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Mo Vaughn: Boston media made him play better

Sep 4, 2013|

Mo Vaughn joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the current Red Sox team, reminisce about his playing days in Boston, and talk about the media in this town.

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After marathon bombing to go to an ad in the global. You know Boston will march on. Thanks we're talking about his days here what page Tuesday meant to him was beautiful in -- page ad from move on and later since 1998 in Boston Globe. The support those and to feel because the statement that much to. Mixing well again goes back to him getting it and and being a pillar of -- community for a long time and mobile and former Red Sox slugger. Joins us here on the AT&T hotline Moammar -- Boston power you. Right -- -- so let's not malls like -- what you now. Opt out there you know idea what I heard about it who what I'm not New York in. You know in all the world. And still flow. Out of Austin. In new York city of Boston. And preferential. At or chartered. Also boost interest -- -- -- -- shall we -- pretty pretty they're pretty pretty good bill. We're doing good man would do a good and -- You know we're talking about the ad he put out after a marathon the Boston Globe and I know what the city means journal disorganization means you know how hard. A lot of people -- play with this team the watched him last year gold they're going through but some tells me. You enjoyed this team and how they go about their business this year and how hard they played a budget -- guys to grind it out. I mean you know. Is that we -- you know -- Will PW Bill Clinton brought shoot shoot shoot to grind and you -- -- -- They're telling you know with those who were bloated because of the war. You know -- -- you need these guys to pick you. Looks -- criticism. Here in the field they'll think it was such they can get back to work and it's just go reflection to beat everybody appreciate it secretariat. If that's what you don't what are -- and it won't force or what are your personal -- well today. L Lewis told a stories here about your leadership a -- and what it meant to the those teams in the young players and those teams adding about this year's team. They have not lost four games are all year you know -- of the longest losing streak for -- three games they have this ability to you know plot losses and put that things have happened to them. In the rearview -- and it feels like that is something that. It's a mentality it's a toughness that. You gotta be born with you gotta you gotta have it you gotta go into it knowing the sort we're gonna play we're -- put the -- up behind us and outlook back. 100% -- me you know. So -- don't know about talent. While Obama you know gosh searchable until you know Heidi July Joker. Which -- -- was -- I think -- you have to -- special question. To look to succeed they're actually cute little they have those will always be successful. You know it has been a lot of talk about the media around here you know call Crawford ultimately the Dodgers talk about -- was for him. Now -- -- you listen like a lot of guys you know it kind of wears on you at the end. I was felt like you'll. Aristotle earlier about grabbed some young guys -- grab and grab and hold the media scrum to pull him away from young guys did you want it to deal with the media and it was tough. Back then how do you look back now at the Boston media being out there in Anaheim afterwards in the differences on how do you view them out -- a tough for the. -- -- -- -- He often -- goal was to go to Cuba to form and that's what you look. It was a player you -- if you order stripping the ball well and scorched. Welcome regardless you know everybody is gonna get off your back. If you can duplicate and compiled unfortunate that -- it was all well I conducted there you go work well in Boston didn't apportion the I didn't have actually flew -- to what I want to and I Mario depletion and -- establishment so don't. Duplicate your fuel if you could sit there are still worries. It could leave Cuba player which it's not for everybody up for everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know put the things you. Understand your -- I think Louis -- it was in trouble because. We don't remember anything yet -- home -- you know I think you know it would it would be different even though. It's as -- it was is always going to be the same -- Oprah could that it will absolutely essential human troubled electric. We say that that the pressure on the and the fans and talk radio at that time and the media in general. It made you a better player you actually feel like he played better because the pressure here mold and may be in LA or New York afterwards. Of course we hope. You know golf what whatever -- you -- to be called to report that we must learn. And beyond -- game. And you're going to be able to student of -- the negativity. When you don't put -- back they went decked -- force you to play play better. If if you're not that troubled individual shall familiar at all. Coach it subsided critical of the places. And I think there's you because you guys are all little -- I would have left you know use -- -- will flow multiple multiple regions are home. It's it should not essential. It'll it'll aggressiveness agree -- -- -- a particular. Recruiter brought. I was there you go -- play my listeners you know equity value isn't lost my best years I think that the you need to cut around the city. The media group Berkshire. You know actually do that also. We're talking a former Red Sox slugger Mo Vaughn last couple years David Ortiz most had a resurgence here and if he credits -- Gonzales or for when he got here started to remind him he's got to go the other way go the other way and -- I'm curious as a lefty and and this ballpark. When did it hit -- that I can get a lot of singles and doubles off that wall on his on a goal the other way and not try to. Pull everything was going to be singles in almost as displays -- does so at some point might have been a double a -- -- -- singles -- all out -- sometimes -- I think that you know while I learned American bank street at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the record here. That's -- -- -- -- the reference to notable -- all about -- -- left you go to the ball too -- over the -- so all of it didn't work you do it right. All of the point where he knew could be if you consider the ball literally and feel -- part we get letters from our laws that. Armagh wanna touch you now about what you get -- on this weekend because on Sunday. September race the sunny and 8500 people gonna dissipate its 25 anniversary Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund walk. Present by an undying you can be out there it's. It for the Jason and mole friendship -- talk to me about what you get involved with you this week. When you offered to walk grow orchards and much and then on my outlook on March laws who were lost my techniques. Got some people old tool among Jewish nation's forty years a couple of generations generations factoring. -- Just the fact that it's no it's been twelve years. You know this is unbelievable you know my friendly. Church firmly. -- together. Kept it together you know we have a sticker on -- Q -- you might own our chapters in trailers. No little -- around in north species -- you know the midway. It's great -- Great day today you know going to be greatly. Under extraordinary. Could be -- to be -- all reported failures particularly on our interest will be liquidated or something that I that are. That they too might -- in the -- at Emory because it would originally for a total footage which is going to be a great that -- -- -- -- Now you met you first talked Jason leaders eleventh birthday. 1993 year old in Anaheim in the and you learn -- -- your favorite player in jokers digs -- -- Set it up we -- -- fall call you he actually said maybe I'll even hit a home run -- yet she went out there and hit a bomb for the kid last that night. There's one little sticky -- and Richard are you open happened. I've been getting -- gently led Jordan only would there should -- this latest thing can happen and it -- ignored it for him -- -- if you're moving him live look at long. -- feel a little bit better I I really figured. It was a great thing to do all of in just a -- that triggered -- which it's it's it's torn musical I'd look at my student crowd that would. We actually do in the -- when the -- actually in their kids' school -- you don't kids who you know. Being a graduate college now they have the whole -- it's it's -- ebitda. They're home they're cute church fired a -- or -- worker working together and what should do what you don't think there's enough. And you saw that relationship up close right the Red Sox the Jimmy Fund and and what that meant and I know Jason was. Yes some especially amend your relationship -- with the Jimmy Fund as well on what. That organization at what the Red Sox meant to the Jimmy Fund during your time here. Jimmy for a -- so liberal that sucks and always go. Back. The troops it's tremendous. Don't cancer researchers. Is critical for -- coping well. Helping young people old people anybody. They'll -- Churchill that from the letters. Very very critical. It's a little bit and you'll know Ted Williams quarter probably people that herbs -- the ball how important to foreigners and it's just it's just a great thing it's. You know pressured at 1220 years you'll have wherever the Red Sox making. 98 it's still local law or strong stroke won't have a fairly member -- We'll try to beat this. -- -- -- Also a couple you know churches as usual. We'll probably start. And you know would know these things are needed to reform would mean you know we need to treat -- people and -- treat give according to keep pushing the process. Do you look for -- shall we sort of happened so we can save lives. Blog -- -- you be glad -- that we. Actually more raised more money this year than we did last year and telephone last week it was it was a great event but. I do what I asked because I know -- -- you'd be called boy when he good friends John -- and out there to coach in LA and try to figure out if if -- make the Dodgers look good at that dodges in Macon -- look at which when you think it is. Locally all you know what you are talking about you know Q what you know he came out with a little guy come out of college. He made the big read. Keyboard party goes a lot about him because you get ready to wage you know you don't move which could do we get -- you don't plan to Miller feels. You know you gotta you gotta get -- actual. You know I'm very happy and auto giants are playing well we're not playing well right now. Well you don't give up too much greater glory. You know take it all the credit -- league right now that exactly exactly. And all the players and on. The -- -- you know god will do well you don't proportionately they actually did you know this let you will also -- -- word that. Well. Before I tell people they get the ball with your great -- well I got to ask you the big event last month the round here. Was a Ryan Dempster went up in in and a Winamp and and finally hit Alex Rodriguez and and blockading come out save but and we all thought it. ENA Iran because he's trying to make a statement this guy cheated he's look at the play through this thing. He got suspended for a couple of games as a hitter how did you view that Ryan Dempster intentionally hitting Alex Rodriguez. Listened -- at all. What kind of formula there won't be able to actually watch sports. You know the saying -- Player -- -- move that we all folder for. You know Ryan Dempster. Iraq I would -- and more human. You know you're gonna all of that's that the process -- -- for -- we don't get to decide that now you know. Excellent. We're controlling it and you know why go through when the situation no. About our -- -- essentially that should should there you are doing we will get hurt getting it. I do like getting hit all of that I wouldn't like -- You know the bottom line you know god you know. You know you need to -- -- -- left during the -- George bill the guys that you took down its charged at him and on the second it's not it's takedown all upside down unity in his -- -- -- football tackle that it and give -- all clinics today. They show a video -- -- a little bit and on George bell George bell dropped his bat. And here comes big 42 witty or tackle like they teach in linebacker can't. Include -- there would open -- you don't like you know. And they're saying they're -- -- right yeah we got to protect got to protect seal well. Do you would have been mediocre actors. We don't need to you know we torture or that. I just watched it that was the I watch on YouTube all warnings this knowing you're going on and we're gonna tweet about it as well. While we're gonna tell people right now -- you're walking the three mile road route excuse me. From the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to Copley Square finish line and the rest your team members. Are gonna walk one of the four other routes you can actually join the team. And support -- Jason and -- It's Jimmy Fund walk dot org. Jimmy Fund walk walked dot org you go to the team page scroll to Joseph Jason and -- friendship fun. And you can donate right there is part of -- huge event is gonna raise. 17 million dollars a group that your team raising over almost 200000. Mile that's amazing what people donate Jimmy Fund walk dot org. And check out the Jason and -- Friendship bond and don't tackle anyone on Sunday over there okay. Or a world record in liquidity in the world credit for sharing your -- group a ball to the best you -- immense. We got a good look at -- you're going to go to people should our budget. -- -- mobile on former Red Sox slugger joining us here on the eighteenth the outlets AT&T the nation's fastest now most reliable. Forgy LTE network. Joes are -- treated it Jozy WE -- wash it again. The video a mobile on taking down George bell but the best part about doctors -- that's -- Thomas on that team Bo Jackson. On that White Sox team remote destroys George bell and stays in the middle of it and nobody wants any part of.

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