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Michael Fabiano, NFL.com, gets us ready for NFL week one’s fantasy action

Sep 6, 2013|

Fabiano joins Mut and Merloni to answer all the pressing fantasy questions heading into the weekend. Whether it’s potential waiver wire claims or “Start’em/Sit’em”, Fabiano has the fantasy landscape covered. He also reacts to the big numbers produced last night in Denver from the big names and a few lesser known sleepers.

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Idea Michael Fabiano nfl.com. Locked -- low -- just the second -- -- 937 WEEI but before that it's 1 o'clock on a Friday. Major chance to a thousand dollars cash right now go to WEEI. Dot com slash cash. And to the code word spend SPE ND you get ten minutes to do so he got to do right now. Into the words spend. And WEEI dot com slash cash into right now you're next shot 1000 bucks coming up at 4 o'clock right here on 93 point seven WE guy. This kind of on -- -- question -- -- -- Those gonna start Drew Brees phenomenal -- loves Olympic I'm gonna drop him. Well that maybe that's the -- -- I like. Disagree meat as meat dropped Drew Brees. Slot load that you might have the number one quarterback this year could lose already given that Pete Manning a last night. -- seven touchdowns might be tough to combined for the game laughter yeah brokerage. Seven touchdowns a lot of stock in him some teams really noticed it always is will also Maloney fantasy sports investments are heavily invested across the board. Pretty well -- and yet this year is. So Peyton Manning had gone down last night what that meant for you tough what are wacko idea. Four winner in double always paired up with the bears Thomas or Wes Welker maybe at some teams. That you're excited we'll talk to -- be out of here sec get locked up on his palatial line this week he works out of down there in new York at the NFL comes off he began -- -- Sold -- up on that as well. I heard dale and Kirk talking about the the other day in the the NFL's popularity I keep waiting that. Open by 2 o'clock in the ratings numbers what happened last -- near Boston Red Sox team -- so good. I was like thirteen to ten ball game would win but as the game got better rights -- -- -- A Red Sox will be the right there a point behind -- and high. The football game because it was such a good baseball game. But they're debate was more about the popularity the NFL how much -- with fantasy football and listen the talk they're they're. Country or percentage of NFL fans sit around a Sunday have a fantasy team in my argument was not exactly that it's. -- people that normally would watch the games. That are completely invested every team are now invested every Sunday because of the fancy aspect of it. It's not that hey it's only 10% people watching it's how many of that percent didn't know -- NFL -- Chicago and now follows before fantasy there was. Gambling. -- so it was nice that gambling as always been popular in the NFL. So I think that as always but a lot of eyes on games. You love what's in the sport who wouldn't. You know I don't know what what the ratings were last night of the try to get him but I do know that the game last night. Was the highest rated most viewed shell on yes. This year yes network -- -- new York and so. Which is interest and I mean people knew what the NFL just as much. Highest rated most viewed show on the yes network last night's Sox yanks. It will be each day a -- -- like -- hourly. In its first couple hours and get that delay that was up there and -- football game and just the game it started it was like yeah we're -- 62 range you know for awhile. And get that interest. What he got to believe that as Jackie got tighter. The more people came back to the Red Sox game and -- -- -- hurt that you know you saw the Denver game their early in the second -- Denver Arctic over. And start -- when 300 yards passing five touchdowns there in that second half. And and well I don't credit all the NFL success to fancy football but I I do think it's a big part of its way -- kept these. Again it's it's safe range but casual fans. Way more -- in these games whether you have a league with your friends whether it's a league for couple blocks. You know it really doesn't matter. You're now on vest and an eight team and it it's not seem to enter week. You know it's different teams it is your team. And at for the NFL to have that is a drawing tool. -- fancy sports all these other games your plane. You play fancy sports across this thing. -- as any other poll like fancy football the only closest March Madness and that's gambling right that's. More people watch the NCAA tournament. Because they have their bracket in their pools and people who normally wouldn't care about college basketball get involved because it's the same thing with fancy football. You have people that are more interest in the product of the National Football League because while they have Peyton Manning. Or they get major Peterson. They spend X amount of hours you know play with their friends got the weather coworkers they don't want him to suck -- -- -- talk about the critical but that's. That's the conversation these offices. It's not hey -- your an eight number this month. How's the sales call at all project fantasy team when you wanna be part of a conversation -- just tick here were questioned before and it's on it's crazy ones. The -- it detects a crucial I start my second quarterback Chris Ivory or Michael Bush. I came gold Michael that is. Did you team which grew can be very deep league. -- -- to 1952 point seems Versailles every Michael Bush we have. Blocked it and partly carton apparently was ducking this does -- talk about his yankees after their unbelievable meltdown last night he's Michael Fabiano. Other nfl.com the NFL network how about the Yankees Mike. You know what I want her eleven guys that order there -- there's a point in the game where I think you know man they're gonna kill me tomorrow on the and then. Like it might McCain comes back and repairs and there in the ninth. And the first thing I think of every time a very error error comes into the game just David against Boston is what -- African Roberts. Okay cleaned up quicker and no ad but it happened again under different circumstances. You guys won the game can go -- it was a bad loss for the Yankees. But what can you football -- always. -- there was not a great night and get Manning as your quarterback you feel pretty switch over so. It it isn't nice that we just look at it in record numbers at thickness -- Denver -- that Justin is that what's sustained at Thomas Julius Thomas. -- Thomas what an unbelievable reformers first by Peyton Manning to -- touchdown passes. Brokaw kind of records where the best fantasy performer just from a quarterback ever and everyone on Twitter was just all crazy for Julius Thomas flatley and say you're gonna be one of the hottest pick -- -- the waiver wire heading into week he would that's -- You miss it is definitely -- an eight. Because he put up those kind of numbers it offers where there's a lot of miles to Seattle that's gonna happen week in and week out. -- -- we sit on our show and a culture that you by the Thomas had a lot of upside. And to me he was sort of a wait and see kind of prospect well now -- he -- he can do will be a topic -- this week again. I still don't -- him as the number one -- -- he -- -- like a -- week in and week -- -- But certainly someone to pick up off the Clearwire there's no doubt about that. In terms of the wide receiver part of it you garner anything from ballot or texting and about comments in their texting about Welker what happened Eric Decker. Any gut feeling on who emerges from that group -- receivers or spread out the rest this year like. You know it is sort of was what I kind of thought it was going to be last night. -- her status was going to remain the home run here to -- and pick a top pocket defense and they played an offensive. From a -- perspective and Wes Welker. What does a guy that was getting the underneath -- and obviously Peyton Manning and he had a national sport in almost look like he was where the teachers -- you know operator of the global back there. And backers include kind of an odd -- out for me. Because. Welker is still good at what he does and K in the lowest total football of slot -- member. When he broke the record for touchdown passes and a year with those 2004. I do agree on record. It still would have brought guy and he had a without inherited three letters -- as per thousand or so. I mean it's sort of play -- thought I was going to the Mariners debut -- number one last year wasn't a fluke. -- workers get to have his hair -- out of being in the gonna have a particularly needed every year with the patriots put. -- eighty yard -- somewhere in that area and -- suddenly you become a guy who's going to be inconsistent for you because again a lot of policy that -- Are we wanna get some -- called you guys weights and so 1 o'clock as Michael was hiding from us because he's -- -- York yankees and Red Sox and now you hear your fancy questions every Friday at 1 o'clock and like 617779. 7937. Let's talk to Sam who's -- all synthetic -- -- We're gonna get -- -- good. I hope they don't let nobody out -- the man but to get to it I've got a question a lot like. Position I can you Jack I got projection. Aaron adoption and Andre Roberts. Struggle and you are put an allotment would include. He's. Extremely. I like. Running back into that flex spot. It Dobson is kind of going to be -- man is it looks like they're gonna use a rotational. Situation there in terms of the wide receivers in New England. I don't break Jackman. Got to be I gotta be honest with you I don't have a lot of confidence in that Andre Roberts could be third in terms of the number of targets that Carson Palmer goes to clear picture of one Michael slick emerges as the number two. To meet corporate Jack in the what you're really put an accord -- -- Let let me ask you from a techsters -- CPR needs to of these -- running backs is Alter your instinct. The made DeMarco Murray -- rich and DeAngelo Williams. On the debate -- there because I don't like is matchup whatsoever directions doesn't have a great matchup either. But the fact of the matter is I like it better than a running back playing the Seattle Seahawks who. Were absolutely dominant last year and if you remember that he brought leading Carolina last season and not one member of the -- -- hardly anything from a fans perspective. Even Kim Newton go to Richardson and go to Montgomerie against -- Nick is in a mile wide receiver questions go head neck and it got pretty old but I've got a cup match and not back Q I. -- -- -- I don't. We'll -- we'll go to green. And I like -- like Hilton don't get me wrong I think he whale got a lot of upside. I'm still going with Jordy Nelson in this study. It in a week warned I really try to play my big name guys and -- -- -- your -- around football and and you know what we saw last night. It is not impossible for a quarterback with a tough matchup on paper to put up big numbers even Joseph Flacco had a good game last -- which was ridiculous because. In reality -- didn't have a good game instead he scored almost like he can't reported reality did too bad -- And it it was not -- it took them sixty times to throw the football to have that they care deeply. That again I'm just on the traditional equipment that guy I like them right so I'd rather directory not this week. JP on Twitter wants to know here heat so is going up against Peyton Manning -- up against an already. -- -- -- start RG three Russell Wilson to answer that and do you change your approach. When you go into a Friday morning you look up and somebody drops sixty. On your head that I report. I had no basically if you played against Peyton Manning this week your. Your whole Lotta trouble alleging that Wes Welker in America was gonna get them. And you know the fact of the matter is because -- situations stick with you start I like Russell Wilson. I like RG three better people of different guys would like it to be really bad but he's a really bad if you look at what happened and appreciate -- and I think her project with the Eagles are going to be -- -- out. I don't -- -- to keep on Monday night and go to the RG three or Russell Wilson. By Joseph is caller from Amherst with a question a go a joke. Ayers Tony it might cost -- Armani the sixteen team PP are lethal imagine what that's right. I had three receivers a running start on a long has severest Antonio brown and came on Austin. Are you put -- round of the academy and the guy that jumps out. Because my quality was no longer an addiction expert I think it's audio broadcast to eighty or ninety cabinet -- this year. Because he's got -- Benoit as going to be looking for when the -- throw the football and remember their running game this week a little bit of a question mark no way beyond doubt. He's got Isaac -- in the -- remember they don't Jonathan Dwyer so I think we're gonna throw the ball a lot if you look at what the titans did against -- last year what good starting Antonio Brown. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jesse -- -- Jones-Drew I don't know what you expect out of him but -- -- -- -- coming back Cecil shorts that it has some impact the some teams. I -- yeah I actually got to believe it to be quite honest and -- -- guys that the quarterback has to still ridiculously people here. I mean again we saw last night which of Flacco. Didn't have a good came from a reality standpoint get a throw the ball sixty times to score almost nineteen fair point but he threw the ball sixty times. And I think in the case -- the job where I like more structure -- -- -- had a contractor that was the last time he's gonna get a chance to be paid. And he's starting running back the National Football League Justin Blackmon four games when he comes back yet as -- can add to Blaine -- value but it's probably -- like a write an Angel for example. I -- upside. I like -- he's got more weapons in the passing game this year. It's so watered down towards the end of that quarterback position in a way rather have Michael Vick or would rather have a guy like. You know Matthew Stafford or Tony Romo or would have Bryant can't help you know -- rather have the three other guys it's -- that -- that he can get really really is. Chris Rock Island want to know we can start one of these two. Giovanni Bernard or BenJarvus green Ellis and he says the long term was the guy wanna have. Bird artist we got a long term it's just. Pond in -- of upside and got some -- the preach upside throughout the entire course of the season. Should accord between those two I'd rather have your money Bernard because -- can -- -- that upside. But that's not a bad match but it appears Brett -- -- that defense was just outstanding against the run last year it didn't Soldier Field I don't like either one of these guys -- more than a -- starter. But Bernard to meet. -- he ended up saving gesture by the Pittsburgh Steelers and he was a feature back he would be the number one rookie in -- football this year wouldn't be -- -- -- But now he's in Cincinnati there's going to be times here long term he becomes the guy I think more of the guys even know he's gonna lose and -- law firm. But Bernard but I didn't start this week it's just it's a really not a great match up. Might Iowa Texas says help says he's Stephen Jackson MG. And JD in -- boss -- -- third running back green Ellis Brent shock McFadden. McFadden and I know the jokes about his injury prone and are out there and -- warranted. The colts traditionally guys have not had a good run defense and they traditionally give up a lot of -- you pushed right back. And having mixed pattern as you're lacking a pretty good and maybe a little article police heard that in my two would amount to a lot of trust me. But to have another black -- like that spot Bradshaw could end -- Being a lack of option based on the -- -- to -- -- to speak against Oakland but. I don't know how much he's going to play Vick Ballard gonna be in the mix there project hadn't done anything -- a -- they wanted to bring him along slowly goes McFadden. I'll let's talk to John reasonable with a flex position question guard John. They got a I didn't know I need the reporting team -- and start to -- had spent eight Avon than. Bernard. And Lamar Milla was -- you know. Lamar Miller Stephanie gonna be one of those players. I like Lamar drillers as a black and especially against the browns. That is going to be a very good matchup for him I'd also go with Taylor and Austin although I don't like the matchup this week. And I don't know how much bigger -- they've gone -- been I mean they're gonna get him in the office clearly but. Their depth chart is Chris givens in Austin at this point so I don't think they've and I shall see what it's targeted right. Don't expect and had a monster game it turned -- right place for me. From the wide receivers that you would mention it. Avon is a guy and go with Lamar militants. I think he brought together we need to watch this week and see how the Reagan used in the that you let him a lot in the pre season maybe they were just holding things back Woolsey. Michael less cushion from me you know it running backs are awful in a lot of teams lot of people out -- searching for them. Before Sunday starts as the times of a dead spot your roster may be one -- just. Pick up a guy Casey blows up to get the next Julius Thomas right is there somebody out that you think it's out there that. Is -- kind of stashing and you could see him blow up and be a guy and every original one on Monday. You -- about the running back yeah and that's. Just the running back position. Up into the right now it's going to be really difficult to find a diamond in the rough right now at the running back position. Because if you looked at how drafting -- we you know we have a draft earlier in the week. There was a lot until the end of that at the end of that draft as a running back but there was not a lot you know I mean. No -- -- for example we started last. Starting running back he'd get up. At least in the short term big guy that you want to own in general I think long term it's going to be my table and we'll be somebody who's out there on the waiver wire. I give you one player that people have forgotten about and that's live beyond doubt remember leaving and bill. Introduced put all the talk about -- frank came up and people got scared off. You still free agent 40% of medical back -- -- and now they're talking about him coming back but it we can't -- And he's still free agent you need to pick him up. Right now with -- become Alfred -- from last season probably not -- -- -- guy I was an injury happens. But it's late your ability to -- -- your -- you -- to go grab -- right now because. When he's healthy what are -- to where we can really is sort of stashed in Iran after he will be the guy for the Pittsburgh Steelers and he could end up very threw down the road. From a fan perspective so. That's one player that I would -- we take a look at and again I mentioned -- garrido and other guys tightly of people who spent this week. It still look at it comes out in late in The Hague against the cardinals. He comes back. Opportunity could be there -- -- another guy who's working dashing on your roster. Going into week -- We talked of every single Friday he is a Michael savvy on only start Saddam is up on nfl.com. NFL fans who live. The afternoons on the network he is everywhere he will lose to me this week in week one of normally it's on WEEI. Well Wes Wes Welker set the -- last night like orca. You know oil what do you would probably put a drought last night at anybody go to last night that you're down like. 48. After OK is always looking at a right now he would Welker 45 point great king had a broncos' defense. Which. Thank you by the Wafer you didn't for having. Well but -- would have been nearly six point off and -- also an -- anymore and that he had talker but I have anybody -- and I've got Marshawn Lynch and Stephen Jackson Larry FitzGerald and honored. Rob blob blob blob like -- we all do we all -- loaded we'll talk next week Michael thanks. Every single Friday at 1 o'clock characters many calls and texts and tweets is possibly guys are great don't get all the questions like I don't know. Someone called and said Brady year Rogers. Odds haven't named it one Tom Brady your rather why do you have both of them when you team Miley was your wife you guys go back and forth. Then go to person -- and family for you both. Is it possible not taken that call him let's get a break we'll come back we will -- talked to Mike Reese he has PM boston.com. Talked in there Friday as well. I get a perspective on the injuries who would like to be impacted who might this week one for the patriots Mike -- will join us next.

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