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Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Sep 3, 2013|

We preview the regular season for the 2013 New England Patriots with Head Coach Bill Belichick.

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Steve Buckley there earlier today saw -- on WEEI. Talk when bill -- -- a few minutes conversation with a coach brought she was always biased be ally. Don't Teddy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally company that's protected over a million families. Since 1907 -- SP allied dot com. Today. So you hear Robert Kraft and he. Clearly has stated over and over that he was rooting for Tebow to make the team doesn't make those decisions at least amount to -- I'll check but he wanted him to be on the team. To say that to a degree we all rooting for com know why. Are we all root for because he just seems like a likable kid that's why in my and then. A mug on there I don't I don't know I don't like him I don't find them like the tough guy to make you feel about -- simply I don't like that. That you don't like him personally I don't I don't like no not really I don't like communities of phony. I think that he may be -- -- yeah I think that time is shown me over and over again that people who. Speak the way he speaks things of which he speaks that I tend to be phonies and to get caught doing the exact type of thing that they claim not to be okay with yeah and I'm I'm pretty skeptical of somebody like Terry. As in my right to practice skipped this is absolutely and an -- and it's the autism it's a skepticism that I have from being in the business 35 years. But I going to each relationship giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. And my relationship with ten people Tim Tebow is is miniscule. I covered both of the Denver games a couple of years back the one out there in the one in the playoff game in Foxborough. And on both occasions he seemed charming. Oh wait -- -- one that -- the acid test for me. Is guy so when the camera goes on talk about charitable works and good deeds and going to church and so what. And then they walk away from the camera and they're doing quite the opposite and an Indian part of you analyst. And by all accounts and I think he's a good kid because I only the tip of the iceberg as do you do most of the people be so I understand that. Based on the minuscule sample size we have. But it would have been nice to be made why -- And did their bit so many rep for Bates -- around pro sports well maybe he'll do something now I say rooting interest. Is there -- -- poster and and -- and the Dan and you know the Bobble head and all that go to him and all you know touchdown and not quite what would he Boeing now none of that. I'm simply saying that is as a guy on the other side of the line why not but to go where you belong we don't like him. I mean I can't back up what I'm saying beyond the small sample size that I see but you can't -- would use. Meaning that that then I -- but he's a jerk off court I can't now I just my instinct with with. People that behave the way Tebow behaves like a couple of things and how dare he be a good citizen I don't I just look I I squawking you've seen all the same people that I have -- who who claimed the live their life one way and later turns out they're living their life and completely different way Chad Curtis is probably the most recent example. Ex yankees pay ex Yankee player to -- two different teams just got himself in world trouble after -- preachy type of character promotes it mustn't his time in baseball but. But we've seen that over and over and over and I don't know the Tim Tebow is that I don't know that he's not. I think their I believe in the -- thing I believe that a lot of it is about him but there's a lot of attention on him. I believe that he took his religion which by the way I completely respected if your religious guy. I think you have every right to be religious. But I think he shows that our face in a way that I'm uncomfortable with I don't wanna know about your religion I don't wanna hear about it. I don't -- -- -- debate by kneeling by early on each of the case are that -- while the commodities on TV because he's gonna -- or debit and kneeling on TV was done in my belief in order to make sure the cameras caught it. Make -- the camera see him kneeling make sure they -- me and my dedication to what is most important in my life. And I don't wanna see it I don't wanna see it in my eyes and -- in the field for 67 on the way he does not in the same capacity that he hasn't it he's demonstrative about it yeah a little bit because it feels in my face and some of it's just gut instinct. But is -- issue with the TV networks were making -- I absolutely have the same issue with them as well and and I won't live like I -- I do have a problem with the way everybody made a big deal and CBS immediately -- Yeltsin is anything would happen try to make -- -- got -- -- that crotchety and he does all the histrionics and -- it. And but the guy mills is a jerk why didn't say that I love the other guys either I'm just saying that the Tebow thing does bother me. There's something inherent in there where I know that Tim Tebow would like -- to be different from ally. He would like me to change the way I've lived my life whether it's because my religion was it to react like to auditorium and there was no I don't I'm not a Tebow guy I just I I I I know that there's a desire for PRI's that you -- everybody should be like that. And I think there's an element of of who he is that somewhat dangerous and risky move and I don't want my face. I don't -- I don't I don't wanna know that much about your religion I don't wanna hear that god is responsible for everything that you do on the fee you may believe that. I just wanna hear it or I and I absolutely. I I protect my own right about what. You don't mean it's not like I think he should be arrested forty in the upper right to say of course it does yeah but I have a right and I like -- I don't is you you you've been doing shows down there guess. The talks -- have you OK so you've you've got players coming in -- here. You talked to beat writers and of the you know different guys that you you do some stuff written estimate -- -- I -- who and I am just suggesting that people you know drags and all that. Do any of them so tell you all the talk some softness -- -- no known reason I raise that is because. Oftentimes. Players will say one thing to the assembled media. The -- -- on the road in there with the beat guys with their -- -- -- guys that tries that's -- -- really feel. The point I'm trying to make is that. From what I understand. Nobody has set off. The record. -- like I just haven't heard that well to various Thomas was the guy who when he left -- Denver. Had some nastier things OK I'm not familiar with that so it's hilarious I don't remember exactly seven trying to find here that wasn't wasn't planning on conversations are trying to figure out exactly what was he said. But he he had some things at the time. Most of them were related to who was as a quarterback this post office in a tool that later Bill Belichick joins us. Right now -- the AT&T hotline coach -- -- Yet you you had a busy weekend obviously Macon making your roster moves and get down to 53. How comfortable are you with where you are right now as the roster. Well I think -- you know probably continue to be some roster movement at the beginning of the season. On our team and probably the most international global leaders. You know things on the place we have some players here that we don't have a lot of experience with -- we're trying to do things we rigorous principles in if that means we have to make some adjustments and will make them and so that's always a part of the policies and culture. I'm like because we have -- illiquid. The good group but we'll -- total. -- of those here in the next few days and weeks -- over these -- Agent I was injured list significance to which is monitors her. What were you hoping. That could've been this year for him. Well no we we thought that he can help our football team but unfortunately his injury. Israel and so you'll be elusive that your. Joyce amigo and every training camp an open mind and you don't pick you roster in June and July you picket at the appropriate time. When you do pick your roster we in the media and fans will express surprise over certain moves and all we see that coming -- we thought it gonna do this. In that spirit considering that country going to win an open mind. Are you surprised by Iran's collections at the end of vs what you might apart going -- Welsh terrific when you look at things at one point in time. It's the spring of the start training camp or even after the first receiving game. The exchange and guys work or they get better they improve. Other guys maybe level of and just get more information you -- war -- more sampling than you do with you know couple weeks or. One game or few purchases and he gets in training camp peca or pre season games America. -- well into the double digits of had a practices. Practices against in this case Philadelphia and Tampa where. -- diplomacy. A lot of situations and matchups in this well well. He get the really the only opportunity that that is in game situations to really evaluate some players in the kicking game because as much as you practice them. Simulated this is not the same as it is and in game situations so. You have more information and as you get more information. Sometimes. With what appeared to be one way. Doesn't necessarily stay one and of course on top you know. You know some player transition. This guys get hurt you bring in guys. You know Regis. You know things of all and so you know they're always always changes from. -- -- point in the spring at that point in it is. Or -- percent the first pre season and there were things sure. But on on the positive side who surprised -- in training camp. In that spirit. Oh I don't know I don't know surprises in the right word you just. In these key players work or develop. That's the very gradual thing doesn't just happen -- later on practice server room and play at them. You know very gradually over a long period of time. Certainly some of the in our roster this year you know we're able to do that. Is there anything specific that Tim that you were looking for with Tim Tebow or over the last few weeks -- -- hearing games in practices that that are after a training camp. Was there any specific you were looking to see from him. We look this thing and everybody. The teacher vs them if an opportunity because they're performing compete and we evaluate a -- Whatever but it does. In the conversations that we had though about him and you mentioned it -- this a couple of weeks ago I mean some of the things he does are not. Even some of the same strings that your other two quarterbacks did so were you looking to see him feed into your system or do some of the things that may -- were more. More Tim Tebow type place. Well every player has their own unique style there's no two players that are exactly -- so. We always try to take into consideration and little players. Specific abilities and strengths. And we're able utilized. In the present an equation. That. -- a lot of guys that category. Was there any consideration to playing him at positions other than quarterback. You know we again with both players -- -- -- we feel is best for them and also with us for the team. -- Combination of those those factors. You know lead really every player's opportunity. What was there a plan to Tebow going into training camp and did that -- evolve during training camp. Training camps and opportunity for the players to -- feet. Information they get -- to -- -- there and start their security and higher tempo. Situation. Progressed from there. Put this perfect all players are. And situation. He's no longer patriots I suspect your answer will be he's no longer patriot but do you think there's a place for him NFL. When he's -- college player. A lot of players who were very or. Unfortunately didn't work out here. -- We feel about your tight end position going into the first game of the year on Sunday. But the political position. That cynicism we all. We also go out there reestablish. Or establish our local let alone arm. The central. Only to induce an important -- recorder position every unit. -- -- -- You know although. It all plays out. You made the decision to make a change a punter from a year ago what are you looking for from that position what do you look for an punter. Well you know opponents and there's. Unique position because as it requires so much situation play. Although many times some. Moment in time and effort to end up there and and it is far too long. The combination of being able to vote. In the end it really comes down to provide field position for for the team and whatever type of situation. This person that -- but. That's really what we need from the entire punting unit not just on them and all of the players involved who's the next month if he'll put it on the ball. You are you excited to stymie army about to start another campaign -- always excite -- or is this an exciting time a year heading into the first game of the season. It sure has little real work for this all the offseason when all -- -- -- on the -- in ample heating. We'll see discovery or it's all. And preparations. But -- a complete game. It was will be Politico and I'm deployed. But -- ready or not it doesn't matter the moment -- -- -- is going to be later on this is. You know rated. You get nervous heading into the first game of the year. Well I think the first in the years the most uncertain games this company unknowns. Don't really know what you you know -- know when your opponent. Stevie Johnson does though you have either in. A. That that there really that it took off the political game but it's an exciting game and you know it takes most teams that probably all in you know 34 six -- we whatever it is. To eventually kind of finding her equilibrium to see where the you know -- the long level. And sometimes you think yours strong in this position that we in this position. Which you thought there and start playing and you find out where you really early teens per game plan. Try to attack. You know weaknesses -- try to game plan isn't certain situations and you see that very much in pre season. You don't only get tested. One way or the other and then we don't do it ourselves either you know we don't. Only game plan for things that we think are the changes for us we just go out there. Buy anyway and our players and let them play and let them do things that but he they know how to do. So. -- to get -- the regular season and things usually turn out a little bit different than. And maybe what some people would have expected because for whatever reason there what are the what are the reasons are I think that's part of as you go figured out your team -- what you're able to do well with which you need some help they need to stay away from. And that's in that part of the first you know it's Tuesday. They get the first half of the season that the that the constant. Kind of tweak -- trying to figure out you know with. What's the best thing for this particular team in the 2013. And one that we can do -- 2000 over couldn't do. It's where we now and that solely emergency start finals -- the. Our coach who we appreciate it looking forward to to watch in the team for the first time in a -- game on Sunday afternoon we'll talk to get on Monday aren't great amount of weight. They validate -- Bill Belichick joins us every usually every Monday. Today on the did -- a little -- Steve Johnson a little bit indicating that he was aware of the at least not do that Stevie Johnson had a said -- Patrick Chung was excellent team and maybe even Eugene -- the little that answer didn't buy it buy it as much on Tebow. I didn't but in the tight ends a lot of information there about the internals and is well don't check is ready for four Sunday against the bills. I wanna come back into this conversation we were just having because as -- look at is they look at -- As I look at some of the comment and I am I can't help but he's just such a fascinating figure and really after today somebody who never really talk about a game here it's almost the last chance. To have the conversation about him but he screwed up his own future by being selfish. I'll explain next keep up with that missile volleys WE yeah.

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