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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/05/13

Sep 5, 2013|

If you want to know... just ask!

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It's time or answer the question jerk -- answer the question which -- I'll -- Alex is the big question. So would -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. It's law steep. -- texting me. -- and please mod birdie or a liar in every way exhaust man there where's he's talking about. Some people wish we wish. -- -- And anything could disarm so. -- he's a whole body has a good arm. It's the question here Mike Adams is with us get ready for what fourteen minutes -- and again it's going to be action packed you know limited information should answer the question -- Dubai air show -- -- -- Her car quicker possibilities and -- under a short -- uncle -- Do interior of the disaster restoration of organized well it's 774611111. Or heiress her doc I think that she ignited when you need if you hang yourself from prison. Like aerial -- of yet. Don't know which was -- -- investigating a slow start a little skeptical about us that they said that they were checking in -- -- every half hour here and kill themselves and a half -- how long does that take their checking him. Also noticed you'll have to think about it a little of it one of the of course skill that I don't have probable either one of the guards killed somebody -- What do you think of the -- I don't know whoever wrote it with the Monica at the door that's happened. If it was an inmate. -- -- to accuse. Detroit axle. And in the same thing happened with injured and I'm not into Marlins -- -- guilty. Yours and that's he's not dead yet well because they want to torture now. Rightfully so it. What is the greatest height you've ever jumped off -- water. Three meter. Two feet to big but it hasn't happened as the learns what it. Regarding that you haven't jumped off that -- -- away and -- got to get what Gil. You regret your I cannot go across a small economics and sports swimming lesson yes but they weren't enough that he's got enough. Not enough so what. I don't understand it well took the last. Yeah -- to -- -- -- but if I'm -- had overcome years now we are afraid of it so you know I'd have made some progress during the class and look at that when he graduates of our Internet. -- would go under the water before real it annually in the I don't want to -- I that was that was huge for me it's like seeing how did you do what did you use to get over the highlights from class with like go to therapists. I. What kind of separate harder net. I mean. I. It was a lifeguard forgot to -- US trailer rescued you. -- what is. Speak out over here for speaking what is accurate and what's to worry about it on underwater so many things but not anymore into it like you're political or even if you're standing in the shallow I just went on -- -- -- thing metropolitan water you would like you would -- and I -- -- -- -- -- and -- great -- -- -- -- -- -- going underwater that is going to. Sort of -- jump from a decent right. Now you all yeah Portland quarries for Connecticut yes hi I'm Garza and about thirty feet forty feet. What it would mean as we return of Ryland isn't please -- Fries -- pretty highly of him. The idealism -- or -- like is that dot. Tried if you if you screw that up so pretty -- -- the guys who tried it before you. Yes experts you have to -- fever within that a lot of water like up your nose and other purposes. You blow out which -- the world. All your business. It breaks your record trying to dive -- belly. Slide avoid jumping off things that are pretty it next question. How many slices of pizza have you ever beaten him once it. -- -- -- -- -- And -- a large -- of every. It was said eaters and eat yeah that's that's been a large -- Are there really aren't sure that's -- Yogi Bear is definitely as good as economies six laser -- had better make it six -- -- the technical. The -- Your next question next question bigger turn off bad breath there's not enough. So who is not well if you got a cold right -- it's been bad for something you know usually one leads to the other doesn't it. Now you've got a runny nose oftentimes is bad breath Hitler salutes its -- be viewed that perhaps because of easy solution. -- some veteran can be hard. -- -- -- -- as it progresses -- his return. -- as long as you've he's he has went up but now and again and again let them take that back because. Objecting to that's why Smart articulate it to covers up the garlic for the next question. Salt instead of silk is a nickname gonna call you MJS. Nina but that's a really -- thing. It is. We -- -- Michael -- is -- -- apparently every that's a really bad nickname it's unwieldy and JSJ and you'll hit it takes to want to -- terribly into showed. Juicy and Jeffrey. But -- with every that would work. What are the next question I was part of it was part of a normal diet you have totally don't tonight or what we have been moments but it -- in apartment QB. Yeah Catholic that we can afford some -- for names sure -- is truly an every what's. And -- him. Chip I'm OK Anthony -- Editors John Anthony you know the toll has -- -- Taurus. And I did not have little -- to pull it constantly swirling -- or over. He. Couldn't do you shouldn't pick up my cost me. God that the -- and what is wrong with the tour I think that's what happens. You know the whole historical view what is your favorite kind of our. That our body favorite kind of art body of water and editor of the party election -- an armada and not in a modern about it like that absorbed the modern -- -- the -- or installations. But they do like McIntyre bridges and stuff all around the city in and do those big art installation like that. My wife loves that she expects me to really like it we see -- like Aaron. But I don't get like it one of the like I like smaller. Tomorrow moderate I don't you know -- -- -- a lot of added a hero and over to the it's when that was the -- ICA yeah it's good stuff and some degree view. There's not a question of if somebody wrote that true or not. -- children. Are you big -- artist fan my body art that's the only kind of are you like via. Like the images that look like corn fields. Why I don't carry Cleveland at of them -- courses -- -- -- -- questioner that the -- next course to meet them. Next question artist you have to former rock band with musicians either dead or alive yes who -- your lead singer -- lead guitarist. And you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As whistle was tournament is Paul McCartney indeed created so but lyric lines with his passing new house to take a look at. Drama. That -- may gets to play rough and rock race. There whatever and the great jazz basis of all time. -- could that you could you got a ticket and support or keep him back that same -- -- tired you are about -- -- -- an administrator and that's the tough part. Give -- your vocal. We're going Robert Plant. You don't like this piece -- -- in his prime especially was probably. You know he could sing -- high instinct even before a -- -- -- public works well yeah I'm going on how to -- he'd be dead he nobody better life. You know generally they're gonna let you got. Got to know -- back to bring them back giving their life at -- quite different kind of alike and you know it Eric I think he's played everything you can do everything he's not dead project they clapped and over -- For for the overall. All because you Evernote Hendricks might start throw enough to beat on subjects that we -- can't do that. -- think like we're supposed to be including their off. The stage -- is that they've got to -- my first concert chemistry is not that important this is haven't had a question. -- -- in the -- -- a pro fighter insulted your significant other in front to fight him slash her to protect here on -- now. Fight -- in other. -- it wanted to fight -- if -- don't know if you know him pro -- if a pro fighter insulted your significant other in front of you. Would you fight that first professional fighter yet now. -- perspective of professionals. Professional fighter project -- -- -- my wife and I -- if Floyd Mayweather and -- to yes. You would not. -- him rightfully that would give us echo the possible outcome of the principal dogged the principle that's radical action toward what I ever would fight him you have to really you have to have to do I have to do and what do you do. Carl that my wife that it and that is why why don't more yeah. Fighting him across Asia beat him -- -- satellite court review afterwards that he feature that is I mean there is that I went -- I weighed one guy's gonna wind up here and Eileen you're not expected to win I don't have much when it was there. I can't wait and light up. I want -- -- that and it's like an insult to -- 150 pound his defenses are put in what does he say defenses are pregnant yeah. This goes back at close enough McDyess Steve just randomly grabbed the litter and -- any woman he -- grabbing him. It was his great duke was ties. With an answer by Freddie Mercury is the lead singer -- -- to today's his birthday. I tell you -- -- -- politically in light reflects fight -- partisan fight to define him. It's girls which to me -- His opponent you're so British pound is a day and every professional boxers ever -- he's a coward rich -- -- perfect how. -- how much do away. It wasn't -- your average Q1 95 you go got weighed and weighed on its own -- -- -- -- well you crazy. Are you crazy and saying you're going to beat him in a fight you know candidates to lose everything to lose my dignity -- to commit enough. I don't know. I feel like you feel the block that tube that. Keeps I don't know who hit it like to Adams is coming up next we'll be back tomorrow Joyce an NFL football tonight. Talk about -- to talk now.

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