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Huge Sox Win over Scherzer

Sep 4, 2013|

Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing a massive win for the Sox over the Tigers. Lester continued his great play since the all star break picking up his 13th win.

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I'll say it. That's the best -- of the year for the it's yeah right I mean that's not even I'll say it again is that it's a game that would no one last year Kirk I don't care Lester that is good stuff I don't care of all the breaks they would not win that game last year and -- like the thirtieth time says that yet seems like we say many is. Wins like that is -- -- to keep that win again last night. You know Lester I guess -- pitches scherzer. Gets the biggest I'll probably his season is well. It on the score two runs against scherzer in the fifth and when he 21 game. It felt it really did feel like an October I felt like -- LCS. I said he yes so many times and not really a big fan of pitching duels because. Except they're better on TV than I am alive alive you don't have an appreciation for location of the pitches and you know have a break it down for human lives when -- at the game you'd like to see the ball hit the wall -- guys run the bases -- row. But on TV. It's a little better and last night I've really enjoyed his pitching duel I did think. That it was no -- they would -- you know Lester was on his game you run and censure the small ventures in a while they will lose. One nothing pitching duel and they didn't because that's what they do it does like to see you scherzer was. Unbelievable from the start I mis hitting all the locations throwing hard throwing 95. I'm Nixon up you saw why he's the pitcher ideas and he says it is possible that the scrape together Ron. He gets -- bullpen to finally win because you felt like it was in the one nothing game. -- it was gonna throw 8085 yeah yeah -- -- -- up at an annual gonna say -- That team is better than this team amicus -- you watch the Red Sox Detroit game right you want to its -- In pictures in a month for a month and weaker to. They're gonna meet again and it's going to be the same atmosphere play atmosphere in the same kind of pitcher's duel. And you know what I don't know which -- I was going to the position by position -- do that. Yeah and sing and Detroit news. Better I would give them the edge in the -- -- position and every pitcher. But. And the Red Sox came back -- that you know maybe they have. Magic fairy dust Sobel and there is just there year you got it meant they never think like we do like this is -- night. You know like. And which I don't know what they think you know I'm as soon. When there in the dugout when -- in the club posts in there down one up and match yours ethnic and we can win this topic and witness I mean they've had months of doing I think otherwise. But you get to the point last night it seems like all year with the red such you waiting for that moment where. You know whatever is going on stops going -- 78 different spots we think OK this is gonna happen this can happen. And last night again if they lose the -- in the world is over. Their loss that they B -- scored zero I I would say that the world is an album but they get shut out twice right against a team that the only team to really worried about right now big picture one of the two teams. And you look at a sweep right I said that the DeLia is this that you know he could. Do we real lot of damage to there to their comma to their Mo -- if they. Got swept by there. The arrival there post season rival here and as it happened. They managed. And they manufactured. You know couple run -- it's a clutch right. -- wasn't. It was still a great night with your Cy Young walked in match the law is nice. But -- goes to when he. 122. And two. You don't that you -- what in the world changed on twenty years ago I know I I know that that the winds are the be all end all and all that bunt. Don't you think. Sometimes that is jump off the page tested or a bridges like this rest must be his year a -- -- -- but this again was one of those spots last down one nothing theories and too late great. 209 strikeouts whip of all point 94. Categories like Bob Welch won 27 game -- say it was Saluki. I guess 2.2 twos although he -- Across the board he's on the job it's for really good teams so I spotted what you think these are you think -- high. It is. It's up -- to give him a run for his money now he's the best Red Sox acquisition. -- pick and and I tweeting this but the -- -- solicit last week and he's right that he's the tenth player award which I think that's kind of cool award the -- sometimes the fans actually get it right. And pick the best player this or any other candidate this year yet -- is like ten K right that's the per watt. Yet there would be others getting the vote in the -- with the vote went. Would you know it for the Red Sox have players and it's you know -- -- we can do that the second or third hour right tackle -- I mean I haven't given enough thought I would like guys and he's c'mon I was like the simpler wouldn't you like that Adler -- -- is -- -- truck. -- amount could question our election 38 with my that in essence involved right isn't part. It's TV award right yet so maybe they do but. And who you are we -- that you are correct that's exactly -- -- ha this is it's. Not just Utah player were you just had your best offseason acquisition best move. Ventured to made he's made some great move. Well it's been unbelievable I mean he's been he's been that this felt like to me. When the Yankees on this for answers in five years and always when games like this in the post season always has got to get a couple of runs -- to the bullpen in close -- the game. In last night you're -- a spot. Where they're down one nothing bases are loaded and 220 count. The best hitter on the planet. -- -- again -- -- he clears the bases the -- they lose four to one and now it starts saying they're not as does Detroit I thought the pitch looked hit double to. And eight shops in the ground routine plate that is you write one of those days one of those plays music. It's 61 but. They're a year but. They're going to the policies in the division yeah. They're not gonna play one game play there -- not they're going to play and the -- battle for the best record there and they haven't now but it's only. 12 game and half. And apple for a Detroit about the same over Texas Sicily and on the and and as we know the plan all the division rivals get buckled back. -- the got guys who are hot as hell. Did you think. Middle Brooks would be this guy this year not -- now. That's about it. Did you guys they get Zander Bogart's. In -- and minor league player of the year and and the way to put them. He's on the team. The way to play him because there -- set on the left side and I. I guess -- -- pick spots for him -- They don't need anything that buckled -- a luxury. It doesn't matter -- -- -- comes back great he doesn't come back as a matter of Clay Buchholz didn't exist ever in this teams having post season. Would you be thinking boy it's about of one more starting right now the -- -- -- that they don't I mean it's going to be an issue and how much time we're gonna spend on it but. Who who is -- Was in your post season rotation. And they're going to be able to take their time put together if that's -- well. Not a battle for the best record. Let's string of that matters maybe it doesn't mean -- home field who cares right and you know what who cares about even plain. Honestly enough you're playing the -- to say it ended today you want cards are Oakland and Tampa and Tampa. With the Yankees on the outside looking in. -- -- would have -- yankees are five back in the loss column. By an Oakland. Right but two would have practically in the three at a -- -- say. The Yankees -- camper and Oakland play. They play what they played rock paper scissors correct in -- based equipment and personnel they play it out of that as you played it yeah it was dumbest game hit the bat because. If you hit the -- you've got up right. -- what phone was again not because you didn't. Digital you just -- -- hand it off it's more on the field correct. That's tries to -- used to pretend most of the Batman missed on purpose of that -- on field I want them feel -- -- why should they -- hit the bat will be like. Josh rhetoric verses. Will Myers in a pebble and now in Tibet to the winner of that. Plays the -- with the best record to say it's Tampa. Oral and you -- or a report on come work OK you picked temporal. In one game baseball playoff. Okay Tampa good that's that rival. Let's. Me just it's it's -- like playing Tampa even though Oakland's. Kind of fun team to anyway Tampa plays the team with the best record right now would be your Boston its -- Detroit. Plays Texas. Is there any big advantage there if Boston. Knowing obviously your home court home field -- So hip or. Texas. Meet you on board Detroit you said. Here the red sox' first run -- employment. The choice if you battle for the best record play Tampa or Texas. That's a coin flip to yes it is all right simulated that that's just don't wanna play the one that's it that's -- and they're not gonna exam they are not a place and not gonna play half games up. On Tampa right now for the loss on five and a half but they have. Tampa -- more time to nurse at Baltimore much more times yankees but they're not as a matter legal 500 the rest of the way that. If they go -- and the rest of the way there one. -- Thank you for its activities meant it for 689. This sport they go 500. So that the days ago to 100 games you have to go 175. What -- vote to win nine the nine. Sixteen is six when 88. We can -- things. Win what ninety sic like numbers with a good number which like 99 and 63 in 99 like in the 7878. Com. But Apple's at him and one game playoff that's -- -- -- that's at heart rate and I cried as well. You did in symphony. With us and he cried over and I cried in 75. World's leaders in crimes -- I -- need seven magic. I cried and 75 and laughed and 86. Netflix is Kazaa is John met a new management be blamed Jews too bad that man. It was funny that Mac American below that and Mac take the blame a soft and that's. Son in law murdered his daughter annals grant -- rights feel bad even John -- from me. It's that's that's who little that so -- -- was a dramatic -- you know he was one of the meanest. Nasty is vile human beings I've heard that yet. Mean you wouldn't believe wouldn't every press. After an -- and get up about it here. Favorite John magma. He it was a sat -- Sunday afternoon. Game and can. Probably 33340. Pieces. Media shuffles just always issues mean it's goes. You got five minutes that you get a file aggregate -- and for maps a a a -- -- a absolute direct quote I'm not I'm not column Borges I don't make stuff up -- porches. Tortures tortures whenever. I don't make stuff up that is absolutely true -- sleep through it again. You gonna get enough votes get after and 4 o'clock mass. Tennis. At a young -- I'm probably trader and since then that you lose weight or the -- and -- -- -- Yeah for him on nephew and if you were the Walgreens was -- right now but there's enough people I know it's her. Her daughter's murderer. But. Speaking of murders committed to entities this is it would never ever allow me to say this in the first segment. And -- the is the it was but it's obviously it's. A news article if you if you know anything about block island hell. Of practice this morning the story. -- the book not. That's -- waste. So if you know breakfast spot in block island tweeted. Yeah it was a really so we'll get to -- experts we talked about. -- -- -- -- -- that. He's thinking about the show the cities. Here I just added wanna be in control like -- eat the monster. 03 women. As personal sex slaves for Cleveland house. Committed suicide at that point himself in the prisons. -- -- -- -- Not to from the suicide when he was not on suicide much shares. Used one. And it just happened. And 52 last announced a thorough review some somebody's in trouble -- hope it's wink wink nod on and the trouble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was cool this is cool because he's 53. And these wars. He probably thirty years thirty years that the taxpayers. -- Waivers -- me. Three months adds to. I was on the maps. -- in his grave and and done with the women that he tortured. To factor that people don't think that. There are pleased with this outcome this resolution. We need closure mean you know ever really. Doesn't help. Thanks so it's -- it is beyond that it's someone. The share of corrections it's. One. Mort do you like. Trying to prisoners -- See you are. Libya read this. Ali a human being. They want answers well what did he use. I -- know because whatever was wasn't supposed to be in there whether a shirt belt. She too few -- this kind of monster you'll admit that three months to they'd let you keep your shoe laces -- or whatever. Sheet he -- public -- Well liked the the guy in the it's stupid show with Kevin Harvick in the kind of silly at the ball on the following. Ultimately I watch it now. Made it was pretty addictive for awhile. To cut down -- running out of plot lines and the and it's going to be back -- -- do it again I saw that -- picked up proceeds into what's what's great is this guy could not. Live in the cage he had three women making each for years could last three -- -- that's very good point that would be your leader who ran the story this problem. Much as in in the following one the guys eat the bed sheet to kill himself on the blanket. Now we ate his bandages as when -- -- -- and yet this is another guy -- a cyanide pill that was stitched into his hand under the skin. And kill themselves but the guy who was the guy who let a lot of prison the first that have numbers spell. And he was in hospitals -- a hospital with handcuffs and everything via an eight and and choked and that's -- commitments it was does that -- he doesn't use in them he had time to think that show was little. I never saw -- -- he never saw never saw I was here for the you know. You Latinos or three episodes that's true -- -- let's tell let's get to them what happened but -- now I'm not I'm not devoting myself of that. The issue of divorce or something nails agent of shield much of a bunch of people texting him with us suggestions that you know we should probably text him. You know we're -- -- the old post office -- that torpedoes right now the -- with business. He's got it when they read the classics. Balls. They -- Castro and it looked as soon as. Jets at John Dennis W yet. We have dogs on a boat that was -- yes it is on drugs at sea view from the police he had lunch eaten. The sun setting rising. Between you know these whimsical fish shaped jugs needs help send them some suggestions -- Victor laudable place to eat breakfast and block I've ever -- -- you know. He's been there for three weeks. They like if you like it should biking around the same I don't know about it. I don't like I don't have to go that it complete virtual tour I need to watch the final round of via. This past week what you have to do you shop by -- Ian Poulter urinated on his leg. Thanks to Tina you know that dude does that and I don't fall anymore. Norm McDonald was in here problem on mix yet grants and line. He was funny new theories so genuine loses focus just -- He needs. He's different and buddies were at that he's genuine and he tweets. Golf. I'll call assets up -- -- a stop fall. Shot by shot too expensive it's agreed last agree not funny and now no humor involved no no and you go on one norm Arnold. Elect John Deere classic. Instance and just -- -- chance. Of hard ago. -- A lot of followers expect him to be. Norm MacDonald expect to be funny if I guess -- he sees some of that ready for all. It was. The same thing very dry unfunny opens. When he's out feels like yours Andy Kaufman kind of does that you're supposed to you're trying to figure out whether it's serious and waited for it's not that well no I had to stop for -- to who's got like a million followers and and they'll have to sit there and and Bacchus emblem like. At a Phoenix as he does the play by play on Twitter every golf event and oh we adamant the studio. We asked him he must be in Ryder Cup Ottawa team go. He's the individual ago because I don't like teen -- and we like you know in division. Oh okay may access six cents please Nazis not switches make some kind of endearing and like the factories genuinely. Out of his mind. Like -- -- trying to play hurt some people wanna sell. SNL right he sees he's genuine guy 6177797937. And number you can text 37937. As well. So Gerri here's the question we asked one game like on the line -- guy. That's a good question. Well yesterday it was lacking today it's Lester tomorrow it won't be for one in a couple days BP B mean it's a it's a fluid situation would you say the USG. See how it goes for the next -- -- for weeks and then decide. Cannot go it suited it falters -- and the in the one game playoff and Natalie stars I don't know I guess right now. And it can have three -- four -- -- light city gonna be able line pledge that tomorrow is I don't know. Today. -- tomorrow maybe be now yesterday kind of leaning toward Lackey and what happened to buckle come -- strong healthy and great and it's it's amazing course the Cy Young winner. This team. And probably Lackey probably lacking over you -- Ha -- it's true that's true Alex I just starting pitching always -- they'll probably say where are. Generally ranks and saves. -- and say mean this guy is -- spectacularly. Wouldn't be here with -- right. We already gave the Red Sox -- player award and we made him a candidate regrets and VP. He's fourteen lead. I would Joaquin ban law. With seventeen. Has been closed since day one is thirteen holds. -- is other numbers jump off the pages with old sixty one's gonna believe is the generate one point 16. He trails Jim Johnson by 24. Cities in the same race right I think he's pretty much out of that. That that kind of player would actually he's gonna win. It's just invaluable. He's he's hasn't given up a run how many twenties and straight yeah. Appearances Red Sox are fourteenth the American League saves it 29. They've won or saved in Houston that's the same news Portland penalty he's their fourteenth now that's it completely rains that you would think that I best. The team with the best most most when the American League second. The last series its second shutout Spybot and some bizarre they've been shut out the second most times Houston's first of course that that isn't what I'd assume it's because they've won games by aren't going come from I'm wins its flu. -- from channel six times. Teams hold spin offs on bad teams. Don't -- chip about six times all year right and one guy. Who's pitched well as much six. That -- we keep pets that. That is bizarre and I think like he's handled it great coach Weis -- we know he's an emotional in these rules as a lot more than it does now -- You know give. The fielders behind them distinct. The new that'll even on the kind of deserve -- I can make right fielder that's the that's the -- make the case four -- -- -- Ten player. That would be kind of cool. You know become cool himself in shape the attitudes been good he's pitched well. It's kind of been the one solid beginning and start out of network as the -- worked you to vote so horrible. I get taxed and -- -- texting yes tax they probably figured out that yes it will get and it's 617779. 7937. -- a Red Sox it would get the patriots sellinger Castro will get a else the further this. Opening yes yes we have an update on the most and dishonest attempt at journalism -- embassy by. Apparently guy who's instilling good standing at the Boston Globe porch. And the most prolific guy typical you know forced -- -- -- raise -- got -- raise but we're gonna give you some more. It's more info on that I mean I knew. This guy it was a weasel and news make stuff up but now we're fighting a mortgage. Just -- dishonest he is now and now -- -- That more here Dennis and Callahan beat allowed many and in Callahan along here and when.

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