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Newest Red Sox infielder John McDonald calls in to Mut and Merloni

Sep 3, 2013|

John McDonald talks about being brought in as defensive insurance for the Red Sox stretch run. He also explains the atmosphere that he expects to be a part of joining this postseason poised team.

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Moves around -- league ball baseball and football this week on a cup for the patriots. Red Sox -- or different -- Major League Baseball as they add. John McDonald Providence East Lyme Connecticut -- emotional weakened for a lot of people. Especially them alone and economic Donald joins us here on the AT the -- John -- Lou -- Oreo. -- -- Johnny Mac it was tough 34 years but finally. Been sharing things responding to my emails my requests and finally. You back here Fenway Park we hear certain. -- about how -- party at my age and you can get it done. I'm not a little hole -- a whole -- you know but do you grow grow beards. Yeah I don't know it would just UK though it's been -- now -- -- I didn't show these big tactical vehicle rolled away. Big -- shall beer what Johnny Goldstone you have to roll show beard. When he's at the mosque let's go. I think I. I think the more the European that you're more you're around him the more you want to grow a beard and it's -- two days and I'm looking at it not that I don't maybe. And impresario would know wed never happen in the restart in hadn't. My third -- today and he cannot start to turn yet. Not a mall for like you know trying to win a World Series ring but you know the you're requesting trades to teams that'd just like in playoff races with Pittsburgh and Cleveland got a shot now Boston. Yeah a lot of dogs in this race here. You know at its root it's really nice food that we think about it you know you Abiola would want it but it could be all in the. Yeah I'm a side issue lottery pick in the chase during that year low. Around and -- my lap at the end and well now I mean in the coming years. You walk out on the on this first you look at the dugout. He is about star in that the scoreboard though the wall catches your eye and the fact that -- -- -- we got. The order hacking lead. Coming here actually at five and I went home and was watching at the campus for last night and watched them lose so it that it's. Now on she'll have one year when you're watching the scoreboard that intently. Just believe in -- that the public your audience and to let anything is possible. You know I I know -- comfortable you know this year when you when -- Cleveland their for a little bit and just knowing that area plane for so long but. Coming here to Boston a lot of familiar faces you know between Ferrell in the -- low and -- Brian Butterfield that'd be pretty comforting to walking in the club -- just knowing your staff and already kind of feel uncomfortable. You want you know without that you're delighted -- plummeted in the I'll be back I guess that yeah you know it makes it. Really walking to be part of this group -- -- Stephen -- out here and -- red glow athletic yet a lot of these guys so. It's a real familiar public option. You get the sense right away that it's all about as fun and be prepared to claim the ballgame. That's that's agree combination of you -- now like anonymity he claimed that so. He's got like captured in the 1 o'clock right now -- outside and -- and I feel like most looking are you there right now. Well an -- with Philadelphia they sort of fall out of -- John you think this is a possibility that the Red Sox to separately but that you know -- for September 1. On the Phillies would find a deal for you with a playoff contender try to get -- -- in meaningful games in its final month of the year in the playoffs. Yeah I don't know polish are kind of stopped stopped it -- about it after my out perjury -- This -- -- you know trying to market that now that China line up. You know consistency in in your way and you know the fact that a lot of people have -- -- have I don't really -- I haven't you remind particularly junior on I didn't until that much actually got a break. It's got to playing every day in. It sometimes when your when your. Get a lot more playing time that you wouldn't really have been and and looking good playing it they feel like Che and somebody might pick you up let. The fact that I got kicked out you know without seeing a whole lot of -- the last month on us. If I was pretty excited about that keep the -- of your mind a little bit. -- not right now it's all about now us is when it. You know trust guys and if Selig said he played with Stephen Drew be played against Dustin Pedroia while -- -- and a couple of days but. As he made his presence felt disease usually won -- trash talk right away. No it it's itself that you hadn't directed in my way yet. So I stayed out of would you digging and so it's pretty it's pretty quick and nor had a little more on the about them in my -- -- at one point. All but he he he created this raises. My level of play when -- against them. I wanted to and hit the ball -- me like in the playoffs that was you know when you when you play against guys that play it's it's -- he goes and and just see even in every pitch. You wanna play at that level and you wanna prove that you can play -- and still -- or mortality trial went against them. It's a -- repeal and out ships then you're really happy -- is level now honesty. You know what one of the great things to an acquisition we're talking water earlier that but I like is a guy like you've been around the game and defensively shortstop played a game and -- many at a level not many people have. It -- all really and and being there whether you're on the bench -- not sit with a guy Alexander Bogart's earns twenty years old who could be the future shortstop. I think there's a lot of value there I mean you know it's only been a couple of days but he talked about a field to -- -- sat down into sort of chatted about the position. We have we have them in and butter and I are promising pitcher for years in -- ineptitude -- -- The wreck back in that same similar terminology and -- A report like you go about. You know out how to play the position and how to teach positions and at the pocket and a little yesterday. And he's. Is either really good young baseball player wants to take a couple of ground balls washing -- He's got so much talent and you shouldn't really really well and learn. You want to get -- for it in for a long time so it's. It's going to be on it become -- the other today and you know historical imagination if you look at me like Australia Michael in the league you better. And I mean that's that's -- when you work with somebody. You know each got to make them better but if it's funny how they end -- making you better because they they reaffirmed the thing that you do and and you know each. He shot a brilliant -- Mitch you. Make you realize what what you're doing and it makes you ready prepared to get it when you go in the game. We're talking to John McDonald -- newest member of the Boston Red Sox when it comes to your dated a role here September mandate. These rosters are huge -- -- bases deep as you want you getting an opportunity here. On some days John expect awkward you know I expected the on the starting line -- and you're going to be in their seventh eight inning at a pinch run you're gonna you're gonna play defense. How do you stay mentally sharp during this month these final 2324. Games knowing that every day go to the ballpark. You might have some sort of impact in the acting. I've a pretty much he treated my whole career that way and learn how to do that is in Cleveland. Early on and it's trying to. You know and that's not the utility clearly want the play everyday there's still -- yet you line up -- still disappointment in in. In need and I'm out of a lineup put. It changes cute saying players right now -- I had a W I need to take my golf ball Anita -- prepared initial election Betty. After the second inning circuit -- you start thinking about all the situation that -- in the game and you know you are prepared to become of the ballpark and you try to quality game if you're gonna start. So even though you're not you know in the first inning. You're staying in that in the game mode because you just never know when -- -- -- manager. And coach looked down on you and say hey you know it's. You know we pinch hit for somebody you're gonna go to your third -- my that would that there are no coach yesterday just. You never know it can happen to just stay ready. An engineer at this point some like in left and you can win every game that we can and it's not it's not hard to -- compared. And you're on a team that is where we are right now. You know I know -- -- travels well and -- -- Providence College alumni travel well but now you're in Boston and you get your wife spending all your boys. Every -- a lot of tickets here next month and at -- Thought that they knew that I can until people it and they that are you know peanuts -- -- Burnett who not long gotten megaplex. It's all part it's all part on. They -- many as many people you can bring closer -- the -- whether certificate -- and people about it practiced -- bringing kids in the ballpark early. The more you can do that but what it is. Be a part of being up. A special baseball clerics if it's pretty awesome that you get to have an impact on people just because collect. Well it's good to have you back Mack who may have been pushed for the snow for so long some -- lawyer. Enjoy the ride it's it's a great team man no you made their club -- better so congratulations -- I appreciate it -- I go to John McDowell thank you for the time.

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