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Sox beat Mariano Rivera again

Sep 6, 2013|

Dale and Matt opened the show discussing the Sox 9th inning rally and eventual win over the Yankees. They marveled at the teams continued ability to win games in their final at bat.

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All right. -- -- These guys went into the -- a line drive into right center field makes it and a Red Sox the timing and here comes buried his dad. Rivera the Red Sox have rallies pitchers and heard him. Had enough didn't. Like driving it like the other banks and -- -- Perry gets married everywhere all the Hispanics had had them brought up. The safest -- I'm not I'm. Alone right now. We've got to continue to burn them. And he lost his right to life. Want them. If -- like however I won't ever done. What whether it's collectively. Guys reached down to get a little extra. They're doing. You hear from. Four hours and break down. He's got a good match up that's what I was like three times. -- championed by rob Mariano Rivera blown save in the ninth inning but do you -- Becoming the next greatest closer in the history of the game Joba back -- -- there in Nebraska mean I've -- in my neighborhood. -- the kind of kind of. In the same kind of -- now welcome NBC Sports Radio WEEI. Alexy. Will do quick show bans John Dennis not present Jerry Kelly and not present. Berkman and not president. That means lasts. I mean it's dale Arnold and Matt Chatham now. Normally will be here on Sunday mornings along with Chris priced from W yeah dot com and Tom -- from. CSN any but today little preview we will do a lot of Red Sox yankees today. We'll talk about the start of the football season as well we get to see the first game. Those of us who have to get up at four try to save the 45 minute lightning delay. Trying to screw things up for me a little bit in the light mean that was going on in the mountains west of summit county have a voice out there and -- -- Far from Denver it was a sprinkled. For sale imminent bad to me was that it it did seem a little -- killed and 61 dale say now I mean I'm sure is that the aggregate -- think I get up and killed in the stands in Denver on opening night because after all that it's. Kick off weekend yes Jessica weak -- is I just did that on purpose and a portion poking at Chatham because he does he eats. The whole kick off -- idea because nobody. Kick off returns and just kick off. It happens it's just does I don't know why that doesn't -- of people I know I played -- for a living and all that -- Hypocrisy. Opinion or kickoff. Over everything and anything you composite was he kept us special kick -- -- pick up the deficit in Indian Wells up there with his fingers crossed. Brain goes back into how do you do that in all integrity in Denver it was gonna go on the back in Sony and in the old -- this is -- -- off what it did to me it's like you know you've. And you had your -- for sale on Craig list. But now -- shall graduation holes and it's. I love you -- lovely analogy I was going oh I love you -- now you're trying to off kickoff stop him and all over -- earlier wolf. -- business that are -- here's what I when I was hoping would happen. I was hoping Baltimore would not because I've any Lanka Baltimore rate and I have nine. The reason I was hoping Baltimore would win. Was and I think Denver's gonna be really good anyway and ultimately that comes down that. You know home field advantage in an AFC championship I think the patriots and amber too with the teams who could be in that position. All the more losses they get the better. I'm unfortunately. And might be really really good I had I don't wanna overreacted Peyton and seven touchdown pass at all -- But boy that extra. It did but you know I've played -- It is this sort of you know little Flacco. You know. Mural. Outside of Denver stated their sports authority. It it's a different game the game planning a little different you've -- -- your plane on forever -- also doesn't often translate that great to the rest of the season. But that's said I would have been in the camp that you know I'm not as were about Denver because that's only defense of people leave him on not having Dumervil not having Yvonne Miller gets some back. Champ Bailey will be back and have a ten -- -- will get it back eventually last -- -- Champ -- -- -- him quite so I mean I didn't know what not having him wouldn't matter so I think they answer -- question Shaun Phillips great role lot of sacks in the league but all -- relatively speaking -- he comes and gets to half sacks last night so they answer a lot of questions looks like they're going to be neighbors. Look I I thought all along that you know Peyton Manning was going to be better than it was last year and he was great last year for a guy who sat out an entire season with a neck injury. He answered all the questions look great but this year he had an entire offseason where he could do -- all the work outs into all the things you have to do. They added to his is offensive arsenal. Mean Wes Welker I don't know if you heard this before is pretty good yeah you know apparently they get this kid at tight end who got lit up on the first pass play of the game and ended up. Catching two scores. I mean offensively they look so good and so balanced and Peyton looks like he looks like the you know the Payton who was running. At that show and Indianapolis back in the day yet. Fair. I think the one thing has now in west is he has that in here dives and Whittle the field I was often. Margaret Anderson Margaret was necessary is like Gabi was definitely off the ball. Run across and it'll feel pretty much -- comparable. Now it's got a guy Eric Decker is a player donors comes a player. Were vertical guy -- big deep and cuts these guys give the ball but he has piece you know of the bill vote interception that happened over at the end of the better playoff game last time. Was that late in cot thing I sit down and an option route would have been great if that was west who knows what happens but -- you know he's got the pieces he needs. The running game is still have a question mark marked their balls high draft there accuse okay but for whatever reason they can't seem to kill off -- -- -- you know the -- still there. And still contributing is still part of sort of rotation Beatrice and see if they can replace. The production of Willis McGahee had their prior what yell all signs are positive thus far west. Welker is got to think that you know he stepped in it big time I mean in in in a good way ye ye -- get catch passes from Tom Brady for a number of years and become. One of the preeminent wide receivers in the National Football League. You leave new England and all you do is step into Denver and Peyton Manning's chucking balls out to left and right. He's going to be prolific again this year he's gonna drive patriots fans crazy because he's gonna be really really good I know we drop the punt and all that stuff and -- And and you know what you gonna hang your hat on here is Abbott he'll have a key drop. He's gonna be really good Ehrlich. I think the biggest thing you look at -- -- trying to determine a guy as good or not if the only yes he does have the benefit of these basically go from one Cy Young -- -- of the Mexican to catch balls from the greatest. That's that's great. But if you're gonna zeroing in his discuss gloat or you just elevated by the people throw the ball just watch him mean that cares winner of the ball gets their watch him -- his routes. The guy covering -- they believe was Corey Graham last night it was danced so -- many times. Over and over already if that doesn't have anything to do -- possible just real early doesn't so. Fueled argument that you know west was garbage in Miami in an elevated by Tom and and -- just get the benefit another great quarterback. He's really good. That's OK but now we somewhere else now hopefully each year who live for a local story Hammond told those nice job and can stop open be part of that production. Maybe not as as -- may not all of that but did you have to be but. The big the big stories the -- good just just except for that -- -- he doesn't he's a slot receiver wide receive just a receiver it would go to. As I was driving in this morning ESPN was running a list of the great quarterbacks and I mean great quarterbacks guys like Elway and others who have who. Never in the course of their career Ron Amadon was on the list. Never threw for 300 yards and five touchdown passes in the game you know. Peyton Manning did in the second half. 300 plus yards and five touchdown passes in the second half and and you are right things kind of steamrolled kind of got away from the ravens you could see a kind of slipping away. But seven touchdown passes ties the NFL record -- capital Y eight -- are the only other two guys whoever threw seven touchdown passes in game. And he picked up right where it left off. We'll talk more about it as the morning goes on will talk about patriots opening up the season. In buffalo as well but of course if you're the the Red Sox I am. Last night gave you everything and I mean it had everything it had. It added Joseph west called it probably was wrong that benefitted the Red Sox it had a Mariano Rivera blown save. It had a coach EU law are up 123. Save opportunity strikes out the last two guys he faces. It had a five run Red Sox lead. It's slipped away because part of the bullpen is very good right now. Part of it was was a mistake John Ferrell made two nights ago. And and yet you came back and and tied the game in the bottom of the ninth inning off Mariano Rivera. Went ahead in the top top of the ninth they should say when I had the top of the tenth. You -- came in and finished it off not only where -- winning in kind of an epic fashion in New York. Tampa Bay it was losing last night as well your lead in the American League east is now six and a half games. And I had a friend in in baseball who sent me a couple of weeks he's had built -- gonna win this thing vice moderate he may be low. It might be more than that before this is also hadn't done. That it. Death but it visited the interest in a couple days ago drunk girls making the comments about. We may be in the middle of something like that right now sort of yeah which -- struck me aside and I'll steal one of the exact same thoughts last night is a welcome back and forth between the games. My gosh this seems special. But that's not battle it reminded me of when a guy comes off the off the mound and about the 73 days in middle of this sort of no -- thing in your role in house or senate. Don't touch and don't talk don't just leave me -- John we know that kind of -- kind of does have that feel. It is odd to see him go there. I think John Ferrell -- up a great job as the first year manager of the Red Sox. I think he has he has stabilized this thing as as we said yesterday there really hasn't been a brushfire that you can think of he's done a remarkable job in that regard. Like everybody else like every other human being on the planet he makes mistakes and I giving a mistake that he made two nights ago that hurt the Red Sox last night. He brought Brandon Workman and in a twenty to four game at the time I think Europe thirteen to four whatever ones when the when he brought men. And there's really no meat white wire you know using him in that situation. You get the seventh inning last night it would have been the third straight day they would have used -- they're trying to stay away from that. -- have felt much better about workmen coming -- -- you can also say he made a mistake by letting Jake Peavy come out in the seventh inning he had brought a 105 pitches. At a seven to two lead had done his job. Okay shake hands you know move on let's get out of here now he lets PB come out and PB struggles he goes to the bullpen the bullpen struggles. Thankfully Craig Breslow came in stabilized things at the back into the bullpen game a couple of really good innings the back into the bullpen. Got in the -- and they got the win but a couple of little mistakes that John Ferrell made -- look I said we all make mistakes. Using workmen in the twenty to four game was just wrong. Yes nip picking him out I do agree I just think as a pro you've been warmed up to read your route 31 due to working your scheduled to do it in and Verlander previously embassies and said he wasn't against you is certainly -- the pattern he's a guy on three nights. -- you know I think key -- of -- broke here and still been okay. -- didn't award the first outing was only like one through you know 1 morning right it was quick it was gas -- -- you know is -- really short amount works so. Not overdone bought knowing how much they're gonna lean on them going forward that's problem were to make. That was a gut buster fear the New York Yankees you're down seven and two went home I mean your desperate at this point in the season you're desperate for wins you're down seven to two at home. You'll come back take the lead you know -- Rivera out to the mound in the top of the ninth inning. And the greatest closer in the history of the game and he has. Can't hold it for -- sixth blown save of the year for Rivera. Most Red Sox come back yapping so Red Sox comeback win the thing that's just that. Gut buster if you're the Yankees it is -- it's a foreign masters and you have had is all by the way you've sent your best pitcher out tonight exactly so I know what the American League pitcher of the month. He's been the yankees' best pitcher his. Horrible through four innings yeah so yeah it's all downhill from her adjust and I think we're looking at the other part of the division to a Tampa looks like they're ready to have. I still feel like they'll get over that -- there are still pushed left in them before this thing's over. And yankees are teetering this was supposed to be the big move series for them I mean had to be. And they made the comments of jury met comets Gordon added this is this series is bigger frost in them mantra that try to sort of not its true it is true yeah you know what I think we're at a time year were there all big and we've been around here enough time in recent collapses and we don't like that so. It was certainly ago buster like you were -- -- took a little bit there out of them we'll see other respond here in the next three games but not looking good. I'll start with John Farrell a lot talked about what it's like. When you can bring in the best closer in the American League and that's -- -- this year when you can bring Koji -- into the game. Well to have that anchor back there you know it allows everybody got to fall in line and in between the starter to protect -- -- Unfortunately tonight it didn't map out where you know you look at the matchup as best you can but. Knowing that you've got him available to us in its electric for us right now. You get to the top of the ninth inning Mariano Rivera's on the mound you're down by a -- you've got two outs nobody on. You're down to your last out. And you find a way to get it done -- a single. You get a pinch runner quick Barry runs for Napoli steals second goes to third. On the throwing error and the next thing you know the guy didn't nobody likes just because of his last name in this town. Stephen -- Gets the hit against -- -- against Mariano Rivera and ties the game. Yeah I mean face and before you know me and it's. You know he's the best in the name and you know he's he's been -- -- -- watching on the other -- but. You know getting out there with you know two accounts and and trying to do your job you know he makes it tough I mean he's been doing his whole career so. It's a -- things you know we're now for me and I. Now when you got to the top of the tenth inning Utley -- victory and probably should and that's the Joseph west blown call the checked swing. West is at first -- check with west on the checks -- he says no swing. Replays showed and -- to meet. In all my history of watching baseball the thing that's hardest for me to figure out as -- to swing and what isn't when they go to check with the umpire but when you looked at it on replay. Probably was punched it and the and that's why I don't like -- just subjective sports it was the -- this like a hard time around. Strike out strike may have a little. Epic window the little things that go through were non news unique approach on their immune excuse me we both work for NASA. I don't know what what what. You know it's like the panel Russian judges for game that is objective the ball in play. Read their for the based on all levels of strikes -- stuff tries not -- I want to mention victory you know if you look at this Sartre -- roster vs a year ago have been -- A lot of differences released logs into all of them won our editorial in the pitching rotation right. Victory comes through again and I don't think he was the -- we thought we're sitting here back in April -- we -- Red Sox again in thirteen million dollars a year and we were wrong a couple of big for the last several weeks months whenever so yeah it's a global sport. It's -- ball Sunday Night Football crew but Thursday night football last night. The the big win for the Denver Broncos over the Baltimore Ravens to kick off the season. And back Chris Collins worth. Talked about the biggest play of the game last night. And here's the biggest play of the night. Dropped pass by Wes Welker Lucent on the punt team it could have been challenged it was not. The various Thomas takes it down the sideline on the next play and. I'm sorry I just had with that Wes Welker dropped in just did it aggravate. Patriots fans John Harbaugh who got himself a a new contract extension they tore up the two years remaining on his deal. It was leaked out before the game last night he's not a four year deal. With the Baltimore at seven million a year talked about the loss last night how good -- meaningless. All right I went out of order on guys. We apologize for mistakes -- I thought our guys play hard you know like -- And the effort was good. And it's only made some nice throws obviously and it's nice throws free throws and catches -- we're tremendously excuse for better we can play better we get into me things. You better be better. If -- if you better agree with 49 points is the most points allowed in Baltimore Ravens history right. And bowl loss was the biggest loss in the season opener for the defending Super Bowl champions in history I mean that's how bad it was. And Peyton Manning well he's got a new toy and he. I like working with them. Bush has worked hard and not put a lot of time in just a short amount of time we started back in April. An off campus us -- you know we put a lot of time in the try to get some pork it's nice to build -- put that work to do it usually does and touchdowns. He's gonna likeable lot as the season methodical like him even more this is being -- it's gonna aggravate -- is you're gonna see a lot because they're really good they're going to be on TV a lot you're gonna see Wes Welker. Catching passes from Peyton Manning a lot and it's gonna aggravate -- It's gonna aggravate even more of Danny Amendola can't stay on the field for the patriots which is the only knock on the right jockeys -- good of very good wide receiver. He's got a lot of Wes Welker ran him I mean I I like his game a lot but if he can't stay on the field for the patriots it's gonna -- -- Yeah I'm -- number -- -- and herald a blow -- spot in the far north and supposed to be plugging other other outlets with the Euro and just what -- -- but while there was a column recently about the guy has over there at the globe that. That sort of outlined -- was injuries and and whether or not it was valid talk about him his injury prone actually been pretty tough dude almost on the field you know a couple of years ago with the whenever that was but he he he certainly has the reputation -- seeing guys get that reputation earlier in the career. -- Brittle as one. In in one hand the guy that's always pulled hamstring and missed some you know years that kind of thing that -- -- we saw recently back -- -- deal. And people that. Play hard play -- give banged up please throw it and then never lead. The injured just catches up with him that we comic -- players kind of categorize in two different ways so. I think chemicals have some bad luck in -- it was a shoulder collarbone to -- that doubles no one. -- -- just real deal bad luck enters its the same way with -- we talk about like his groin injury prone. I don't know he snapped this form. It's not in and then re snapped today it's different. You hold that in different art as a player -- -- as a Fannie -- careless have been out there it's -- that's all I care about as a player that you hold the will that the record. If there's a doubt it's just always plant trees was just always you know at the flu and on on the field -- kind of thing. It's a little bit more aggravating the -- just you know goes up to personal line pass and combat Apatow generally over the course between your Credo -- catch -- animal league now. Kerry -- from cold. Hard football facts will join us at 805 this morning Ian O'Connor will join us at 925. To talk. Red Sox yankees them all to talk a little but it jets as well as the their ready to open the seasonal talked to him later on. We'll open up the lines in the right to the calls with you write up about 6177797937. As the telephone number. The AT&T -- line is 37937. -- on Matt Chatham in here we're gonna talk about the patriots started the season in buffalo this week it will talk about the start of the NFL season last night. And -- impressive performance by the Denver Broncos -- we will also talk about the Red Sox who just keep finding a way to get it done. They just be find a way and was last night that the death blow for the Yankees pennant hopes their playoff hopes talk about that as we go along as well we'll get right to the calls -- you coming up next. It's DMZ without either. Dale and Matt in here on Sports Radio WEE.

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