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Peter King on M&M: Tim Tebow will not change positions

Sep 6, 2013|

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King joins Mut and Merloni just days away from the start of the Patriots’ 2013 Season. Peter dives into all things NFL including Peyton Manning’s opening performance and Tim Tebow’s refusal to switch positions. He also talks about his Super Bowl prediction: Patriots and Seahawks.

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Odds say patriots Friday -- -- 937. WEEI. Will not be a patriots Friday without our guy Peter King -- was launched. An invaluable. Football website that I find myself on. Way too often during the day at the Monday Morning Quarterback keys that SI is Peter King NBC's Peter King. And he joins us Peter -- a little happy football season. Bay -- do you guys -- I was in the media. I was in Denver last night pregame. And I don't know maybe midway through third quarter something. You know there may be about five or six people -- the football night in America in. Who follow the red sex quite closely. And switched -- even play by play of the ninth inning off my -- -- -- In the medal -- -- games and I yeah. In either a lot of lot of happy people in the air and Joba Chamberlain -- -- This these two after the post game they asked about the fourth quarter and had no clue what happened and that want. Actually I had a great time in the fourth quarter last because. You know I I I ended up standing on the field for the entire fourth quarter rods at the Broncos wide receiver right here. Broncos' bench and and a talk and him a lot about meaning. And you know -- You know incredible it is to have around in English it's funny to see I wrote about this the story on our site and Yemen QB. -- He was hilarious patent -- seventh touchdown pass. Crowd is throwing out at elation yours it's everybody's so happy. And the whole place is going crazy. And Manning comes over except if you can graduate and and then goes and meets with Adam -- the offensive coordinator who partly -- in two years older. And he goes and meets with Adam gays and he's looking at pictures from up top you know the pictures that it's taken so that he can see. On his on his touchdown pass to. Into the Marriott Thomas -- direction he got what the coverage was he wanted to confirm a couple -- and it's one of those conditions viewed. It's getting -- -- seven and -- and shook it I expected police but. But anyway that was I was really treat it down there and what they're up close and personal last. Yes it is kind of a roller coaster for the patriots fans who watch Wes Welker and funny followed Twitter right fumbled that snap doesn't play the next series of people like Aussie Wes Welker this was -- that good he's gone. That as the game goes on you realize that that is a combination that they had -- a really -- plane together. Well mean Manning told this story about. You know in March right after. Welker signed dreary he and Welker and the married congressman Eric Decker quality Eli. And the giants receivers went damp and you're our hero Landon do. And that to have like this little private mini camp you know who threw the ball and -- -- just sort of get -- chemistry experiment started. And you know days. There are many other people. Really in any walk of flight school. You know more on the verge of having like it's in the week off season program eleven we talked seat upper hand. They -- well at what I had four more days to it. And you know and that's what come together and -- even more. And and you know and meaning that he kind of invented it you know Peyton Manning -- And that he several great what is it like 1130 at night and sit there and and he's in his rumored do whatever their exit from certain Welker they are met through. You know it looks -- you walk around there are about eight I feel more comfortable maybe -- -- -- them. Now let me Manning get set back and mule. When it's guys texting here 1130 at night you just get a feeling that everything -- survivor absolutely true. Our favorite Gary -- ever played where you know high school calendar girl. Offense with a Paulson last night Peter defensively Von Miller is gonna miss five more games here durables plane in Baltimore how to they account. For what 29 and a half of their fifty some odd -- at least to start the year not on this team. Well I think less money one of their I -- the second most important statistic last nine of them in me and seven touchdowns. It is two and a half that number stacks which until now and Shaun Phillips was declining player last year in San Diego. It was just okay. And eight and 32 years old. So now instead of being complementary player Von Miller all of a sudden he is yours spotlight. And you know Robert Ayers has been a real under cheaper here ever since direct them in the first round three years ago. Four years ago whatever war and death I think I think now Shaun Phillips is centerpiece. Of their past for a. And that I think what they're gonna try to do as the season goes on there's gonna really focus on trying not to have. Shaun Phillips. You know played too much because they don't want they don't really wanna burn out I think they what they really -- he can do is play. You know though it is twenty tractor right snaps -- game. And you know even though the game is changing so much I mean last night. You know the reasons. Who you know it seemed like they were they were -- you have the ball all night -- The other team score 49 point certainly grant. 87 plays last -- I'm sure. That the last thing they launch on pillows to do the -- he plays every game which the number eight last night. I think though so they're gonna look at him as the centerpiece of -- urgently now. You don't wanna ask you bulletin team -- your -- nugget there apparently there was some interest with him but changing positions she was an interest -- -- It is it's stubborn -- and make it out just think that if some -- -- give me a chance -- get back on a team again. Well -- are they exactly absentee votes banking. And that is set. That he he believes. At this point in time. He the only way he's gonna have a chance. And a real chance to succeed at the quarterback position has to be able to go somewhere. And have an entire offseason program -- it seemed. And he didn't really do that with the patriots signed with the patriots may be -- 2 days left or however many days left in the air offseason. Program before they they -- in -- Indeed you have to refresh my memory that I know will be in the in the Aussie skipper but I think he he feels like an and there are so I think -- -- into the if you're not in the offseason program. And you don't have the ability to move. Two. Basically compete against. We got the other guys who were the quarterbacks on equal terms once you get the training camp. For the most part you're not getting nearly as many reps with the first unit. As the other guys where he was clearly number three he was an app to beat out Ryan mallet beat number two you didn't do that. And so -- easy decision and again. I understand what everybody says Tebow can't do it he's not -- and have a chance. He's not accurate and not all that -- totally understand. But I think he goes -- view is that. You'd be hard for him to live themselves. If he didn't have the ability to go somewhere. Let's say in early march interest and the entire are -- the -- and -- let me just say one other thing about about people. I think that. The biggest thing that he took away from the patriots set that I believe that that he will. Try to at some point if he ever had the chance that the old Mike McCarthy let's say or or don't Moroni. Or for a lot of these sort of -- it. Teaching. Tight head coaches who were very good and teaching quarterbacks. I think that he would try to say to them is what you saw what happened in New England it wasn't circuits. Nobody knew I was there have time to say you know it was just I was a football players so it doesn't have to be in. You know where he was with the -- We're sideshow and so are in -- talent O'Neal was reporting I see him today. So I think his whole view is. I I wanna have one more chance at this I -- have one more opportunity. It's been four months with a team and show them how I can help them and why action plea quarterback now. Do I think that's going to happen. -- -- her mean mean mean. Black -- to -- what he's still a work right now and now authorities don't work right now. And he's gonna try to work this whole off season. And it just the real basic fundamentals of at all and that somebody call them here aren't available during that. That you know in his ideal world. Easily beat routine acts as -- say robbery -- And here's the dirty and tired -- -- for them to see economic. We're talking to Peter king and your predictions Peter you took the patriots over the Seahawks in the super bull made a lot of people appear. Happy. In terms they'd be happy. But they feel this is the year it is calling us saying this is the -- peers and -- this we feel good about it and so literally. I actually had Pittsburgh and then in green -- And sort of the right then but then entering the playoffs and it re taking it I'm picking him anymore I seem to -- conveniently forget that. We will what will forget it TO and focus on you pick in the patriots so. Is it more that you believe that Brady and -- offense Peter is gonna yeah BO but click get a real high level or you buying into defensively. Then taking a step from where they were at the end of last year and progressing forward. In this 2013 season. I look at what they did last year on defense and I know they had some teams that. Certainly no -- Bill Belichick would be very happy with but if you look at the -- and in total. Their -- in the league in points allowed. And on the other side they're averaging 34 points -- game now I think you're gonna weighted average 34 points. But I also think that -- -- averaged eighteen point game would -- -- quarterback it's -- silly. I mean let's say they even go down a touchdown game and they averaged when he went on to game. Mean is that unrealistic to think it's summary. We have pretty much an entirely new cast of characters. And Rob Gronkowski may be -- week three -- four. Is it unrealistic to think that. They can win games instead of winning games 3817. They can win them. 27 to twenty I don't think so and so I just sort of look at it especially with the fact that. Thank you you know I didn't see a lot of the patriots in the pre season. -- -- the guy like chamber and who has the ability. Not to see Aaron Hernandez. But to take on some of the multiple roles. A guy like Eric Hernandez and I mean you know he's not -- -- would by any stretch the imagination. I think he has the ability to be difference maker and sort of play all over the map on that offense and you know. I guess I think they're going to be. Good good very good offensive team I don't think they're going to be an intergalactic -- But I don't think you have to you know. Peter it's going to be interesting and watching this season play out as you look at the the season as a whole. Do you see anything standing out in terms of league issues when you talk about what you'll be watching this year may league standpoint with the 48 hours before. You kick off the most million -- popular day in sports right now which is opening day in the National Football League. Well you don't wanna make too much because it's only one game. But I found it interesting that last night you know two. Very strong Super Bowl contenders. Combined curl under and four -- last 104 passes. And the average last year -- 69. And I'm not saying that's harboring harbinger of things become. What I am saying it right and that the NFL set records this year. For the number plays in that seat and if there's going to be so many more loans. They go to the up tempo style -- Eagles like you mean that it works huddle all year. And I think not only the number of plays when you have more place you probably have more points. There's a good chance you're gonna have more passes because the way things are playing there's only one team. That consistently this Nazis and you read about an emphasis on running the ball more. And -- Tennessee Titans. And even if they were on the ball more I mean there's only been one team in the last decade. Its current 60% of the time of the season that Pittsburgh in 2005. And so. Even at Tennessee goes. 53%. -- -- they only got their despair all they do is -- But I think it's so that is sort of money. My point about all this -- -- so few teams. Talk about. And we run the ball more and Tennessee went on so I just think we're gonna see the year over football. Every fun year Peter we appreciate is always Vietnam QBs in las we appreciate your time on Fridays we'll talk the next week. Thought here -- Peter King joining us here on the AT&T hotline at AT&T. The nation's fastest now the most reliable four GL TE network and of course our conversation the Peter brought to you by town fair tire will come back. Our react to news is feeble common interest in what he's had to say about Tebow it seems like. He's pretty locked in what he most thinking right now is that the path he should take in the game he was -- last night as the Red Sox fan. I gotta tell you I thought I was gonna go over a football when it was 62 he couldn't do it. And so I saw some of the football on what I saw was. A guy that -- ever the shot never thought shuttle left here anyway. Make plays the quarterback for team the going to be compete with. All year for the top spot BA FC -- feels like that we'll talk about those two things that the guy's --

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