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Buster Olney, ESPN: On the Sox push to October

Sep 4, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the pitching performance of Jon Lester, the Rays schedule, and Billy Hamilton.

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That we talk baseball every single Wednesday at this time would bolster home devious peonies on the eighteenth the hot line. Buster -- -- -- a month away but that felt like playoff baseball last night at Fenway Park. It did and it you lord passport and say. These are the two teams meet for the American league championship but I don't think it would surprise anybody and -- Jon Lester -- to. You know I think to me at the Red Sox are gonna put again in October. Then he had it is to pitch like that I've had evaluated in the past -- that they thought Lester. When he would match up against two really elite pitchers that you put a lot of pressure on himself. And it's sometimes he kind of struggled in those situations. And it was the opposite of that and it really seem like he's pitching with a much confidence. As we've seen out of him and I'm sure. You can read that you remember back in mid July and you're looking at your rotation he's seeing a lot of crack. And now you got -- throwing -- he had Jake Peavy and get John Lackey and dramatically bald buckled coming back what a different feel. Yeah a boxer it is strange -- -- tugboat ALCS and nobody be surprised yet these two teams are involved and trade plan on and it trade that helps both on I think right now. It's helping both will see what peavy doesn't post season Europe or -- but at Detroit the most pick ups between Veres. -- questions to me on that team was ball and anyone -- got Veres and defense. Especially the left said he felt the world got to glaciers that they helped themselves up nicely. No doubt about it and when he talked to by the general managers do they talk to -- dad gave him rescue detection -- -- to a lot of respect I think. Think that the tigers. A week focused because the big contracts on the stars like when they signed Prince Fielder. A move that came from their own -- might pillage. But other Gelman did you really feel like that around the edge is the Democrat it is a great job that he got to remember. When they trade for Doug Fister. Lead early in the trade market that summer. And -- a lot of talk about sister and they just saw things they lighten him and they were aggressive and they moved early. And for him to move the way that he did and Iglesias was really Smart and -- I still think that when -- brought to come back. You know although he leadership all star -- a lot of this year that they gonna say that good to have you back Johnny. What actually over there. -- can do -- like politically it is doing and how much he's helping a pitching staff. It's still a month away but if they did get their busters -- one team that as the the major edge Red Sox or tigers who watched them as they play right now. They're really similar. Actually in my mind because they think -- -- he'd say well potential Achilles heel. Would be the tight unit would be double and triple teams. Right now among the two teams that would take the Red Sox. Because they think that you that you are clearly selling so well it that mitigates questions about the depth and as long as you've got. Starting pitchers like -- ankle deep in the game you know really worried about that. But that he's going to be the big question mark about openings when the when the postseason starts that and I think for the tigers know what that physical condition of Cabrera. Everything about this situation screens. Sports hernia and I don't know what it is in the tigers aren't required to tell all of us but that the whale looked and looked like he's really pointers and series discomfort. Yeah one of the big concerns they have this Red Sox team because -- -- its historic run in what he's doing right now with getting him the ball. And I thought last night with this -- mr. struggles you know the numbers look good. -- go to Brandon Workman you know to face Miguel Cabrera. I don't could be the first step of maybe splitting some of that eighth inning duty to bring in more -- I was impressed. Well and Harold the last and we had a month and a baseball he talked about Howell. You know he -- dot Portman had a it was a guy who. Could develop into something more war and. Implicated part of that is because they don't have a lot of options. So he's got to trust them that mean you look you know I was at an idea I had it's only situations where the manager turns to a guy that well. You're our guy and that guy stepped up and respond because this is his opportunity. You know which would have otherwise come about it threats that had gone and gone out -- -- retreat. Veteran relievers before the deadline. Well and during this last couple weeks here they extended their lead up to five and half game logic to their beaten up on the of the competition like the White Sox and take into out retiree health but the rays here buster. Have really sort of fallen back five and have keys back there right the ship last night. Can you see them getting back into -- this five and a half seem. Like a number that they can fight back from at this point a year given their schedule one for. Well you see that they could come back because they met David Price and they -- Matt -- who threw well last night. Hi Alex -- is certainly capable of really good thing. But you hear about it the schedule and I love doing strength of schedule stuff you know we do before the season start to do to make -- pay attention to all year. And yet I think I really sold it short when I I have the ravens have the toughest schedule the American League in the second half. -- -- -- Major League Baseball among the contenders. But I don't think I focus so much on the 37 games and 38 tasting like they should've and the idea that even among their new home in detail left down the stretch. They had to have that one game makeup with a eight play a home game in Tampa Bay then fly to Kansas City then fly back. Play three games in a single then had out on the West Coast -- -- the meat grinder and the other factor and that seemed as you know we think of Evan Longoria and and -- should be really great star players. They really haven't been in the second half they just haven't putted well the normally wouldn't. -- let me those two guys really turned it on I don't think that there raising indicates the Red Sox. Yeah I think damaged in one now is so last formerly surprised that the at that the eighties I think still. And John and I just look at Texas right now with the pick up cars and -- Holland and and Yu Darvish and they just got Cologne back but I actually -- -- tech's gonna give that division now. And that case is still there. And I think what I think that we should remember when we look at Oakland and they're never gonna be seen that can have star players because they can't afford them and. If Billy Beane general managers constantly turning over their roster and I think he underrated part about that team is. You know they're 181920. You know through the 25 guy and the roster. They're not bad players and a lot of teams that you basically have -- guys you journeyman filling out rosters. In the case of Oakland they have they really functional deeper roster of good players that. You know when they have turned their bench. They've got guys who can step up and I think that you know it over the course of a long season that really manifests itself and. And getting to is that I think it is it's an interest and as we know Oakland is always on the cutting edge of statistical analysis. And the way they used young pitchers who runs counter to this whole you know protect Stephen Strasburg protect Matt -- thinking. And they've got some Italian guys that care Parker's not a great guys they're pitching them they think their feeling is you know age -- reflect. The growing sense around baseball that hey you know what you don't want these guys are gonna get hurt so when you haven't pitched them. We're talking -- strongly BSP any joins us every Wednesday at this time. Can you explain what has happened to Phil Hughes in new York and how the second half the season's gone for him to the point work. I think he's a pop out the rotation is weakening as the Red Sox correct. Yeah he says he did look like he's getting moved back to the bullpen and I mean let's face it they're probably is no. Worse match of player and home ballpark he's a fly ball pitcher. Generally speaking he and we talked to -- talk about it is very straight fastball. And he can execute a home run hitters park for lefthanded hitters and -- -- -- he just gets racked. And he can you know at some peaks and valleys. And what's really strange about it. Is that. This terrible finish for him that might wind up driving him back to the Yankees. Because you know mid season he was probably looking at free agency in -- you get you know four years fifteen million. The Yankees -- intended to give -- make qualifying offer to get a draft pick in return. Well here's the thing now I think the Yankees you can sit there at the end of this year despite the fact that Portland say you know -- Really the one you're qualifying offer he probably is not gonna get. Much play in free agency Christine you're scared of the second half performance. And the -- we get out of it as we get a guy 27 years old on a one year limited risk contract. So it can -- that is these poor performance by -- back in New York. -- the playoff schedule came out yesterday and I got a problem with a buster right. You know I listen I don't like the one game played OK I think it should be two or three but my argument then would have been well. I don't want teams sit around for five days close to a best two out of three however. That's exactly the case that we have level -- the American League you know it does have the -- while car won't play until Friday at the in the last game on Sunday. And the way I look at it now is not he kept it right -- you know Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and the walker team play the next day making his five starters and penalize them. It's just too much time off I don't get it now now back to what we do -- two out of three. I agree with you it surprised -- that they built in one more day I think it -- obviously last year if you guys remember down the stretch because the timing of the labor agreement they didn't have a chance. To build an extra day for whether to build and today it was -- and so they did that. But -- -- I completely agree I think that they went just one day too far because you write that. That's what you hope your advantage would be that the team that -- the wild card game. Comes in with everything completely jumbled and they're scrambling. And that's not going to be the case now and you'd probably. It was worse they're going to be able lineup the number two starter and who knows maybe the number one starter pitched on Sunday could still bring them back to that game I I. I was surprised it would how much time they they had -- -- between. A Boston last one for me -- -- Billy Campbell and asking what you are hearing it -- -- -- about it IVE see you guys had over two -- stolen -- last couple years the moderately level league lead it all became hip but it seems like he is a freak. When it comes to stealing bases. Where is CN and the reds gonna use him in a Clinton Barry -- like the Red Sox will use their guy this year to steal bases September maybe in the playoffs. I think this guy has is the chance to become one of the great Li -- weapons like that great relief pitcher. Like a great closer for the red and we saw last night in his Major League debut. Your point 230 stolen bases the last few years in the league and there are questions can get. But there are no question that -- is unbelievable acute ability to steal bases can -- not only bad. But he got that incredible arrogance on the bases. And he has an important yeah I talk -- -- last year and and I had been number 1% of the time you run on the first pitch he basically had almost every time. So when he gets on he's gonna -- last night that the baker put him into a 00 and the pictures merely integrated front after the generation Yadier Molina. The pictures that mantis. It is he's very quick to home plate I talked -- -- after hitting highlighted that. The pundits doubt for me and he basically had the combination the pitcher and catcher about two point 92. He's above average. And he's still at -- easily but he stole it flatly. Get the second tiebreak you had the double would take a 10 lead. You think about the situation didn't come up the rest the year in simply that they didn't Dave Roberts and 2004. When Dusty Baker in high beam of the red down a run into the -- look over it Billy. Get in there and put a line and he's been decent series and I can't wait to watch a game tonight. Billy Hamilton you gut check this guy out buster great stuff is always appreciate it will talk the other wrote. Next Wednesday -- -- point nine Basra only joining us so what buster is joined on his show. He's brought to you by Toyota national Bob Draper were -- -- great folks there is the only Toyota a national megaplex and see the hot deals going on. During their summer -- upon -- going on right now also brought -- by a arrest restoration specialist and Michael space that's unheard -- you were saying. -- two point nine as a steal bases. -- with math and writing a time to replace for a pitcher not good about the good times and catcher. And most big league catcher to control the ball you know you're warning. You know in that range 19 and money may be -- maybe once maybe but if you're 18. The guy's a 11 to the plate that's two point nine that means you can't steal. -- Lackey is slow elect is probably at 145 -- everybody stealing off of them because of -- visit to. You know now a year year begin updated three and a half range or you can get that didn't get that back. If -- -- -- it's a 11 the dish you can't take that bag usually. He's doing with two point nine VC UNC to -- last night -- -- during the break and mlb.com and you get somebody five Major League debut steal second -- 155 bags a year before a 103 the year before that. Pretty good pretty good speed and 55 actually a leadoff single he came in a pinch running stole second say it during the break he doesn't run with authority watched and in the the videos they posted on the slow moderately -- -- got an attitude towards that a little Jose Iglesias the way he fields the way Hamilton -- justice. I am IS EE Stetson staring at the minor league level and assessed because of the speed not you much of them you brought something up with Boston we have to talk about we come back. We spent -- twenty minutes yesterday. Talking about the playoff schedule wise and up yet the benefits in a -- overall -- the schedule came out. And -- put out the buster. This I'm the one -- wild card. They have screwed this up they have screw this up the scheduling of it at the being in the playoffs we'll talk about that next.

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