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Around the NFL with ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Salk and Holley

Sep 6, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots and all things NFL as we enter week 1 with ESPN's fantastic football analyst Chris Mortensen.

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Got Chris Mort here -- that thought we did we -- -- All of the stock programs. I can tell you in the meantime men coming in more in our conversation with them is brought to you by the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess hospital -- What is going on man how aria. Were great we got to see football last night it was exciting to of people here. Or freak out as Wes Welker was so good Danny Amendola is never going to be as good as the great Wes Welker or you think in watching him last night. Only when you have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning Joan do you -- announces it's different results. Mean you know what you -- more primetime games. So you know I had to use the -- -- just when you look at the Broncos it's now like while ago weapons they have because this Julius Thomas who. They mean I don't have been telling me about per year that he got her immaculate ankle injury to -- that was. That was the revelation last night oh my goodness they got the guy young Antonio Gates is six foot 5250. Pound tight end. You know Wes Welker that's what we expect them and we know that demand Thomas is only gonna get. Better that was as apologize regain his party gets people forget the jobs. Drafted him and had a Tivo and 21 round picks in this same draft and and the -- Thomas out of two or detect simply to produce Calvin Johnson. He's getting better. And an -- -- -- Burton wouldn't didn't do very well of their deckers so in as far as -- even though those who -- listen we don't know what is what it is that means. Is he going to be healthy for a sixteen game that he is that production is going to be similar to walkers and you have more schools to place. Well we'll see we'll see how the world I -- at least based -- -- big Leon I'm Danny Amendola you know. -- let let me ask you this. Mort a lot of people had -- the Broncos as a favorite you have represent the AFC in the super people wondering if you're one of those people. And if you look at the bronco is is there anybody in their class if you think the Broncos are the the top of the line in the AFC. Yeah I added I do have been going to the Super Bowl this year but then. New England and the water -- -- north exceeded two teams are the AFC north I don't know which to they're going to be -- I I believe The -- will be one of them. And in I think the ravens in another month will be a much better team. The Pittsburgh -- -- the mystery team in the NFL I think Houston Texans are better I think because they stated so badly last year. You know they stay healthy then I mean they're going to be right there as well that. Two meals -- the team. You buying any of the other teams in the AFC east we're return I think if there's going to be anybody in this division -- more they can really. Challenge the patriots are you buying any of the other three other teams in the it's less. And I drink a little bit to Kuwait on the dolphins early and I and may have line has been I think we will chase the patriots. In December. That there should be there will be a race to the -- chase and but. I mean you know our legacy -- You know. Maybe maybe I'm not as enthusiastic about that statement right now but I was latency of -- Now the -- they've got cut came at Cleveland's lead to Dalton's do you know but their fans expect from the win I mean you have Mike Sherman there -- -- coordinator. -- -- -- and only planning announcements as -- -- going to be the most improved quarterback in the NFL this year the defense pretty good. Really is the -- they also lost some players. And they lost to equality about Reggie Bush where that did a good job for the last year. I'm a bit you know the key to me so we are without Atlanta quarterback -- -- they're good. Then yeah I think there -- least be nip that that patriot feels that the patriots won the division. -- a lot of young quarterbacks in the league last year got a lot of hype -- Capra that Russell Wilson RG three. Andrew Luck. Which guy do you think is gonna take the biggest lead in 2013. All the big display that's it's really good question. But he can't predict -- could lead you know getting better. I would probably see Russell Wilson. It was really it was about four weeks five weeks six when the CR -- that it kind of like that. You know. I don't know the kid gloves off Russell Wilson certain let them play a little bit more Munis. He did just a unique person and you know and to of this article in the post the games as a young guy he approaches that. You know like -- champions elect like Brady doesn't mean yet but then sort of danger Iraq. You don't people that could have been indoctrinated looks completion percentage. But you know that Bruce Syrians office is going to have big rolled in a profit. You don't complete no luck and you won't find the rose by 70% I -- sixties completion percentages that you make -- bigger roles. But you know caught -- because he's a year older than those guys. And always felt like a rookie last year. And you know he's not going downhill. That's for sure yeah I mean it is he. You know it will be on the -- -- so I guess I like the -- the biggest question mark we haven't done Robert Griffin the third. And because. You know I -- -- too much involved in this pistol offense. In the spread option and that was worth successor is going to be telling -- Bill Polian say is when you when he went watched. It began play in college instead be kind of on the field pregame -- -- that that guy can -- from the pocket all night long all day long. And in the traditional Mike Shanahan offense. It's it's the blue it's run in the ball -- sold bootleg you know those little -- little -- in his job back in the pocket and told the ball everywhere on the killed and Robert Griffin the third can do that. But he still that your biggest question mark is because his body type that was the one thing people said. Don't forget these options. Will his body hold up because he's -- the muscular kid but it just more. Slender body. You know my last question for you involves the jets -- wondering where you came down on the whole -- situation -- going to Clemson senior silence death. Play. Strongly down on the technique. He should've done -- done play. And that. And given the circumstances of the way to get at though is which is that everybody knows that the cuts are. On Wednesday because the team played their final preceding game. And then they'd spent Friday and Saturday morning and basically -- their players and Ryan and -- was around for Friday and Saturday morning. And I think that the it was a unique opportunity did it to go see. No a special moment that need to do coaches. You know what I got -- to so many coaches who who've been totally great coaches in. You know I'd be heard Mickey Mantle before he died out there everybody handles the -- they have. Is that it missed out that the addition they need -- could've been that. In this case. I -- no problem with that whatsoever. I didn't I didn't either do you think Rex is going to be fired. Anything -- it hasn't in his mind that he wants his own guy and that relaxes. Well they usually do I mean. I think is -- you know and I mean it. The volatile and -- and it turned out that he can win there. And then and -- -- that the media market morally complacent David lead Corbett -- maybe they won't wanna break get up and read some good defensive coach and taxes taken hands on approach with the defense right now because my patent. Is the -- coordinators up there with the Buffalo Bills now. So I mean -- John -- success. You know and maybe maybe he wouldn't make a change but. That writing this this thing has been funny because you don't always talked about the giants and all their problems. The jets -- getting all the attention and Tom Coughlin Fargo they're Laphen. Because I haven't I don't know anybody that's forecasting success for the -- there are you guys. No no we're not found -- I wonder whether or not Rex is gonna make it through here. Where yeah but nobody. Normalcy. Pay more appreciate it will be talking to you on Friday throughout the year can always find more at more report all over EST thanks -- -- directly or are -- -- remorse and our conversation with them. Brought you by the cancer center that Israel deaconess -- like him who are. It's the question coming appeared just couple minutes need your questions 379370. TT tech text as any question you got 37. -- -- -- We lock you up in the tags are looking -- detectors -- I'm not read no no I'm not reunion with -- guy who a lot of drivers and I don't think so. Others say that. I don't think so much to do you know so I don't -- -- also -- -- -- -- the question coming -- Mike he'll be -- any question you got text as we need some good -- to finish -- the weakens dial. So alcohol W --

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