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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, believes the Patriots’ offense will slow it down Sunday

Sep 6, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni on Patriots Friday to analyze this weekend’s matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Reiss explains the Patriots may opt to slow down the offense for the younger guys in their first professional game. On the other side of the ball, Mike thinks the Patriots will try to make EJ Manuel beat them with his arm.

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Butler and 937 WEEI Red Sox and yankees continue through the weekend matched up again against them at 105. Back and forth in the clicker a little picture picture to TVs didn't do it. Pats and bills Sunday in buffalo and -- -- serious PM boston.com has been a big part of our patriot Friday's you'll join us again. This year our patriot Fridays and he's right there -- named Mike Reese on the eighteenth the hotline like mark Lou how -- you. My -- great -- yet though it's. Boy this is it seems quick it seems like the season ends and Andy think the offseason -- -- now. It is pats and bills coming up on Sunday from a patriots perspective. It feels like an offseason that it's gonna get back to football here -- -- bass than some of the stuff -- -- that went on to this organization during the summer months. I would in the same league you -- -- in -- that quick for me to personally as a reporter it's sort of felt like it was a long -- because. Usually get those times in late June early July where you may make -- catch a little bit of the -- not. Don't don't really expect to be covering you know murder charges and all that out so. -- to meet that scene of this season would yet can the patriots turned in our feet and took her get. Into a regular season to remember. Like a morning at thoughts going in week one division opponent on the road and a lot of use on the offensive side of the ball on the -- by ten and a half. Not easy to always go to road in -- division and there -- some young guys do we want. Lou in our tradition we McCain I don't -- any question about that -- that you know the one they admit. My concern from the patriots perspective is here. Known who coached new scheme and some pretty good core players are not saying that at the end of the day. Going up against the rookie quarterback. You're you're a better team than the other -- and I think it's fair to say are you a big disappointment that they can come away with a win in the game. When you look at the preceding success there were some young players pressure on offense like really seem to stand -- Kimbrel Tompkins -- -- fell. You know basin and the history some of the young players on this team. How convinced you that preceding successful translate into regular season success beginning Sunday in buffalo. Now there's no development that is known and I think the content that you realized I think he's gonna really -- -- I Arnold's interest in just it's a bit re rookie receivers. Probably their progress since it's on the universe at how that got here you know in terms of like -- so pumpkins even perhaps that is probably the furthest so long. Then there's jobs -- the fourth rounder who sort of sharp. Into the pre teens and their little more involved in his speed looks like something they can use. You know both as a receiver you can carry an apology kick returner and -- -- -- in the second round -- Probably has agreed to a sizable lead but -- has -- furthest to go right out so. -- you're -- attacking game and the young guys that you have to expect some early growing pains but I think outside. In the long term problem greater. And they had over the last. Few years and -- contrast hasn't that you watched Becky last night not -- passing game -- -- like they had been together for ten years that. Indeed experience. You know Peyton Manning we're broke her Decker pond and outside. I'd be surprised at the patriots can -- that level right away like we are in the Broncos with a big key will be. Can you be at that level you know middle of the -- closer to the end of the season. When the council we don't -- -- so big hole early and you can be in position to sort of be trending upward when Matt. You know cares what you think about this offense as far as I know that that up temple the no huddle. And then there's another level that we saw last directed Turbo with some new faces. Expect to see a lot of -- eight or is it disorderly work in progress. Did no work in progress do I think we saw that the young guys you know can hang a little bit with it. But there's such an element of being able to view control you know meet you that and I think that's asking a lot of these young guys. You know -- -- article that herbal -- so my sense would be that they'd probably start a little bit slower they might exit at times. I'm more of a changeup and irregular shape and really that's probably what it was last year as well as they -- about this scheme apparently Julian -- who. Maybe what -- gotten a little bit at times you know in the options and even appreciate it. Probably gonna play a bigger role than me you know police are options just because. You get on the road -- that counts I I do think sometimes you fall back on. The guy you didn't fit in that situation would force that's what guys between him in the Angola and let's say Tompkins and sorted. Project will read in the ADP the main guys -- in western. We're talking in my Greece habeas PM boston.com preview patriots and bills and based on what you saw the pre season Mike what do you expect the rotational like. At the running back position because you have Ridley who established himself last year Vereen -- late. You know came in and looked terrific would had no longer here early -- applaud. Brandon Bolden how does that rotation work on Sunday. So I don't look at it from two categories not like on the backs are going what the big backs. And then the action pacs because you know it's not he can say like third down back anymore because of the way that the game -- played in the third down back comedian -- monstrous -- so. The -- that's the rotation has worked when it went health field over the last couple years is that. On the back the number one guy. You know in the 220 -- each and even written probably get around 4045%. Of the options. And -- snaps and then your -- passing back here Kevin Faulk type. Did he would sit tight now is going to be chamber in and keep it felt throughout the year it's gonna get. Are between thirty to 35% the -- than I would say that that would be where I would start and I did -- the rest of between the -- want -- -- alternate -- that category 250 pound. Brandon Bolden who's a little bit of -- little bit of a hybrid he has a bigger guy but he catches the ball well and read it ever went down. I think should review the got you turned Q -- the -- and act as a rule. You know Bill Belichick Steve has been known for a first half second half and the improvements to the last year an -- youth over there in addition to leave. Maybe tied into it as well this year everybody seems to be back -- of the year together and that you're communicating you expect in the seat. The more exotic or you think of kind of just been yelling go out there and attack. Awful I think it definitely can be. More exotic I'm not sure it will be Lou in the first game of the season but didn't know again you're sort of starting from the first point maybe you've still got it from the view cart dot. You'd imagine in the scheme fairly simple Belichick. -- singles CJ Spiller as the number one guy edit he can contain don't let him. You don't get the edge and keep -- in the pocket and they can try to feature that are so execute and -- that are playing sort of it's sound fundamental -- probably don't -- -- -- to -- -- a youngster down a couple different things. And then over the course of the year as he can different matchups you can sort of. Build on that tape I'll be my guess and just from an overall spot on the defense I think this is the year is that your banking. On that continuity. I paid not for you and its hard to quantify what -- me. To bring the same player back from year one of your Q so chairman Joseph Dante iChat -- they were solid. Last year at first round draft -- and the eagle from. Ancient and and and so that's sort of element of development are the continuity. -- contributed disappointment that frequency that defense. Maybe become little more -- and they were you. Like -- know it's wood on the official injury report until later on today gets the practice reports the name on there that you know raise an antenna would -- was Danny a mental limited. Last couple days -- the groin missed some time during the pre season. Is your expectation who'll play or not play on Sunday against buffalo. My expectation that not only that he'll play but he'll play a lot and -- be a huge factor for them in the game I go back opens. The book or pre season finale against the giants on the remember that a lot of the top guys didn't let you without on the field in full uniform. With Tom Brady going through warmup and I watched the whole warm up. He was running hard he was cutting sharply. He looked. Fine and he and I I sort of -- symptoms that whole situation. It's sort of similar to the reunion not one from 2007. If we remember he's sort of. Started out -- can't have a real strong are they tweaked his hamstring a little bit. The patriots basically said look we've seen all we need to see it be ready for the season opener against the G. And here -- -- triple coverage and one touchdown catch and that sort of what's ridiculous on the stock that's how much of a big deal we -- -- Options captions on the field and in training camp increasing and at that time I wouldn't be surprised to receive the same thing unfold within Amendola. I think you know we are in the week even when that healthy eating come off the field in the first unit doctor -- Without their their truck is bigger than reported there -- eighty. I don't in I don't anticipate by the -- and -- after -- -- check back here. What are on Sunday expect Alfonso debtor to be opposite of -- key the key to leave been. Given the an activity guys that if the camp bound to some injuries you'll see a lot of Logan Ryan. I don't I don't expect that he -- I know last year you know -- with an upgrade when he stepped into the starting lineup but I. I think in training camp in the pre season. Kyle Arrington has won that job now whether he can hold onto it and that just sort of putting my finger on the pulse of of those who follow the team that's probably not been used that a lot of people might wanna hear because I think standard was an upgrade last year Brett. Belichick still more checks it's something that he cannot sort of on -- general coaching philosophy. -- -- And they are saying that -- but lately it's more important than ability and I think it's -- at that position at -- cornerback position. Kyle -- sort of fit the mold that dependable guy in the eyes of coaching staff. We're at standard and hardly been out on the field so -- I had to get how it's gonna go. I think it'll -- -- -- on the left side Arrington on the rights and when they go to the nickel may be good news he'd better come on play on the outside. And you push -- into the slot. That they don't even like how that looks that's what made you get to the rookie Logan right in the third round pick out of luck. Mike appreciate the time enjoy the trip to buffalo as we -- -- the next week. TS -- -- like Mike Griese joins us on Fridays -- -- your price -- pickets at. Off for the game our conversation with Mike priest brought to you by our friends at town fair tire in terms of the Hernandez story that he talked about that would death. It dominated the offseason it was really what we've focused on for a long period of time we thought it was going to be Tebow. That it was Hernandez Hernandez story advances today we think QB court. And about twenty minutes from now being arraigned in Fall River. On a first degree murder charge following his indictment in the killing of a friend. Authorities say was shot five times in an industrial park now scheduled for the Fall River superior court today. A grand jury last month return the indictment against Hernandez in the death -- -- Lloyd. In includes five gun counts in addition to the murder charge up prosecutors say Hernandez orchestrated -- killing because he was upset at Lloyd. To state talking to people who Hernandez have problems with an -- nightclub the expectation today. Is that the prosecution of the defense could come back and ask for bail again. It is feeling the defense team -- Aaron Hernandez excuse -- is gonna come back out ask for bail. He was denied bail last time we'll see if he gets at this time it seems likely not much has changed. Since then you know there's more more stories and not a link to a different shootings so I find an unlikely. Nothing like it is a trial date today. The judge could as early as today. Scheduled trial which don't expect to start until really really late this year or early sometime in 2014. But you're gonna get Hernandez back in court. You gonna get the prosecution. Trying to figure -- the trial date is going to be here maybe a prosecution also saying no way. There's -- and is as -- bail if his defense team goes that that happened. -- at 2 o'clock. Later on today in Fall River I'm -- assault and Allah keep you updated all the latest there. 61777979837. AT&T -- on 37. 93 civil come back we'll tell you what's on tap -- set for salt and -- right here 937 WE yeah.

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