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Yes people, it's okay to admit that the Red Sox are a good team

Sep 4, 2013|

Attendance isn't what it should be, general interest is low... but this is one damn good baseball team. And we wonder why people are afraid to admit it.

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Are what is the right question. The question we're talking about yesterday is is it time to put the Red Sox team under a different kind of microscope. They're no longer a team where. Just being good guys and not quitting on the team and on baseball on on the city -- is enough they're now a team that's a legitimate playoff contender maybe the best team -- In the American only made it a whole week. Her obstacle if it's a right perspectives -- -- prospective -- if you can't get yourself fired up about the Red Sox. Don't. If you're one of those this is a bridge here people and I don't know what they're doing and stay with that if you're one of those I hate ownership and John Henry is just concerned about the bottom line. And he's got a by the globe and when he's over the globe they're gonna write unintended unintentionally. Ironic front page articles about the demise of great New England institutions on and on OK fine if you want those people. Stay with it because. The best championships. The most satisfaction. -- kid is -- you all have expectations. Why raise the expectations. Go along for the ride and you might get something. Really incredible so 200182000. Olympic zero expectations don't let. There's no way nobody nobody Robert Kraft himself Robert Jeffrey -- himself in the hot thing. That the patriots in the Super Bowl that your Bill Belichick didn't think so either Tom Brady didn't think it was gonna play so. The technical eleven and five in -- all the things they did in the in the near disputed stories that are -- etched in memories forever. On and on memories on his on court stuff repeated. If that's Super Bowl dominant factor favored patriots have a quiet walk right by four by far yes yeah -- to the. In the middle I really like the other two -- so why don't the court except for the king I don't wanna knock the other on like not how could anything ever be what good is now -- those things 03 you know four. -- you did you expect it to championships and you enjoyed anymore I didn't know three point 03 was a little I mean they've happened launching an area to be good at but there were still all the people. 03 was a little bit unexpected that they came all the way and -- all full because of what happened at the beginning of the year in 0:3 AM in the those kind of a different year I mean there was certainly a time when -- you broke the book on for God's sakes start out -- into an image as roll up but I mean especially the way -- there probably a 11 I mean there was definitely. An unexpected element to that the next year the 2004 Super Bowls the one where it's like you're noted in some ways that's. That's a contender to be the favorite also. Because it's the one where all the pressure was on -- and they still delivered it was like taking you actually become a dynasty team can you actually interactive -- form I got back -- nobody does that fact that they dealt with all that pressure all year something 2017 couldn't do with the turnout at the very very end. That was pretty amazing to all three of them are great their own right but yes that's a very long winded way of saying I totally agree with you. 02 was of course are one the other two Super Bowl is absolutely. It's everybody's favorite. I was brought up another one. The 2011 Bruins 2011 Bruins where you knew they were good team. Even thought they might be a very good team. -- that that championship. The cop was a surprise. It was a it was a pleasant surprise obviously. And even when they got to when they got to the final when you're taking on Vancouver. And that's the best team in the league and they've got in BP they got a couple of guys -- MVP candidates and great offense great -- everything -- solid goaltending we felt we thought at the time and you win a championship. Those that are memorable ones so. I don't know the Red Sox gonna win the World Series in output and Erin. There and that conversation saying I think is. Royal little caveat to that they're not favored there is one other group not afraid there's one other group of champions are championships that are. Fallen for completely different reason and that's the completely dominant team. Like give the 2078. And actually -- had actually finished the team that goes wire to wire and obviously that's the only sport we know undefeated. But the bulls team that wins what is it 72 games right seven I mean -- when you win 72 games and then winning a championship on top of that and deliver. I think -- those on the Yankees team is that nine do you know 9890 to 98 yankees team of 114. Overall -- what Tony probably about right I mean. Those teams also -- standout and can be amongst your favorite because they're just. They just -- so much asked. That you're like man this is this is bizarre and actually this yeah yeah they're actually it's good that they -- and above I think in their own way as well. This this Red Sox he would not be that they are not such a dominant team that they're stacked from one to nine with four great pictures and a closer but they're not like that. But they could absolutely be that team that comes out of nowhere and I think it's an interesting point to make to say if you haven't body now -- didn't wanna buy in along the way -- dump. Stay away I mean. Pedroia twilight and I -- well why don't -- -- a stairway to go because I don't I'm not feel that I don't want people to stay away it's unsuited. Barry is there there is some and there's some joy there's some great satisfaction in just. Not knowing what's gonna happen not really expecting. Anything -- happen just getting along for the ride and just being surprised. And I think that's what's happening with a lot of people now there are people who have. But they look at the Red Sox they know that they're likely to win the American League east. Although not only 11 September 11 -- your mind so you don't wanna get too excited yet. -- Actually clinched. They know the Red Sox have a good year. But they just haven't jumped in and have a good year therefore. I expect. At the very least I expected six or seven game series and ALCS. And you know they better not embarrass the better not embarrass themselves and -- the playoffs. Aren't our. I don't think people -- they're not there yet. What if I haven't gone there. That's okay. Just. Let it happen it's funny. I I I know what you're saying and yet I think I'm guilty of being on the other side of this. And and economic join them for my own reasons I'm enjoying watching this team play everyday just. Like the way they play baseball but my expectations actually are pretty high for them and I and I I totally understand -- -- earlier saying. I mean I told you from what the second or are we series season there that I think their World Series contenders and nobody disagree -- now. Their World Series contender when you see them play Detroit matchup with them in this three game series and see what happens tonight. There's no better there's no obvious better team than Detroit yeah arguably the best he's -- -- at the best in the bathroom humor and if -- -- -- only say today that the Red Sox are better team and Detroit. But they're legitimate World Series contender. If not the World Series favorite at this stage of the year so. I think it's nice to say let's just be along for the ride not -- high expectations for them. But I think the fact well actually started to dictate out otherwise and it bring you guys senior 61777979. 37. The expectation game for me has changed. And I think any team in the American League than any team in the post season. So Detroit is I think it is better and have better countless without. But all the other teams that that are gonna make the playoffs -- got a manager reference in Bo Derek that's not a good time right now that's not a devised. He can't get focused on walk on Bo Derek yeah. On Derrick coming out of the water over yesterday's story he said. Referenced in you know of the actors in the movie the 1970. -- OK -- and what is the last charge somebody mention my -- I there are 35 by I was born in 78 when I was a kid. The name Bo Derek elicited the image of oh yeah she was pretty back before he knew what that meant like what I was a kid Bo Derek was -- Somebody -- news 20/20 five years old right -- -- the flaw or holed although both Eric she was still hot Tommy going dude she's old. We she's now legit all that was 94 -- so I felt -- I report. -- say that. Reference to the actors and -- people go figure. But no knowledge of Leland yeah he is -- even though his references are located is -- direct. The manager shrugging -- -- manager agreement is a good manager I am I'm not with you on the whole big thing I think that's stupid I think he's wrong. It -- is having a very good year nobody doubts that but this whole idea that he's having the greatest year of all time is 191 reported yesterday it is. He's a good -- reading his guys and that's actually -- that -- -- silly -- went -- Phillies staff -- -- that we six Phillies are dependent on so many other ends and it's nice to look at them and and there are a very small piece of building a larger puzzle of -- pitcher is. But I'm not looking it's probably -- fifth sixth seventh -- -- -- -- -- any time you're talking about -- -- for a pitcher for a team that's always depended on a lot of -- it's so funny I was having the exact opposite conversation with Matt -- on Friday -- he was saying he never -- -- quarterback -- think it's stupid to me. Quarterback wins means a ton and even though football is dependent -- a million other different things. Quarterback is the focus quarterback is the game the quarterback I know it doesn't control the defense or in the quarterback at the ball back in his hands of the chance to do something else. Pitcher wins are dependent on a million dollar special as a quarterback I. -- another reporter when again totally different from the quarterback is he's the team he's the quirky it is the most important position in sport is pitching -- I argue even more important in the starting pitchers quarterback. He he he's the -- field general he's he's the coach on the field he's everything. OK but he -- -- you you mentioned depended on so many things and that's where you don't like for baseball but quarterback. Center quarterback exchange the offensive line -- -- receivers who can catch running back to hold onto the football all sorts of things receivers. That not only -- but. You know it took the ball in the air and you get an interception so it goes on the quarterback's record results all but over over. Long period of time I think a lot of those things start the I do not I'm not saying there aren't an exception you talk about what we can be hypocrites is always exceptions. And you know if you're good quarterback who's been stuck on the worst off into one football for five years. Fine okay there's always a way another way to look at it but I think wins are incredibly important for quarterbacks and pitchers -- so much rather look at all the other things that are that are. Stat wise available to a southern. Wins which is somewhat but why don't look at all those things and then they then come to a conclusion. -- I would hate to see wins just have just taken away you can't just focus on that entirely. But we do have the stats whether gently like this that's not we do have some so called secondary status. Where he can make your decision. -- you know one of my favorite stat is opponents' average. So and Iran. 120 -- 1920 games. And in in teams are hidden twos 65 to seven against that's not terrible but it's not great either not dominant. On people it ripped ERE plus whatever it is but still I think wins do matter and that every. But the matter. I think and then I don't know that were really disagree as to their time -- stick it is the seventh or you if you wanna take what you call I said that I -- -- silly I'll I didn't say I'm out there signing up to date petition to get recent writings and I don't know nothing of the sort I just -- People wanna get rid of wins like I admire your -- I admire that you're going after trying to get rid of this stat that you believe is horrible I think it's. Okay yen and I'm not. I don't get upset about wins -- inning but I think for effort. For old time baseball people who do is look out while he's winning games and he's got to be great pitcher. I remember the year Tom Bolton came in one like in a row where some of the great pitcher John Watson at like six vulture wins a year I mean the -- ways to look at it wins the kind of crop up in a weird way. John Lackey is having a very very very good year and the fact he's not going to have to lend itself color on -- -- I I I don't know that you can have it both ways on the and I think that's restaurants. Anyway come back to the Red Sox in the -- because of the -- thing is just sort of a tangent to that. How how can you look at this team now and not have a high expect welcome to -- their -- series. The players I think Detroit is has the best talent and in it a good manager we can -- and him on how good ideas but. Other than Detroit. I think every every team that is gonna make the playoffs. Is it's. Capable. Of winning the all of and so Detroit is a favorite. But give -- Boston area but Texas or Oakland. If if Tampa was able to get into the wild card I don't know if you New York able to do it all these teams. I think are are about equal. And in Detroit is supposed to be cut above soaking you say. This about a team that's not the favorite can you say about the Red Sox well I expect him to go to the World Series based on what. -- done. The summer they've had based on how they match up with -- other teams and they're not they -- -- a good team they're very good team. But are they supposed to win you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This group of guys in that clubhouse is nothing like the group the -- two years ago and if they do blow it and I don't think they will but if they were too. I think the reasoning would be very different so I think the expectation that you've got to win the American League east yeah -- -- after that look. Unless they embarrass themselves and really do much of stupid things in the playoffs it's gonna come down to some locked some timing to who plays better at the right moment to get that being -- Into the starting pitchers come to play the way they have at certain times throughout the year I mean. I don't know that I'm now holding them to a World Series standard and saying win the World Series -- boss it's not like that but I do think it's -- at least your boss and play good baseball throughout. Well -- -- I think is is very reasonable amid pressure expectation. I think anybody take that. If if you're you're up here in September right now you're up. On Tampa by five and a half games in your fans expect you to win the division sure. And that is. Yeah you wanna talk about lol that's lowered expectations for this part of the country usually it -- went in division and -- get to the World Series and win that damn thing to. But I I don't get the sense that that's happening now -- -- the people are saying you know I expect to win the World Series. Not because people are not talking about and is now 30000 people here last night nurse and noted that in the whole damn thing and they are just looks like I only get doubt identified like yeah right. They're gonna go to the playoffs and you know that'll be fine I just this this just -- about it that. Again I I have found very troubling in the five months and I've been back here just. I I know that if I know why the end we have a million of the conversations buck and I did it again yesterday. And even after that it was still bomber to go to the park last night and not feel the old energy use text your earlier AT&T text like 37937. To salt you sound like that guy trying to relive the good old days maybe I -- You know maybe on the guy walks into the bar expected to be packed the way it was when I was in college and instead in nominal guy with a kid that. Maybe that's who I've become when I go to Fenway it's like why isn't Fenway the way used to be. I don't think I'm this remembering how we used to be open I'm building it up in my mind to be something that it never really wasn't it was a really special place. For for almost the entirety of my life I think -- -- It didn't feel last night man I was really bummed out to be in there and not feel that old then -- Feeling that that there was that the something really special was happening out there on the. And I think it it probably will happen maybe maybe this -- move on this issue up to -- to take you got I got between tick. And this solstice so -- tissue been -- kids still got the same words like issue I don't. This'll tick you off a bit. There is going to be like -- for the playoffs. When the playoffs when the playoffs come in the playoffs start. It -- -- unite here is the same energy so we feel like well you know Boston was never like that it was like this during the regular season ending happily for the playoffs but we have. Sustained success and if you look at it. The last the pirates haven't had a winning season in twenty years well look at the Red Sox the last twenty years how many winning season that. Today and it's hard to imagine compared to hire me on Pittsburgh -- -- better right now that is the thought that I amid down there I'd like you don't hole RL I know you don't think so well I know I don't think they're not going crazy I know what I would really care about what I was there and I can't really blame for the the last time. The last time they were in the playoffs. I was there is finishing up school and in a retired National League Championship Series. In Pittsburgh. Not a sellout. And pretty depressing that flame pretty depressing to not -- its only current three river stadium at the time. Which. And just in memory serves -- that was you know 50000 plus for baseball. -- -- 44043000. Four for NL championship series don't have that happen a couple times six -- 777979837. At some phone calls I got to talk to Tom in the car. Thomas asking a question I don't know the guys out here you are a joke or whether he's been PRD and the nonstarter it's just sarcasm I think -- -- I would almost hope it would have to do get to that call plus -- Rob Gronkowski. Could actually be playing on Sunday who placed on his comments on the axle and -- W media.

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