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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, reacts to last night’s dramatic win in the Bronx

Sep 6, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni after the Red Sox comeback win against the Yankees last night. Mariano Rivera blew a save and the Red Sox were able to pull out the victory. Millar talks about his time as a Red Sox and exercising the ghosts at Yankee Stadium.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI continuing with a baseball early we'll get in the patriots and football Peter King. Beginning at noon joining us on the eighteenth the outline as Kevin -- large spot you bike about a tractor corporation Miami care insurance by commonwealth mortgage. And by golf Smith the last -- The responsible guys -- trolling me on Twitter -- Kevin. -- -- very -- at the at bat to let it. Great double you can't go to the governor called big -- and counsel mark. Gotta thank the sponsors can't they make you possible on our show they'd they'd put jobless they should be wary -- -- -- -- like the NASCAR gear all the sponsors on your shirt every Friday. Dynamic dynamic this battle bump on the they have been able. Does relate to support this Friday right now because but got a six man rotation going into the playoffs right now at this point that every. Lester is back throw game one again I think. -- you know party lowered blood from. A fellow graphic I think I think -- You look at the academy he tried so hard my. You're not so quickly. It can secure -- -- batting go to Pretoria you're out here sixteenth for a general level but right now what does that tell you my. Just right -- an elegant calpers wrote what you're wrong right now you gave up on -- to quit it's at a. I've admitted this this week before he came on Lester is back in the rotation. Starting -- -- your hand is -- I have that right hand over the microphone right now -- -- again like the pledge of allegiance undo it saying I was wrong. On Jon Lester it. All. Or love it out like a fall I'd like to ask you to put your hand and it -- admit at the time for about a ninth start stretch. This goes up and -- roller coaster it was but it consistent as we've seen him in his career and you wonder at some point was to get right the ship. Decrepit that's what happens now or nine nine start sort of course anybody in the big government opened Alpert I'm not start stretch. What Roger Clemens and pay a market of course that's my point. Gained about fifteen you'll go through. -- -- Jon Lester Lester mechanical tweak worst bullpen session where confidential Everett was no doubt. But that's not being out on Jon Lester and make them popular playoff roster because you predicted it would brought. So the ball great and particularly but it what do you mean you can't give up on John. Whereabouts at what time he was Dubroff was pitching very very well but right now Lester that -- the ten daybreak Kevin and Ager troll me on Twitter about this couple days ago. That ten daybreak was -- the velocity is back and he he looks. And we're -- better than Jon Lester I don't think -- chair and my number one starter in the playoffs. I mean that's my point you -- that you can have a lot of -- -- center and got struggling you know and clean it -- rotating better than David Ortiz two weeks ago you put food on the floor all. I like shredder army gush red jerseys that'll play. But but don't look -- the and. -- -- let's zealots are what the game last night because stuff for a while look like he was kind of just under control and then all hell broke loose and that it had to atmosphere back at Yankee Stadium again and I think a lot do with what the Yankees look like now they got a lot of back again but. That's a tough loss for the Yankees I I think. Yeah not lost a game and what would put it right -- backdrop full 610 that I had not. I'm not -- -- in April 6 separate -- -- want to welcome -- can't -- pick it up on a fancy. Yeah a lot -- on the Red Sox yankees game regular spot at this it would also I don't want all. There -- like arts group -- in a lock stock over here. Back that's why we're about whatever you think about that in Iraq. It brought this rivalry backed it -- and substance. The -- Back in the playoff -- which is better for baseball that much -- -- not to look at 46 games out. Better for baseball right now it's exciting the -- real -- Yankee -- you know. Great so now -- can't watch cheering and integrate important certainly saw great burst and. It's interesting because the sea and air of the came up last night was awfully similar -- and I got to -- yet some flashbacks when. In Napoli gets that hit -- two outs. Here comes -- -- a lot personally paid for allowable or walked the main news Napoli got his -- Dundalk and he gets a thing to right field. Instead Dave Roberts here comes -- Barry he's steal second off the third Stephen Drew mr. clutch -- guy. Base hit all the Sunday another blown save for various fifteenth now. The it was eerily similar to 2004 just the way that things set up against Rivera in the Yankees. It looks like we lost those -- What are you ghosting in my opinion that the you're probably right or probable -- their complete. And elsewhere in primary good people but ghost net stable we -- those ghost. We killed those -- also agreed that Aaron Boone goes all. -- it's like that -- the -- out it was eerie very similar we get. It you know it's a perfect example how. How much when you expand rosters you can pinch runner you know you look at the situation -- -- -- -- to base against -- Molina and they won both games. What we've -- program would be wiser extreme game it's still a moral story -- quicker now. -- expand the roster allows. Do little more or little extra when your picture not that bench. -- -- but this rotation because you know it's almost but Jake Peavy has brought this you know how he is that intensity in this attitude with these guys. -- aren't happy ball come out a game which is a beautiful thing writes your night finished that thing go as long as you can. But what is there a fine line you know one last night of PB talked Ferrell and to go back out tour. They'll fine line between one and finished the game in and we've -- little bit smarter about it worked in the latest. Well. -- -- -- final you know you're talking to trust some time you know the player I mean player ball like -- all that a little bit. -- that -- he became ill bet though in -- -- and and -- -- you've earned this Austin you back out there. You know and sometimes it's okay sometimes it doesn't work out great but I think Jake Peavy earned that at least has voices it's going to be hurt. He'll commander. And -- -- ultimate position that your. We're talking earlier about the the ability to get to a guy like coach you are it was an unbelievable this year and having trouble right now they got a couple young guys back there -- Alan Webster. Kevin got -- -- throws a hundred they've not been thrown into those situations. And if you look at September. It is there more pressure on guys can you -- elected these young guys don't get an opportunity here. Can you trust them any playoff situation like how much yet to get tested now before the playoffs start in October. You gotta have the at great point mark you gotta you gotta get -- that you guys know what's like that they experience factor I -- I was overrated or -- -- I mean your heart rate gonna get down to normal levels so it -- him out there. It's our way up belly when they take the mound again usually get the situation you're gonna need somebody out seventh inning with two outs burst back. The first apparently won out in the eighth inning it can't strike out. So why not have the experience in the elect told ya got their political situation is not -- got a dirty right now. At the rat's rock -- and games. You know if you -- in world you know like for every off an happy game upper half game back you know pretty much Red -- Seemed to be going in the right direction can play out and be -- -- actually be so I think right now it's time to get these kids out there. They got those great Simon -- and -- and given night a one run game faced -- Cabrera it's not gonna get -- -- you know criminal you got a young kid -- given that opportunity but I was saying earlier. Yet I think they're gonna at league best good good -- as anybody -- -- to go to the World Series but I'm trying to visualize 78 inning you know. On the road who's got a quiet. Down 45000. People got called a ball and come up. Two out base voter votes on their feet who's that guy -- I still think they got one games to figure that out. To get the auto ER. You're right you're right I think you're exactly right there's not slammed -- guy like you know at. Here's our David Robertson right here you know present any guy I don't it's -- the of that bridge -- gap I think you'd like Eric it's under now. Well going to be testing here -- and Ali just with the Red Sox but the American League this Yankee team I think that's. We had a Yankee call earlier Kevin's and that's not a bad loss for the and they can bounce back when you got five weeks to go when he took this one vehicle on. If you look that AL wildcard I. I know the Yankees are technically in it but there are some teams -- every fight tooth and nail for the next four weeks when you lose a game like that. I think that has an effect on a team -- bounce back now to the Yankees. It's you know what market -- a -- but in the world lost listened to help while they lost shouting get right back. -- out regular game and I are like all the come and now -- bottom lip and now. I mean so -- record you occupied Iraq. I got a stop quick you know what became the outlet where we are now hopefully the you know it's so we know the night before. The anger -- club and they're different. You know there are -- different ballclub and they were earlier in the year you're looking at. Soriano erotic granderson and they're eager in Latin and know -- you know art is different now. So I think they got a little slack practical bounced back in the going to be a good a pick that thought went straight in Iran when I talk about it -- you don't print. -- -- -- It's a law. It's not a double lost beat it locked up locked but now it's a lot and I think they're better club and -- -- -- -- apocalypse. That that maybe not -- experienced it all play out Ryder Cup flop like that can be a domino effect but I don't think of veteran club like he's not a big deal. Mr. butcher boy Dempster communal probably as good as anybody. Buckle our remaining years movement here next. The dog a little bit weird bad for him ago illustrates not -- -- knock them. I listed. This you would love to have survived my appreciation for him respect from one up even a couple weeks ago Toledo alone but. 36 years old right -- -- on the back in and I'm wondering could he be that guy eagle 507 he did close. But can he be a guy out there -- -- she's accepted his role and he's got. The veteran presence and he said he to gather slow the game down late game he's been here before but. What do you think -- can translate to a guy that can help you out at seventy that. Yeah you know it's -- -- topic because you're -- oak on East -- game start some games. You could that agent maybe get a cut out of like I -- go back LP in the electorate thrown together he'll immediately -- guys. Top of the rotation -- not go anywhere. And they say -- A lot forget about the ball but there's no doubt I'm on six and yes there are a couple of up there you know that -- a lot more than 94 point five anymore. For that big high strike -- but now he has an outfit. In their pitchers. And one time around there's a heck of a lot better in the third round when you don't have -- 95 anymore -- keeper started Spector shot identity our gaps are. Can be a huge factor -- about it that's the case and all the agents are set -- all help the easy job on out. They're eating a lot there a couple of it that it that's what -- you -- one thing about Ryan. -- -- you know slowly go through more strikeout -- where -- beat yet. Whatever you can do what's best for the Red -- period. -- real quick for me the playoff schedule came out and I. Luther -- back and forth I love the one game playoff he wants a three game playoff he feels more like a series is the one and done but. I can't disagree that the way they set this thing up with a wild card it's gonna get a full day off than a couple more days often and it doesn't feel like the penalty that it did a year ago when the games are stacked on top each other did you guys talk about that schedule like -- spread out it is their first weaker so. -- we haven't talked yet about much about a meat plant it -- you know Lackey in the wild card to one game playoff like transmit not bad. It's still you can change your upper camcorders that wild card bicycle rather anyways. We're just look at perch and shot. -- -- -- -- You know and back -- you know sometimes it can be erupted as we saw what happened with Oakland and Texas. Or you know the Baltimore an acre or whatever laws but it -- the way -- scheduled ever going to be perfect. But I like it parallel picture Lockhart -- -- interest -- can't talk about being. Which can't still probably royals with a chance. Outside chance 40% chance but. Back the oil wealth or making -- and exporting -- and make him make some noise. Just so you know when you guys are killed those -- I did have a date for the prom night here at the problem myself but did an apartment side are you -- your -- -- -- -- -- airlines at that well that time there was some hair and that is -- -- a guy affronts like -- and whatever gets -- a part of now that report. By rebel. You know it's good day at the chin up bar about the like installed decent chin -- can really get the bison right now. Labor required by the -- great great response and we work and I goaded on that camera they barely -- and now William. That was witty and he got beat belly laugh and at that response that night comeback the report. We try to do that -- and your follow me on Twitter now Steve probably aboard congratulations. They answered that seeing little luck and element. Of. -- at a -- -- Kevin enjoy the weekend we will live -- Unix product. Our -- that aren't that is Campbell are joining us here as he does every single trial.

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