WEEI>On Demand>>Celtics' Jared Sullinger arrested in Waltham: Is domestic violence becoming a bigger issue in pro sports?

Celtics' Jared Sullinger arrested in Waltham: Is domestic violence becoming a bigger issue in pro sports?

Sep 3, 2013|

We discuss the Jared Sullinger arrest in the context of what seems like an increase in domestic violence incidents in the realm of professional sports.

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The guy is a professional boxer his his wife. In front biscuits is just to me as low human being as you could possibly be and it's a perfect lead in that is -- soldier's story because. While it may net may or may not end up the same way the may or may weather and to go to jail office he's a truly. Truly bad guy and the fact that we continue to pay money to watch him and put money in his pocket taking the (%expletive) it away in Vegas is incredibly. I played this thing I know we sort of the bad guy right now beat Borges because he did that thing in Rolling Stone Blumenthal sent deserve -- com. But it if you read his boxing stuff who have. Now granted there's not a lot of competition in this town for good boxing coverage because it it doesn't get a lot of attention you know absolutely George Kimmel did a lot of boxing. Which is when he is that the global now on paper you read his boxing stuff it's sweet. -- got a passion forty soon. Into it and and quite frankly he could make up the stuff I wouldn't know any different because I don't understand boxing and any kind of a level -- and I think when boxing is fun it's fun. When sugar Shane Mosley was sort of in the zone like I like watching your Cheney went -- from Pomona. So I was out there when he's from out there and I like him. I loved watching Hagler in his day -- watching Tyson I mean even Riddick Bowe Holyfield but eventually that kind of the whole thing kind of aloft for me and I would love for it to be back. But I think boxing needs commissioner needs some -- to trying to fix everything and make it a little bit more user from all that aside. This -- soldier thing is. It's yet another case of an athlete who's being accused of domestic violence that doesn't stand out it's no different from any other athlete case of being accused of domestic violence each one of them is disturbing in their own way am I can -- -- These statements the Celtics a they were disappointed to learn of the allegations against Jared and are currently gathering more info on the situation which we taking which were taking her seriously. -- reserve further comment until such point that we have sufficient additional information -- soldier says. He voluntarily reported to the Waltham police this morning to respond to charges. The experience was humbling and embarrassing for me yet I know that this has brought both -- an embarrassment to my girlfriend. But -- only the Boston Celtics organization my teammates my fans all of you I apologize. From the bottom of my apartment dwellers have advised me not to discuss the case at this time. I wanted to immediately publicly apologized to everyone affected by the situation picked up for whatever work. That's your soldiers' comments on. We're not just going to make professional athletes stop hitting -- -- -- -- -- is going to happen overnight it's a it's a it's a epidemic both across professional sports and I still think across this country and -- -- societal. Absolutely it's not talked about nearly enough it's underfunded it it there's a million problems with -- -- and before he pulled field. For everybody likes the top man card which as you may know -- absolutely -- the whole idea man carting is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. The biggest piece of it is don't hit women it seems like a pretty easy one and if you wanna use your man card for anything this is a pretty good once a spare me and is this a sports radio and wanna hear about that. It's -- epidemic. In sports. And I don't know what the -- teams are supposed to do about it Steve if you're the -- it to me and let me sort of we've been canceled -- if you're the Celtics if you're the Red Sox if -- any team. You're being paid to win games that's your goal there -- number one goals to win as many games as possible to try to win titles to attract fans and and bring people into buildings make money etc. but the primary goal I would -- Is to make is is to it is to win win games not just to make money. This whole idea of domestic violence is one that needs to be taken out of the hands of the teams is every time it happens there hamster. They don't know what to do they don't know how to handle -- the thing are they supposed to -- Salinger and say we don't want somebody like you want our team when you can help us win games. Well they do that and the knicks for example decide what we don't really care that much about it. Or the net tech they got Jason Kidd is their coach why wouldn't they have somebody on the team who's who's that being accused of this terrible taken since you don't wanna win as badly as we do. And it's it's leaving this incredible. Difficulty of rooting for all of these players out there who have been accused of this one thing that I find completely objectionable. A who's who needs to step in the one group left to step in the weeks. What's the NFL the NBA professional NHL baseball etc. really stepped in and said we're gonna do something about. Can be very can't answer this because I don't want while the wrong way but -- I agree that being packed I mean how can -- -- Mean you've made your case very eloquently and passionately and there is any single opening -- can disagree. However. In this is in disagreement it's it's it's. I'm an amendment to what you're saying. If a case involving domestic violence is adjudicated. And the person charged with a crime. Is either acquitted. Or is paid his debt to society. Does he not have it right through the workplace does. He does not and I'm I think I'm an adult yet -- might not as a defense of anyone who's done anything right but as a philosophical -- -- great questions -- and your answers for hey if you Philly if used to fill your debt to society. If Michael Vick can come back and working in the NFL and certainly there's room for somebody else to return to their sport as well. It was in this very room. That landed me in what role was on the show that day that I guarantee -- Michael Vick would never play in the NFL again and glad to his credit cards and we will play. And not that hurting an animal is any less so worsens attacking a woman I'm not trying to put them on the same level. But but. There there's something about a defenseless animal killing random and it just -- several such a horrible way and stories and I said to myself how can any right thinking team ever employed Michael Vick paid his debt. But he paid his debt he said all the right things when he got out of prison and you do heavy with called it right to the workplace. OK you would not obligated to hire these people what you do every right to having paid your debt to society and it's almost. Makes you up to have to make that statement because it sounds like I'm defending someone. Would no I don't think you are mean what you paid a debt to society far be it for me to say you don't have a a right to work I agree with you actually there I think it's a good amendment. To walk in the league's -- If that if this is really is too hard for the team I really believe that it is too hard for teams to have to make this decision over and over again. And it -- can keep you while because as you said you either either hasn't been adjudicated. Somebody drops the charges which we know happens all the time domestic violence. Cases whether they've really been domestic violence -- not in -- goes to court and end up being the date you on our professional athlete 2040 pounds and you -- when muscles. Your beating up a woman at Q -- okay low life and it and there's really no debate on this if if you truly did the things which you're -- so what I would like to see I would love to see the league stepped up and somewhat. If you can't keep people out of your league. Because let's face it -- that they -- in the business of of all of us watching these gladiators out there on the field step up. Step up and some other way the NFL has the entire month of what is in October where everybody wears pink for breast cancer which is an incredibly worthy cause and I love that they do that. Okay and may be continue to do that may be replaced that at some point this. They hate the NFL is gonna go about go around building domestic violence shelters in every one of the thirty cities that weren't. We think it's that bigger thirty whatever -- city's 3019 -- -- were in New York. Go out there and and go build the domestic violence shelter and every single one of those cities. It's an underfunded -- it's not like there's enough out there go out there and fund programs go make shore. That every single wife or girlfriend of an NFL player or an MBA play whichever team whatever sport it is as a place to go. If they have a problem with their husband when their boy for a whoever. Who's -- who's a 280 pound NFL player or an MBA basketball player or baseball or whoever is a professional. A lot parent and -- actually take the bull by the horns and do something about it in the issue -- People out the issue you would have with that is the next time a player on your team. Is charged with domestic violence and either beats the rap war pace is that who returned to the team. A fan or fans would then say you're hypocrites because as you open up this facility on main street for battered women and the new employee. They're hypocrites now there are already hypocrites and we know they're hip we're hip we're all hypocrites. Right it's one because -- we make these decisions on -- really bad guy and who's really good guy we -- based on nothing Amy Steve you you're in law project to get the talk to people but for the most part fans are making -- based on what we see in a television camera quite like the way back -- smiled or not is Ben Roethlisberger -- a good guy or a bad -- well how much -- -- really know the story what do I really we don't know when he of these guys. All hypocrites is -- -- good or bad no idea. I don't know -- solid journal he's. Good guy or bad guy and it boiled down doesn't it boil down to. A lesson we should warrant a long time ago and when I was a kid I had sports heroes -- And when my dad was a kid he had sports heroes and your dad was -- -- he had on blood apparently. And that's all about but. We should have learned along time ago that looked out of debt that with the fact that having -- exactly. And we should want a long time ago that that we should judge athletes as athletes in the. Role model I get the same problem younger than you but as a kid I've talked about a before ray -- worked out great my other heroes Lawrence Taylor Roger Clemens Mike Tyson. That really gone in the right direction. So that's why I wish they would take it out of our hands take it out of my hands is a team to get out of the teams and take other players fans. And what the -- actually do something about the six or 777979237. Into some vehicles on this on the Red Sox as well next Bebop was in for Michael's welcome all of WEEI. 60777979837. Salt and Hollywood Steve Buckley in today for Michael will return tomorrow will be over. At Fenway Park John Farrell has always on Wednesday we'll -- about 230 yourself. Our look at the soldier things not that I think sellinger better worse than anybody else and it just happens to be the next guy. The latest athlete who's been busted for domestic violence situation. There's some. It's interesting I guess it's ironic or not but interesting that it would happen in Waltham -- odd and at the latest domestic violence things since the story which year -- Which really we can talk a lot about on the showing in my view it's not really a sports story it's more of news story. -- -- is not a sports star Jerry's not even in the sports anymore -- the commentator and this is removed from him. But clearly that's in the public -- it's in the public domain -- CNET Barry very recently we saw what happened in some of the mistakes that made along the way in if there's any hole. It's that that situation and the popular the only famous name associated named Ramey. The hope is that it leads to some substantial changes in the way we handle domestic violence right I -- that. Fair not fair on not. I guarantee you that nine. -- -- -- Immediately the next step is to think of what happened how could not mean it was just what two weeks ago that that happened also happened happen in Waltham so. Did you not think that -- the immediate first connection that anybody would make. And I I just look at I know there's a lot of people who just sort of gloss over these Al -- as -- Baghdad but whatever reason sports star for the most part the kind of -- I -- -- -- I mean I -- I don't look at my sports stars for who's a good guy who's a bad guy anymore I try to look at it as. Who can help the team win they are they assets if they're a bad guy is going to be such a serious situation that it's gonna distract from the team's ability to win the but they're gladiators their assets there's something we watch out on the field because they're good at one specific thing to expect them to be good at everything in life is obviously. We'd be on what what what they are being paid to do but all opting instead. It can't just allow people run around -- women. No can't -- can't allow it to happen and I think it's got to be taken out of my hands is a fan or a member of the media it's got to be taken out of the teen's hands. Because what do they wanna do that to win games. Not trying to create social agenda that they wanna win. Mike but California argument went out what went to the -- do I know you mentioned shelters I don't know yet I don't I don't know yet Steve but I feel like they I'm -- -- I don't pretend to have all the answers I was -- if it's a hard question if if just pick a league NFL or NBA whatever. Eight league. Mandates that players who have been charged and convicted him. Domestic assault in the one plane right. Does that not vital lawsuit it does said player's don't as I paid my debt to society it does that enemies on the in between and I -- would need to keep saying I'm not depending on right you clearly couldn't -- was in our top. Absolutely yeah you can't go as far as saying. We're not going to ever have an abuser back in our league and you can't eat your right there'd be a lawsuit you pay your debt to society come back or -- not convicted of something. Are you possibly can remove somebody from your leak forever you can. Mandatory suspensions. Mandatory counseling. Donating money as a legally I think all those safeguards in place -- I know you will but clearly it's not enough for me clearly it it's. It does feel like an epidemic I don't have all the numbers in front of me how often happens but when when. Professional athletes arrested. It feels like nine times out of ten it's either. While the way niceties. Professional athletes in general. Are they want to fourth graders who were told beginning in the fourth grade that the special. You go back to January Kidman everybody was a kid. The kids who are supremely. Gifted I mean number just talking about like the basket -- -- of a talking about the -- so far and everybody else. That he immediately gets treated differently and you look at that Goldman's helping with the with the pornographic and so forth. In the pedestal which athletes -- placed. And up until 2530 years ago athletes in all sports were not given a lot of money when they arrived at the big leagues. Now you've got in particular hockey. Football football and basketball generally but really everything the baseball which which it takes a wide you wanna get -- -- in baseball for the most part you gotta put in six years yet is this before -- to -- But what happens is that you've got young people. Would treated differently in given lots of money. And that's a deadly mix. It is and it's funny brought up the Rolling Stone article earlier which I thought you know -- I -- a lot of critiques of that article and I think Ron's biases really come out in it but. I think the cold -- that help the overall story there of a guy who was. Cobbled in his own way -- never told no -- allowed to get away with as many things Aaron Hernandez seems to have gotten away with -- -- ultimately leading. And it to the grand finale which is so horrible. It doesn't have to go all the way to murder in order for to be really bad ending to the story. 61777979370. Guys involved Steve in New Hampshire hi Steve. -- -- -- -- I mean a private business can allow somebody that. And it -- up back in but what we have public stadium and -- with at all. We shouldn't let them back into the public war. So you want to keep the the player or your roster it's great if they -- play -- a private stadium -- -- -- the public they need to sit back. -- except that the public stadium is being rented by the private entity. -- I can appreciate that but we don't allow. Our child molesters back in high school. How much. I spent pain that the so you -- send that to send a message. War. You know don't send a message and accept what happened. About this how about I mean if that's an interesting way of looking at the penalty you're going in this direction but the child molester things interesting. What you put a stigma on every single player. Who who is. Who's been convicted and it's it's hard because so many of these cases don't go all the way to conviction. But what you put statements is every time you put back as graphic up on a screen. You gotta put something that says he was arrested for domestic or he was convicted of -- this -- -- his wife -- girl. You wanna you wanna do an interview with a fine you can put what they call what they called the graphics Chiron Karen are you wanna put Chiron with a graphic of his name that's fine but you have to right next to it. He was convicted of domestic violence is as elect. OK I mean it again. I might disagree with you can't get you don't need to -- -- today don't agree with me out nothing will happen to you noted that other dentists say that the networks will never do. We're at the end of the NFL do whatever the heck it wants the NFL says I'm sorry if you wanna continue to run our product you're gonna do this they would. This is the rules you gotta say this about he's got to Wear a green dot -- the middle of his helmet that says yeah you're playing it but you're wearing scarlet letter you're you're bad person. In some way -- admitting that you can come out your play but we're not really happy about 6177797937. Piles and New Hampshire hike. -- -- -- -- So I wanna start -- they are disappointed that loyalty here this story about soldier. This morning about you -- -- -- I'm actually one of the few who think that they've got a shot to actually be pretty good this year. With the -- Rondo -- screen and they regret you are -- -- You yeah but that's okay I'm okay with that. The local. Newspaper reporter here in the key area I'd wanna say it's an important point now. That it you gotta make sure that we don't jump to conclusions I don't know there's more information that come out on that. -- how hold -- let me jump in college I'm not jumping to conclusion of Salinger as I said earlier I don't know if we did this or not there hasn't shaken -- we can generally don't think this is that as a as a jumping off point to a larger conversation about TV and sports. The big deal. Territory to the next guy who's been arrested for it. And I don't know the details -- we've heard that some sketchy stories of what happened she accused him of cheating honoree pander to a bad broker owner threatened after she tried to call the police. -- sound good I don't know exactly what happened and Panama only injured soldiers guilty or horrible guy this isn't about him. It's about what leagues do about this it is it's a -- seriously. I I agree and I would say that you know certainly I don't think you guys have jumped to conclusion I think for the yeah which hurt now there's an important to keep them. No but the problem is every time we say let's not jump to conclusions this story might be different from all the rest we say every time and so none of these what every one of these has stirred up. Resources that believe that you're right -- every one of them individually. You do have to consider all of what would have happened Steve. I'm supposed to do it every time it and if you do that. Eventually those -- the voices that are allowed missed the voice that says. Well we don't know all the facts on this okay you're right on this when we don't what we do know that it's a rash of -- tell me all of them are fake. All of them are mistakes. It doesn't make sense. So I don't know that story and I'm a little. I mean how can I disagree AI I keep saying that because it's -- If any was gonna call and say silent -- innocent until proven guilty of course as a group we understand but we speaking generally borrow. What might be regarded as I was epidemic but I mean these cases are spilling in the media more so. Now than in the past and you can rightly make the case -- it just wasn't reported that. But that's regardless it is being reported now on the fourth. Where do you discuss hopefully continues to be reported more are more mean if I mean this is one of those things where it takes people. It takes the courage of one person to come out and say okay this actually happened in order to give the next woman the next person. Enough of enough of enough leverage enough confidence. To come out say the same thing relating atomic call 617779. 79837. Jim richt gave the resting guys on hold radicals and just the second. Talk all the Steve Buckley here on WB. -- Steve Buckley who is with the media assault Ali here on WEEI WEEI dot com as well Michael. Is back tomorrow will be at Fenway Park. I had over their tonight Okafor to sit in the stands little lifesaver Kodak moment with dad yeah. Mean dad in the months to see this is his this is is obviously it. And its affiliate there I hope so I don't get my -- tussle nearly enough my wife never count cheap and it's really great run at the park together. Thanks him. Like in my dad's got a kind of the voice I think you would appreciate your invitation of them. And you relayed to me that if you would where it's lectured it would be at dawn but let's and he said yeah that's -- he said. I don't know when I was keeping baseball -- you -- that now both my parents are equally in the main features -- I do love man is Obama is not like my favorite Red Sox. Player of all time. That's probably paper. Three favorites like it was time is Manny -- yet you thought it was really cool when Brian Dempsey today right aloft I'll conflict why hypocrite what do you mean. Well how is any minute maid meter mirrors any clean or dirty and Iran are you think I like it because he -- dirty. Carefully rugby dirty like -- attorney wide but he's a -- he called -- he sold out his -- is. Fellow players season -- eight double figure anyways nothing to do. Dirty little dirty. By that count just -- hit everybody I don't care anybody comes up care but the big burden on the longest yard there a little garlic on Tatum right McDyess is due to a point though football game at the American. First it's dirty. Karen. 6077797937. We interrupt this pennant race a Ryan Dempster can get a ride Rick is in middle -- -- I don't guys. You know what -- talking about it it'll like cute that's so funny. Great ideas -- I sort of agree learning Italian although the shelters in Atlanta with a stroller every one of these guys and have a chilled by. Unfortunately -- -- statistics on that -- a couple that don't even have money. -- that that is so gray -- will the woman Almonte are charged in the and I are gonna blow these athletes that make millions and millions and millions where -- -- -- But he -- that they just. And I please don't make that sound like I'm saying you know they haven't come -- -- that they won't pressure d'etat is never ever ever reason do. But the world that it's more reluctant to go through that can come out there it's not financial. Not just the money though I I think Reagan got the one question maybe for some it's the money. But the other one is just the fear I mean that that's one of the things we tend to find out about domestic violence when you dig into it. Is there's a fear factor I guess that's where I come from maybe illegals out there and make sure that there are opened shelters and every single one of the cities that. What I see I mean it's you know it -- to -- generally do well. I have to do it together what every elected to change. -- union did it evolve where they say you don't want. We call volume of the contract immediately that got -- wouldn't -- salary cap relief if your seller can. If you -- the well -- will -- a couple of attacks with a -- and so -- the boy I can't tell. Quite frankly the only a lot of these guys to take money out of the pocket -- -- I play I don't matter that suspension doesn't matter it's still on it. Here -- to stay away because -- Rick that's after seeing what you're doing measures is you're giving the league an opportunity to say are right. We know the your number one goal is to win -- your team your goal is to win that and you run into some moral dilemmas along the way because you're trying to win games. So what if we give you a -- an incentive that would help you win to do the right thing. Right and I think that's what he's getting. Jeff one other thing to -- this is gonna sound so Cambridge is still growing apologize. But education. Beginning at the lowest levels of sports. Youth sports high school sports college sports. Two to teach athletes and I know it sounds terribly naive and I apologize. But teaching athletes at the very lowest level that you are given a gift you -- -- size your ball you have lyricism. Is a gift in the gift comes with a warning label. You that you need to be respectful of those around you and I'm sure this is set in many quarters and high school coaches gonna call and say we -- set all the time. Maybe should be part with more of. Vigilance -- the problem is those guys have the same problems that did that -- that the teams have later on down the road as well I don't write you wanna get your star player in trouble maybe is gonna miss a gamer too well hold on now it's going to be hard for my team to win that. You like to think that a high school coach doesn't care enough about winning does that mean winning is important and I believe by the way I'm not one of these guys who thinks that. You know he should take competition at a sports I don't leave everybody gets a medal. But in high school -- two week differently certainly than it is at the professional level or at least should be. You wanted to but they run into the same problems to take this guy off you know people everywhere to get a medal I don't I hate that stuff I am I I I mean. I don't care I am I'm very anti everybody gets -- competition's important learning how to fails and credit I made my -- family about Schmidt. The Jack Nicholson movie and -- Now and it is daughter is marrying a real loser as it happens he's he's staying Kathy Bates his house. And he's staying in his future son in law's bedroom he's kind of like looking through the bedroom and it's a whole big trophy case. And and they they zoom in on its rights it says. Pretend. -- honorable mention a participant -- honorable mention participant like that. And it's like an in that the message being this kid -- every single step along the way it was always given neutral. -- amenity that I told you I'd take my daughter -- every day and I pointed out to him he's only nineteen months but she can't she can't learn that early enough robs -- New Hampshire iiroc. But I I don't I -- I want to talk about the domestic violence. Issue in sports. Supports actually the retort there's -- do something about it which a lot I got an up because there's enough money to do it. And that got a little bit of an infrastructure in place the security system that pay out. If they kick those and expand those out so they become security and support systems so any player that's a crime or convict of a crime. Basically with domestic violence. The wipe it out that number. This security isn't going to be checking in on the wide. The player perhaps to parents supported session not talked to -- and security at the player doesn't. That's where you give the team to leverage either fine or disband without pay those players that don't participate. Who brought to ask a question he's suggesting that the debt that women who fall under these circumstances. Would go through this program rather than the police. I think salt because -- a problem inherent that logic. While I I think -- the number they can call. A typical of the police then there's but he collapsed and it picked -- the job. And restoring -- -- gets released a summary then I think there's a more potential for violence. But there's a. -- what I'm saying rob what I'm saying is I I would prefer. That this was some in my family that did they not go first to an adjunct of the National Football League and National Basketball Association. But that they go to the law right. That's my only concern but there's a million they're the reason this is difficult and the reason we're -- Now it's almost like a brainstorming session I don't pretend to come here with all the answers on how the NFL the familiarity and I'll just fix -- because that's right this is one of those situations. Where I feel like despite talking about it we at least bring light to it in and and I still think it's interesting because I think these teams put themselves in a very odd position is winning the most important thing you want your team to have a bunch -- choir boys on. EE you're probably not gonna win -- all choir boys right am I just watching miracle last night for the 900 time nice guys finish last Leo to thank you yes. I mean all those things there's a truth to that right. I watch a miracle and he didn't have the most talented team but they were talented enough they'll be -- -- Rosie on they had they came together at that he didn't just cameras on me and everybody. Johnson scores twice in the game nobody ever talks about what's up with that. What liberty to talk about your job from Winthrop is that if they talk about him in Minnesota all the time. I'm sure I'm sure that I'm sure it'd that Johnson. Has not opened his wallet in Minnesota. In much the same with anxiety and I love Mike -- that money is gone but if we were gonna meet my fans would we be talking about Mark Johnson is a hero. Again I don't know what. Let him with sports fans talk about Minnesota Alan and I just now that I think they talk about how they lost all his players and lost and it's not just Mike losing you know Callahan and -- -- on Craig. You know before golden boys to -- were everywhere at the poster. 33. Years ago. But. You -- -- might not mean Mike is the united bunt Sonoma to allow a charity events is the company's over BU -- thousand. The last that I saw was it to Geoff -- retirement -- any still I mean EU -- running into my group unit without instantly connecting with -- 1980. That number one thing I caught it last night is what ever show that game on TV I've never seen again. I've never seen the actual game I was two years old so I didn't really watch it live I've seen miracle business Saturday morning on tape Jericho I -- miracle at least twenty times. I'm lonely or love them every time it's on I watch in Italy and I just I can't stay away from if it's on that I will keep watching it he's so good in that movie -- believable. He's never been a great actor and all the curls like perfect to play herb Brooks I've loved the movie -- an escape from New York. What's better than escaped from -- -- Escape from New York has its own sort of classic standing I think embedded in the senate and away better than overboard it's better than that stupid movie worries that trucker. Tamara that movie now it's like they're trying to kidnap his wife there something I just I just given you in my entire chorus it's not -- -- but what -- you could finally baseball they should put them that -- the game on TV. While they were showing him before they haven't they should they should do it every time out. Breakdown was awful terrible I'd never heard the wasn't it your your -- gyms in the car idea. I can elevate the agriculture. I'm very matter of you I would on the actual other side of -- in -- -- ninety. Maybe brought through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And down -- depicted in -- my wife and -- just in the park trying to lead. Sitting in traffic didn't. We have a little bit of a bit back and keep it too drunk to drive and and I got the wrong word my -- getting back here in Atlanta condemn. Yeah Europe and Edmonton now in Dubuque that are part of ripped apart like you know I never in my life in you know testified. That I never there. So what did -- to let him. And there's no doubt Jim and I appreciate the phone call in and I know that people on all sides of this by. I don't know what just I don't know what to say it again I don't know the whole story and a research and the truth to that and I don't know all those things. But I know Asian hit your wife -- nation hit your girlfriend and nation -- women. I know that it's incredibly difficult in the and the statistics there in terms of women that are afraid to press charges afterwards are extreme. I will tell you this if you want some hope for the future I remember win. Wil Cordero was away that would talk and 1996. And his wife of the phone and and that was in Cambridge. And I remember. A lot of people. On different shows in different venues and so forth not a lot but they were there always a lot of there was some. May be he she was pushing his buttons. In you get none of that now. So that to me is progress -- that we don't have a fan base there were fans. Who who would give him some benefit of the doubt with the tried and true maybe she was pushing his buttons for pour guys are blaming baseball. And -- -- -- at 240. -- -- he's got a sore hamstring -- -- -- she wants to go to dinner in LA and you don't get that now. The point the very good point all I we've been on since 2 o'clock not a single person has even tilted in that direction. Although I don't know maybe Ben wouldn't put him -- Ben have you heard any of that Wall Street in the calls back there has anybody said anything along those lines. No I'm completely. Out Ryan's in his car wants talks -- Red Sox are right. There and what's going on. Part of him. There threatened to -- you -- in the talks with Hollywood is your first you're watching the you know leaking and so you know tackle for a percent and now Canada. -- can. Cash in on the that would about the bloody sock whenever by you know I didn't. No you aren't really. -- Not coming -- -- those muted certain assembly about the acquisition. And get real excited. And in -- barrier to rebuilding we're expecting much. And then we have -- team. And I'm sorry I I just find it amazing Brian that we actually reached the point in time we have callers to the show. For whom 2004. Is like the civil war I love that I loved that. I'd never dealt out. There developer. Shame on you. Shame on you how dare you how dare you watch the Red Sox you know I hate to say this but you know what there are six year old -- who have never and on the joy of World Series champions race that is that it can you imagine. My my poor daughter and how I. He's nineteen months -- -- how she suffered Ryan I appreciate the phone call your right eat -- you have chosen a good year. I wonder how many of your compatriots at age eighteen are doing the same thing and jumping on the bandwagon. And realizes a fun team to watch the Jonny Gomes experience is really fun. That Shane Victorino experience is much more fun and I thought it was going to be a cynical take that -- be experience is incredibly phone is in the -- couple weeks ago and I mean obviously David Ortiz is the only. Remaining player -- for. We -- is leaving the team wants our. But then you look around in like that but the coaching staff is completely turned over. But in large measure that clubhouse staff has changed you know pokey Jackson as though they are by. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the PR people with different and I. One of the writers are different and it's just amazing. And hospitalized and nine years nine years it's been nine years and that that's not nothing and that's almost a decade it's been awhile so since that moment when we talk about this Red Sox team. Winning another World Series it's not accurate it's this reflects team winning a world's. Now but it is still this ownership group an end and what they did when they came in changing the way things -- -- And and and I know that there's a group and and I understand why there's so much anger directed towards them. -- we talked about earlier there were some missteps made in the last few years by this ownership group. But by and we talk but this the beginning of the year I don't understand people who come down on the ledger of ultimately against them is the most alternately for. Be making mistakes is an ownership group doesn't mean that your bad ownership prepare for your group makes mistakes. Right -- so it. Not caring about winning and not trying to work to fix those mistakes that's when you have a bad owner. An owner doesn't care doesn't wanna win and I watched it for the last four years I watched the team were the owners literally never stepped foot in the stadium never simple. He's -- -- one time seen -- team play in person. Which he was -- customers literally their owners never seen him. You know it is Nintendo still an old guy's name is yum yum OK he's never seen -- team plays never been in Safeco Field. He's never seen them -- what I'm trying to though the -- that suppressed but but the owners never CNET. You think this ownership that a mass. Think this ownership that Ayers in his intestines interest data and and and wants them to win even if they -- and make mistakes along ways and better course that is. And that's why -- -- pace for 96 wins this year it's funny because if -- too involved in metal some. And that they're not involved. There disinterested -- that they don't care. I think that's right that was I mean you're looking for something it's somewhere in the middle you're looking for Bob Kraft you're looking for somebody that really wants to win gives you every available resource. Backs you up creates a culture of winning inside your building but then -- baseball football decisions for the right people to make them. If I -- I -- yes and it's strictly against the ownership group at least is at least -- -- product would be that Jacobs. That's changed obviously because they can write checks before it was upset. But I hear in this town I I -- that you -- probably right get the sense that Jeremy in Charlie Jacobs are in the war room. With Peter's -- Charlie seems pretty invested pretty interest that I I don't know the answer to that -- up. He seems at least invest in what the team is up to maybe it's not a very invested with the team is up to -- very invested in. The marketing and he's very he's very physically -- right see him around a lot. What I'm saying is in this is strictly a guess that my guess is. Debt that Jacob's family has less -- ball in hockey ops. Then you think that Kraft family's really involved in football ops in the -- really involved in the certainly less than they used to be yeah but I mean I think he's in -- I think he listens I think he fees are asked advice to offer it. I'd be surprised if -- If he's offering advice to Bill Belichick -- to keep the who'd cut I mean is this is the story that like when the siren -- -- switches post 2006 -- -- seven years ago. That that rainy Mars had to pay a visit to Robert Kraft. I don't know fits if it's sort of -- moved story but that -- made the famous you know this is the -- in the team and so forth and so on. And that he had to somehow sign off on that before now in in the last book Arab politics as well known that -- argument sign -- that's overstated. The craft maintains the opposite so but does not come right back to some of these in conversations were having about how much do you want an -- to be involved that would you want your owner. In this case is about winning for the Red Sox but do you want your -- to have to meet with somebody. Who's been accused of domestic violence in the passing you I would be OK with that I would -- -- -- I don't want to make an apple lineup card and saying here's a Ream of scouting reports that I've gone through and my personal statistical geniuses here it is stating needed at this -- that are. Imagine you're writing a check to somebody that that you know it has gone out there and done some horrible things like. -- be really difficult chapter right don't think I'll tell you you're not physically signing him but knowing that your money is specifically going to go pay somebody that you think is is doing something that really lousy life. That's going to be difficult I can understand a thing if an owner saying well you know what the very least I gotta meet this guy. But at the end of the day they wanna win we want our owner -- wanna win and so I'd like to take some of that responsibility away from them and what the -- do some. It's on 777979837. -- calls in just the second salt and Hollywood Steve Buckley here on W media.

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