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Jon Lester with Joe and Dave after the Red Sox beat the Tigers

Sep 3, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Jon Lester after he pitched a great game and came out the winning pitcher over Detroit's Max Scherzer, as he suffers his second loss of the season. Jon talks about his approach coming in to face a tough Tigers lineup and more.

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Jon Lester what an outstanding performance against that guy who's deep seeded Juan that this. The whole team really stepped up big you looked particularly tonight. As good. And obviously knows you know coming in your pitching against it. Try not to let that affect your mindset or anything like that so. Just try to keep guys close enough for me we could strike in and we'll be able to. He's -- on there not -- for. John did you feel like that was coming did against a pitcher like dad your guys eventually would get enough. Yeah I mean it's always tough. I mean -- obviously they've got a great pitching staff over there and they do a great job. Go through a lineup and doing that so. You know we just kept grinding out at bats do the best we could and and we are able to a score a couple of runs and and you're gonna make that -- -- personally. Tell us about the fifth inning doubt isn't there a couple of hits they loaded the bases you've got to face the best hitter in the game with the bases loaded the -- Cabrera. How did you approach that time and obviously you don't want you to be in this situation. But you know we we we fell behind to know. You know really really there you just don't you wanna give up for this kind of weird you. Your mind citizen and we're able to get. Fastball they're 20 that that he was a little behind. Makes it a little soft on us but -- cutter in on the stands her ground balls of those big force in other than. Cut it to you you really look confident you really look like you felt great tonight get the -- we saw a couple times at 97 tonight Timmy you're -- looked like you were really geared up for the. Yeah I mean obviously you know after yesterday's that's tough loss force. But just want to come out pitched well. And you feel pretty good scores just with that being late season and innings and all that stuff so. Physically he's been good in and just trying to keep build off of building -- store. Jenny Jones some ways this could have been a statement teams that beat top pitcher and one of the best clubs in baseball that he shift every game after having lost for the first five to the you know I think anytime you get down to this point this season it's always a statement game. You can't you can't fall and who your plane in the standings in. You know records and and who's on the mound and all that that just your word about the wrong things if we go out there and and have a game plan be prepared for that for that day and try to go out there and executed you know we're gonna win more times. You know the effort -- him either -- these guys for -- at -- -- and running balls down force so we have to worry about taking it. You know it's obviously that the good old cliche of one day at a time but it's really your mindset now. Then the roadside mine says seems all season long has worked really well now 8357. For record John. At best record in the American League finishing first in the division having their best record how meaningful is that the Red Sox. I mean obviously that's you know what are your goals come in the spring training you want to win your division and move on well sponsor when the World Series so. That would just be the first step and hopefully we can continue to play good baseball and it's October. Got that congratulations. Great performance tonight that thanks so much for joining us our guys thanks thanks John. So the Red Sox win it to know why that's always special when you win it 221 ballgame especially against the -- been the best pitcher in baseball this year.

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