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David Ortiz gets career hit # 2,000

Sep 5, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about David Ortiz and his accomplishment of reaching the 2,000 hit mark.

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-- allotted to us it is my life we have built up around his organization. DC these fans. And I think that the best thing that ever happened to me it was comfortably them blossom because. What I see every day when I get to feel this is. Is very much what I. My country you know people love -- people -- baseball. And the player. And that is. It's going there's no way that there's today that you don't feel like. Come in handing it to that it 21. -- shot here and it keeps it below the outlaw. It once not the parade here -- buried it buried -- -- -- -- there aren't. It's with target number that. He doubled the -- since -- shored up the center field wall. Red Sox liter -- eleven before. They're standing ovation. Tired out all over that way. It -- of motion. RPI double that number 2000. The call last night -- -- -- We'll reload what Lou 937 WEEI your call 61777979837. AT&T text line. At 379837. Just watching on TV. He appeared emotional and you're there you'll look to get emotional on second base when he did that in quite hero up but he had that sort it. -- a deep breath sometimes try to hold back tears it looked like Ortiz did that it felt like this was not enough fake this was not. Just for the crowd he looked emotional hit 2000 I would agree with you. That's this it's a milestone. And in the efforts of people last night try to downplay written those guys have 3000 it's a milestone degree career that he says it's. -- DH and Major League Baseball history. And -- it's nice house let Brenda just get it you know because. Sometimes those kind of milestone 2000 it's whether it's. 400 home runs to sit on three nanny now raining -- eight deceit. You know the pressure is building in and wanting to get at 400 home run of one get that 2000 he would -- with 3000 hits. And it mechanic grade a a week or week assault distress. Of maybe not be comfortable to play maybe grind it out trying to large squeezing the bat. And it wanna see David gonna -- net -- those messy -- here last night and just not to sort of move on again you know just go back heading. Ranked the CNET before Paris and appreciate it forever and talked to -- star mistress -- once before rolled with. We often wind up my shoulder again that those could -- well I think we -- discussion about David or. He's in the hall of fame and helping last night changed a lot for me but I unconvinced more than ever looking at these numbers pile up look at these last two years. That once she retires and -- let's assume that. If there's not some huge revelation with him you know we don't get some sort of aftermath of what he was -- some sort -- -- out Genesis -- That by the time he gets around to it and he becomes eligible. -- so you'll be in the hall of fame. And last night and doesn't change try to get help I think when when. When voters start looking at Q what makes a hall of Famer those big round numbers aren't port and airport ever reason we see 2000 hits for DH. I think that'll help is like now -- make people talk about Edgar Martinez and he gonna get in I almost look at him -- a different stories now. It's no it's no plight of Edgar Martinez -- look at Ortiz. Has some clutch hits on his resonate that Edgar Martinez doesn't when you five file in 2000 plus hits. You file on the power numbers file on the RBI numbers and a postseason heroics. I think he's a hall of Famer add it to last night to sort of and change but it confirmed for me the people are gonna see 2000 hits. -- help him -- voting process when he's eligible for Cooper and in David last night after the game talked about it and what a few other things that maybe led to the fact that it took so long from the yet. Brandon has in this sort of bit. -- I saw a couple of guys. Getting through doesn't hit. In the game that I was and it and trust me ages in ages. Medicine especially okay. And man. I very much our experience. There was the agreement save me when I hit the ideas. I could've done this. By six years ago when it that way they've played them. It's hard to get through it so it is what it is man and -- come when he comes and and that got to appreciate something. It's not easy to do away when you do it and so what can. Classic Ortiz. Classic Ortiz in a moment pick and -- it's a good moment he should be excited about it. He's so reminiscing about point and the shift I have twice governor hits right now I to be on the way to 3000 but just part it's perfect Ortiz -- that moment. Any a major surprise me is surprising is this team is -- and individually he's right there at the top less in thought I had him dead and buried. In terms of being able that the match would be -- even a year ago and the age being a factor. But he's the same guy he's -- The Napoli wouldn't take off some that -- Lou that you know Pedroia. Or bat third or somebody else a middle Brooks quite what was gonna take a major step forties and -- he came back. And Ortiz it's sort carry the tort admiralty order I would have believed it. And yet you looked down at the the season he's had EC 318 you see -- 26 home runs EC eighty out RBIs would get 200. And he he's he's the guy. Pretty closely guys that he he was in his prime by at least last couple years she's sick and get back to that. He's got helping these Don I would have believed. Before the year you get here. We talk about the contract why it was so beautiful autumn before the years although the Achilles -- -- and knows all was is health that was like you saw it drop off of him last year -- actually outstanding. In no way am I off numbers wise may be easier and better hurry you know where it was all the averages up this year but it is ridiculous. The question yourself the question was body type with the Achilles. Allegheny but he expected him to be as healthy easy was an expected to come back as soon as he did he missed first fifteen. But that was going to be good month you know maybe bleeding in April early may a little bit me midday. But he's come back -- just pretty much done exactly what he's doing last year when he was healthy. So you know the two year deal league you can where everybody injuries and obviously the risk is higher it's an Achilles -- an older player. Beyond -- to -- keep my would David as far as age goes is that he's better DH is whole career. You know that's the only thing you know there's been a lot of older guys that. You know again it thirties and late thirties it's is that there's an obvious decline because he's talking about guys to replace short or third. Always replace senator another in right. Elves and the last couple years to now they're DH's. You know but their bodies are taken Wear and tear Gallic Vlad Guerrero you know -- could flat play. If you is just the DH. I -- him running around the alphabet Tommy was done and it hurt me watching glad run. But if you -- trust -- gallon at the everything just. Out there running in right field the tonic as it was back it was knees. But he -- just DH would latch career -- a couple years ago. -- still be -- today in also. He's got -- for that's all he does it just hits and there's a run around -- has never really done his career. Well he's been a huge part of this team so far a lot of text on the eighteenth tee -- live 37. 937 or say no hall of fame don't forget 2003. Look I'm telling -- I think that this is going to be an -- look back on that in 1015 years from now. These guys who've been associated with steroids and Ortiz is associated with something. I that the voters become more lenient panel voted the best players and when you vote in the best players. Love them or hate him you know. However I think about Ortiz you know he's he he likes to talk while the few little bitty -- -- -- or -- have Francona press conference talking about RBIs. He's made of -- -- quite a bit. They talk which is the best pure hitters that's your DH he's right there. He's the -- -- and history Major League Baseball he will be in the hall of fame and I know that I say that knowing associated with something. Something on a list the capital while list something illegal he was on ivory understand that I'm not turning a blind side with a talent. Make a lot of these guys in fifteen years from now on the voters have a chance look back they're gonna -- I could go what the hell would -- as I get this guy Ortiz was the best agent baseball how it up put him in the hall fame. He'll get himself and that's my feeling on. 6177797937. AT&T text line is 379 B 37. Off francs in Gloucester trees the Yankees are playing the Red Sox tonight what's up frank. The group got a couple of them that I'd go wanted a couple of things. Wait I -- go I triple what we've got that lack -- -- -- WEG idol put a question couple wanted. The beginning of the year that -- like -- coach Shula called red light. And a lot of people on the station corporate executive com slash those big. Not that now all they're connected that the make the Portuguese and I've been -- -- -- why the Yankees where it would tonight. -- was the pitching -- better than. Anybody in that staff at Yankee Stadium. -- -- -- Christian good told him. The route they took Pete Pete Pete Pace right. Yeah ideas is -- to be interesting game repeat because Yankee Stadium left handed hitters for the better against right handed dominant line -- would. Just on the road and -- -- and break I had them dead last before the season started but. Are -- and I'll admit and now the hard enough but the last two or three weeks I regrets are split about this this team is gonna be it right now and cash is that a nice job preparing this team. Right arm and my second question is the mother but we. The food bank all pieces laundered through small village. Do you. While. To me in Boise Kendall and -- -- -- -- -- all of an avid -- outcome that. In -- objects they're gonna get that they still on the -- So I thought that the new guy cannot I think -- Agilent dot applaud that to what they -- -- integrated. There's no extra for three out of four -- lucky can add a conversational day a lot of people feel that way. Our -- hit the ball again bat speed back. Look at the numbers he's got to be on something error -- eight. It is a lot of players scope through -- -- for the Yankees players IA can do that maybe not as much with the Yankees this year you know with -- -- the -- knows. But at any time you get to an age -- Ortiz and you still -- offensive weapon the way he is because of what's happened the past the baseball those questions in -- -- I can't -- irritate either way I have no clue. If he's on anything. Have no clue I know he has not field any sort of test Major League Baseball since on that list in 2003 when Lilly was on something that day but. And these guys today. It right -- perfect example look at his body type what the hell would you said. Right not anything always an athlete -- turns out exactly what he's a cheater he's a liar he's a jerk all three of the above. Odd jobs and a car Jodi you have. Yeah I I don't small and I jumped on -- always -- -- the BA yeah you know bit by panic in his. Pretty much even today so I don't know a prank by -- pretty cool that you keep -- -- game and I well on the road I think yeah you're right -- -- mom. -- -- -- -- But it like you mentioned that and I think it's a couple. They don't connect we call you out on at saint accuses all the same and that the map but didn't feel that the outlets correct. Just let. Bill bill. Here's a list again I've failed test some. It. We have no idea what it wants. We don't know a lot and Iraq on that -- let your -- I mean that's just that's -- -- can we get. I haven't yet John is that just can't air you -- BIQ anybody you can't put Iran David on that there's. The thing is David is that there is. Noted there's obviously gray area I think with the voters obviously he's on the test as gray area there's. When it comes to other guys an ingredient in -- That's probably should like -- as a okay. You know we are a lot of the rumors about the outlook for. From a lot of writers and you look at sixteen thing when -- never. I mean it's a subject that well you know so there's this gray area with those but I'm not so sure that there's like a 100% feeling with. Some other guys -- you've been caught. Well real quick to. Agree each of all -- which you could you say he should be Angela -- well. Great -- about generation while in my opinion Roger. It didn't get the rocket didn't feel funny thing now I know the quartet. There was nothing at that time but when -- reluctantly pleasantly into thought and so. You know he was he was called out by -- trainer so you know what why Rottweiler -- why not rocket. You know those Roger amid reports he's on the cosmodrome guys yeah in the pulpit because. This -- because McNamee right -- -- in the report. Yeah the independent check a check on. Yet John John Roberts don't listen first off I caught -- and -- -- I listen I'm putting bump put Berrian a put Roger OK that's just where I am with the hall of fame but again -- -- It never caught Barry Bonds either. You know remain Barry and Roger in the same boat. Boatload evidence. And and caught a lie that they were proven not guilty. And a proven innocent and it L eighty head that tells one story. And then after retire a year of who the hell knows what and realizing what's gonna happen what's going on. Stands up there it tells another story. You know and credibility of McNamee with. The whole thing -- almost like lawyer talk and that's kind of the way feel about guys like that he would Barry both in my opinion guys go to prison for Barry white's. -- -- -- testify -- his bank account looks like well and again the plywood or. He says yes he was -- list he's on something at that point since then he's not fail the test we have no idea we can't sit here and say if he's on anything or not right now. You look at the numbers he's put up and he's put himself in a position because they're the best PH of all time and I think eventually. In baseball's all thing. 61777979837. Text the show right now at the AT&T -- line 379837. On Twitter at -- Maloney at -- WEP guys you're their for JS TV AD. Stephen -- is big night. Johnny Mack great defensive off Shane Victorino. Score on a short sac fly in a play out there enough. Right Fiore jumped in the stands to George catch at one point at all. We also -- Ryan Dempster has start of 2013. But then we'll talk about that next.

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