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ESPN's Mark Schlereth with Salk and Holley: Danny Amendola can be a SUPER STAR

Sep 6, 2013|

We have a very lively discussion with ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth and get his take on Welker in Denver, Amendola in New England, the Broncos, Patriots and a heck of a lot more.

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Our march Lara gonna be -- -- here just the second and patriots Friday. It's also free ticket Friday. Doing double duty to be that I -- now 6179310937. See Boston take on Toronto at Fenway on September 20 when reserved table at the went down all but. Before the game plus qualify for mid week overnight stay at Mohegan Sun call 617931. 0937. Right now when it's brought you by Mohegan Sun town fair tire Ninety Nine restaurants and Europe them home from Boston baseball Sports Radio 93 point seven. W yeah -- I said it is patriots Friday we talked about our killer rotation against Cris Carter will be one. Ron Jaworski and other Herm Edwards third a and the first today is march I'm mark or. I'm doing good I gotta be honest so I mean you guys gotta be back and -- you gotta gotta be. I have mixed feelings right now about that came out that right there's no way that you're like really root for west well they're really happy or really it and it was kind of deep down. Deep down inside you can -- got her. I'm curious about -- -- personal why why would why would we be prepared for what's yeah well you're not only that exists here evil good split. He had some loyalty because he was part of the patriot organization forever don't you like all at it and he was -- -- -- -- -- party. Like I hear festivities are here I don't watch sports like at all. It's a little bit I'll let you know it's funny mark you bring that up because we've been having this argument all -- -- my position is. Wes Welker shouldn't be in Denver. He should be in New England they should have figured out a way to keep on a little to -- to -- and the negotiations broke down he went to the Broncos gift -- to the Broncos so. You have -- I wasn't surprised by anything I saw last that's what I -- from Wes Welker since 2007. So insult you're just like whatever -- Not part of it he's -- front -- anymore you know I don't have any -- Was -- her -- -- I always feel like that once guys leave a team that that I -- invested in them I got nothing for them I don't root for the many more for the most part but beyond all that I don't think -- people here judging the patriots are saying they've made this huge mistake I did and I don't think you can say that until you've seen a more than one game and be. His replacement even to take one -- old for the page. About half -- -- Danny Arnold more than one game Wes Welker he's in new receiver in the league will -- on we don't know much about him how what -- what this guy's got to do what you got today mark what do you watch him last night. Oh mentality that about the bronco is watching. Watch bait and it got people up and on my table at the frenetic pace that often -- that it they're gonna beat up to be home at street tour. Well you know it's exciting in a -- kicked off that's exciting you know that. That but actually that's -- I love so it was it was on regular role yet. This what kind of dimension do you think Welker brings to cut off -- -- know Welker can do. What he did here but there was -- to Marius Thomas here editors know Eric Decker here. What what what does he bring to the Broncos that maybe didn't bring to the patriots. Well I think there's I think there's a couple bring them out to bring any relief any more than what you brought featured two guys that you. Trust in the middle -- to run the right route don't think it is quarterback would be Smart. And you know on to score touchdowns and ended it to convert on third down in those -- saying that bank on the circuit you're gonna get in the edit thing. Is he gonna make Eric Decker and to merit almost better. From the way he prepares and he is understood any offense. And then also the insults just play you know movement you don't necessarily see from what -- Although local chair screen Wes Welker got key block comment he went out and getting kicked up a cornerback in the -- Thomas just when it. You open for election now in the middle field untouched. But Welker got that law those are things that I think a lot of people don't understand. About you know the game or just playing. Every down and being involved in everything in that was apparent to me on that particular play that it has got it to the the knowledge and catching -- on third down and make touchdowns and do all the things -- It won't sacrifice little bit as well between him it. And Julius Thomas he got a chance to see the tide in position about them than we do watch it collapsed. To see and he came in as a rookie very raw. The guys that was recovered. That it plaque could not go from Indy rookie he played one -- out well. Well all four years -- state -- about rookie got to sit here played one year of college football. And was phenomenal and it's into rookie camp telling I was at every practice. Just about a -- our Lola and ever writes it's just about every practice he was just get -- -- -- skates turned around. No we covered -- But he kept it hurt and this this -- it was no different for him this or turning people around our urgent. If he can be helped -- keep you be special you control the middle field you're gonna get some one on ones with the merits it's more along with Eric Decker and -- they're going to be itself today that it just tough group -- -- what we think about him until. All of a -- I mean my apple prediction again it's all related on. All related on can he stay healthy I think super star I think he'll lead the league in receptions. And that's the big caveat if he can stay healthy and in the guy I love money great football Weller a great football player. AVL that's the question mark it you know walrus -- eagle sixteen games I don't know became but. If he you know be. Mark in Nevada commission interviewed. I had that in -- I just act on a holiday but I just lost like a 25 -- supported by breath. While on that statement a superstar. Lead the league in reception. Yeah. I'll tell -- would now again it's all it's all predicated on and the guys they'll -- Why do you say that if he stays healthy why do you say he's like what is it about it for people who. -- only catch a little bit of Saint Louis on red zone or something what is it about here in this often this do what is it that makes you said. Well I I think he's he's been seeing both intelligent. Football player that was -- Burris. He will developer report your quarterbacks he understands leverage he understands our secure open and tight -- he understands. How to. How to do it he'd be turned around and he's better athlete in my mind he's -- There walker at a distinct yet although what all these. I mean I think he can play I think play outside the slot and he'd play. You know funny he'd play he receivers well obsolete got a global war are still developing in the middle field. These ears you know it and knew exactly what Wes Welker did I think he's a little bit better quicker athletes and Wes walker -- -- hasn't been able stay healthy. The pick out. Armstrong you know you are watching in order amount of zone so that tactic great football I mean agrees football our souls perk and I guess I have a little bit of a soft spot from in my -- guys throw interpreted totally Turkey now. And he always open it -- and he helped the could be greater -- bigger. As a supplement what are we talking all year mark. And we got every time become one of the reasons that -- all right is that mostly. Let me ask you this atlas which agreement talking about Kevin Dolan Welker all day I do wanna ask you about the AFC it's easy to say after watching that game last night. But the Broncos are the favorite people said they were the favorable for the game. Do you think the Broncos are the best team in the AFC and who wells is in that conversation your -- Well I think they're I think they're right up there toward the pop. Obviously you gotta put New England that same conversation with him or back. End. -- you gotta think they're going to be very good between their plan opposite doesn't look where he was -- -- stroke Poland and the jets stroke ordinance so -- yet put New England in that equation. As well you look at the AFC Houston detect and elbow in the Olympic bail out of its you have this a quarterback that you can count on or rely on an. What -- upbeat toward him seated in. You can -- -- -- -- it when the running game or -- can he lead you from. The pocket make almost wrote I don't know. It's it's that adding that -- almost -- the rosters the National Football League arm. But nobody really knows that. And I think it would get decorate out again that comes down to order -- would you -- your speech. You've got two guys that are leaked ordered -- at CNET -- Brady hit in the panic. So those -- the two best teams in the AFC. And her you know those the two best teams that -- teaching that you think in the year are probably going to be you'll find her Fergie if seek our. March Larry at the with a says he will be throughout the football season one of about one of four ES being guys football guys are going to be rotating. Actually earth along with Chris Carter Ron Jaworski Herm Edwards thirty rank yourself and -- mark are you number one -- you for you some room between where are you an -- -- A nagger listen I am an offensive lineman I'm just to grow labor. So. Are all stands see you know mediocre on -- that it. I'm it to you applies to only and down. And I'm just gonna -- I'm -- grind that's that you know just in the office on -- grinder. What's the ring count between you and those other three guys. -- analysts I have 31 super -- on single handily and I don't really like talked to. Her. Are so listen I have three shots. Well none. Carter has so let me say none. -- has. None yeah so it's -- nothing me. Now seems like you're number -- only -- things have gotten -- gonna teach those guys about winning. Got to teach him about winning we're -- the west the first lesson. First lesson in winning. On the first let's bring in waiting is. I don't know the first I -- means a lot less than winning -- They're scoreboard news team might suppose. Obama that is. It's got to be -- the complicated got three championships -- don't have one by -- don't have any you want one alone he got to know how to do it ought to win a championship all by yourself. I don't -- you know let it that it that it but the truth of the matter when it comes to winning with those very gains. Are the teams that -- will make the biggest sacrifices and not worry industry people deep but it. The good teams -- will make the sacrifice and not worry about who used to credit that -- -- Were -- that it seems to me that win championships. -- you out there the other day when she after did Israel lose stance. Nobody made it made me out there and I though. Steak is going to be fun this year you got a new radio show new on ESPN radio tell me about it quickly. Yet they seven -- vs Donald up close so that the Donald thinks that the then eastern and I -- -- about it all at least I had that interview so. Are you got a -- mind in Q that sounds. Well and put -- this bit of its seven -- -- dynamic didn't go low risk game meaning you know after hours almost so you can you can I don't I -- I've posted that time slot with sting before it's never been all that risque. Now my -- in my bed time it's usually thirties are gonna stale like every permission from like that they have that extra hour apps though. It you know it's not really all that I eat at some warm though it about nine in -- by the last statement I'm usually asleep. I gotta tell you that's before you -- what are. When -- shot. How many out at tech ceramic bowl wins -- on -- or got there. How many wins it before you got there right yeah -- -- Yeah I had one before I got there -- no idea that's when you're by yourself right appeared. -- Or -- yeah that's the idea because think about -- now think about that. You remember John Elway or down at six program one out of pocket don't hit by -- Greenpeace helicopter yeah it is helicopter ride I don't let my block. Scrambled out of the pocket probably need to be that week you don't -- -- -- thank god you were there mr. blocked and you mr. block on purpose to draw him out to make him the hero. My -- -- out of pocket inspired the whole scene like Haiti and hit it like that did it helicopters no -- that at. Staying single and Super Bowl victory thank you well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well turn them off to London a lot of credit. Two years later hey we appreciate it man good luck in the news you know we'll talk you throughout the year. -- others march -- that part of patriots Friday and I wanna Super Bowl by itself -- -- many of those guys more importantly though. A guy who believe guys come from for a moment that that anti any Hammond Dolan is a superstar. Michael going to. Leave the league in three steps are you willing while they used to Fat Mike are you willing to go as far as -- later that. Cynical he's a super star he's a superstar -- ER if he can stay healthy he's a superstar. In waiting credibly believed it. A league that has to borrow a line myself I think it has Calvin and Johnson you may be better in those guys just that he'd have more receptions artists they're from more smaller guy not be more dominantly -- captions only that. -- wouldn't shock me west Jeffrey Welker. I think everybody's middle and regardless effort everybody gaining Jeffrey Hammond Tola Calvin Jeffrey Johnson 617779. 79 37 what do you hear what you think when you hear that. A superstar who's gonna lead the league in receptions -- just stale talk at all WE.

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