put -- battled it out there because Julian element can do the same things that you can't can't can't stay on the field. He's not as good die and that's what Welker. Wes Welker saying to the patriots. But the patriot did not listen he's and they played decades ago that. They kept messing around so good I -- exactly zero titles Woolley was -- -- -- had a chance to -- one and yes typically -- -- yet that's what that he's so good they had a chance to win the title when he dropped so he had he didn't make a mistake. In a big game -- -- in any super boy yeah what are they want to read a mistake and a Super Bowl. The same game where. The golden boy cost -- two points at that at the first -- I like -- -- unlike the -- think that you now know he's irreplaceable without seeing. What they've done to replace our knowing that you've seen what has been done to replace them I know -- maybe every day doing somewhere else is evident like I don't know say that's not this not somewhere else I know they made a mistake as soon as we. Sat here on this radio station are remembered the day. He's on with the Broncos and I know at that moment. That they made a mistake he's more important to the New England Patriots that if somebody else but the somebody else the Broncos. He's a guy who's gonna help them get closer to winning chipped 61 cents and 7979837. Chris is in the car hi Chris. Well. -- -- guys what's up. Would you talk of course. -- -- That that these aren't quite easy say that easily -- you can hit somebody and 220. Catches working hundred yards seven touched on it in and -- it -- be and we can't. It's this whole idea have you watched any of those career -- -- much you know about -- at all. -- -- Danny Amendola split sixteen games in the season. No question shortfalls in a season Danny middles played sixteen games at that happened yes or no. Yes yes it's happened fast and it wasn't that are out a couple of its signature problem. And it better -- another year played in 14:15 AME Danny Amendola nearly died right he missed a couple of weeks came right back out there you don't know that he can't stay on the field you know that he's had a couple fluke injuries but it doesn't mean I have a little -- -- -- -- perfect example. -- -- great but what outrageous what outrageous a thought. You can just because they were both undrafted free -- You can just get another undrafted free agent to replace the one that you had so right. Wes Welker was not Wes Welker. I'll when he came to the patriots from Miami you've just got to do that again you think there's -- I'm comparing -- -- because they were both on draft if you compare with other walks iPad that because I can't call Wes Welker was before he was in your application that I think would Danny Amendola was before he was in New England so if you don't think if you're not comparing them based on. You know what what they were before. Then they're not comparable. Shouldn't be compare that there's no comparison between Wes Welker Danny Amendola Wes Welker before is in New England in the Danny Amendola before and you're gonna say you can do that again okay weak wicket with Wes -- we found a great player he wasn't a great player in Miami. He became a great player here so just go and we'll reach for Danny M. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now out later how could you tell them that. That if you possibly know you haven't seen him in this system. Michael the end of the year if he's not a great player and everybody else out there thinks I'm not at the end of the year turns out to have a lousy year. OK I was wrong it's -- was -- fine but if he helped also disturbing to know that he's not going to be great. And assistance that they've done this before. So the patriots have found a guy who was previously unheralded and turn him into a very good if not great player a race but then Crable Welker the two best exam are and so they've replicated down. I don't -- well but I think they certainly could have OK but Mike Vrabel has been gone for what five years. So will who's the next Mike Vrabel had to have the patriots found the next Mike Vrabel. Don't seem like that always seem to think Rob Ninkovich. I'd say the next Mike Vrabel I think he's a playmaker and he's good player. Into account looks like Vrabel but I wouldn't I don't know for able. Terrific player absolutely so I -- is also bought it and another buck. Back to the coaching staff now but -- it's your finals guys it's hard to do. And I think we've we've kind of been lowered to sleep here -- some of us have been put to sleep by. Hey Danny Amendola he's younger he's faster. He can do something to play inside and outside something that all of those things though -- -- wait and see what it looks like Brady looked pretty damn good in the second pre season game and if they carry that into the regular season. I'm excited to see what that looks like David is in Rhode Island -- Good afternoon. While mr. Michael I don't hit. I don't know what will happen with -- -- he put it brings. A but it will not wanting. To propose a hot right now but politically. And I don't have a lot secret that one game. He dropped -- and pat or turn. The ancient thought golden -- that's been adamant to bubble. He had the same past few dropped the same pass last night I was I was -- that I. And about it -- -- -- it got a capacity it looked great. As he's supposed to be reassured them to global abrogated. Sort of cut that grass in the Super Bowl he said. Shouldn't be all right you'll still hit it -- aren't -- a given -- parliament seat this time. I don't like David because they haven't seen him play yet and because I have -- coming -- and I watched him play or are a little bit. What you feel like I think people -- -- some of the red zone a couple of times trying to I have that a fantasy league I gotta tell it like with Sam Bradford a little this Little League with little National Football League thing it's caught on Nash on it's gone viral. So people have seen a lot of we'd all watch NFL and it's not entirely know -- to premiere screening dialogue and seen the guy -- little. How often you go watch in rams games over the last year did you watch a lot of rams games may want kudos to you why can't an awful any do something that may be watched on. I would -- -- Bradford a garbage how named Alvin Johnson makes me want to and it had a terrible things are it will he's not outright and Johnson are all also right now -- got Calvin -- great players make you watch 61777979837. Josh in the car hi Josh. Hey guys I -- they're -- I actually a limb and say let's just look back and I've worked trivia to the notebook but that's her for a while I I would actually around if you -- And here's the thing that I think it is wider comparable not just side and speed and and -- product. But I think that the thing that sentimental hadn't what -- he would make -- and I think what being overworked. But by the fact that walker came to New England it candid New England had corroborated that made him better get that. But he also worked with brought up an apple and adored it and blew it and they work -- injury that he can do what he did with amber heard and opening encrypt it and I'm out -- Then I think he can do it in Saint Louis with prominent operating -- out. OK that's fair but OK but not -- -- -- there's a there's a part of the story that we always mess we talk about I mean it's obvious. -- Wes Welker having Tom Brady throwing him the ball. Huge advantage for Wes Welker Wes Welker haven't Peyton Manning -- on the football huge advantage for Wes Welker again. But the advantage for those quarterbacks and you sought last night. Wes Welker is always open. Yeah I can get open so if you can you talk about the system the system will help pay -- system everybody's always open. That ever had in the patriot system to people are always always a -- all eyes open guys already have to do with the two court. I got a -- they are all your -- so so Deion Branch was always open here. Chad Ochocinco was always open here -- can get off the line. About. Wes Welker that is part of the advantage. Don't -- it was so it was so crazy last night at some point at one point had a that would areas where bottom because the the the the third that slot corner. Couldn't deal with again and that if the argument is is Wes Welker a good player. I'd be shocked if they're going to be people standing up to say ya know he's a bad player and by -- not on that -- either I don't think he's the bass player he's a good player very good player. But he's irreplaceable. You can't possibly exist without Wes Welker. I just don't agree with that and I think until you've had a chance for more than just even one week and we haven't even had one week. To see what his replacements are going to look like is difficult to decide at the patriots already made a mistake. 61777979837. -- Ali we'll get to Jason Tom will -- in the -- your calls coming up next year WB. But I assure us tough down there in that resolve I've seen him score Mosul option routes. A barge usually being on the other side it is fun to be on the same side of it. You know and it's always a tough decision because you're talking about what we like guys do not like did you do when you're trying to sign him to. -- -- -- To include good years left in them it's I've played man. Talking earlier WEEI your call 6177797937. March layer will join us an hour from now. At 330 we'll also talk to Chris mortenson. At 515. I'm -- patriot Friday. Here here's the thing about this. Wes Welker -- yes. Usually we -- what the patriots -- say you know Bill Belichick doesn't make mistakes. Very often when it comes to moving on from players when they make the decision that they don't want that guy anymore whether it is. Lawyer Malloy whether it's Willie McGinest. Ted Washington Damien Woody authorities Daniel he doesn't make mistakes. They usually don't perform. Well or at the level they did in New England when the patriots decide that it's over. Well we have to remember is the patriot did not decide that it was over they wanted him back. So they were disappointed. When Wes Welker left any any argument about younger. -- Danny Amendola as five years younger than Wes Welker. And it's what Wes Welker is gonna do two or three years going forward compared to what Danny Amendola is gonna do the patriots had decided. We want him. They were surprised. When Wes Welker went to Denver salacious as it. Not comparable another -- on that part of there's two things in there one and we direct -- -- -- one. I don't know what to believe what they want him or not I mean I've heard five different stories everybody's got a different report on exactly what happened what went down did they off from Borg did they not it. You know what I don't know what I know is if they'd really wanted them if -- been a priority. -- -- -- Right I mean you'd you'd agree that if they really made him a priority and decided that they couldn't live without them. He would be would have offered more money they wouldn't have gotten into a squabble with them they wouldn't of allowed him to test the -- -- made great debate really want -- -- -- He made a mistake on the market particular market would be greater -- it was. And they made a mistake by by dragging their feet on the coach would -- -- really O'Donnell is always right I mean if they wanted to meet here. And I am so glad you brought up they beat the perfect name here and that's lawyer -- If anything has taught us not to re overreact. To the very first game of the season and what that looks like what the guy who you've just -- does against somebody in the first week. -- lawyer Malloy situation. 2003 -- tell -- after week after week one you don't have the exact same types of spots of course people -- it but then eventually. This this season normalize it's it's sixteen weeks and now one. And the kind of works out. I'm not freaking out six or 777 on. We'll get through this is this has been a topic that is brought out all sides of -- all kinds of people all sorts of opinions and mullah. We'll give you a taste of it out whether with the phone calls like Tom in Maine or. With the AT&T to excellent which is very entertaining and I had a couple of those who ended pausing to let let's go start Tom's of Maine I asked our. The -- up. There Michael one -- I'm glad you brought up a lot you lot segment about war in it and how he wanted to. He -- with prop the Broncos on the second they appreciate -- so I actually I'm up I'm not in the event like that there in the short the market. I don't think you ever solve a market I mean they never aperture the goal that we -- and create two out anybody's -- okay that would be a good part he. He -- the morning of -- there. So that help each -- wanna do it here. And didn't water -- coach you. Yeah are either but where are meant when they offered him a while ago two years sixteen million. So that that's I have a telescope for free agency. And he thought he could do better than that and it turns out the patriots. Offered him much more than he got with the Broncos and that was a better deal but he didn't think that was a better deal. Are you thought your targets and millions somewhere yet to speak and he didn't even get he took over for. Yeah look I mean the numbers aside if the -- to wanted to he'd be here I don't wanna get caught up and I mean I keep hearing different stories on people they want -- be here. They've made it a priority. Wes Welker would be here ending it was a priority they moved on they found another guy and I don't see any reason why we need to judge that guy before even to speak in the field for the patriots. Screw around this little bit -- some people have compared you to a -- lady that's -- some people want you to punch me in the mouth. -- and -- do that this is that but both of those little bitter old lady the punch in the -- pro and hurtled down okay now here's here's the one that -- blows my -- -- I don't doubt that. Pompous. Don't doubt that. Big mouth from them. And Internet or deliberate act no need okay. No. But it rhymes with. Trick. I wonder. If you would be this adamant against -- -- -- if he were black. -- -- -- And help out. So we're talking about Danny Amendola. And Wes Welker Arnold -- to follow football but. Both the guys were talking about. The guy that I really like the guy that I really really like them that are arguing for I don't know much. That sounds -- it sounds like it's about race with it it I got to be on negative about race I gotta be honest I mean you can say whatever you want her Welker but it sounds like this is about race every guy art doesn't have an oracle Paul -- -- bargained for -- white yeah well I. It's -- full -- as a -- -- arguing against. Is white text message here another one AT&T text line saw how much better can -- possibly be on Sunday he's not even going to play or is of course he is stop but he's gonna play he's going to be just fine. Eight or nine balls no problem wheels of Lexington Iowa. I will. Today we're all right pretty well but I do think the patriots should resign quick exams. -- -- I think the. Biggest issue here is not. It's the money really can is that Welker got so little. And to keep them wherever you go I believe is making more money and -- walker right now I mean -- you can have both those guys. You know on the same mosque that permitted beyond believable. I think it's the -- Our great opportunity to really -- their offspring and that they kind of go back a little bit you know. I guess yeah sure okay I mean I just look I -- -- the same thing almost over and over again because I hate. I I know that today is an emotional day for people yes right at the -- You do you watch Wes Welker since 2007 until last year is under catches every year he's been great player. He goes to another team already emotional about it and then a couple days before you even get a chance to see the patriots take the field you have to watch him and dole and Peyton Manning. I mean well what are. While cars are you have to watch -- Q could you have to watch Welker AMP Manning out there on the field together the larger enemy of tolerance because -- -- crisis that's pretty much like yeah thank you. Because of because of your arch rival for all these -- years has -- and for the most part Peyton Manning certainly from Brady quarterback perspective. It's like watching Johnny Damon with the Yankees -- one and you watching Clemens with the Yankees when you see the guy go to the other team that is -- your rival or at least play with the other guy. As painful as an example out of six expect anybody got a chance to see. It's not it's not -- -- yeah -- it's absolutely a Welker thing it's not just about Welker because of Welker had done this of their playing it and left that you've got Baltimore. -- you've got Seattle Baltimore and San Francisco and -- workers on the niners or he's on the Seahawks. And they do that it's okay well he made them a lot better. But only time we really have to worry about them is that they if they if we meet him in the two purple. But in this case you've got Welker on the Broncos the Broncos putting up 49 points Peyton Manning. Looking like an artist thrown seven touchdown passes -- no interceptions 462. Yards. He clearly makes them better they're not they're they're not that transition period. -- -- Manning and Welker now already and both safe place. Mean hey somebody's got to catch those -- and Peyton throws them Jason's in Maine hi Jason. So all you -- -- adjacent -- greatest Friday it's football season it's that this is exciting is beautiful pockets and doing well today. Start by saying first time a long time urged parents. And loved the show. Can't believe you said Ukraine goes he Welker. Yes exactly what you said but that's what you're saying. The -- What would you -- to see Welker. Couldn't -- That's our. And when he was when he got cut grooves morning when he left I was so happy -- Did -- dialogue world Croatia it is great use Austria allowed to watch and play however. Yugoslavia just plotting those guys she is replaced Bledsoe was sold on the side of the congress. They're playing those guys. Are I Emmy winning play those guys -- those guys get to hundred balls were. -- Sure. That and a lot of guys picked up football who who it even it even in this passing league this this passing era. Does this go outside -- there's a 100 gets. I don't know leaving just find that guy lying around I don't know that there's a million of those guys I wouldn't go as far as you ask him there and Arab and I'd be happy. But I do think it is possible to replace Wes -- it is possible to -- -- slot receiver especially in this offense with another guy who's pretty damn talented a few years younger like what is reasonably -- -- -- -- like -- Amendola who is more to who's -- who's got some explosiveness -- It's possible is it a 100% gonna happen but little goals but to judge before you've even seen a guy out there on the field come on Mario's in the. I'm mark eight guys you don't Mario great. Michael I love you you're at one rated the issue -- I love to market and I'll let you set the dumbest thing I've heard Oprah. Not a robot that. I don't know about that now that is who network. That bet that a huge I got to Chris White bagel the acuity that you bet you that -- Welker is always go. Yes OK I'm excited he caught what the sites are now that in the year. The acute hero. Here he could break I had in the twenty yet are you -- and I'm Margaret you David decision that they need to get the guys beat you don't think you're a score and -- As I can get eat it more later and there are that at once. It's funny consider him -- look got -- on your side are you and I agree on this it is funny that it happened escorts who touched. Bonilla and everybody -- -- any. -- are about out there and when the patriot system to read all of us that this was it the first touchdown scored down near the goal line where both got nobody decided not to get firm -- made up because he's a great players that because they all got confused and coverage and Payton had easy touchdown passes overthrown. The real quick second -- and I get up the air. Look it Wes Welker number -- it in the New England -- -- -- call in numbers. Other basically that they're very similar play -- music he was a good player in Miami and the patriots knew they liked and didn't -- -- get them. Anna Nicole was a good place to -- an arduous it's a little tiny flaw that argument. How many how many how many years you -- Miami to. -- -- has has Danny Amendola played in an innocent four or five are so you had a guy. Who went from 29 catches. 267. Catches. To 112 catches so. He was on he he wasn't he what he wasn't this guy in Miami couldn't have been it could have been in the Nokia that's the one thing about Danny Amendola looking Amendola. Probably couldn't have been Wes Welker if he had Wes Welker in him he couldn't that was not gonna come out. Playing for the team is playing for but the that the differences. After two years in Miami Wes Welker was on the come. In Miami didn't recognize and they let him go to divisional parliament. I don't think that we have seen this rise this arc. In Danny Amendola is four or five seasons thanks in Saint Louis where you say OK here it is right now this is the moment. I think unfortunately Michael I know what you're saying it's -- it's a really good point I don't wanna just I don't wanna -- poet. I do think some of it hasn't affected he has had some fluke injuries I think that there is a belief amongst people that watch and people like mcdaniels bet that he was he was ready for that. But he had had -- hasn't really had much of a quarterback he hasn't really had a lot of other weapons around -- -- an offense and unfortunately he's had a couple of injuries that have sidetracked and they have delayed that. I think he's healthier now they think he's going to be OK the injury seemed to be flew key and not because he's like a chronically injured guy. And now I think it's time for him in this offense a good it would Brady in the slot. To approximate what Welker is done the last couple years six point 77797937. Salt -- at W via. Yeah it's it's time nicest ticket and bill's face every once in awhile so there's this is definitely good. -- that was a good time for everybody last night watching what happened. Emotional. For patriots fans to watch Wes Welker do what he does okay. In watching Peyton Manning hooked it up with a Wes Welker a whole bunch text earlier saying it's like watching your. Ex girlfriend hookup with one of the greatest enemies and I'm sure that there's that element while it -- I don't know -- -- or prison report I think being an election. Want to last night we watched that over the over the over the baseball America were -- You know what I pulled out for the first time last night. -- picture. I haven't liked the new thing DirecTV actually has a picture in picture the number TV started doing that years ago with -- -- used cables up so. Picture picture and you keep it wouldn't actually work it's the greatest thing in the world when you actually works. I had one side with the pay with with the football game one side with the with a baseball game was able across the Mecca for whatever I want -- asked. Picture pictures the wave of the brought back to the future which which one to two -- trials I apart -- more than. I like I was watching the game they got a 72. A turnoff for a while I was watching football annals and realized it was getting really nasty indeed turn back what a great baseball game unfortunately it's overshadowed a little bit as a Welker him -- conversation so great by. It really is a great game for Red Sox team that it is -- in this awesome identity of the team that. Eight PH who do you give them an inch you'll open the door and crawl through. Yeah they -- -- identity as forwards it through its established to mean that -- that kind of team -- and number. Lasted that Wenzel a number of walk off wins mean that's just who they are who we know that -- no no question when they're down to their last strike. Like they were last night against a -- Mariano Rivera. You still don't think the game is over a props to act by the way. Back even when we're when Rivera was getting and how to most -- -- can get it in the the outs necessary. But even when he did retiring guy -- saying. You know. Meredith had time. Does that look like himself doesn't have any -- in it it proved to be prophetic it was correct they tied the game up. After some some good base running down. From Barry added -- I mean they they should have legit speed like yeah that's what so called extra base running Ann Ann and I speak for heading there. -- even drew you know who has really was really start to come on now you talk about Bob -- first first victory in elementary camera and ultimately that the identity case of the identity of the team is establish whether it's Jonny Gomes -- you know even though the numbers don't look at the average have -- look at you expect something big from Jonny Gomes. Or or or Victor Reno as you mentioned. Stephen Drew is a guy that. Halfway through the season. Leaving two thirds of the way through the season a lot of you were not on board with him. I -- -- why is he playing -- on the staying. Bring up a place is how somebody else right you don't have to do it but why -- -- -- Bogart starred in and put a glacier and -- -- on the bench. Very important. And in the meantime since he's been back will middle -- to -- 47 with four home runs. On base what five for twelve and -- 60%. He's been like even the best player in the team since he's been back. 972. Will PS he's been unbelievable sorry and okay number I think you think he responds to a challenge my guy you you -- that island latitude and he comes back like completely different players so again. Lot of fun last that I really enjoy how on Tuesday night it's the pitching. Last night next night it's the run home run explosion to when he runs and then last night the speed of -- and Ellsbury critical. And that would have been an awful game to lose by the way -- what we're we're applauding them for coming back in a game in the base running -- -- up but the games have been in the bag. It looked like it was over on the Yankees come back and have a day of explosive inning one of those and little crooked number innings it's not looking for. And it looks like you're gonna lose a tough inning one run game. You know who should have been in their pitching. -- you know why wasn't in their pitching. Because he'd been used the night before in a -- still not happy about it 617779. 79837. Wanna be right back here Welker and Amendola calls -- just a second to David in Springfield. Wants to make a real quick comment ahead David. But then again we want to put back into the western you've -- -- just in all and and so albums that -- played well. Said that until you guys David never give him credit David you guys David -- -- Echo that went through -- disagree with Joseph Louis he was right he was spot on Larry said -- right. Joseph until west missed that one. That the tornado went around and then -- only that not only absolutely dead and now all I'm absolutely said that David. Davidson David commenting on it doesn't it is argued you can make so -- this I disagree all you want that's fine telling you got it. And I personally wouldn't went after I hit. There really was a highlight when WW dot com he was ordered X wing bigots on the basis it. -- by about a compact. -- we -- I don't know it's gonna look like if you look at it from the top he really don't bring your temperament they -- -- and not -- I get made it pretty clear David that he thought he went and looked it it's just is some sort of rule. Is like a rule the Yankee fans have to view the world through like a weird glad that I got it got don't actually already go around you don't represent and not I -- -- And the naked and covered. I'm pretty limited in them being held accountable to put out an agreement. I'm quite sure which are quite like David had back call wasn't agreed to stay with such excellent color it. It's very possible let's check swing call -- impossible the umpires are guessing and it's your boy Assad who started the whole thing by constantly appealing to first or third after everything ever did anything happen I'd better appealed out of the first base on -- your guy David it's your guy. You look back there you have a problem -- They're not a problem with our Cleveland clinic at exactly where I almost got the. David thank you and David you know I don't I don't I don't mind I don't mind that -- from yankees fans want you know -- as the Yankees. It doesn't mean you know it doesn't know doesn't -- talk to many yankees into our post once I talked to seem to sound a lot like Gordon or not that's real and -- -- a bomb. Enjoy watching the post season. Hold her as the Cleveland Indians get it for you wait you're somebody who speaks for Yankee -- Els -- off second pitch is to have -- did go. They go. Joseph as the grizzlies a virus that no he swung. -- down to dinner. I was like I don't -- at -- he's right absolutely should have been out he wasn't there -- mistakes. Nobody disagrees that umpires should be held accountable for the mystic it was a mistake there from Joseph west it was a mistake in the football game last night. Wes Welker got -- shot not today he dropped the ball -- back all but. Harbaugh did not challenge that he should've columns were the Michaels were all over for that. Come back. And they score a touchdown changed again. JGO Dan Fred everybody wants that jumping in -- talks more about Wes Welker what we all saw last night and Danny Amendola as all 617779. 79. 37 it is alcohol here at W media. In a pitcher it's Friday march -- it will join us and a half hour even less than that. Chris mortenson 515 today. Shall there at this part of our four man rotation every Friday one of these four guys will be with -- bush Larry Chris Carter Ron Jaworski Herm Edwards. One of those four guys every Friday Oscars -- when men were men old school format rotation. This five man rotation stuff. Game 27530315. Innings oddities guns horses. Race should be is the biggest horse there cops Lara. We talking horses is physically he's still. Not even that big that's what's funny much -- he's not that big mean he weighs a ton less than he did when he was actually playing but he he -- -- such -- -- The probably the biggest but -- talk about anchoring our rotation and yeah. Jobs can be made -- -- -- iron breaks it allowing of the film study are that good stuff. Another crowing coming home and -- -- this -- -- it about it exactly right Chris Carter Ron Jaworski Herm Edwards. Coming up here about 25 minutes march literate as well game last night. Difficult to watch I understand. You'll -- Wes Welker you watch and all these things all year -- -- that he leaves many goes to Denver ball places. Peyton Manning is there archenemy and you gotta watch those two guys. Look up all over the place last night Manning has seven touchdowns. 460 some odd yards they dominate the gain blown away Welker with two touchdowns a whole bunch -- first -- it was entertaining I thought to watch and drop on down near the goal line huge mistake dropped another pass that wasn't all the -- pass and he was. He factored prominently into the game. Last night this is what are the -- I don't understand about them and I'll be curious to see if we do -- the entire season. Why are they using him so consistently a punt returns. Wes Welker is going to be a big part of her offense I know he has the ability to do it. I know he has done it here. All the time. It you don't have anybody -- not doing it all the time they used during the holiday interest and holiday most of the times of -- interest revenue guy's name calling the little guys like I put seven where -- -- -- because he drops the ball because they he did I mean that's three roster but are using west while that's why because holiday is not yet. He's explosive. But he drops the pakistanis thank you so much drops the ball well I think gates said we're just getting his Welker down near the goal line where were worried -- holidays explosive. He can catch up on take off we have an incredibly explosive. Returner but you worry about him down near the goal lines of the body is okay in that spot where you're probably not returning you're just making a Smart football decision. Hatchet with a fair catch or -- ago those are really the opera of the options when you're down you're your own ten yard -- right. So you put Welker in there knowing that he's not going to -- yet he's not going to be running out with the ball he's really just either waiting for care fair catch and catching it or letting it go over -- and unfortunately people who would he was supposed to do except he did last night he did run the ball. On on a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll look -- -- teeny little gaga takes on 77797937. Jays in the car project. They -- can Holler hi guys don't want. They you know I wanna say really -- both kind of right on the welcomed him and -- -- near the receiver like those two guys and they seem at all we know what walker as the -- well -- who we thought it was and is the ball out Smart scenes people that speed. It -- the ball have good hands you guys quarterbacks like Brady and Manning throwing the ball they're gonna get their -- So I I think that a time will tell on and all of but he was nobody had seen from -- -- and need -- Willis. Welcome Miami but I really wanted to try to talk about the other. An -- to -- but it sort of interject here many patriots of many former patriots have made this point. It's not my point is there's a give credit in the Bruschi was the last one who made it he talked about it -- -- -- redundant -- when he said without Wes Welker. When he was with the Miami how they were told. No outlook we are shifting our coverage toward Wes Welker this is the guy we have to pay attention to and at times they still can come from so it was some. Body even though. He wasn't known as a somebody in the football world like one of those things that let's say he was a football players football player so I don't. -- only known today -- I don't know it to the other thirty times but he sure as hell knows not I'm not sure I'm not sure M until I don't know about and lobbies are here for a change. But -- I don't know Amendola has that reputation -- may he may put Welker sorely needed. -- and you and appreciate and but the thing about it it's Brady and Manning and all that -- -- and it doesn't really bad at all pretty content I would like -- I played football those guys -- all need to -- Crazy that he's the first guy to catch a touchdown pass from both of them. I know not a minute I I don't know I don't know why it's that surprising to me -- for the most part was I -- guy right you heard the guys Iraq. May have been nobody who's played with both that I can think but it does it does still seem thought you would think somebody would -- one guy somewhere along the way it would have but I guess not into what your other points are quick. The other point quick words what you say in assault at all the money all while they really quiet they would sign and I think the real reason in his. You couldn't control -- stop player. Belichick doesn't want players to talk the way you do the body when I about put on hold. Before you let he -- from break you played his comment about it's nice to speak in those based there and I think that's the real reason and I think Belichick's -- More popular in the heat it -- you couldn't really keep their -- -- a lot of content and leave it. He couldn't keep them alive and I think that's the real reason anything out. Whatever it and end this is -- cheap shot but I think in January after about talkers a couple of killers. That such as such as Aaron Hernandez and think about it. It at all seriously think about a guy. Like Welker. Who has done everything he supposed to do when that system. Who has been productive and linguistic support that he -- caught the pass im in need it predicts that at -- it was bit. But -- if you talk about a guy who study like he was supposed to understood the playbook from day one when he came in. Made a lot of big plays put the work in was a good teammate. On and on he has to. Grovel for a hell of a lot of money understand them on -- party form pity party formed yet to grovel for his money and become a strong along. For his and Aaron Hernandez. Pretty much -- deep bag. Before we knew anything about them he had a history of Florida. He was not always agree teammate. And people in the locker room see this guy. Get the guaranteed money and get the security both for the patriots had to do it me if you compare and contrast it and that's really. Welcome message are you sitting to your locker room and messages from two years UT I I think. It -- it's a good question asked. But I wish I knew exactly how much everyone knew and thought about Aaron about it to what the murderer I don't know I know I'm not obviously they didn't know that he was right he killed people but. Now how much of the stuff that's in the Rolling Stone article is true of him being separate from his teammates at him. I mean they talk about how he was sending them in such sports crap whatever talking about these warning signs he was sending up because he was driving away from the stadiums smoking pot. The ball. He wasn't driving to the stadium and smoking at the stadium he was doing and on his way home how much they actually know it is really up -- people -- locker room when they saw Hernandez over Welker is that something they actually would have noticed. Because they had a negative perception of Fernandez as opposed to the positive one of -- they won I don't know what you -- guy who did -- I can say this with -- with great confidence -- Tom Brady noticed. Tom Brady knew that the value of Wes Welker compared to if -- BP had to make a decision. Turns out they kind of had them both. Financially they could've done it. When you make that decision to sign Hernandez early. And you have Welker -- not really sure what its future is going to be. I think the quarterback would say okay we've got to make a decision if we have to. According during a quarter he would go with -- 83 even the even be on the off field stuff be just what is said lockers up there for sixteen games Hernandez and -- -- for all the conversation about how much Danny Amendola gets hurt Aaron Hernandez got mayor Hernandez missed the whole bunch game and he missed a chunk. And yet -- which must Albany until in the end the -- and seen him in person. But it's Aaron Hernandez who actually missed time and -- -- actually I think at some credence to your point is for getting even just about what he was like off the field -- personality. Whatever warning signs quote unquote he was sending out. A turtle and the other thing about them is summoning problems with that Rolling Stone article lots of issues with the but the one thing is. I just don't buy that the Bill Belichick would tell Aaron Hernandez. A year before. He was gonna make a decision where you've got a year you've got a year four before getting us. So united so in other words your permission to screw up four years. But that did this year we're gonna move on from -- -- adult doesn't make a lot of sense tell them a year at a time -- you're in danger of being cut how to motivate -- teaching tool. Six or 7779793. Is a definite effect of these cities where once from parts of Bermuda and I was only three and he gets four in there Mike obviously as a force either way now policies of forced to do you reckon with Sam is in New York I Sam. -- has gone at this exam. Started -- the object under but I don't want to go back to the people in my -- game. Fantastic game and Nicole in particular group that Yankee -- and a little bit. But I been out of shape double checked swing that he got a bright. He thank you remember her well being thrown out at third base. Not probably not a course costs and -- crazy he's just just let him go out just let it though their team is what nine games out. I mean just how some -- at this point. They're nine games out the Red Sox have six more games against them in the next week a chance to essentially eliminate the Yankees from everything this year to show some pity. Be nice temperature idiot it not the pretty boy you have but it can be if you if you take your business again -- some idiot you -- -- to start pointing out all the other umpiring mistakes over the years. Six or 77797937. You see us here at the no Ellsbury and Mike. Mills reporting it. I get six and a half game lead nine in the -- -- -- no big deal a surprising and are quite Ellsbury in there Victor Reno Gomes. -- -- -- A victory programs Pedroia. Ortiz Napoli Nava drew Ross the networks to -- you know. I like that by the way I would keep -- -- pressure yeah I like that let him stay there let him keep hitting. Let him keep doing his thing you can see if you -- Get something out of David Ross quite frankly as of right now today if you ask me who's on my idea playoff roster it's low partly Ross some of those -- -- -- They're really really -- good defensive -- got the strength I know that -- -- which is in more likely to come up as an issue in the house. I'd rather see the defense trying to will later be alarming issue what's more important in the playoffs before is that it -- your back -- catcher spoke to somebody could commit immediate pinch hit. For someone else -- you might need him to offer its expert like for a. -- all your favorite what's going on Michael Michael are you watched all my -- are you. Only dependence depends on the -- yeah. Good this kid and you can get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'd -- -- and it -- to cornerback you've sought an amateur and game we get that quarterback allotment open -- mind. Okay. Yes to open my mind and now consider that Danny Amendola could be good. But. I know that Wes Welker is great -- I'm -- Any Danny Amendola. Not necessarily or more of a rent it gives Amendola look at that. Because I do when it makes -- paid bloggers over how you cut it just I just wanna do that it's just like up protecting -- -- project. But my my my larger point is. Wes Welker. Is -- in maybe he's not a great player for the rest of the league although it looked pretty damn good last night. It's an important player here. You didn't have to lose. It shouldn't be playing and -- he should be playing in New England. And Danny Amendola the freeagent. Should of -- of somewhere else maybe he winds up in Denver. Playing with Peyton Manning maybe he'll last night. Has two touchdown if you can if that it happened you know the Danny -- had a good night last -- I mean I don't know what you get the sense that he would have been exactly the same -- -- had the exact same kind of a night what do come up odd couple of big catches -- -- the same no because I don't think he's the same player that seat. An okay. If if we have this year so -- -- and only gives you. 65 catches and well for him to be about 690 yards. If he asked you a big issue that kind of season. There walker has its typical. 1010512. And get season there's a new excuse going to be -- -- only he's only had one -- and we're Tom Brady give. Time now does it you're in the Brady window I don't buy into that are regular and after Michael. Is still you know you're you're in the prime of that right now you only get so many years of this guy you got to take advantage any you don't get a couple years to try to figure out chemistry. It's got its gotta be they're pretty much right away. Maybe not game one but this year -- -- can't be waiting around for couple years and saying. Our man I mean this is finally gonna work out 2016. Like that that's that's not something you won't hear me say that. That being said the I expect him to be good and and if if if it turns out that Welker as a 115 balls in the and the Broncos are great team. And -- dole only catch is 65. Yeah I'll -- I'll tell you it was a mistake. I I won't tell you I was wrong they were wrong and I will convert to your side and while he was at eight Danny Amendola just for you Dan's in the car hi Dan. It looks. I'm actually. Good bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a power you'll look at European little -- And -- I gotta go you go can you tell him a look here look at. I always agree with you except -- now. Our I can. And that and everybody and and -- the treat them. That they also went. To Berkeley graduate -- How exactly why -- little right now. You think that's our -- you think -- and just come Saturday I don't know we don't know -- we're guessing. You think Wes Welker. Wasn't resigned by the patriots because he dropped the ball on the Super Bowl. Yeah yeah surely that's typically. What it -- look at it actually. We're talking about a guy who is. You know fraud and eating it -- don't -- it and he threw a career out of being. That he will always -- -- background and all -- And you could look at. -- what -- would let it go so far you're right but I have a problem with anything's at. -- you imagine being shouted I don't Wes Welker. All you are is a guy who doesn't really run the right routes and being there would Tom Brady relies on a lot of other than that what -- did I. Glad you're not get my dad for you for our -- for me you do and I hope your point comes around to -- right now I don't I want to disassociate myself -- then go -- and Alex finished. That okay. And I would aging. No little. All the speed at quicken up to take her and beat back he -- people -- Tom Brady left. You could go get it but he was -- huge hit particularly hard. -- and -- -- probably think I'm still not quite that good player. -- when it comes into. Our goal is going to be either he got older we actually dropped. They aren't that you've. Touched down to -- about. It. And it. Went in the little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welker did all those great things that you talked about I don't take any of those things away from him. But doesn't make him a bad dynamics of a great player did not -- Tom Brady wants him to be all the time. The whole. Is -- him until can be that and the hope is that Danny Amendola can always be were Tom Brady wants him to be too many of the same things that Welker -- or maybe even just a little bit last. But also be more explosive also have a little bit more speed have a little bit more -- -- and maybe do some other things in addition. I think that's the goal is it gonna work I don't know I don't Eric -- you know what it sounds like with the with the. Age thing -- has got the 32 year old wide receiver being -- let's calm down here who is not. I mean it is he didn't make his living ever. Being 88427. God knows how to get or fourth report -- apps let us combat air thank you Rosie but part of it is part of it. When when you hear some of the descriptions of him and Dolan and the descriptions of Welker. It sounds like this the same mistake people make over and over -- one guy is very good is a very good football player. Doesn't have all the measurable finds a way. People academies -- I don't understand how he's doing it. On the other hand guys bigger. Theoretically stronger faster. But he doesn't have the production. Of the guy who lacks the measure Robles and people always projected got to be more than he's capable of being in short Wes Welker just a better football player again. Am new anti tax lion saying here very clearly and with the guys talking about Wes Welker is not Asian and why he thinks that's the case. I kept saying it over. For all intents and purposes and Asian I don't know why you would think that the -- Delicate as their retreat completely branded dot com you can find all about it my kids in Cambridge -- might. Mike quickly coming up march -- tournament. At my right I don't. -- stronger -- that -- be immaculate that's except that it's. Epidemic only at 65 all me and welcome it's great and -- socket sets so it's used in order to. Also. -- think you are a couple of guys it's that -- 48. I take tactic -- simply be out there I take anybody. If they went to -- airport temporary it's a good point if they won a Super -- actually I -- not -- -- -- -- all of that when some won't care about any of this that absolutely you're thank you might appreciate the phone call 617779. 79 victory sound about your calls on this and other things here a little bit wanna talk to marks -- it. I he's based in Denver he understands that Broncos team pretty well just how important was Welker to that victory last night he'll tell snacks alcoholic WE. Golf I think he'll leave the league in reception. And that's the big caveat -- because they're healthy I mean these guys I love money great football player a great football player. Any guilt that's the question mark that you know -- if he goes skiing games I don't know but. If he does that. What was that sound rejuvenated the beginning the -- as well at the center of left my body never heard that I -- -- or let me get into the gap that it was a gas. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think super so I think illegally interception. In the cat could not. Record. The RR RR a lot a failure to cut -- by -- again I was an act like I just. Bringing lol at the low blow Brees -- Lara says going to be super stardom buddies weren't as well as Welker had a couple of touchdowns last night. On have -- illegally. -- Well. Can't believe he said an addict ably you know I love that song never went far. I don't wanna listen to that song now think of getting him the best that's not right tell you what man that's not right if your goal is to make me hate him I guess my goal has to be to make youthful love. Change your heathen ways of all loan Danny and the goal by him the question now my history always has bad. -- -- and who went on Ron tank all embraced it. I -- minutes that's just what I do. Know. So did any -- daughter's into the league leading superstar receiver unbelievable. Catch. It's unbelievable diamond in the rough. And I'll say yes I gotta take this caller this is gonna write to me I'm confused as to where this is gonna go 61777. -- the 937 rich in Brockton high rich. You guys ridge. I think -- and the dollars to 82 yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- Well there a couple of you you couldn't personal that's impossible second of all rich you could not a lot because the lists you need to be on the before you've ever practice at the beginning of camp Alter our children so it's impossible to on the populace that's -- -- -- -- So are going to be dropped. Rich here's why you're here is why your comparison is insane the knock on J. D. Drew is -- -- wanna be out there that he was stone faced that he wasn't off that he was a once right. Danny Amendola that any of those for you read the article today. You read the article in the globe we've heard this story before you came within it a millimeter away from dying. Out on the field the way the injury occurred with his collarbone and I -- -- the type of injury that is it is like threatening got a few weeks. You get a few weeks later rich and he's right back out there playing he's not a wants. Liberal and not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You are and how you think this story with a otherwise yeah. Or. Alien or excuse his injuries a -- like he's got a little tweaks we're glad implant eight. Where he broke is -- -- I am not. -- stop rich you are a human crazy person you were a a a a complete nut job. You're talking crazy human crazy per get some facts and come back in Simi human -- well. Better than us -- aren't depressed that you would. You bunkers which is pretty personal what I fury Cuban Craig who's gonna go somewhere also that that I decided to borrow against. Bankruptcy without don't don't -- think somebody got -- -- appears not rich. He says holly did you say you're gonna still be rooting for Garnett -- even though he then left the Celtics. Did you say Richard not gonna root for west I was once an anonymous tipster. You know I think we're much more than this based description much more there's more to our personalities there were more much more complex. Mike -- like I'm Michael holly black guy you think that that's automatically notably -- epic. Already a figure that out immediately on the radio I'm David -- you don't think depends like your meal and somewhat I think I'm black yet you don't think that happens then all of them and happens to -- constant constant I can't tell you how many people -- -- -- white or black ball. -- such are black all the all the time so I'm surprised that you didn't know that about me right in a car IP. I had a lot of good -- 100 couple. You know game and -- on the club and has pulled a ball let's welcome being at some great plays at the right time yeah on. And in about these units in active use when he gets all the -- and these guys again and paid for the president. Everything is the ball now -- about -- -- saudis what it -- and stayed out there. And you treat all of our our outlook -- -- absolutely right. On our iPod my little one and better. They're that you are here in all of our -- Actually it it targets. And our global champion -- I think it -- a role model as a lot of weight. Absolutely I want a Super Bowl championship entirely by himself -- in Springfield -- I -- and and that they're energized it boggles my mind how people are just never happy with the patriots. For years people have been you know I -- about how. You know all they get at least under site receivers on their -- receiver all they get it left overs you know these current guys that after abducting and -- eight. And this year Belichick finally does something different which he -- it. Getting younger taller. Good receivers. And he divorced -- -- I mean this is gonna do something great. You've got to deal brokered does because he's not last -- -- wanted and it actually use them like Wes Welker. Where he's probably security blanket. You don't know yet what happened this year it's our -- this year after weapons this year. If I I don't care about the taller younger -- -- don't -- Kick a football players. The fact Danny Amendola is faster than Wes Welker means nothing. Until Danny Amendola. -- puts together a season that marched Lehrer thinks he's capable of and then. Okay we'll translate to the field a lot guys a lot to guys who have come through. The patriots camp over the years who have been on the team we'll be in faster and taller than Wes Welker and Monica yeah. -- but I think we knew we don't care when you see the skill set the -- provides you hear mark and -- didn't just say is bigger faster stronger charge as you see our he's he says he's. The same guy -- marked player the same kind of workaholic player at the same kind of guy who get on page that Brady. It happens to be bigger stronger faster more explosive so it'll be interesting to see we haven't yet seen this guy in a real game. Stop judging them in this -- of the stop comparing him all this before you actually see did you see this before for coming up -- a minute we got a ton more your phone calls appear on the line hang on six -- 77979%. Della -- press conference today meet with the media for the buffalo game months on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a week off from mild -- tells us. And awaiting her where her for mayflower moving or whatever that he thought it was it was good. Bill Belichick working for mayflower a move -- movie was a move over Bill Belichick mover so we just got the thinking right I wonder what that would what is it like. When Bill Belichick a young Bill Belichick shows up your house to move all your furniture what does that --

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