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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question : 09/04/13

Sep 4, 2013|

You question us, we answer you.

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It's. Time for answer the question -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question yeah. We -- Mikey today hi Mikey yeah man what is. What is what are -- urgent item ragged on my people sake which -- repeat the British. Those a year people want half British -- have that you're not British did me a bit of that that schools comment and port relies on politically correct I don't think so I think that's pretty fairly statistics that have politically incorrect you're. About people descending from -- it's people who live in Britain. Don't net okay over the right -- actual -- not people British stand up and make sure you all work now I don't know meant to educate you give me a break my wife came home braces today forgot that you can't just cut me a break -- W should go there and look a gift -- Britain the mouth and stupid they got in there. Check it out a contract. Ed to the question Reggie -- by air as a restoration specialists of your property your facilities manager insurance bro. How they're asked to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place call 8774611111. Or go to AAR and serve -- dot. Com you know I don't the Red Sox at restoration I'd emergency our plan -- -- case of a disaster you know their. Red Sox AA RS's so it's it's it's OUU -- he's humble it will mean. Do we he's a disaster are planned for them and they'd lost two closers and guess who came in the little monster. This is going to be the theme for your show with -- -- fourteen Minnesota did he call himself a little long third column. That nickname and it's perfect. Why does the little mustard -- -- over the big monster. This monster. -- -- -- you're such a strange human I really enjoy working with the you know I wish you were here. Guys who is the most entertaining athlete example being Bronson Arroyo Walter McCarty or junior -- The most entertaining athlete which I went a away from the field -- asked Jerry Lewis is that now. -- Michael -- grammys he used to be might -- entertaining athlete. With that really mean -- these guys -- you know you want to I have always found animal are to be at least a little entertaining. Tomorrow millions of Google is all of colonel -- they're -- Brothers Jonathan. And that's as it. Yeah he's in there I'm gonna go sizzled once you are entertained by simple at all. Terrel Suggs and. He's huge he's not I'm -- he was pretty damn funny in -- region. A lot of next question about what is your favorite player flavor of sunflowers. Non next question while I think he got crazy monkey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I law some blogs and just took so long as. -- shouldn't -- their shoes I'm Laurie Shannon's salary of salt I like ranch. But the best of the deal. She -- -- -- -- -- -- and believable and then. There's just no we just waste your time. Talking about. Indy is all trying to quit smoking you should be embracing some -- all shell you can totally crunchy -- you can just thought in the meantime there -- not our walls and my salt. -- next question. What is Michael hallways church can't please explain all you have to see my church -- It's when I get really excited. It's like a little dance you ever been to a look. Government to a church where they did its first you have to know there's certain churches churches where they danced in their -- -- really don't know and Baptist right. While QB like I've never seem to have actually Catholic got expelled just about an inch picture just go right. But it does I forgot to finally there has to pay millions and I forgot the difference very early. What the Catholic school can still Monday through Friday not being noticed the homily I love the Holloway coming up just short. Okay get out of there are short but but I -- to my mom's church on Sunday which was. -- -- -- -- And carrots. Search all day long until it was just we should go to church. And I 9:30 that morning it would wouldn't be done until 330. In the afternoon like sister and then. And then there would not church not sure they'll -- nice church with -- around seven or seven there. Harry Anderson so those charges so proud Rawls was there where we're at a picture stars didn't go and in an organist comes up dead. In a drummer comes van. And and the pacers coach -- I don't address. If it all over and everybody's -- drummer at night church. -- that drummer at at the have to future now but not a -- not an -- -- the drummer goes home these numbers don't not tobacco regular basis that night church no. No no musically Sudan on there -- just to be in -- -- but everybody else is an afternoon church -- you have to know who's in morning church. Everybody harpsichord what I was like Sunday school it's a little break. And he had his long surprises sneak out of there. Prices -- this -- on what football's true story but -- church you go for. I which I would act like I was just tired or has. -- -- -- felt that I -- I -- get out of it it was awful tired from dangerous way it was just way too much to hurt. Next question how many types of not -- Utah. -- -- -- -- Does include how many stories that just as common types of not -- times on. I did not dying or dead Boy Scouts this is forty years ago how many did you do that I don't even know that I could mean three -- while -- shoot you shoot the weak and tired -- you're still the -- you know like fifteen elements. Colombo while I have ever seen all the Bo Derek you've never been on a boat ever be wasted -- John sealed one. I mean I know all about the sloop John B I know what I -- went on out there that -- thank you never held for sure you know don't tolerate. That or does not have anything about me tell you that I would have done that yet videos seasick I get on boats. Why what I have ever filmed this year you understood extra approved. I can find my tie there I don't I don't just use and that's about it. This question my accusers figuring out the doubles -- than the -- not. -- over hand -- -- studying stereo my sheets you know I love old line creek not which way. -- -- And get beaten and restaurants and it hits. Like temperature on the Kate what -- square and on. To not optimum time Alan. I. Go over the moment -- heavily up. Did they touch usually the rabbit goes to the hole and comes back out of the whole network around the. I I don't think that was not time wise I think -- got a little bit later. Next question -- ridiculous. Should you hook up with a girl you work with. Course depends if you were a girl or not only -- she wants to. Well no kidding. Next question why not quite sure what do you accidentally shoot drivers short gulf war I don't know man stay away from mental Florida -- get your head in the company decided you can stay away -- you are -- you guys are guys that are retired WB here for like 45 years together of course not put that -- Should have another job and -- a year or six months in the end if you will to repeal. Next question guys my wife wants apple picking on Sunday I wanna watch football what should I do it too early to go -- you get a divorce which you do instituted don't really question what did you -- -- apple picking a -- that in November the patriots have a bye week and that's prime apple picking season -- -- apple picking on Saturday went -- and -- -- from the right that's -- -- -- the Broncos Saturday sent a lot of bad. Hey meet her halfway tell you eat the apples this is what makes you hold it makes what makes both the U -- we've we've been open this. Preemptive strike and an effort by five every time apple. Uses that we can't go apple picking already bottled up aerial. Problems a few questions in those races come with the media benefits to use. Want or how I get that role players and and so Mike Young leaders and your were down. Are. Currently -- -- practice off the mortgage and pay your bill creature -- -- -- -- -- -- I lost it. Like hero fired and you're not a question you realize that you have done an -- unilateral -- I -- enough the last night -- watched it again not after that. I had not been left now -- board -- next question. Oh boy let's say. The Celtics have a chance to make some noise this year our next question and know next question of course. If something awful have -- he's got this when Damon to win the vacation spot. You're always want to visit that haven't yet still on the knots. Alone not what is the balloon not to accept it looked at all. Though it might question -- don't enjoy your vacation spot because what to visit but you haven't visited yet shock Saturday it's it's not. It's February -- spot -- spot. Is that about Apple's bottom line and he's checking up on sort of all Patrick please Berkshire's polls. The -- are overrated. You think everything you're at -- overrated Burton virtually no revenue on two things I think are overrated why why why did that you don't know -- Joan Rivers up and out there aren't like mountains if I got so much like compared to other things you can do that's what compared to the -- compared to block I've never been a block island I'll be a mindless what's that like to go. -- -- like to go to grateful that we're is that we're John Dennis is learn is that knowing orders at new York and Rhode -- Rhode Island event. That's a royalty execute -- from Knox are very confusing to a block island and watch field. Are -- the same don't miss -- accused Russia literally young teenagers go to the bench. Sam that your most analysts though. You know what the argument now in us and now it's ms. Monica watch shall assist on the Connecticut borders and that's that's different from blocking an extra wanted to talk quantity. Like he's coming up fourteen minutes and owns our smallest towns that nude -- down. In the -- in -- our. Fourteen -- the little monster dot coming up -- Mikey -- back tomorrow at 2 o'clock Syria.

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