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Will Middlebrooks with Joe and Lou after the red Sox rout the Tigers 20-4

Sep 4, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Lou Merloni talk with Will Middlebrooks, who hit a grand slam, in the Red Sox 20-4 clobbering of the Detroit Tigers.

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-- the game ball from six to four to ten before broke it open. Yeah out mean shoot. I can't say enough about this team and we we play hard and it doesn't matter what inning that matters more and which grind out at bats to get to this is. You know that's -- -- game -- -- to break that thing open you go back in next few at bats in. Big double off the wall another singles it's nice to put those games together right conference building. They're pretty much lights -- you've been back. Yeah -- especially my first two at bats so it was good pitches I got in -- -- -- seems only apparently not the approach you know might need to be at that. So like a fastball and got an answer and that Albuquerque throws very hard so what. You still label would turn out there applicants that undoubtedly get beat inside details -- -- via bases load then it's no place so. Just trying to get the -- element. Got defensive. You guys have a lot of challenges all year long with a -- tough losses in that first game was a tough loss but we bounced back it's. Really nothing new about this team and it's impressive against Detroit Tigers. Yeah for sure I mean this is to -- Tigers team that the team is gonna go in the playoffs so. For us to do that against that it's just happening in the bullpen now boulevards and now that it's good off speed pitches. That's good duo are one. Or was it talked gotten a year that's another feel when they hits at the home run just kept on common now than when you have games like that is you just have fun it's a fun with it and what obligated to dump it. And they're not coming up to another big homer off. You know Ryan Dempster too we ended. Tenth -- week or so vacation filler of you know and the suspension but the way bounced back cutie beat you guys six strong and keep you in that game I did a good job. Our starting pitchers are are awful and everybody's been great man and you know we feel we hold a team to three or four runs we can with -- When now -- a lot to New York Yankees have been not that big fourteen series. Do you look at it well so we've. So we're good team and allotments of -- -- think about. We'll but it worked with the second career Grand Slam and is at twelve for one of the year -- well last time you were here we went this summer and five hours -- one and Napoli walked proper. You bring up the best tennis reds I. Know they're they're unique which is not that -- studios was an extra inning game but a lot of fun to see the -- -- in the first two games against the team that playoff atmosphere tonight. The Red Sox just opened it up I mean their fight at the bat -- those nice to see these guys swing about a little bit and per carry some momentum at some conference in the weekend. So our thanks assured of keeping their five and a half game lady in the American League east and not many are now.

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