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Football is back this Sunday, how do you tell your spouse to leave you the hell alone?

Sep 4, 2013|

We discuss the age old question... what can you tell your wife to her to leave you alone on Sunday's in the Fall? No honey, I don't want to go apple picking, the Pats are ON!

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That I feel physically how prepared -- mean as I mean obvious answer I mean who has -- really do what I I usually do offseason but. Mess with this times for my right now and just progressing and and working hard right now to -- My Macs in my ability that I can and -- in order to get back out there it's just takes hard work dedication. And keep on grinding him in order to have that happen. You hear what I heard there. What you he -- plan. If they're really read between the lines. Playing game one -- -- between the -- against buffalo likely have doing interpret. I don't care if you play it a subject I don't care he plays or not. This Sunday to expect the plants and I'm preparing every single day airline. I'm just excited that terrorists. Football. Pro Bowl football and starts tomorrow. I'm excited about tomorrow and over the top excited about Sunday at one would have Sunday lots of Sunday when we come to games we don't -- 1 o'clock instrument trim 1 o'clock games Sunday when somebody at one that should be after that holiday that's that's sacred. I wish you -- Ager what is the holy household look like -- won't let you have -- do you have a thing like you do you have do you have. Like. Each. Tradition we're -- and the kids somewhere. Other work maps. They NAFTA Napster and they don't want caps like a mandatory nap now they have that forced him to but here -- it goes right -- times it's for example for them destroy them. -- -- -- -- and editors and watching the majors this year you're going to be -- babysit her every Sunday but now sometimes they're they're ready for naps around 12301240. I don't know happens from buffalo thirty until 430 well. And now it's changed. Because Robinson who's almost five -- five and Karen. Kidnapped and then not so much anymore that he's really worn out and NASA what are you gonna do is he -- lazy and not really watch what -- only watch football that are. That's -- -- as if he's not. You know going crazy you watch football. So that's that's part of it it was nap time can I can count on that but you know you're you're passes were kids who knows what they're going to be into. Sometimes it was really cold and chilly. The misses will make chill Schilling yeah that's yet your football food on him. You put do you put those -- goes in the chilling nine. You know different international computer -- it stand out like good standalone food now -- some freedoms and outsiders chips on the side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's something that sounds really good smells really good looks really good but actually doesn't teach at -- -- -- -- I -- I'm more than willing to admit that you haven't come across the person makes it the right way what is the right what is what -- what makes agree chilly though I think I can cook not a delicate topic but I -- you what I know why don't I know what's good and know what tastes good and no it doesn't. And I know my mom made nice pot of -- My brother. Makes good chilly in sort of my life. So yes maybe I don't have good -- people who might -- have him -- you gotta have some good -- one -- I don't really need it I feel fine Obama actually I feel like I'm not missing them much like my wife's OK about it. But everything like right around and it wouldn't necessarily a big pregame. Show person and as a people start watching pregame -- at 103011. O'clock. I just allowed to remain at 12451250. And is ready for a game system. So yeah I get the -- halftime. In in eat that Upton and just. Hokies locking it he had already I don't. Usually do the the pregame thing -- usually watch whatever golf tournament is on even if it's like some European thing during that time like I just like have difficulty getting into the pregame stuff so I'm with you -- to kind of tune in right before the games about to begin at. Watch a little golf for something in the morning and then now -- worked on whatever needs to be done. Outside the house come back and be ready to go one but Michael's usually just send my wife and baby elsewhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Goes somewhere other things I guess I don't think that's recollect it be Obama solid that's fair. Because it's your responsibility teacher daughter for eventually but not an eighteen months I think you're not -- ought to have the TV on right now she's not allowed attitude and now want to. Heather type something about 82 years I don't you can't you can't -- GQ when we can't see the TV until she's too but just used to it yet so she's still got -- the by the end of this football seems to be two in January -- -- The Super Bowl -- playoffs you can actually watch the playoffs but in but she won't know what's going on that you don't know any of the characters you wouldn't watchful regular season. So should be totally totally confused when she start watching playoff football this year. That's what you need. Need to get the bundle pack at the shouted out the -- notepad and did you discount that. Goal over the principles and -- have you need to have a display have you done that yet -- have you done that with your -- Have you done the like explain the rules of each sport thing yet. Because as a dad got one of the things I'm really -- -- -- -- -- -- but you know appropriate to dared to their level -- -- understanding that we don't get too far into an -- by the given the like OK it's a hundred -- there's a cover girl alive almost all of the -- out of on the like I'll -- governor tide had brought out of over filled the given the three -- and it hurts a lot better run but evidently had about the safety this is called cloud coverage through the -- of knowledge of the TV given them the rules to be given -- so if they if they want to watch the game this year I'm all for. Because. That what PBR. Even if they get to the point if they're talking appears -- playing with their toys in the middle important sequence or. I didn't hear exactly what was said go back to watch it watch it a couple of times report. How we come back on the air on Monday anyway so that's fine. I'm I'm glad you're excited to watch -- text message here so between your hogs and your football party with the chilly wife stocks open for Brees. During the winter months is that part of part of the way you go South America once again into football -- -- are discussed those tests all what is wrong with the what are we what is wrong with me when I do wrong. Dynamite at that are weird that I wanna semis that like I -- watch the game are much at all family affair to treating it yet it will be all but it's not pictures make it's you don't know you can't just decide okay now. It's going to be yet I can once you old enough to be involved in -- not old enough now you just like there goes the other stuff your wife here have them but she's not everywhere she's generally not into being there. Like if she want him happier had a wanted to watch the game he's watching games together but now that there's a baby -- like the baby can't watch the game. And I have to watch the game and wanna watch the game so I just feel like it I would have -- Here here's -- hit this is. This back testimony to -- your testimony. And we got to pass the plate after the that this time there but. I'm at my wife she knew nothing. Not -- zero. About -- can our first dates. Was he you may remember that populate Seattle you know you're in Seattle at the time it was a playoff game. It was the rams. The St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks the playoffs and I think about that the -- for the playoffs. But it was a game where the rams when it. Matt Hasselbeck threw a pass to Bobby Ingram late Ingram -- is a billion okay -- -- -- there -- Hasselbeck put his head over to -- all my god deduct it. The first time. She said I I don't know anything about the auto -- house of games and I was just running -- -- -- the ball we're gonna store. You know how hard it is. To explain football is about equal has. No idea I can't imagine a whole idea about all the gonna look at the really big fat guys OK those of them that either puppets of -- and -- defense hired him back to -- -- daughter guys are in good shape those still to this report on and on the last about a half that we went out there who can. There. But that was in 2005 and now now. She is like the football. Ph.D. -- accurate your books. She's unbelievable she added major dusters you may actually goes -- she is. Really really really you know I told you I like war room significantly more than I like page your reign -- it all heroic figure reflected more of the writing zeroes -- I don't. So I think what you're capable of with major rain I thought she was capable of the with a war while she's very impressive -- really learn the game from. Social and again when our -- -- I mean I argued -- -- I think I tried I can't explain. It got to the point where she would. Should think he's great points you may make these observations with him. Look at you know that's that's a good point text message saw -- perfect as your life for -- have to watch the game is an acceptable line it is the pretty good thing about this business I won't -- That is it is a great but it all up that's an acceptable lines for why you can't go somewhere right I had -- a game. Get out of here I don't know I've never said that I would now stop I would never do that. I have to watch the game the baby can be crying in here I think it perfectly examples what we do for a living. Got to concentrate. I barely know what's going on anyway you want me to come in with -- even less than an idea what's going on my god. I mean I it is a good line. But it does lead to problems where you for your wife is like. Knows is one of those games you have to -- one launch and I start feeling guilty and I I don't do when I don't really have they'll come -- I kind of wanted to watch George George. Less than once in the unedited edit this and I don't have to -- -- to why don't what are you crazy -- of that or don't know what's gonna. I don't know what he's gonna be like later in the hour about how Montel we're not that next patriot. The next patriot -- get one of these days bothered to actually I don't want Obama eventually but I don't have to watch Georgia and climb had a great game I. Now when I was kind of mad that I didn't watch it but I couldn't like. He got a hold onto a dark flyers took the job that suggest I've got to watch -- I've got to be scared to understand. What about that you what do you make I like you do they went to go with a -- data and putting people in person -- -- to come on stop that stop that you know. In this is interferes what are the mini dirty secret about the national for partly. There are a lot of football people. Who -- stay in the building. Because. It looks good to stay in the building what I was there. There then you're just in the building to get credit for being there. You work so hard to work ultra sleep on the couch. -- day that I wake up and watched -- -- -- corporate -- you know what you don't know how to manage your time well enough that's why you're staying in the building so that you don't need to stay there until 4 o'clock in the morning we got -- Steve Spurrier either -- right you can't play at all for every day out his. There's about this is the only time. For me a father to -- air force on on the first the first time his first college football game I think it's a big moment. And at the jets are gonna fire me in the aren't gonna fire them. Hey it's inevitable you can always you can always get another job he can always beat -- -- coordinator down the road. He can't get these memories back do you think you'll ever be head coaching in probably I don't have a probably did not a problem he. He was in New York on Saturday he was on in Clemson. Four Saturday night game and that he's back at work. I would say it's only a problem because of what's going on elsewhere -- with -- -- team. It's another thing to attack on. Went in and of itself not a big deal but when you're already in the death spiral that Rex Ryan is him with the jets is just another thing that gets tacked on top of let's face it he's not go to the Packers the patriots. Or in the giants where some of the cuts were actually interest things on the guys were good players -- They he probably -- three weeks ago. Ask Africa you don't think you're not effective it's really great and apple Roy deserve up face to face meeting with -- Rex Ryan Robin said it's the so we we have to have that could. I can't come up with 53 good players on this -- Tom Brady we'll take the field with his Patriots offense for the first time in a regular season game on Sunday how would you be watching that team will get into the next rockaholic W via.

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