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Ben Volin, Boston Globe, joins Mut and Merloni to preview the Patriots opener

Sep 3, 2013|

Volin previews the Patriots season opener and answers some key questions heading into the first game week. The Patriots have an unusual amount of rookies on the roster and the return of Rob Gronkowski remains uncertain.

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Patriots Monday and -- Tuesday Sports Radio WEEI still reacting to. The cuts over the weekend. We -- patriots made have a ton of rookies on this team. And a defense looks pretty similar last year but some decisions made that. Are -- lot of people couple that surprised me over the weekend and Boland. Covers the patriots the Boston will be joins us here. On the eighteenth the hot line in general -- always considered a jaw dropper -- the cuts in the moves or made all include -- Wilson. I are on that list what was the one of the top. Of your list from what came out of the weekend. Well obviously correcting you guys at this point one look at Tim Tebow of Clark's. It is of course. I mean really you know it. I'm or my idea -- not actually achieve but I felt all along. What point of bringing such unconventional or write in and having -- -- that report the playbook they're working on. If you doctors cannot beat you brought a team I don't get it it didn't make it an agreement. In the first place if you're looking for another number record -- while what you get more traditional pocket passer. Which he obviously -- so I I would just huge feud that it would bring him in and spent time we have an adult content after five -- -- it didn't -- -- that. Other managed trench all you. You know all the veterans -- on -- our major role in the Washington. You know markets are and other guys are optimistic about -- illegal. And they -- or in rookie seven -- a number one. The top number yeah well. Are such -- it is that decreased rushed Tom Brady's weapons almost picked apart a market that great and outwit. An expert warriors. Bill Bennett we're talking early to -- to go back to you drew will Symbian put on the you all are and sign always got a three year deal but if he can't make this team next this year looking make the team next year. Is this a surprise whether implement the list for the maybe could've brought him back week -- what do you make of that -- -- just locker room presence be around a little bit of veteran. What why put them on the IR and wanna put on the on the maybe the short term what. Well I definitely think there's some value or you just at. While big artery and -- -- -- -- a bit locker room guy on the secondary is mostly. Pretty young even it out. Forty interracial fairly young and not a real grizzled veteran like -- alternate. That was brought him in -- locker present Andy certainly has been that are currently he's been a little -- -- got apple out. So maybe yet -- arteries and they keep brownies -- whatever injury act. -- we don't know for sure they didn't make gene connected via our technical I would probably graduates legitimate ballot paper -- -- -- all salary this year. Like a billion dollars search on all along those aren't. And maybe they can make that shot camp next year maybe -- -- -- -- after years -- And paper on out I guess but it doesn't hurt at Taliban around on public opinion how. -- competition's going to camp that you sought. The one developed the punting cup between Allen and and Masco. Was interesting we talked to about -- happen there there's some money to be saved by cutting Masco is now signed with Pittsburgh goal at the younger guy. Based on what you saw -- from the kicking standpoint. Was Allen that much better than Masco like from a purports to apply watching every single game who had a major managed few bad. It did look pretty close. I did all and do not have a bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He out kicked Altima and our -- on the action I'll work. Of course there's a lot more to -- up on -- it is autistic. Accuracy and it shouldn't and and all those things. You -- that you're not in a -- out -- -- -- parent -- adult and note that not. They -- shot that you about a million dollars cheaper you know don't count well and also entered contract year. And others have to deal with -- -- -- locked into we -- salaries and an extra year. Apple hill a little rich Chico where a rookie here are quite sure it or -- from Louisiana arm or whether he's on it and at a time that I have -- Allen does slouch either a people person inaccurately victory. Two in the ray guy award you can check your nation's top hunter. So I -- -- and delay and you'd think when they wouldn't sign acute back caliber without resonate at all and can be trouble. You know one of the moves through that was made that got about the was on a sexy move but it didn't. I was -- curious so it was a defensive end what happened there with the arguments before while Bernard and and who went up got a pretty good camp couple sacks and Francis who look pretty good last year. They decide to go with Theo Beckett beat candidate that became a candidate it's like to the the practice squad was that -- that a surprise move deposition via. A little bit I wasn't surprised there are medications that idea that yeah. You know Bernard was great couple we and it will -- -- Yeah you know it's it's -- you have to remember that yeah especially force pilot script for camp. That's great but it along Autry captain. Looking. Five I -- yeah I didn't think -- and give up on any intersecting players yet they kept in the catch it uncles and -- -- -- supporting. I get in camp although packet it -- export game at giants I got the pressure on the quarterback. I'm both by yet they stranded on yen and a -- it's just pray that another one batter hit it very you know or locked contract. No rich content of all like yes and they're so work a waiver wire for a lot of -- Back in the sense that apple sent to the clutch shot. Michael beach and it you know they can't I indicator toward each team that kept all their trap. You're not getting younger and I was talking to some writers at in a -- and every. Every traffic at a repair -- make -- -- you know there -- read all the guys keep ground at least a one year. -- so -- rookies demographic Democrat -- and that we're getting a lot younger and replenishing a lot a lot of younger Al. Well when you look at that the group back there in the secondary match in the waiver wire the putting claims on a couple of quarterbacks they bring back mark we schoolmates seems like. That might be a pretty flexible group guys go on safety quarterback early on the year with all the bodies they brought in the guys they try to bring in here -- Yeah I mean the focus from according to be able to -- eat in parts used in I have to go back or. -- it so much more helpful for example where you know every week you can work on seeing seeing you at the pillar artwork that it happened. Bob -- fort street ball issue. -- They're there -- that same time. It to have some guys you -- You are really replaced like -- until we need to carry children and look at Brian -- aren't going anywhere and are not going to be cut at all you see -- That's the top for -- estimated mark mark we all have gotten shouldn't get too comparable but I don't be too much outlining. I -- quarterback in my act. Another piece decide that they would step or -- at the line because -- playbook and accurate disputed but it's hot or Asian pretty much talent as I. That said sport and you got. Macquarie and -- Gregory back arrow along with it -- well into -- You know actually about secondary but our leaders -- -- too much chocolate or our mr. There what do you think's gonna happen here with -- -- of Gary's got his court case Friday a couple days for a opening days -- banged up a little begin to camp. I mean no matter what happens here what -- Roger Goodell does she get involved how quickly does -- get involved what happens within the next week. I think it's ornate -- is targeting Gingrich continued a lot of separate I think -- at one another what he's hearing that. They're going to be able to get a continuation or rock back there are arguing that -- not really all it all out Jeter at this point. I appreciate your bell park and look at all went banner is ultimately a doubt about it it's determinant. He found guilty then it Albert -- about -- about victory prematurely that. I don't achieve that person racially verse pensioners and certainly happened maybe a couple of games because -- The justice in it you don't want guys to be continuing all the least what I. Being -- knocking her. All something I thought I mean I think it's very contentious and -- to drop the act is not a cut and dry heat like a well. There's a lot of things -- Alpine -- then people -- A reasonable rest. So I think it dealt probably gonna wait to Q and expansion was better at anything and all thought that might happen -- Gronkowski not placed on any source short term IR he makes the active roster 53 of the DP current roster right now 53. Ben -- it as simple as he sits the first two weeks against the AFC east foes in his back in time for week three. Well we sure he's probably the most optimistic Jeter now for a now may be reached or Atlanta or -- -- -- -- right back stretch. -- again. It's still little juice -- not there I get up well this week and then a short week in yet doctor and I. Given a few more weeks at least. This. You know second back surgery -- -- operation -- -- lot -- -- or whatever let him rest make sure he reached ranked obviously. Com if you're not you're not putting on a PP let's make a lot of sense because it picket that we're really restrictive with -- and he -- even made it tracked it. But the key for at least six weeks that's -- they bring him back on our schedule. And if that be element that mr. little bit cute at that airport rock -- known to be a player not -- take all the set the world on the active roster along they can you. -- -- In using our -- out and by the three weeks scores certainly seemed like a reasonable target date for -- -- Ben was returning kicks on this team right now you think Leo Matt you brought back thirty to -- comfortable who they are. They have it looks like right now that you horse race -- out here want all people and Josh -- Actually teach you -- -- -- like college in particular has probably. I opt out of -- right now. Wanted and it is being. Option if you like -- hammer back there should count and definitely bigger than your traditional. Kick returner. But I think more of those -- and -- -- -- or adult and or Matt Slater -- options need to. -- -- forty ought to racial or they like to avoid that Josh white given any that they perceive her. You don't wanna waste she UP -- -- -- Kirk -- -- a lot for it to get receiver. Probably be to get a chicken wraps we shut -- -- Anthony -- Richard walker. It's going to be interest -- this are against buffalo and the EU stood by your Tebow take the entire -- -- try to treat you stood by it and I give you a lot of credit for NL. How to be an emotional weekend for you all the other Tebow fans here in a win but hey could he could catch on somewhere maybe may or opera. And so I don't or law and I honestly don't catch on Belichick and again you know at the last two people who believe that don't want them again. I Atlantic -- them -- manually put -- preachy but why how to do not know why we're gonna in the first actually at my issue. And great stuff affordable coverage at the regular season starts on -- -- port talk. -- in Boston will be joining -- eighteenth the -- AT&T the nation's fastest. Now the most reliable -- LTE. Network.

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