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Doc Rivers on his departure from Boston

Sep 5, 2013|

L.A. Clippers coach Doc Rivers joined Dale and Kirk to discuss his departure from Boston. He said he was disappointed in some of the things Danny Ainge said after he left town.

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And final -- DNC Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Kirk minute hand in for John and Jerry this morning. Joining us right now on the AT&T hotline AT&T is the nation's fastest and now the most reliable -- LTE network. Is the head coach at the Los Angeles Clippers and sorry doc if I'm not used to say at that way Doc Rivers is with -- -- -- -- -- I'm worried it's a little that are. I'll I'll I'll start with the softball and loosen you up and you thought traffic in Boston was bad right. My guy let -- -- and never thought truck that involved from that but I live in the securities shorted out the bill would. Good place it took it that there. Talk about it that's been obvious that a few months since you left in CIA. It's strange around here -- considered having you on that we have a text line account with us know what's going of people texting and and it's kind of 5050 where as you know obviously 34 months ago was 9010 in your favor. Is it hard for you to think about the fact that there -- people back your -- and there was still interview. No I like -- no more but that's where have you been export or are. Would arguably. There are people more despair in the and there are people who don't. A lot you know -- I've been very good and then people -- per. When they leave that are personal to them. And I did that and I have no issues with. You know like out of 700 times you know are very difficult decision will be. -- the difficult decision but there and you oil. But it -- the today. It's over it's done it and you know on here now but it was never personal or the people off to a group of friends are absolutely soaked up for. If I. If I'd said -- a year ago that either you or Paul Pierce would not be on the Celtics the following year which one would you put your money on. Are out there -- -- problem available there. I did not need to not be there. I had no plans to leave and that's something bit. You know -- sit around in the middle of the year right after the treatment even. Further from Bart Gordon could not the -- approach. It seemed to in again body language to read the thing to see that the press conference with the clippers that first press garment secure penicillin and a tough time. Come encryption does that reality you or people around here just reading too much into -- That's who -- elderly person eligible to -- -- It won't be wonderful. Run I mean we we disagree. On a core part. Are the tough part for me deeply involved. You know harshly -- -- -- hard. But I didn't just talk about sheltered -- public figure ball. You know -- you have to make sure into some sort of a life and and I was in a position to try and where are you won't you're the -- bigger. That that rickety you know pan. Moving your heart there's movement is really are when you -- -- what you're already. Did you feel like your clippers team should be considered one of the best teams in the NBA this season. You know I don't know yet on paper. Will trigger. But I just don't know you know there are approached. You know we've been in the gym every day the last couple weeks and you know you get good rookie you can see you let them. Which you also to -- -- that are on the back you know month into the street arbitrage that are right now I just don't know a -- I'd like Artie wanted. It seems to go back once against seemed that there was sort of a difference and in narrative it seemed like you were saying that you know you and Danny were together wanted to leave and and Danny said this was -- decision ultimately was just. Obviously very disappointed in that part of finish first a little bit of merit there and I have no issue. I'll -- you know just like they're the best match for. But must not let. This is old stuff -- and I know you've got to try to do your job. Most of her semi tech John Boston doc since then. What. Would you got it right ups and but. I'm here. And -- in the Boston and you know you can you can master more morbid. -- There -- two people that Romans gave him anywhere else. Whoever comment about what -- one doesn't really know because they went into -- And -- it was mortar one very shortly but then. If it was an agreement. What LS allowed us the last question I'm in the league on the other stuff mr. relationship between any fractured different than it was say three months ago. Now -- I mean. We've had our disagreements when I was. We moved on them. Now the disagreement on how that was present. And -- note that. And I know the true. But you move on and we -- -- charge. -- you know there's some -- -- -- department on a perfect tournament. We have a strong relationship you know you -- our work go to nine years in. You know and and go and and how fortunate in that regard. There was great to me. So ownership and great community and so in that way there was no market. Were you surprised that that KG agreed to the trade in and went to Brooklyn and kept playing this coming year. Iran. That really are just sort of an open forum. You've got told no children property. If you have one for autism and a lot of other where you didn't really allow a lot of predictable. And terminate certain it is. Extremely loyal. Air and that's in the days he felt like ago. -- Paula gone out of -- and terror with Lehman. There and that. I hope it's even dormant for our directory. Don't madness earlier that he wanted to go he just thought -- of this summit didn't wanted anymore to rebuild remote. There isn't just like you do the right thing I don't know there's over one or two ago. But it worked there and you know amount you talked to. You know he's excited he's excited about it Snooki and you really believe they ever cared. You know -- in Miami company's. -- -- -- seen as an area where it was just say the clippers job wasn't open they hired somebody else or are they kept. -- brokerage -- did you -- -- you could have coached a team that Brad Stevens is going to have to coach this season. They're -- -- credit more to do arm that helped rebuild. Surely you know you can straight to recharge and that's a lot for approach I don't think guys you're probably a little bit of -- hundred completely understand. It's extremely hard to do its. -- -- and around the room twice program returns or regular Woodard we're doing you know. Our and then in Boston. You know. -- that's part -- trying donut that's our and I really didn't want to do it but what are better yeah I would start I would appropriated and I would do. Forty sign that when he signed that long deal he must've known that that was it in line at some point. Yep but honestly I'm trying to do they get there I've learned to deal breaker that determines the right thing. Arm I was going to be your create. Permanent or -- three and four years left on the contract would -- And let's say and that's summer Olympic -- or Earl what should about it or just been written directed him to the -- very. So our -- that no more from that. And I -- -- -- about what happened three years. The best team in the NBA the defending NBA champions are in the Eastern Conference but is it fair to say that night in night out the -- competition is in the Western Conference. Yeah I do what you can say that. In -- -- when the best in the other conference aren't court should help nurture our nuclear armed. You know last year in the -- I never thought the -- that much better thought they were apparently. You know we're really good genes Robert yeah -- mean when you think about teams in the -- pressured you to break at all. Compare to the east. I would sit where it's probably a little stronger or was last year. If you talk to -- well here in the last couple of months since you left. Her. Is he feeling better and he's he got to be back sooner than rather than later. You know I don't know that answer. You know are really gonna talk to all the players. You know slowly and then just green and and Courtney Lee didn't where would Rondo I don't know -- know working harder when it broke -- news network sort of large. You know. Garbled note gentlemen ever had under. You have to work -- the government purple heart injury. -- to come back as part of injury to do -- or will he come back Q bureau -- This just a particular. -- surprised when they hired Stephens I guess AMP what are your thoughts of Stevens as a coach and he meaning good solid NBA coach. Yeah you know I don't know yet and here go to mitigate. But it is really really good solid coach there and you know. Brad and I can't talk and actually before you straighten itself out and it was obvious about it nose job. There and he's just wanted to know my thoughts. Should return to -- MBA and I told him absolutely. I think you are got the right -- you know and actually. Agricultural doesn't doesn't -- interjected. About 31 of those approaches that it's all about him. And I just think. If you watch the students play in the demeanor. I can QB group we're very -- it. You had made a commitment and fact you had participated in the past in in a while fund raiser called hoop dreams to benefit AB CD and their programs. Are you help them last year raise a 100000 dollars you had made a commitment. To help them this year and your fulfilling that commitment you'll be back in town on September 11 that this event. Yeah that's a great event you know our. But what -- gifted who received a complaint are all on the garden floor apartment floor. No guards are companies corporations actually. Electorate really true couple -- Actually. Targeted for their offseason to play -- you know there's a lot of it will grownups involved should. -- -- to a lot of day. But I never had the opportunity through the -- -- on the partridge floor. There and they get their opportunities are our walk around. You know you call it coaching problem. Hurt the child and it's not that orbit visual. But Israel withdrew for the did you consider -- there. Bob Ryan is another guy who who helps out with the -- right. You have property -- Are needed Butler the property obesity longer enemy. But you know it's it's really nice that you could -- the drug trade to the you know obviously -- -- -- -- you're right here in the new year met its myriad. In the -- just a great organization. That helps a lot of people -- -- -- summer jobs programs but is like there are in the city of Boston there. -- remembers we try to do -- that it took over for. But I put my name artisans -- -- should be there. We always appreciate the time it's always fun to talk with -- good luck this season. Our corporate backed up. Quicker that is. Experts say Celtics coach against detected legacy is comes out. LA clippers and coach Doc Rivers mom. Certainly didn't agree with the -- -- changed depicted. No departure conversation hell we get to find that that clip. Clip of thing and you know -- didn't agree. To their two people in the room and said that he's made it clear to -- that. Didn't think you -- -- -- -- that they were on different pages on the apple now. I'll take quick break get back to -- -- up until the top of the hour 6177797937. Is telephone number. AT&T -- minus 37937. It's DNC without either Daylon Kirk in Sports Radio WE yeah.

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