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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 09/06/13

Sep 6, 2013|

We get to four topics that weren't on today's agenda... today featuring Brady on Johnny Football, the return of Gregory Campbell and MORE.

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It's. Time for answers the question generic answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question -- It's the question. Always at this time text as we answered 379237. Mikey -- -- -- always. -- much. You know what -- had been to India and drink and again. Director -- seen this much chubby chick peas this Chippendale shortly. What's going in here just the usual it's normal Friday no big oil on the Welker thing you -- to -- we have we have been talking about the thing here resumed it was for putting quite as Welker goes to -- merely another. Top flight quarterback -- going to be Wes Welker -- -- It affected the patriots fans have to endure a potential falling profit that slot position while the boot that while the Broncos don't have to have -- fought in -- they get an upgrade mr. That's all that is what the patriots can upgrade. We don't yet but we have to -- -- -- examples of that part of the -- of sports having to wait and -- and got all the -- Arafat has -- -- guessing -- well you're -- enables great quarterback -- -- record for the most touchdown of the game by his very presence and we'll liberate Iraq the -- -- doctor Robert -- -- -- is -- -- must -- Overrated records that much difference. Touched him. Scores totally does -- does not do what I hope that all the whole point of the of the game wasn't it is so -- -- and -- three of those touchdowns they had Ronnie and instead of the -- -- -- -- had a overnight but it's forty nicely tonight I -- -- -- -- seven touchdowns if the evidence great story for 4% of visitors every big run in by him up by one of their right -- on Marino. On one yard runs what is it worth eight -- -- separate the fact he had seventy Michael Holmes. Michael I know I know exactly why he's -- -- like being like this is Monte ball started for you and he did nothing bird fan and -- -- -- either drafted him whatever answer the question brought to -- areas restoration -- if your property your facilities manager or injured -- heiress to a trio of disaster restoration game plan to -- 774611111. Or go to AAR -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I disagree with -- everybody thinks that I paid more to say that Russell Wilson of course but I personally do not -- system. The young quarterback I think he's going to be asleep is Andrew Luck I think he's going to be superstar -- big league last year he's immune Russell's. The question that it certainly does not ask yourself the course now in my opinion question and answers aren't growing faster grown -- about her life yet. -- -- -- -- -- To get the only thing. -- -- Excited though why sixteen magic number oh come on let's get a -- in my area and like to. -- Muscle or it's not stand absolutely no past gotten. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sixty days is there anything made today that the whole flaws is the most car. Did you know the mayor of new chargers charger Corbett that muscle car it's not a sports are the most -- it's both. Oh. -- Like that's. Your -- Are you of course and yes and automatic and he has because she is an automatic you know. You Hoosier man culinary automatic is for girls. That. You just -- Automatic forward. An asset that every -- like them. Guys and what -- equity or wife of the court. That's the question that your wife two and nice dinner you expect a thank you. And quotes that is on what you mean. You don't critics expect that whenever. Things. What you understood this and that in the dating game. Eric. A certain level you're going to him in the right. Appetizer here and every qualifier -- -- you start going to entrees and thirty dollars plus. OK until he can't figure out too well I expected a -- just say -- -- -- something like hey you know what I'm thinking about just get in the muscle appetizers -- and applause -- in me and our order anything you want -- you wanna feel guilty. You're trying to force -- the potter and if if if you need to she starts and that is that what we need to get a follow one how much you agreed to the conditions and advance she's a sweetie and yes I'll buy you steak is is that it's. Yeah I've been at the next. To the trade. It's a -- while I have good ones interested. It next question. That I. Had. About both. -- complain about it and complain to management about meal. A -- and liked it but that mile to eventually make it's. It's really early and never -- you order medium and give you medium will. Face. -- Capital -- that's really do that it is as if it's over votes. Your neighbors say it nicely you know. Do this. And you always wonder what you're doing I don't. Nice steak house really. Stay. With us for the complainer but some of them actually -- some of the best I've ever matter our stakes that were initially overcoat and came back. But the secret. Residents as well the secrets our sport at -- -- question -- -- easy would you -- that he didn't. -- yes yes yes we. -- Ever spit. Maybe drinking water who ever was it this is one here better Italian food north. If it's just foods. -- -- -- It is. North that is becomes -- -- here to torture. Is just more there's the Baltimore via. -- -- It reminds me of the questions. With questions. The Beatles Elvis Presley that really -- really you really don't think it's close. No not close as a matter of fact I -- out -- let's take let's take Brit that the victory The Beatles that. But the -- McCartney's -- party -- Zelda cartoon birds of all the backlog and you can pick or Lannan. Are you really think -- -- McCartney yeah -- of yes. I think -- -- in a while they get all kind of forget that enemy is wants Maria how great is well and if not no no not on that level not on -- McCarty who. I'll go from. Harrison. Now are you -- embarrass myself in my embarrassing yourself and it comes to negative towards George Harrison over Elvis Robert overseers Christian right. There's but our ultimate McCartney vs Elvis is no contest and The Beatles or Elvis certainly is no contest. None -- that's -- and I just wish that this week. William Henry Harrison George Harrison forget Elvis -- kidding me I was at the north -- -- it because I didn't -- -- I don't worry -- -- the -- then vs federal -- there's -- wrong. Are. Trying to -- up. Our property just you have you been to many. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they're not serving you -- dinner and -- eating your next question. It's leaving Boston or the old -- -- You'll want -- as ambivalent regret at all that -- -- it when a worker Larry this question on the screen above you are talking about non on PTI was checked swing last night in victory. I think so it was shipments it looked like swelling I. -- an hour on second pitches Haslem -- ago. Did -- go. -- -- the first rays of viruses know these long flew down to do. Curiously with Mikey Yuri longtime baseball forever to my father -- I'd like to talk Cuba -- reasons I think you -- of this musical connection. You kind of on the same page a successful version of me that's always have to oil -- that's how he refers to himself. We do for a living well kind of like the success over -- -- that yet my father hates the checks rolling. Hate the rule hates everything about it and would like to see what's what can happen he thinks either you take a full swing irritable. There's no such thing as it checks and either -- -- either it's a very clear obvious full swing where all -- boredom -- preferable. Or resentment that the colts or whatever just. The there'll be no such thing as such excellent at any either it's a full swing where he didn't -- problem is space for Kim mr. -- that's been roses 1904. You mean she can't -- can't really about it it's still going to be judgment call from first base next question this is when football game or -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You sure you can behavior codes for the system -- regular text message McCartney is a sir Elvis. I think that next question yeah I -- -- I don't know need to know what regarding McCarty is still. I was dead upon his fault I guess is partly. Partly as well. The next court judge Miriam analyst is the most under rated guy an analyst yes it's a pistol from a chuck Berry's most under as far as the most underrated musician and yet the -- later. Yes it -- a few tough cases if -- if it's a pretty Big Brother but that that the partners and you know that you've found you've been look simple -- quaint and very. You think Brady will force balls that Danny Amendola in the end zone to prove that he over losing Wes Welker no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Over the course of the year and his catches -- days. Next question for Greg -- -- questions questions you guys ever cheat in college on an exam or paper. -- while since -- lasted one entire semester. In college you got murdered and it went to throw a 23 classes while I -- -- was -- 43 glasses -- dealer sells its exit new waited she keep -- -- -- you get. Other students papers on the Internet now down it's freezing easy to -- these days are. -- error system. It's an error system now. I was talking to a professor says he can. Especially with -- English majors to. You can figure out that Fareed has been news day in countering that lack of your state if you decided to steal. I hate you Robert Frost SA poll. There's a way for professor to figure out you know -- yeah yeah I would pick it up to its software there's yeah there's technology for -- -- in college -- more than I should have -- Jinan has now talked about it before on a test. Yeah Latin test -- -- you still -- -- not really I never felt guilty about it then I don't feel guilty about it until guilty to a cheating and it's not because I could remember all the Latin folk have a huge. Next question Mike -- -- it's cut -- A it was on the front page of the world -- right I'm first to get out of here for the weekend might ease up with a short show -- Red Sox yankees right afterwards. The a little monster goes each year well -- yeah. Eight will be some blue oyster -- song as well it's all coming up we'll see you guys on Monday for patriots Monday after finally get to see that team in action. -- dole have at least eight or nine catches the ball regardless of our armed rebellion or not you're all lying three I'm rooting for that hated by everybody.

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