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Salk and Holley tackle the tough NFL Questions and make a few predictions for 2013

Sep 5, 2013|

We go around the NFL and answer some burning questions, and then make a prediction or two just in time for opening night of the NFL season.

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You said Michael tonight is the appetite the appetizer it's aren't you brought us to anyone's the main event since today's your appetizer. Today is your beginning of the NFL season so good day to start talking some -- good day ask and answer. Some general and specific NFL questions from rationally you have any MRI have a whole bunch -- has made me a sheet. Of of simple NFL questions and I will try to hit you with them. Right now or how about we each other aren't while I was gonna go back and forth -- you have the same list. Of the list. Are currently. Have brought that -- -- a ticket I got almost -- a -- in the recipients. Let's start AFC that that this respected AFC are in the AFC will be the best quarterback this year in the right Manning. Peyton Manning will be better than celebrating this year under the hate paid merry -- I don't like him one. How do you define best. It just a better -- look -- -- talk -- Brady I'm gonna not beat number I've got to be taught me a question anyone that it probably will be the best quarterback in the NFC this year. That's a great question. -- there -- Rodgers is sort of a consensus best quarterback but will have the best numbers at the end of the year. Will he we look at him and say OK he was the best this year there's other candidates -- -- Brees. Ryan. Russell -- is Wilson caught -- neck. Tony Romo I would not even include him in that conversation. Eli Manning would. Robert Griffin the and of course. But I'm gonna go with -- want him to -- Matt Ryan who -- Fantastic season last year and added one more weapon they lose Michael Turner. They get Stephen Jackson. Got a whole cast coming back. Little more mature Julio Jones who starts you're on the go with -- -- of America. I don't know that he's going to have the best year in the NFC. But the I think of the quarterback I'm most looking forward to seeing this year in the NFC and there's a bunch actually the first would be Drew Brees. I'm really curious to see what it looks like Sean -- back in there. As a head coach sort of re creating the environment that they had when they were winning super -- one of the dominant offenses in the game. I'm really looking for a -- Drew Brees are really looking forward to seeing Michael Vick in the Chip Kelly offense but now this whole thing today. It is really start to make me wonder what the hell's going on in in Philadelphia's like it seemed like Arafat asked. Everything that happened at Riley Cooper -- these in a fight today with Cary Williams who allegedly says some nasty things don't. The only thing that's OK you can get by that you can you can still. You can play does not training can company Morgan he too doesn't matter regular season you can play on a team of people. Who don't like you have a team of people who don't respect you know. The -- people teams of people who have different -- Religious group views and I'm aware that you told him that all of them waiting out three days before the season but it had to fight a fight during practice it happens quite often it's okay. Line and coming in time I don't think this happens quite often we -- a guy like practice not not the with the whole history that this does with with the with this guy specifically. Understand it seemed to be over and now I don't think it's great -- -- McCoy said. Any time there's something extra on the field and Riley and another teammate or an opponent that's the first thing that's gonna come back him up especially the guys black so. Riley Riley Cooper had gotten into with the white player in practice no big deal they got the scuffle. Black player saying what he said I understand what was the quote from Cary Williams. Allegedly allegedly. And a quote from Carrie Williams I'm not in a -- -- I'd sure sounds like it's it's related to or at least could be -- Williams had a problem with it. I'm telling you even with the problem being there are people looking -- Riley Cooper and he walks by Agilent. I don't know about that dude right there can still win games you get to win games with. With 53 guys on the roster. Of course they're not going to be on the same page and everything. Caroline Simone was -- when there in Boston earlier in the year. By the same guy again I think he seems like a relieved again -- -- but he was Riley Cooper today. Russell we're just talking about bankrupt banks because I thought I had the room registered human I don't know innings and -- company and then apologize appreciate art Utah Mike. Who will be the best running back community. -- Monkey ball. -- for a who'll be the best running back in the AFC. If you Jamaal Charles if your ticket that's a great answer. Mr. ball you can exhibit the case right now the Jamaal Charles is -- the best running back and -- is playing and Andy Reid's offense. Where you'll just be asked to run the ball. He's -- at the ball thrown his way a lot. Think about Brian Westbrook Philadelphia years and year -- play the patriots in the Super Bowl. Westbrook had to think about him as a receiver and as a runner fantastic cancer -- one haven't hit many shipment. Who is the team that will unexpectedly. Make the AFC playoffs this year. Baltimore a nobody ever thinks they're gonna make the -- don't think I know that they think they're gonna repeat as Super Bowl champions. It that I don't that unexpected to make us make the playoffs. Well -- team that didn't make the playoffs last year that makes the playoffs this year San Diego. Sandy or to order back to Kansas City. Look at Kansas City. It makes cents. Or two win team last year. They had had a ton of injuries they had things happening off the field they had turmoil with their head coach. And had his problems to have problems. For you Andy Reid to bring in Alex Smith. They have a pretty good defense. Day. -- -- Jamaal Charles custom pieces there on a team they're a weak division. You know Denver. -- he worried about may have CI AFC west now worried about Oakland not really worried about San Diego. And make -- weekend and I win I just think San Diego and Kansas City are very similar crime in this sort of a similar stages of raising our kids city has more talent than San Diego. And that's something I think they have more talent. I do like Alex Smith. I do like game you read at least to a point I gotta like him to win the Super Bowl but I like him to turn this team around happened since you don't mean yeah. Could see it I could see them sneaking into the plans I think San -- better choice finally remove it on the door. I'll be curious to see how -- to a rivers response to a different kind of an offense are those who -- operator. Who'll be the biggest paper tiger. Gore be the team that starts like ten in one but isn't very good. Patriots could. Ten and one. What those NFC teams and we Rick where I really -- Republican hybrid of the NFC and they do have. A lot of excellent teams not one of those teams will be a fraud. And one -- -- which one gives. And -- embargo agreement. Was exactly what -- like agreement -- green they could absolutely be one of those. Raced out to to a great record but kind of the paper tiger -- at the end I don't. There's tough. As those I don't think those other teams are much tougher. And Green Day is the other obvious answer -- Houston does it every year to Houston is certainly a candidate for that I think Denver's candidate for that. They played god awful schedule against the rest of the AFC west well talk about his negative same thing -- AFC's AFC west and New England to reflect on. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's for sure that's why we keep talking about now. Rushing up much. You told us this earlier but it went to elaborate. On it a little bit here who will make. The AFC. -- who'll be there represented. From the AFC in New York, New York just like a picture for the super polite guy hit Andrew Luck on the Indianapolis myself in does that say here here's the thing. That's the surprising pick but that's why it's. You have to remember that the favorites don't always go so I I like to think just a little like. Doing with got a shot to do -- Denver's got a shot to do it Houston's got a shot to do it Baltimore Baltimore's got a shot to do it. I don't really loved any of those -- I don't think New England has gotten much better than they were a year ago for all -- I think Baltimore -- dropped off. I don't think Denver. I don't think -- is as good as they're cracked up to be in Von Miller being out for six games I think is a big deal. The loss of -- -- -- is a big deal what what makes what makes electrical goods besides Andrew it's really just into -- well but I like but I but just as so I came to us vs -- Peyton Manning vs Tom -- I think with the colts has always been this. They went one in fifteen with a team that was not one and fifteen bad they just had a quarterback it didn't belong in the NFL. That Orlovsky. And not Curtis Painter combination that that that's not NFL. That is not an NFL. Caliber. Quarterback play. As they were never really wanna fifteen team they've gotten better since then their defense look much better than anybody thought a year ago. Andrew Luck is special guy I think he's an X-Factor combination AT&T why I haven't spent enough though. Reviews say if if you're gonna say Andrew Luck. And you'd like him as a quarterback but you're kind of going by the other quarterbacks were better than Andrew Craig now well I I don't know that there's not much better than Andrew look a lot of year. It. I think I really think it looks good he's good he's not he's not on the level of you don't think Peyton Manning isn't much better than Andrew Luck right now. He's a much better than do. Tom Brady. I like Andrew Luck I like we gonna do this year I think he's gonna have a huge year for him there's another team in the AFC we're not talking about a playoff team. And it's the -- it's Pittsburg. This sort Ben Roethlisberger healthy this year right. You know well coached team always. How do they don't make the playoffs it's not like they don't make it -- four and twelve. There they've they've missed -- there there hanging around -- me -- -- kind of thing but I can they can easily. You know improved by two games to play and I wouldn't. Wouldn't surprise and our eyes as much as I can't stand it was a personally huge Ben Roethlisberger fan as a player. I don't like what he done don't like the whole garbage of look at me and the injured to make sure the cameras on the you'll limp around and -- -- -- I -- But that guy makes a ton of plays man and the he he is. Very accurate very tough tough to bring down. I mean how many times do you think you have Ben Roethlisberger sacked and he just rolls out a little bit dragged if you guys -- and completes past. Turned negative into a positive I'm a huge -- you don't have to sell me on the are what you -- asking the NFC's Super Bowl question who was going into Super Bowl from the NFC. I'm glad you asked me that question with a -- -- would never ask. The giants. The giants I just want it to happen. I'll let that happen so bad I want -- to be in their home stadium you wanna talk about payback I could just a great story lines of what she read a book about this. -- great story line would be. The giants denied the patriots going nineteen and a then. The patriots get a chance to play the giants for the third time in the Super Bowl they play in their homes stadium and I. And Gisele doesn't have to walk out after the game saying that. She's happy. Tom Brady happy. They win. That elusive. For the brain and they do it in New York. To be the most -- most -- -- Super Bowl history. What are you actually think is -- Super -- the giant Pepsi which actually that you think the giants of the best in the NFC. And have to be the best -- -- have seen it just have to get hot at the right time and I I like I like their ability to do that. They are they are playoff tested. So like the giants. I I like 18 I am after all after all the talk about Green Bay Seattle San Francisco. I do have a grant Atlanta I have great respect for the NFC east I think one of those teams. Washington Dallas New York when most -- ago in super boy I can't say Dallas I know you're saying but I don't go in the -- and we. Those other teams are built or -- -- in Atlanta so impressive on the offensive side of the football both running and throwing with a decent enough defense to go within. Seattle -- Cisco are so physically intimidating and powerful strong and have quarterbacks. They can make plays additionally both with their feet and with their arms. I just think they're the two best teams and football and I look at those two teams and say they're gonna beat the hell out of each other the two times they play. But I think -- the two best teams in football. -- -- -- New York. New England that would be awesome -- no -- when -- begin in Europe can come to your house coming home to come into my house coming your house in deny you. Deny you a third title no way -- in this you know I appreciate that you think that well -- so it's kind of let me know away I mean no way. It was a best defense in either in either conference with a two best defense is totally calm. Servers Cisco. Over your Seattle Seahawks are just assign them to you thank you appreciate it's -- Cisco in the head of seeing. In the AFC. -- Begun candidates and it has to be Houston almost no football I don't really. I've seen -- upset the patriots a couple of times. Just destroy the Houston defense. -- runaway. Tell you what's. And I tell you two very good defense is in in that we haven't really mentioned either of these teams Cleveland underrated defense and Cincinnati buried it. -- can -- the best in the AFC only because I'm not -- and come up with a better answer. Cincinnati good choice Cleveland. -- got to be from kidney failure written off with one of those things man where you know where you always say that you know his team's bad listings panels and you look up one day and they're pretty good team I think their offense is bad. I -- not at all sold on their quarterback situation. -- -- that defense battle I think that Cleveland defense is okay wrote about the best in the conference conference's -- -- your conference it's -- conference but they're. But they're also -- -- a look at look at on paper to start the year I'm not look hell's gonna happen if it is Cleveland. I won't I won't be shocked at the end of the year there one of the best if not the best thought that defense rather in the Palestinians. I think people in Cleveland will be shocked well then people who rose to people on line and the Coventry I can't. It was an element. So -- -- All night not really. They are currently it was Richard -- -- his best and -- I want. I think that it's got a great offense and I think if he would be well I -- it ain't gonna come from there and you know those up into -- off the bigger they get from the state. Other patriots and the -- going to be any good this year I'm talking about. You know AFC's AFC championship game they lose in the -- -- what do you think the pitcher to them. I think it's going to be -- -- immediately got tired and went here. I really don't see them. It. Because an offense because the questions on with the receivers. I think it gave me that -- -- Here and down -- -- I do what's gonna what's going on in your life right now at the phone woods who is that your car didn't -- to -- on on. Okay well we appreciate I hear the -- we're gonna let you go for that and likes -- can I drive my craze I'm Mike what's. They were so excited I appreciate you showing some respect to my guys here with them I think in the diet I appreciate to a. You see what that love was limited love them this long -- -- is it's not it's not unconditional love I got you there for a reason. I got there I got -- there's a prop. You -- your serve a purpose that has hit this is the redemption tour. I completely understand that and if obviously if I'm not gonna be -- I -- unconscionable. I didn't I mean maybe I came in that the conversation a bit later I don't hear a lot of people talking about the Canadiens. As a sleeper pick for the Super Bowl -- because you look at them. They have a very good young quarterback Dalton. I think a pretty good. It marks are running back with the law firm and that keeps you going Bernard right is. It Indianapolis died when it's valuable running back touches that one of the top four receivers in the NFL and AJ green. Good tight end they would Grisham I mean I and their defense Cincinnati defense that I read it. Is good it is and I don't like be the answer I test in the -- I -- I tell you why unlike people haven't been up on about this tournament like. One I picked Cincinnati because they they have all the elements as you just point out ginger one of those teams. But the problem is are you got any -- on the quarterback that's won it and -- think he's back quarterback. Like some teams get you the divisional round. Or they get that championship game and they need to get over that. The Cincinnati Bengals -- get over -- winning a playoff game. When a play off game back to back years. They go to Houston. Okay is going to be different this year second year Andy Dalton played in this stadium he knows it right here Reliant Stadium. Back to back years -- -- form. The first and in the give people TJ Yates or Tyler Yates with our commitment yet restaurant eating your Tyler -- urged their third or fourth third string quarterback. And left. -- So. They want a playoff game. Or two. Yeah now okay I think people will be commit to have it just have to prove particularly in the playoffs and has -- -- went after him as head coach Alex Alex. I'm not a huge Marvin Lewis and Nicky comes off very well by the way of hard -- and you're watching and you see him up close he's incredibly likable sure seems to have pretty good control what's going on but the fact they haven't won playoff games on a nominee and therefore -- -- without a whole lot of success in Cincinnati and and I guess. It'll eventually I start to put some blame on him not to make any he comes across very well. But it's a long time without any playoff wins Cincinnati right right so and Andy Dalton I like -- -- as a player. I think he's. I think you can win with a Andy Dalton and you might even one day win a couple of playoff games with -- when you watch him play UC Super Bowl winning quarterback. -- do you -- elite level Super Bowl winning. Quarterback I don't think you but should we disagree and I don't think you need I don't think you need to be that to win a Super Bowl now is it just so happens that. You know what that the last few Super Bowls. You've had some guys who were. What were who were who are that are close to that means Joseph Flacco an elite level quarterback is on the list -- -- they don't you have a look like number five or something. That you who was it who has no Palestinian camps are based on current -- current -- is I think the eighth best player overall in football the current loss. Yeah he's Joseph Flacco obsessed. I'm not I'm not that crazy about them but I don't think you need to do that if you have. A team like Cincinnati does he Adam and very good defense let them play makers and often backs whenever. You don't need your quarterback to be otherworldly. A league quarterback you don't need to be having only quarterback to in the -- You it is going to be the third year for Andy Dalton. Sort of now really becoming his team in his third year he's really control and and in control of that offense. Be curious to see what there Kazaa is a good defense he does have a few weapons. Borrowed from buying them as a Super Bowl is an interactive. Good but not as incredible as the ones to any jumping on -- aren't pretty good season. But not on brick -- the record Adrian Peterson is is has been going crazy in the offseason talk to break the record. I think a break the record in more about 27 team. This is what I'm gonna do this is it was going to be in the stands this is what I'm gonna say when or break the record I think he's. An excellent back the -- back of football still another 2000 yard season 2000 plus now. I get to baseball questions I wanna ask you next Red Sox and yankees tonight -- -- reflect back on some strange that I thought happened last two questions for you next Michael do that and answer the question after that got a question Texas 37937. -- and WE.

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