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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 09/03/13

Sep 3, 2013|

We tackle four topics not on today's agenda. Classless Steelers fans strike again, best NFL rivalries, Johnny football's antics and much more.

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Now word excel and Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun to me. Mean -- -- -- -- -- It's all. Yeah us to miss me obviously especially -- is Craig gets into some issues -- let's go to question number two. And you go to question number two yeah we're fortunate we put department I miss you rob Bradford is an honor my loans. All right well thanks rob. Question number one Johnny -- so finally gets back on the football field man Zell who was suspended for the first half Saturday's game came on in the second half and threw three touchdown passes. After the third TD pass -- those flags for taunting and then benched for the the rest of the game. Is mental too immature to make it in the NFL as of right now yes now he's still got a year or so to try to figure that. -- and try to understand what it means to be an NFL quarterback if that's truly is goal he's an incredibly talented Katie and Ronnie and the -- mean he's got a lot of the things that would make you an NFL player but when you hear the stories immature is what continues to come up right why was he thrown -- -- -- of -- Manning passing camp. Is he's out drinking and hanging hanging out in New Orleans and and just living up the life which is fine as long as you show up for work the next day. Right hey you know what you wanna go be that guy whose whose ponting and making money signs after you score a touchdown like has -- did for Georgia the other night. I think that's okay but by getting caught. Screwing up the NCAA rule couple weeks earlier you forfeited that right to make that gesture after scoring a touchdown as far as him up with the opening. -- is that he's a man of means -- -- right family with money. And it if you are a young man of no means. And all of this all the trappings of being -- -- several all new and shiny and he was failing to grasp the importance of that economic kind of with the slack. But this is a kid that's already had these things. And he just shows no humility whatsoever that bothers. I think there's a bunch of things that I think the problem is for him. How does that translate into being an NFL quarterback when you have to be the leader when you have to take your team putter on your shoulders and he was a great great player he still is he's really talented. But if you're an NFL franchise you're gonna commit to one of the three most important people in your organization. You feel comfortable committing to joining Intel as he is right now today I don't know that I will. But Tom Brady is all about sacrifice you know referred to stories about get the best parking space if you were artist and and finally this year to last -- he didn't get that's right I think it's a big deal and to a man they all respect. And they respect him because he put the work and he's not just a flashy quarterback right. While guys and respect him because of the work and it features if he's just making our natural talent it's an excellent question. Two Chicago men were arrested over the -- for trying to steal IB at Wrigley Field. You can steal anything from professional sports arena what would it be. Steal the idea Wrigley Field for any professional sports arena what would it be. Would be all right. It wouldn't be -- that'll if you walk -- capitals of the original index after the semi -- season and the display that. With the new display that not only common thing that little growth -- -- -- -- -- -- where you have -- it's the -- Al-Jazeera if -- everyone has one. -- it would be a UEP. I seats in the original Yankee Stadium one. Because I just I'm one of those people that. It it's like I get shipped to Yankee Stadium part two because it got renovated the seventh I always felt it was something quite magical Yankee Stadium Babe -- played -- DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle Whitey Ford and and that is that that this step aside the and it's that'll. And of always that met Yankee Stadium. God forgive me was just a great place a lot so we need to -- family -- -- original just but I did what you rolls -- the people claim though the wrong on this story right when you got the use sophomores are they doing -- at Fenway Park. And half what they say is wise let's -- and what lies that they tell what have we what we did the show backers clintonian. Raddatz where we didn't show in the Rupert great field. And they would do with a poor behind us. And they -- the public it's very nineteen year old sophomore from the U was just talking lies smack and make itself up. And I thought it was wrong it's poorly he's slipping in the retired unit on the mystery after retire as a member of the rights activists who writes this number up there. They want him fired and in the port QB ran -- and here as he did that prove that he ran off into it. Can -- eviscerate him a little case of advice pleased if you get report Fenway Park which I've never done. There's only two people you want to deviate too -- -- -- Ed carpenter weapons that he retired with a mission -- -- -- and yet are much are you doing anymore Steve -- wrote John into pearl's death dynasty. And and he gets up there it's like Shakespeare on the I believe me. It in the -- split its bridges roads of the play it's it's trustee -- sent the ball you know he doesn't tell you right in the but then they advocate abuse -- marked as of time and think these days -- -- -- now all right found that actual act this way. As agreeing lines and they put these up there in 2004. And it's a sound like you know pay money for that. I've never happen but don't know how to -- the lie about that retired uniform numbers so I said -- that day. I said well if -- -- just retarded is a member of the Red Sox because he was special assistant general manager. Don't pay at the take Ted Williams is number doubt the kids that why is that if he retired as manager of the Texas Rangers. Oh well. One of the times he retired her Lucy goes. Can make it a week ago and revealed -- -- -- still exist either Oregon fortunately we're doing our president one of -- someone does the by the way these kids stole the right that I go up in your gonna steal anything it is some of the idea -- something that continues to exist today. They'll be pretty good thing to steal from me if I can have something now I would go back. To the old Boston Garden. And not the scoreboard that was on top of over one of them and other school I said not the scoreboard that was in the middle but the seat. -- light. Find the lighted signs that -- either end of the guard that can only show like one word at that time. I loved them and I would go to the garden a lot as a kid him more so that I went -- with -- him and I would water. Those are lost -- regional garden penalty box. That the parties on display that's it. And it's autograph material -- hopeful that he belongs and it's not make perfect sense that that's good. Three he. No come into my rob Bradford impression on the last question unknown with rob actually. -- bottom it was arson SI don't stereotype that was brought the Democrats did it again are you gonna do that don't curse thing next and in. Question number three at a T shirt shopping Pittsburgh shirts are being -- it's a quote New England we used to be cheaters now we're murderers. Any thoughts on this shirt being sold in Pittsburgh this is -- By the way and still not surprise him and obviously people all over try to take advantage when your rival does something you try to take advantage of it but. The irony of this is that the patriots did do the right thing here. Aaron Hernandez does not pay play for the patriots anymore Ben Roethlisberger while certainly not. Necessarily rising to the level of the things that Aaron Hernandez did has been accused of some really rotten things in this life including -- twice. And yet Ben Roethlisberger continues to be employed. By the Pittsburgh Steelers also employed guys like James Harrison of the people make humongous mistakes. I just think any time you -- point your finger at another organization and say look what you're doing that's outside the rules of of general moral human conduct. You'll look back at your team and building your own team is making some of the same sacrifices that another team up. I recognizes what's it would have been Smart ass right to meet with culture and it's. Our guys against you guys and we take your -- or you and guys that you and so forth. The Aaron in this situation doesn't want the table it's it's her case and for instance I don't recall any any patriots and making decent -- -- it. -- just. Because it's par for the course first and. All right simple question what is the best rivalry in the NFL. Oh. I still like pats jets. I really think that you start off the show lamenting the fact that the jets -- really anything anymore it's it's it's having an off year but I think long term trouble right now today. British are allowed to what what -- what match up in the NFL's a grudge match you're looking forward to watching. Giants Eagles giants Redskins. The entire NFC east actually that's of that the big -- -- let -- see each other we don't we forget Dallas I mean -- we've -- you know the old but. We forget what blood douse those embassies rivals work. It's because we're focused on the patriots yeah I guess when I mean I like the patriots Steelers driver. So glad you brought up the the question their number three. The Seahawks niners is going to be really intense right in the fact that those two coaches hate each other going back to college the what's your deal thing. On the keeps stealing each -- players that's really good. -- like the Atlanta New Orleans rivalry it's a little auto -- are unveiling. I like to watch the two teams play against each other is this -- is -- -- harboring or. For them it -- but it's hard when it's Atlanta and Edwards but he plays an -- out there which appears vaccine -- where average sports is what it's like when our items that's ridiculous and it and I did say that you can look that up I'm I'm not saying that that is mighty hitter Brian at a baseball is saying that. In the at a baseball should be throughout baseball when was he still playing at the August 0203 for the royals. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Policies for the least worthy of having a ball easily keep they win 2000 are found I talk. What's that they've -- 2004 he's commenting. I mean who knows. I mean there. If you take it the next logical extreme was and he part of an Omar Fareed yeah it's part and yes I know but I mean just if if you -- just given Nomar away instead of bringing Mientkiewicz back -- you've been okay. I'm not the -- to play second base at some point Europe -- pretty import did and he got run over. Really that he used I don't second base and run on game and -- weeks old girl for me right high school I didn't -- That's a true story of what do and now part of the same -- no truth to the rumor that Spock actually paid the guy to rumble 2004. That is that is for force. What the the best rivalry with Pittsburgh Baltimore prime -- To give it has spread to Pittsburgh Baltimore when those two teams play each other violent past -- And it was a great on the Imus used it. Oakland and Kansas City used to be on now. They needed each other Sunday at 4 o'clock you know we get those two teams to death of the the death of the raiders is legitimate NFL franchise and of itself has a huge loss for -- NFL I mean that's in the spirit what I said about the -- right is that the you'd have to while the -- you can hate the raiders -- -- be affair because you fall but Rick you hit the raiders so much to you for albums that makes sense yeah absolutely because our interest and help out there and not. They went from being interesting to being uninteresting their dumpster fire NASA leaders are corporate he gets beat out by -- the terrible. They're gonna be another awful team and it's like that every single year and for the most part it's while we always know what are the three most important positions in any in any football for it. The owner and head coach and the quarterback. What are the raiders had for the last decade a disaster at all break. Right ownership has been a complete -- but not from coach to coach to coach and tell me -- the raiders quarterbacks have been since rich game. -- -- urged his pretty decent quarterbacks they -- you want -- never credible now but at least he was a good quality quarterback most of their quarterbacks since. That terrible. It like Marques Tuiasosopo. For a while up the bad you can't win that. Six or 77797. I Atlanta and Steve Buckley has been with me one takes more your Red Sox calls as we dig into two to what they now. Have to go through in September for the first time pressure being on them do we need to look at them differently do we need to criticize them more to lead to what more do we need to watch them with more of a critical lie. That we've had throughout this year could never really. -- like a bonus for this team this year a real criticism -- in a couple of things Saltalamacchia did no one of the rules rules like right. A pretty good so it's kind of let it go any of those things now start to become under much more of day. Of the spotlight world limelight or whatever it is you call it. Because they're good because they have a five and a half game lead in September and they are no longer the plucky little team that could get there now baseball team that there has to have some real expectations or. You look at the fact and just say hey you know it's our interest is better. Tell you I had them but I don't like them -- -- match if they lose in the division series against the tigers. In my opinion that's what's supposed to happen. Our RA LCS whoever plays probably in LC I think it would probably work that they sell signals if if they lose through the tigers in the LCS. This team is still worthy of your spec absolutely what they lose to somebody else what if they lose to Oakland or Texas in hailed the us. Feel okay about it if Darvish pitches to shout outs with fourteen and twelve. Bob and you got to tip -- -- -- it would depend on how they lose I think -- -- roll over like the tightest in the World Series rather -- one pop is back to the mama pitches and make -- all the areas that look like clowns. All of them tigers were disgrace -- post seasons they've been in both -- have been and bomb if if they put up the good fight. And played good baseball and moved to the better team good example was the bronze. In the blamed the Bruins it was a great series and the better team won. If they have lost in in the first. The first series to Toronto -- have got the epic comeback yeah they were -- been a lot of blame and I still think heads would role in the agreement that happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fine and by the way. Like a week away from Bruins action at least training camp story am incredibly excited and -- -- feel like it out today it's like what is it that 8585. Degrees that it's hot as hell went for runs morning. When I'm topic a little -- In the bag have at all. Actually out to be hockey season got a team with big expectations lot of questions. Start talking a lot more about them over the course may be next week or so but. The back to -- Red Sox calls here in a moment I want introduced your soldier apple with him last night into the equation as well talking Hollywood Steve Buckley here WE.

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