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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question, 09/03/13

Sep 3, 2013|

You ask it, we answer it. Period. Today featuring Steve Buckley.

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It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Parcells -- here today on WEEI no -- -- in. Better a film or I'll I'll call you announced in four hours were buddies now I feel like now we're bodies technically -- -- worrying about it yet Mike he's been calling you buck forever. Obviously I'm -- Good to have you here people it's not a happy here for answers to questions stretcher by heiress restoration specialists. In -- property or facilities manager insurance broke call heiress to venture into disaster restoration game plan in place. 08774611111. Or a -- serve up. Dot com. Those are nice people to deal with -- -- going to do arrests of the situation emergency situation you want talk to nice people calm you down take care injury issues. What I like myself and I noticed this decade who has the unenviable task. Of trying to calm you down on a daily Finkel thank doctor Finkel yes. It's one of the best he's good he's in the elevate an agitated he's the man I call a productive and evil but now -- -- -- -- He's old staff and our guys they ordered dogs and long time I think estimates it was. 46. Game theory. -- use countries at the moment are you related to Webster slaughter and as it was her hero long Labor Day thing was fantastic you know. Yes -- mutual honor and on the true spirit of Labor Day or 2:11 o'clock -- was good of you just kind of giving -- -- a team player from way I did almost nothing or whoever. I did go out to the other night -- what you think about this it was my five year anniversary and I so I went out to eat with my wife is married five years of his ideas sobriety I don't know jewelry by him while both are true. Five years and I've been married to my wife. And threw -- -- to nice dinner in the south and on Sunday night it was sort of like Saturn because. It was like an 8 o'clock reservations about the time were eating it's like 815830. I'm look I got to have a daughter I'm happy to bring my daughter to a restaurant because I'd like to go to restaurants but I try to do it early at like you know 5:36 o'clock. It's like screaming and running around nice restaurant at 830. In the south and what's what are what are you could say something about in that position. Meachem should do you you will just say that to the person next you know keep your kids quiet should keep our dirty looks I did and did nothing now. I just did it ruins the entire night cultural -- I was thinking about that it seems like the only the only recourse jock and Columbus never kids. -- -- So I hear chuckles as it is to them and it was -- it -- -- right next intro piece of Columbus are. Going to respect -- nice place. Miles first question is a -- question have you ever tried crushed salt teens and meal that's not half bad. It's back bowl -- requested that yes I was like. But that would is now you have to use when you create permission is that it -- question -- I think but I packet personalities they think of The Breakfast Club. -- -- Alex -- -- the breakfast right this criticism -- I think my -- India we what is the assault three sorties one time he says execute on these teams. -- sold resold. Definitely Mike Adams and had a coworkers -- Hot. She's it's in the Nazi ET UX weird. Hot heat and -- that we have a name that growth is. Really currency that's kind of weird is very similar to do is cute. It is cutesy kids -- today. The -- to milk some of the human disease is systemic. What are you supposed to do one of the other either hot milk or -- teams combining science knows which. Next question jerks ice cream Snickers or ice cream twigs as few Snickers apps -- -- a question. That's it that's here so where. The only thing that I will put maybe above the ice cream Snickers or those Oreo Cookies images. Like Oreo cookie ice creams and -- -- Gary good giant Oreo Cookies out of it or with combination might interpret it and take it off. Really like that I really like -- I think any or realized that it doesn't -- the reduction which. The results of which I don't know it might actually top it. It's really because you get the -- -- Next question. A lot of food questions they called the pot roast beef sandwich that there. He called for a speech in which to me is that it -- launch at -- European Union rock with you. Have a more open face and read stuff like that that's fine and I think that's an overrated and Chicago war here people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Questions. What is the place you avoid going to the most. Ladies room doctors. You are you a doctor border candidates. Besides that produces a couple of doctors. So there's. 530 educated doctor that's not -- them. Doctor. Just the doctor dentist is the one that gets me really it's -- identity -- my last trip to decide no caddies the last two times have been. I was gonna say the so -- a -- Previous government takeover of the Dennis Christen that is -- excuse me which received. Really like the did you go to date of the dentist -- just for a quick. -- -- eating in these technicals and Lucia or leave him. Nitrous is pretty great. I was in the -- I've always -- to the most southeast expressway -- if I have to I will do anything to avoid the -- A lot of -- -- but we're. -- -- In -- happening. Next question. After what I -- here's the other thing now and you have been talking about all the critters that deal with in my house to watch it live that far away from me you know we don't rightly. The amount of animals I've dealt with just like we -- wildlife issues of -- All kinds of fruit flies in the first moved him finally took care of that that we had a mouse in the house and fortunately exterminate the -- book hasn't been a good solution of fruit that's right I had to use vinegar red vinegar and winds and a whole can college it's a little weasel like -- kind of -- -- -- -- it is but they're bigger. But you know. The wildlife and the critters at his backyard smoke cigars and current economic and -- weekly re -- about this so my wife is deathly freedoms we nailed his -- before I get invited to join the canoe society. I can do exercise. Radio One night and he says. To sit out his backyard and a smoke cigars every -- -- I believe them a 100% as an American -- the size of the letter -- it was a chapter president some guys thriving on it throughout these expressway. And listening to Mike is that notebooks of executive guy making. I actually I believe I believe. Mikey over. You can deny your -- aficionado -- aside what I believe Mikey over you look at them anyway I get home the other night my wife is deathly afraid of snails I can't explain it you'll I don't know man -- doing and that's what I think she will -- -- Amaechi. Petrified. To I don't know I know that whichever Israel's peace stepped on its kinda gross numbers that which he's very -- Petrified of only once -- you literally on the rhetoric that it's a phobia. So what -- what I think is more -- this -- source walks yeah because like us now without the shell to keep it nicely contained until -- knew there was a -- are from ports on Sunday night after wrangled it it was it would be like nice ski. Clock I will call you know I just you know Sox holding its fingers outage -- not quite plus minutes. Let's be clear. It was evidence and it's and it's a number of regular radio on. Seven -- -- ice where do you there was a slug it right for us as -- that's not that's to -- -- after. I have to have a conversation whether. Those. Educational that. I do and -- -- another entrance I walked around it up for I did nothing I walked away I I grabbed others that she wouldn't have to see the thing because. This matter and not worse than snell walked all the way around to the other door and says I'm going in the other horses away. It meant only way you protect her from my whole being snake at the old. I sold. B -- I don't I was so revolted by it was discuss these humongous Smart enough that it. Next question. Is there any chance or -- sought to resign Ellsbury in the next question I think no one know if it's fifteen a year for five. I deny it is strictly opinion -- -- to little whispers -- late night phone calls I just have a feeling he's -- humans. And Portland it's like going home in the could drive up from orient. -- played well except the owner in the mold and never unity in the merited you're Meredith like thank you. I'm struggled -- -- up the press conference in it yes. Now that you'll never hear from him -- so the next question. -- be the end of Jacoby ensure federal that Tripoli yesterday we should close that down would have been nice catch the the catch you made those persuasion and on the box what is your favorite Red Sox team to watch. Probable time of all times IC's Mike it's reforming the parties at 60190367. About after. 7875. That was still in college now is still a distant you know tired and you know from the five. 677. -- 78 or you don't -- I you know but the 77 Red Sox. -- home -- city at that -- every team member of the team where you know catfish is on the -- -- in a -- we're -- some point in the first inning I was epic -- has there ever been a question better suited for these two people wanted to have -- -- your -- like -- until 733. Home runs in ten games it was a record -- seven reflecting would be number two of the 9014 with a woman and precautions last year it was a it was a 1998. Was -- ninety that had -- kicker -- interestingly enough plants here in ninety right now like that -- but I love story -- -- That's question I was like nine denial through. -- and seems to be specifically for box where the editors go wrong with the godfather what could be better about them. Can we start about slow greens Dempsey. Yeah he admitted that the only in fact the only thing it's really bad is that -- green guessing that the shot the united -- -- blazes there definitely is not what -- -- -- I guess I'll write down now right it was that the -- yet been -- mr. but the garbage it is -- beaten up support for -- Carlo or weaknesses are what miss miss out here. You know it that was just a bit anyway it's his knuckles always got his knuckles are in the area -- likely I'd rather. If you election dvd is slowly he he misses column by -- such -- approach and it's I even had pulled his people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- perfect performance died in the media few years ago -- next question. Robert doubles question. Is. Good. German Irish up. -- mixed crowd friend just not a -- temples make some -- -- him and I did a pretty obvious line next question. We do this one would you rather in ice cream coming your dog with 21 that your -- yet -- on rigid and I tried. Which -- -- I haven't got sick to care. Over the weekend. Next question on your suggestion. Salt if that's -- bought it like a leopard it was of -- officials -- That a good thing that stood guard them. I don't need -- -- Mike Gartner just either not to be slowed some reports internal walk in my house to ask for don't lose any sleep. I jittery about as disgusting himself African discussed yet a possibility you'll have no more -- -- -- then I have a possum. Hello -- for eventually this lead with a snake -- you know it got labeled greens and some story. You know there's and so that -- -- to -- his -- -- system. Match we've had apparently easily get as silly as one of the beginnings as he's very cocktail -- -- -- at a time and apparently he was a late break Wednesday that they still have via a bottle of commodities. It was bad right clearly I don't know what would become NATO. Systems and it is -- you gotta go pretentious if you're gonna say it was a Mikey Mikey is coming up -- passed it around for him balked. It was a lot of fun and -- enjoy it last for hours to a do it again TP lights on for four hours it's hot it's hot. It's usually those TV lights and its and its and its fuel made and even outside. I think they'll let us suppose I was I've just air conditioned in here spectacle with Michael we'll be back tomorrow will be over Fenway Park John -- to join us at 230 -- then --

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