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Vince Wilfork with Salk and Holley: Not concerned with Stevie Johnson running his mouth

Sep 3, 2013|

We check in with Big Vince in anticipation of the season opener vs the Bills this coming Sunday.

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Not even sure what to make of this piece of paper that -- just handed me. I mean. I know Vince Wilfork on the phone -- events. Well maybe you can help explain the -- Buckley is with me today is in for Michael. You know we we we always get hander to sponsorship for something like avenue -- Vince Wilfork is sponsored by this company that company or whatever. I don't know how big time you've gotten -- but we just that you one of the five greatest athletes in the history of Boston sports. Apparently you were so big time that the -- -- says Vince Wilfork has brought you by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The whole states -- tax dollars are going to sponsoring look to be on this. People's player if you're -- -- a lot of pressure for you being sponsored by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You know were it not because I am where. I don't learn how to rob a little note shall from the war and have him here. Yeah I'm a good person -- hopefully your markets cinematographer of our local border that better. Tell your own tax dollars are now going to pay for you to be on this interview that's pretty good -- -- -- really have to up your game for this interview every single week which we appreciate do. So dense dense mud -- laughed at me when I said yeah one of the top 2530. Side that would in Boston history he laughed at me. And I know it's their -- they said to Mike off the year it's hard to compare you. With like a 1940s. Baseball player does it's it's it's a hard mix so it's a fun discussion but. You're in the mix. Thank you know. I don't look at you know where all right -- -- -- that you Wednesday the -- is that there at the moment but it's the same term you hear some pretty good a ball veco who. Now it -- so problems. Bermuda if it is it is that -- -- -- There are a lot of people out there where word -- best of their knowledge. You saw a year defense is so a lot of changes this week with cuts going down now a couple of days ago especially along the defense of line. What do you think of of the way things have happened. A major if you're one of the year and have a lot of movement army you part of your a lot of movement would be in the first. Couple weeks. Of the season so it's not surprised me on this it is part and you know hopefully you know -- indeed done. Shall permanently don't but you know -- article to -- you know is always -- -- at this point in the years special regard their work detail while trading capital PA and all else you can work there. And most of America to -- released from Europe that you know -- repertoire from. Dakota. -- character and nature of the business -- -- Portland. He walked out. The ball close. These first couple he's going in and out of you know different players try to get their rocks where they want. You very fair it is clear out -- -- -- and -- -- -- the police -- not just a Little League is just trying to get that off the on the wording -- used you know need to be successful. And ask you the same question as bill. Going into training camp you must they have and I Deere as a player how the roster would shape by now the rosters set are you surprised by anything you seem. You know are putting your I'm never surprised column. I know it's going to be some -- and that was going to be something bared their big get better and where. Kind of feel one mile or -- because you give equating with everyone you know trying to -- political unity event. Apparently feel good seeing you start -- your team and just to feed people -- -- you know we're always -- to see that in order to -- -- so. We understand their what are restraint term note that the beer and you know Barrick and encrypting your luck -- -- called up. Well with definitive -- because. You know it happened we we understand it happens so. You know Edgar point on different it was between -- -- we have. You know we have here for readers and couples in an -- -- prepare and every aspect where we're at right now. Does the tone change around the team this week. I'm being you know everything count. Clear no more you know that -- is because it was a preview game where we can come back -- the different demonstrate you know work. We got to keep your order redness the that we don't know Peter you know call where. And Hannibal courier in the opening their expulsion now you probably go on to record. You know -- of change partners she's so Wii -- W. So right now art robbers -- you know wore a -- of Wales. You know we met in the one. Look -- what the seat from you know both -- might we have an idea but we don't know because no people working on -- much space to work camp. But you just don't know what you do it because it's so early in the season so you basically carry on how to prepare. And I think we're in the business you know because. Pretty well -- this week is going to be Atlanta just. You know wanna -- look that we couldn't -- because you have more -- So -- to a game and we kind of got our our view what we do it because Merrill. And do some different that we have to go to our army and make those judgment on the run in the -- persevere -- -- sign -- things so. I mean that's that's the best they're. Autumn -- you know I would bet you everybody else to do their work. They're seeing their bit and we will travel aren't simply aware of their -- in their vehicle and Bogut and over the years we've been able to -- Kind of effort well then -- -- we have been able not aware of so. Our dog -- the whatever comes to worst and ligament or ridiculous -- sort of course the -- Well they may be up against an even bigger challenge they don't know entirely who's on your team and I don't know what he heard Stevie Johnson's comments this week. -- said the your defense couldn't stop in the secondary couldn't handle on the one of the guys he said couldn't handle you. I was Chung now we assuming that Patrick Chung but can play free Gaza and everything Iraq. I'm their preferred browser that the first murder Portugal and I'm a bigger for long term there is no game one in the BB. You know I mean we all -- lines and Campbell look. And -- Tom Barrett actually yeah actually my game like -- that we -- -- worked -- you know which is always love you know between Alonso and it's not going to change this week for. We thank you might have been talking about Eugene Chung. The play but the patriots like 25 years ago. -- Other lord you are -- things yeah there it is brutal leader Mullah Omar -- are. We we are everywhere. I look. I will tell you events even bill in his own way acknowledge he was aware of those comments aren't we had a more like fifteen minutes ago when he did. He did in a very small way acknowledged he was aware of those comments on that so so it it it's it's bouncing around down there. We're home. Operational review of -- the market. -- traditions varying this kind of year this time a year minister something you try to do before every regular season starts is there. An old NFL films TP watchers there is there some tradition that you have to get ready for the season. You know I think the biggest tradition from the start of the season conditioning. You know our charter. They trickle out there and use wherever they currently. -- are if they're you know our to a lot of women Camerota a lot of communities before going to work. A run of practices I wanna rub between practice there's. All because -- -- first embassies and it requires so Arum though. You don't Portugal and you ever been -- main port of football lesbians in good condition which stated. That's sort of that there probably among the finger well we're going to defeat -- -- ignore have to make sure. Downgraded to go physically. It's not you know you navigate through our -- Lombardi being able to go sixty minutes or is probably more -- it comes down -- was sold. I'll -- -- that they have always struggled you know focus the first couple weeks and received in just make sure air -- no need -- be where he could be. A guy your size plane positions you played you -- run sprints at UN distant. Audible audible. -- global problem. Actually I'm -- you know I learned this in our lunch or are you may -- -- -- do you know him in the seniors are prepared well for me. I won't start doing it. I mean Bob Barry always. Tropical myself being in open -- but we feel -- -- Sunday are very without the most of the repair -- that we confront their the year feel like crap that the problem. He -- and probably. Until this last week and tell us all about it is road crews -- runners may advance I neighbor. Ever been here all around making you grip of a burden parallel that -- -- all of the big city. The church summation of reform where the court for the city of notre debate they really do some traffic stop -- -- -- -- I mean but most are probably poker or keep it going told. I felt good. You know I remember a few years back guy Toby drove down a street forget what time was that he's so Roosevelt Colvin. -- -- raking leaves. So I saw Colvin I said some guy -- you Ricky you raking leaves is that you -- I was on my opinion a hundred dollars some -- to rake my leaves a thought. I don't -- preventive wrote that -- It seems remote road map in money don't not just. As -- who hated and -- an -- to impose certain older. No he told me that I he said you predicted them richt leaves I suggest this is how many times a year in he's if you committed to -- ridiculous W scholars that yes. He's got a calculator and is adding an -- army -- the skies were real. -- -- truck being brokered that first -- -- -- hold -- -- -- the kind of guy is I mean he's the kind of guy where we knew all go out to eat together he's like a I didn't have a soda and not I didn't read any of the appetite he's not that guy using. It's going to look at everything -- look. Absolutely that's their careers -- mean -- I've never had a problem with road where everyone who pit road it was like everybody knew it. If -- is unacceptable and we want what you believe a great person who immigrated you know we played well fortune eleven. Although some -- the memories you know -- ten years and now arc arc. I don't know man the guy who says I didn't need any of the appetizer that's a problem for me that that's the -- that that'll drive me nuts we -- -- will work with us. -- he's brought you by the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts is with us every single Monday -- usually Tuesday today but we're just a move -- and out today because of Labor Day yesterday. How does this year. -- Google try to prepare these and 21 another because you know what -- do we do river doubles second this season to prepare to. And you -- about being different in its seniors currently there will be enormous strain that -- or -- few changes were. They're referring to try to prepare to -- And if you do whatever means you're you're -- good record straight and you know what we've been -- -- -- -- it would -- doorway before yours so. I don't I don't compare. Because there you have the ball it is just what personality and people. You have to create -- you have some are certain cultures are you have new people to the organization was hard to prepare. -- in -- year out you know clean. And that's what they got away. Vince we appreciate it -- touch again on Monday by that point we'll have some meaningful football to discuss we're looking forward to a CNN. -- bigger picture now. -- -- -- mental for during this usually Mondays and sponsored as I said by the commonwealth. Of Massachusetts. Because he hit the big time in the entire commonwealth the people's player he must be the people's hearts. We have to vote on them with that like one of those referendum things that they have to send it out to the people with the question. Ballot initiative S three do you agree that the demonic committee if he can do with Needham Massachusetts -- hack politicians drawing pensions mean it's just too. You really in the Indy like I can tell burns these things in a while. You're not in your bitterness that's great you know we had all day -- -- talk about only things he likes. It it was out of it now last minute shows it going -- and reflect the with a guy like Sox game I agree one good game -- -- all the things like and we immediately at that time ago. It was in the into what was the things you like. Northbrook. Please don't -- these. About aids. Give me something that flew off the beaten track -- on. An old school hip hop doesn't count because these barriers new evo. -- Over the things that he like Vince Wilfork at the talk to him a couple of the other stories today I do wanna dig into the cylinder thing here at soldier because I think. I think it's time for a specific group of people step their game and these stories not just on players the teams involved. -- on that here in about an hour by. Red Sox -- September couple days in power in the September final month of the season favorite here. As it should -- levels starting September baseball. Start here. In now let's just about a week that units are training camp for the Bruins captain's practices yesterday and today. Now encounter something that they have not really have to deal with at all this year and that's. Some pressures and expectations. But very little expectations for the club issued were predicted to be the time -- -- they've the and so far right and most people predicted they would finish somewhere between second and fourth. In their division right now if they don't win the division. It's a disappointment. There's a reason why September 2013 will not be repeat of September 2011 it's very simple starting pitching. In September of 2011 if you look at the pitching if you look at the box scores. Everybody was going four and five in five and a third may be six innings. And Francona had to keep going it was bullpen. This is why is seven is did not go in the rotation because Francona needed him to his three times a week. Because this started couldn't go deep into the game and Ortiz made the comment he thought that -- every should be in the rotation. Now all you take a starting pitcher out he gauges thank -- we've -- of the TVs -- -- don't -- -- -- -- it doesn't -- tomorrow. I love that. I love the fact if you -- in the game and you see Ferrell Kamal you've got a pitcher rolling his eyes out there in its okay Lackey did you. I mean that that's when -- as a manager. That's -- thing that you always -- I wanna stay in the game right as opposed to rolling your eyes and -- doesn't get to a ball which is something intelligent which by the way he hasn't done this year. If he has he's done it. Now the only person I really remember rolling his eyes that was Angel Hernandez when he called to look at baseball one time and and Lackey gave -- home run. To what the next path next -- path you can roll your -- and -- -- in fact he's here this weekend -- he was your -- as we now he's probably -- usually don't -- series he did did I realize he was here yesterday for the Detroit played with it now I think he was here yesterday and -- -- that he'd be here. And I can't -- Internet. Problem but I like the fact that they -- starting pitchers when -- now what concerns me in October. Is in we made lack Lester may be -- guidebook called the -- -- -- My fear is that they don't have a number one. Yeah it's funny I was asked that question yesterday rob Bradford and I were were debating that was then you'd -- suit and -- in the question thank you might do the simple message to say -- a perfectly good -- he leaned in his his shot that I. Yeah I'm trying to take -- rob takes up a lot of space in the shots under trying to make sure I get my fair share of cameras based Enron but the question was. You know who starts for the Red Sox if they were to have a one game playoff which I don't think it's gonna happen -- I feel better way to do it look at would be. Who starts game of the division series assuming. You can fed up to -- I mean the reason I think we were looking at it was because it puts more pressure on that one -- OK if it's winner take all. Because quite frankly who starts game one in the in. Honestly I feel pretty good about any of the three guys that the top I don't really. I mean if I guess it's a Lackey Lester PVU feels much much better about one over the other. What if the tigers in the visitors just as a parent the entire. You'd you'd do you like any one they have up against the acts that. I mean it's Leicester which ensures that tonight and pictures is a really good pitchers haven't agree year. But I feel like he's unbeatable he's so good I mean I know the nineteen wanted to -- him under and really really get I'm not knocking shores up front like one win away from the one washed away from being unbeatable -- now. But I don't I don't I don't. You can't -- beautiful though he's nineteen and one. He's a really good pitcher and he's unbeatable well. He says I don't use them beat I don't think -- under one law now now that the -- -- -- -- that crap and watches -- and he's been good he's been a really good pitcher this year but you know I mean you don't think that he's. Capable of being beat temperature ever talk to beat him tonight but she's nineteen to tomorrow at two dozen -- -- -- -- place -- this all means. He's a good picture look at the larger point is that I don't think right now. That they have the guy. That they can put out there and the other teams says well why I agree with the action and appoint my my I was trying to say something completely different from where you went -- trying to say is. I don't feels specifically better with a one of those guys over the other. I really trying to say I think something very similar to what you're saying which is if you tell me it's Lackey is going out there for game one Lester going up there for game one PV. I don't feel much better about one over the others I think that all three of them are. -- -- Like I don't have the trust level that's a lot higher in one of them that I do in the other which is another way of saying what you're saying which is that they don't have a true number one starter -- 67 begins the zero out of the -- near you joining mean post whatever. The common denominator in every single season is that they have indeed had that guy. Mean it would want board it was TI and it was Clemens. It was Martinez. It was jacket it was Schilling it was Lester. They always had a guy that when he was on the mound he has numero -- -- the mere fact that we sitting here in September 3 saying who would you stack up like Afghan. Which is what we're all going right now means that they don't have that number. One guy and that probably hurts them if they were -- not win their division have to play one game playoff and we're giving to the rest of the playoffs the division series and the guys -- to start because we've seen that before I mean it for all those teams you mentioned how did they all do only two with a won the World Series. Right I mean if you happen to work out 99 -- Peter was able to come back in game five even though he was hurt. But was it the year before they didn't even pitch Pedro right you have degraded managed over Cleveland you Ed -- they didn't and you kind of strategy during our England before so -- -- I know what you're saying it's not that are put value into that. But in a five or seven game series you're right they may not have that ace for game one the we might have a better games two and three starter than anyone's gonna throw at you and if you happen to steal game and if the tigers while the tigers are really getting. There really gets immortal -- not playing well isn't pitching all that well -- put on my amber -- -- history saw him yesterday he's so impressive Doug -- that if you someone in thinking too little playoff series. You're gonna cower in -- over Doug Fister. Not I don't coward if you already number three starter but -- -- -- always pretty but that's kind of my point is if that matchup you come up with -- his Lackey vs vs Fister in game three. I feel pretty good about that from Red Sox perspective. Six -- 777 on 790 resettle keep this going because I wonder if it entering September with these expectations. Comes with a a little bit of a twist in the way we look at the -- that's next to Buckley is in for Michael alcohol W media.

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