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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Sep 6, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the second game of the New York series. John told Joe that the Sox use the running game when it's advantageous.

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When Johnson a great team win last night but a most unusual script this Italy east. Yeah was Joseph when he when -- think that they're going into the bottom of the seventh inning were up five. Jake. While not. Maybe dominant or overpowering last I -- -- still Pittsburgh a ball game where the bottom part of the order. Felt like even with the -- for -- sort of thrown -- chances you know get recorded Roberts who and then we turn around the top of the order we had Horton waiting and unfortunately. Things didn't work out that way as we went through three pitches that inning they scored six. But down nor the last strike human aptly it's a big base hit and the acquired Quinton Barry. Who we brought in for that specific purpose. Achieved everything we -- of hope today and as we saw the two stole bases in the ninth and -- proved pivotal pivotal and that and that outcome. I was -- Dave Roberts all over again in the course Els with a steal this isn't the mentioned Red Sox themes that I've had -- maybe some of your rep. Best competitors in the yet American League don't have like the tigers. Well I think we we value not only the use the stolen base but but giving us other opportunities and a little bit more diverse on an offensive side of the game so when we're going up against certain pitchers and and in key spots late in the game if we can advance ninety feet either through straight steal or being a little more aggressive on the base that's. Will look to do that to put pressure on the defense and last night with the errant throw viral mind sets things up for for Stephen -- to have to drive you know the -- -- It is our allies that. Give up the lead it looked like it has some great pitches and then some that were well below his standards. Well the frustrating thing about that seventh -- -- is that. I think for the basics that we allowed in the seventh came with a either an -- -- 12 count and that just speaks to the finishing pitch or maybe rushing into things to. To try to finish her off and the -- it was elusive last effort is our particularly. Who was a split finger you know it goes he goes to throw the split finger to overbay -- stays -- metal plate for the two run single. But the at bat before that two -- -- Rodriguez who throws a very good one to strike him out and and right now I think at times he's trying to overthrow that pitch -- throws right through. The depth through the sink to the split finger and -- his grip is getting too tight. And not on that relaxation to allow the bottoming out actions take place. Last night to give up a hit to Soriano with three infielders on the left side you'll be shifted that Soriano came up later drew a walk with Breslow pitching. And day. Did did not over -- that what is the thinking behind that. Well joy against it all the all the information that we go through with -- every hitter that we're gonna face against right handers. Soriano and only hit three balls to the right side of the infield all season long whether that's -- with New York or with the cubs. But against left handers who sprayed the ball around to field a little bit more because left handers will. Will pitch him away a little more regularly. So that's the information news that's what the positioning calls for an unfortunately just -- -- is -- on its. A nice soft ground ball right through the the straight up position of of the normal defense but. We stick with our process we we believe -- it. The the concerning thing would be is if we change on the fly so much of -- players will be -- follow us and the rationale behind why we use the ship so. Unfortunately he hit against that -- and work out our favorite last night. Koji 120 pitches probably double as Norman LaMont but again that perfect and use them tonight. Well we'll check with him as he goes through -- throwing program here today but the twelve pitch at bat overbay it was a it was a tough about four overbay lined him I believe a double off a -- last time that they were up in Boston. And and we played them back home so. Over -- got a swing that he'll stay in the middle of field and he'll be able to guard against that changes speeds a little more regularly than maybe some other hitters he faces. But still a 12310. Clean safe and a and a very good. Hard fought win last night. Clay Buchholz and his final rehab start last night Hannity come through it and what the plans. Physically he came through fine 71 pitches thrown in three and two thirds you know if there was anything you'd like to see more it might have been one more up and down maybe giving into that fifth inning which would have built upon his four up and down. Sessions or innings last time out so physically he's fine. He's back in Boston taking care Lindsay yeah and the birth of their new child just a couple of days he'll he'll rejoin us here tomorrow in New York. Throws open on Sunday and provided he comes with a fine we've been hesitant to just rush into an announcement of any kind of claim is making sure we take every step along the way and and -- ally in -- and others rule talks are on how we look to insert him back. On the activist here force. And did Ellsbury is not in the lineup today that it would issue. Yeah you know he he felt up -- office for the last homestand we have to take mobile game that night last night on that final stolen base when he slid into second -- -- real aggravated it so. He's office feet today getting full day of treatment so were hopeful we'll be back -- -- more. Our -- as manages question. Matchup tonight did do Barack and panic that no they have different. Stuff but they have some similarities to don't think. Well they do I think you can just look at the delivery there's some similarities to it there's a four pitch mix that are similar the velocity might be a little bit different the action might be a little bit different. Certainly the career path and the success that any pettis had is is just outstanding and he's controllable very good. And he -- you know he he pitched a very good game against this back in Boston where he stayed out of a little plate his stuff was -- So that these two guys going up against one another you know you see some similarities but it'll be important for. Once again for for to brought to stay in the bottom of the strike Sony gets is right -- hitters like tonight yes thanks Joseph appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes bans the although Mercedes-Benz CLA is arriving at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers this month. 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