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Is the face of boxing, Floyd Mayweather, a boring fighter?

Sep 5, 2013|

Would you pay $75 to watch a PPV Floyd Mayweather fight? Many do, but is this really the most exciting man in boxing? We discuss and take your reaction.

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75 bucks for the paper -- support that. Now. No it is not now we have a chance story here in twenty minutes to win 500 dollars towards paper view which you could use. For this and still have 425 dollars left over in decades it's definite playoff it's free it's broad word the -- -- scale. Well Mayweather and his fights are not worth watching aren't they are not fun to watch as far as I'm concerned he is I don't know biggest comeback against Boris he's on the list he he got it right there on the list of the biggest scum bags in all sports but beyond all that he's boring. He might be at least entertaining and interesting -- -- stupid antics off the out of outside the ring at. Fighting with rude Jude city was -- in the -- and all the other dumb stuff he's done it is they are pouring. In the ring he's incredibly boring I. Leader I think it would be worth it if if he's frightened Pacquiao. 75 dollars you can even Charlie's not the way he's fighting backyard -- even go -- hundred maybe go on to our don't look on your screen. Toll it was fine. The only -- dodged another -- it was might not remember the last of his -- over the first -- I have no anesthetic given -- -- -- five box if you could tell me about her name but subsidized public that pays him five dollars to see -- fight this. To help -- so to fight both fighters are undefeated. I don't care. I just want us or. If I'm going to rate it to pay money for boxing fight I want to see the punch each other. I don't wanna see Floyd Mayweather play perfect defense he might be great at it and Ron Borges and the rest of the boxing -- well it. I don't like it I find it boring to watch him fight -- give your legit Australian website where you can watch the fight for free while. Everybody stick it back Tyson AD the Tyson fights him actually good fights right reporting an inflation. Everybody's got more money now. -- -- more money than Tyson I mean it was like thirty years ago inflation of value there it's. -- John is and it's Straka shot. -- -- What's up. Hey you're gonna called team and you gonna have to tell me what's going on. Of course -- Well -- -- work in or watched as I've watched him fight and every time I've been bored. Disease no punching. Is as the punching it just him playing defense he's unbelievably good added but it is boring as hell. I'd rather watch I'd rather watched little kids run around playing soccer are not what it now yes I wanna see him knock out. Here's the big bucks and I'm not. Timid at -- you know this is -- and you're proving my point -- don't understand what it but I I would learn -- comes on here because I think if if we had that we out of which would have Max Kellerman here to tell us about the finer points of Mayweather is -- on Telus Telus why. Mayweather. Is not a boring -- what what is it about his skills that are so legendary. Carpet at the whole point approximate here at somebody -- right. You can't you know it is so that people are so great that it is so hard they're talking about a sheet that I can appreciate it I just wanna watch that. And I looked like I learn a lot developing. They have -- you know I looked -- knock out that it was technically. Sound per -- and it may. Yeah I gotta be honest John is really it's really -- for -- to watch tonight I know the hardcore boxing fans really like it I know he's really good at. I mean I hate him as a human being which makes it even harder to respect them the idea saying I respect. Floyd there whether it's hard to it's hard to let that roll off your tongue isn't it. You China and -- I mean he's a bad guy man. He's a professional boxer who hit a woman are you kidding me he's a profession a guy who fights for a living who hit a woman and think about how god awful that is but in this conversation he's just. Boring John it's cool like it if boxing super fans all like him a all the power to argue I wanna be a boxing fan I wanna just watch people fight each other and it bores me -- to watching. It's one of the center before to get off track here so I'll I'll put this out some textures are saying that we should point out -- not enough time. And -- all out here if this is this is that this is correct up but out here Dexter says. Listen to the interview. Doc came on the radio to promote his charity event really you guys should know that so. I don't know why he came on the radio. I heard that clip right became and he probably did promote the charity interview but bringing up that's not the point the pointless. Bringing up. What happened in Boston there's no wind there's no winning there there is no convincing there now if if I made it sound like Doc Rivers came on the radio. Very a little like ours to come over I don't know if I'm driving around that he's driving around this car -- on pace. Dale Arnold -- many and I give him a call and just defend myself no way. -- they would've been talking about him to begin -- right obviously came from another reason but that. He's still in a no win situation he's never gonna convince people. The the way this ended was get -- at six or 77797937. Triggered much more calls here coming in on a Floyd Mayweather. Whether or not he's -- -- got to watch we get some NFL conversation map here. We've got some we've got to play buckled conversation to continue we've got more open mics that have come in. On John Sterling calls for Red Sox home runs from last night and we have 500 dollars it would -- an ex alcoholic WE. Lots of Floyd Mayweather calls people talked about Floyd was brought their idea is that available I think I despise. Hate him as a human being here watching him fight and I'm sure he's great at the hate watching him fight. Are your boxing fan I wanna be more like I'd like the idea of boxing but I but you -- -- OK so the answers now why I don't like. Now the doctor to get it -- box but I but not because I don't like boxing because I don't I mean I liked the idea to people standing there and fighting right I just don't like. What it's become like I don't like -- lack of organization. And a fall way. And I don't understand the technical parts of it because a lot of people who do understand -- who are trying to I love them. They're saying that Floyd could -- Alvarez character. It actually could actually serve it well I hope it happens still younger and younger faster I got anybody he's my god don't let you know this kind of announces first thing Canelo. -- -- -- NL aren't Canelo Alvarez well I got some for him techsters column Carmela. Carmelo call Karl Carmelo Canelo Alvarez. 6179310937. Two and a 500 dollar paper do you party pack. It includes a 500 dollar gift card to buy the paper view of what their weather -- and -- opera's. Saturday September 14 off the tee shirt Patton and poster contact your paper view provider order beat -- -- -- 617931093. Cents at 75 bucks despite a still 425 dollars in leftover interview money. The do whatever you want. As one Dexter says that's a lot or. Her -- to do it this way you need to split in half so he'd go it was somebody -- and you split. On the 75 dollar bill Brett did you do that -- customize -- -- -- -- ballots are where you're not gonna pay 75. Guy I had to pay thirty some dollars yet but we if we that we -- at 3750 -- Yes there is that there's two men have noticed that actually I feel pretty good at 3750. Yet no good now. To make some news conference. I imagine you're -- for this dollars would be my Max limit to pay for to watch what mailer. Unless his fight Pacquiao in his prime which is not gonna happen. So it would take any ten dollars might limit of watching him -- I mention I mentioned -- element earlier data from boxing -- paid a million Macs know Max. Seriously is. What are the three or four smartest people on boxing I've ever he's unbelievable. So -- -- probably I'll bet you if you if if I had -- going. -- in a game fifteen or twenty minute he commit. Now he would commit to that that Mayweather is a good guy because you can't beat him bits and I don't think you can generally he would try not even it's not even he even try to convince me that -- -- -- think he would explain to you. While watching Floyd Mayweather is important to you. It's important to you at infineon -- kind of get tee here's the thing this happens to every year with big -- -- big boxing outs. Is that I tell myself I don't wanna watch it and I don't like watching Mayweather and the people start talking about it -- kind of start getting excited about the event of it. And I kinda do want SEC were getting text messages here knows the beast he's got heavy power so Floyd gets it. It looks certain now like I do I don't wanna watch it and now maybe -- up to twenty maybe even 35 dollars and it would pay to Patrick's itself. I -- our Bill Thomas. I yanked it out area out in LR eight parking on the health by the police all patent. I'm Eric he had others thought I guess I got -- income might interact TV are certainly luckily no way a lot they let elite. At a press -- -- really go out and -- that I I want to watch. I think you know maybe people don't care and the fact that week yeah. Maybe you know like make them think about you know and fighting act he'll he'll finally happened and. There are he's already make it what forty million dollars in this fight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hope that's his nickname. I hope he's like the cinnamon -- Whatever does he do the cinnamon challenge tournament -- -- cinnamon challenge that and sugar people trying to beat a whole Thomas cinnamon and and the like often borrowers to do that it's still don't know I mean as stupid -- crank it not like tagging liking hot dog right. And hot dog eating contest on telephone. Even worse is the milk challenge what's impossible we know that's physically impossible he can't beat out you will vomit it's scientifically impossible. But what's in each you've seen that cinnamon staying right where people try to eat a whole Thomas cinnamon in the in the -- coughing in these kind of altitude public raise their kids now. You ask me to explain what fifteen year old girls each cinnamon -- I was girl dog that's all sorts of people -- meals in Boston tiny. OK guys are men. You're -- the ball actually gripping a bat that you -- Mac. Without a hold showtime. Golden boy has jumped over to showtime not a that the public ought to have multiple -- portal companies. -- your immediate you're you're saying exactly why I am not a boxing fan -- the moment you start talking about which promoter is attached to which network I completely lose interest. So well -- would be doing the paper view but no because outshot them -- You don't get the good production it is still. Oh really so to this -- and that's what in the park who does the new who does the showtime fights. Hi ya here now I I barely ever watch showtime like a pretzel so drawing any will be a part of this. -- and knowledge completely won't be part of this are not like studio. I mean like for. Kenny I like Jim lamp -- like -- a match you think the people they have that do boxing suffer pretty good and it's weird that this sport is still pretty well comfort. Crimea some really good people around -- Letterman still do his thing. Meterparel Letterman and his name -- -- -- the guy's name in the Letterman -- heard about the guy's name I don't know really. I like crazy and in my right and I think you're right I never be rationally tyra -- After that to be wrong about that but that wouldn't be -- I think I think your point is your point is proven. We talk about. -- Mayweather. And how divisive and he has because if people. These people weighing in on ask -- It battle it seems -- are Alvarez. Was people weighing in on Mayweather this right porno. But noted that they're. Boxing is not no it's not but it's it's it's one of those things where people want it to be more than this I think what we want it to come back. I think that's why I've been so frustrating what I have his rant every time in the box and fight comes out because I want to be relevant I would love for I would love to know more about box. I would love. For it to be something that I wanted to you know I mean like I would love for it to be well organized with a bunch of fighters that I wanted to know more about and then -- invest more time and watching it learning about it it's been you're some if not dollars I mean it would be part of what I would want to deal will be part of the mainstream sports culture. And I feel like people are are yearning for that. But that really happened because then we get teased in a way it either there's some lousy judge's decision that everybody knows is complete. I'm ridiculous hoax and Justin designed to get you by the rematch. Or it's an incredibly boring fight Mayweather just plays defense -- -- time and nobody touches them and at the end they announced him as the winner and you're like okay whatever. Or you can't agree that the two best fighters in the world actually fight each other is their promotional causing elderly already just that's it's very aggravating is a sport to try to wanna -- that would that would be the only thing that bothered me. Don't don't talk a fighter or don't don't make it so difficult right. Two guys in the letter got the heat and all the all the other stuff that the -- the infighting the you know this can't -- that camp. It happens and a lot of sports and fortune what does the our fertility is -- Howard Letterman she's apparel but it's Howard Letterman he does Letterman card he doesn't -- it's a big thing and the Larry merchant like the old guys who. Still do box. -- I'm right I'm I'm right on. -- a pretty much a boxing expert Michael occasion and figure -- sounds I've heard of Howard Letterman is not the kind of a boxing expert Chris is in his car hikers. -- -- I'm so it's now -- current connote he has been nicknamed cinnamon but it direct air let them living in Mexico. -- -- -- about it. Also guys that does come out does kanell actually means cinema owners -- just -- nickname. I mean cinnamon in in tennis because of the red hair and -- which would not comment from in -- But I have to understand. Why he you're on packed yeah outside interests are employed document because Lloyd and over and over. Split agreed to let the pocket to get deep -- out. -- out you know and businesses to Africa by this have been innocent and you know how much I don't ask don't need all the stuff. It's all put the lakers are just wanna see him fight I don't care who's. Who whose side are who wants to do it more just fight I don't you know Florida I'll do it anywhere. -- and Pacquiao out of it just hates at all. I think back. Yeah they are out of box and hiding and eventually India -- for the -- won't let. I'm sure well Chris I'm not taken long -- side or another I just have you heard that interview that that Mayweather did with the -- and guy rude Jude would you keep saying you duck and I mean YouTube it's unbelievable if you've document. -- -- -- Because of the arrogance and I'm not a guy lump that in their opinion and an athlete. Floyd guys out there the money to Watson. -- have a little joke any trouble the fact that your money is specifically going to such a scumbag. I -- I don't do that and the generic and. Now forget these are separate art from artist Dan carp from the artists at this money almost goes right -- like I'm playing him but your boxing fan I don't know her boxing fans paying up -- trained fighter who beat up his wife. -- that there is something hard to stomach there and it's much more direct. But in football war or another I -- when you're paying to go to the game and as we go to WW watch you'll you'll be watching -- bags are too I know that I -- -- specifically paying this guy to make 41 million dollars and went by. Yeah I mean many beat the old guys so I mean it that you that -- paper player. Each other people. I. -- an old guys you'd pay not to absolutely Chris not you government and walked -- Crystal light truck like right now I've got -- -- -- -- there's a comeback barely got knocked it off Syria last word got it. He's right. He's right. Absolutely any pushing an old guy doll with -- every day is very different from Floyd Mayweather beat the crap out of life and well conditioned. Thirty something athlete. Though it in the in the prime of his life well conditioned it was -- it was many. Veteran first of all no no no no he just worried words that gets dirty like three times to big. -- A great shape and he's beating up somebody. Sixty plus -- -- we -- more calls here on Floyd Mayweather amazingly 61777979837. More of that plus Michael wanna bring back your -- buckles conversation. From a little earlier because I think it's a good -- after listening to Buchholz -- on Thursday in and talked about the frustration of the year. Can you come up with a logical argument if you're still upset with him if you still wanna column names -- to come up with a logical argument -- to -- 6177797937. -- -- -- -- -- Why do you still sense you are not allowed to be sensitive and duck fights like not a good and I don't fights are don't -- -- you can't be bones and your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The greatest if you haven't seen -- YouTube that was it's rude Jude. You're talking you -- in Nazi war value cannot wait a couple of hoping it worked is that on -- -- -- That's about the only 82 clip than any complaint but it's really -- -- What was I think you are allowed to be sensitive and -- fights. It. It's so easy to talk to stocks smacked someone like Floyd Mayweather when you're not in the same room as them because obviously. Visa is a professional boxer maybe the greatest that -- His weight class whoever lived he's credible defense the box of whole thing but -- arm and he is a bad guy and he is boring and I see an all these text messages. People are really excited for this fight like boxing fans. Are really really pumped period for this they think this is you know -- that -- taken a big risk he's moving up in weight class and our fight this guy. All things maybe two would mean he's actually in a fight where he still is gonna play defense. And and I don't I know that's good technical boxing but it is boring. I don't and you don't know enough about the sports knows no not to appreciate the gay couple years ago the ever gone to watch boxing in a bar mirrored on the outlook for big paper viewpoint embark. Boxing and a -- That's a pretty -- I went with a body mind we went to a bar showing the plight was like yet to pay an entrance to gain in your box or whatever was I think it was -- Was it may weather and calm and and sure -- mostly couple years ago. She changed on I mean he no longer was a very good fighter but they were gonna fight until it boggles my body went down. And the crowd was -- mean it was jam packed in this -- and -- really fun. But the cry out throughout -- and there was just so restless or the entire finalist here flurry wanted to flirting or any time there's a flurry the crowd would rock they were so excited that they even get excited about flurries that more exciting. Because it was just the -- That may -- it was gonna lead to some action. If you can't provide action in a boxing fight and let's face it would you like what or not there's not a lot of action in his fights. That is boring that is not what most people who were gonna tune into watch box and fight and I would like to see he's an artist and -- a really boring artists very sound with the diet Josh is on the phone hi Josh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you'll talk about being in the years that you are not yet because it's actually stronger that would -- right now on the state of the sport in -- sport. Now -- -- is not -- -- -- you know remotely mostly -- me what is. I think those route to a great you'll probably need to recruit a little shocked. -- -- Look what -- I thought Miguel Cotto one that he wouldn't want. I got revelers. And I don't you love people who are really in the violent predators I've got to listen we we've we've. That's it would review we respected you just retreat at the end everything you have your -- the -- we got okay that's it. That's it we have done our service we have talked about it is -- that. When you start to mark the 153 mark here went to that of a boxing it. What is the equivalent of that of is that the equivalent of like really getting stats based in baseball like going through somebody's hearing loss. None of our era plus is for it's it's fairly accessible is it. Very close what is the area plus easy and so so 100 is the standard for 100 is average right. So if you are below. If you're below the average number you're not very good higher you go above 100 the better you are a couple are. It's -- well he's targeting to weight classes are more complicated meant. No comment about weight classes he's talking about looking at this point of the fight this happened and now nobody saw the -- knowledge -- I think he meant it 15350. -- there's not a cure what I should. This much is all done we get it won't come back to quite vocal about the club welcome back to -- -- we'll do that come up here a moment at some open -- Torrey and her elsewhere we also the appetizer the appetizer is on the table tonight oh. And the appetizer to remain there's a lot going on there's a lot going on sports a good day -- -- -- if you your open mics here. So much John Sterling calls are very -- I don't mean. Okay on to those can be opened in mind that our pockets -- -- buckled stuff coming up next some football talk. And we will love please double -- can't talk WE.

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