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Quintin Berry with Joe and Dave after the Red Sox rally to beat the Yankees

Sep 6, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Quintin Berry, who had a big stolen base that helped the Red Sox come back to beat the Yankees in ten innings.

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When welcome the Red Sox last night to command of the game get a couple of hits and a blowout in the and I have some fun and tonight. The reason you're here it is still a big basic game on the line against Mariano Rivera course to reminded us of the great Dave Roberts -- the 04. ALCS. Tell us about that what was going through your mind. Not that I just you know they told me to get ready get warm and be ready for situations like this in this -- here and wanted to put that. Out there in the there by notice that I'm ready to go anytime they need me and I'm ready to steal on the opposite now they're just you know wait for mark Garza that put too much pressure on them won't take pressure off them and and put it on the other teams so. I was glad I was able to showcase that and do what I can't help this team win again. But it what is the key to stealing a base against Mariano Rivera. Believe that he might not take over hasn't he done this too many times so hopefully asleep on me a little bit and how's that we did a great job. And did the second. Yeah you'd jump was just unbelievable. -- -- you were almost halfway to second when the ball left his hand. And that you have personal element in with Detroit no no I never got opportunities to arm and that's -- I thought I -- might be able. Get a good jump on the first pitch because I figured he'd that's the last thing he would be taken I would do you know some -- commitment to -- Pinch run on the men and guys really aren't good for you to go first pitch and I was right there of course a muffin mix it up now for them let their right no. And it's a JG be able to have a job -- is as much the other day about post season and he said. That's why we got Quintin -- that's why he's on the team. If for moments like this come post season play you've got to feel great about that knowing that you've got a chance to play in a World Series here. Yeah I mean I know -- able to this team is in. I know within its hitters we got the pitching that we got on this ballclub there might not be too many situation really come in there so -- -- part of take advantage of the ones that are. That I do come across because I -- know that I can help I want marketing department ballclub that's a great ballclub and they got a chance do some amazing special things -- not definite. Wanna be a part of what being a base stealing specialist as you are tell us about the -- very steal in the -- he did not quite get the jump you got. That guy has unbelievable speed I'm gonna go watch them the year after year the bases these bills and the ability to get the bases log and -- very often. Army somebody that I try to try to you know build myself up to become one billion. I'm blessed with an opportunity to play with this guy and like several months we've got on the ball well. This says money speed on this red -- team it was not always the case. They used to be called the -- Sox lot of -- not anymore we view and in Ellsbury victory you know Pedroia can run a bit there all of a sudden has a lot of weapons are. They're it's dangerous this is that is -- -- -- most dangerous -- -- ever play for a player with Detroit last year. And yeah we had a lot of bangers that we had a lot of guys who -- who had the ball long way and it was humbling ballclub I've never seen a team they'll start to start with speed versatility. And of course it is the check swing that the Yankees have to complained about the -- that -- could've gone either way I'm Victor Reno. And what about the play at the plate for mare you'll look for some reason -- Mike came up in front of the play it'd -- state backe might get a better -- You know off the I would ask us kind of look at -- do in the situation in the short hops that come up before the place I was glad that but are set him -- -- -- -- like a showdown Wales very rather than -- got a chance they got -- them a little bit of work in our favor. It when when you win a game like that after you know falling behind in minutes against Rivera that's a different kind of win and -- oh definitely definitely. Passes from things of this ballclub as capable -- -- and to do that -- in September I mean we all them. Right about a situation Mario Austin unbelievable -- -- Cardinals offered a -- we're able to get on and hope you see in the deal him again at that and it went what about a week. That the food though Koji we are all men are like unbelievable. The a's humbly -- here for about 334. Days now and you know I've been able to see him too much in the in the path to a they cannot touch them you can touch some Romo would throw that ball high and it that Kraft bought ninety all right that's before in the notre from -- splitter so. I mean I'm just glad not jump over on this team and -- -- and IU Oakland great job tonight congratulations. Off thank you very much appreciated thank you got an African appreciated thank you. Brett Barry make an impact. Who the Red Sox here in just three or four days -- with the ball club. As the Red Sox blow a 72 lead and that they win it here 928. And you know you look at other clubs and the Tigers probably the best team other than the Red Sox in the league in our opinion they don't have the teams beat the Red Sox have an -- that's a big fact. You know and and -- just do said that he said that is much is you know the Tigers that he was on last year. Where at bumpers the Red Sox have a lot of that power obviously -- talent. Eight home runs last night that. Isn't it great to talk about a Red Sox team that can beat you many different ways. They can do with a home runs on one night the very next night they can beat Rivera by doing get on the base paths and stealing bases and key situations it's a personal Red Sox team. Yes indeed the Red Sox waited nine UH said the Yankees now are row. Nine games back in the American League east and that that that certainly being they won't gain any ground in the wild card they'll lose it. Game two Tampa Bay if the rays rallied to win at last report that they were down to the angels' John -- we'll update you want Matta let's get back to John right now.

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