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Kyle Arrington with Mut and Merloni: No comment on Buffalo’s Stevie Johnson

Sep 3, 2013|

Kyle Arrington checks in prior to Sunday’s opener in Orchard Park against the Bills. Kyle gives the guys a glimpse into the process of prepping for different quarterbacks with the Buffalo starter in question.

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They're athletic -- they have a lot of crews you know I get a lot of presidents of me the pages. I've played against. Aqib -- yet. You know take them all on tape loans athletic. Talked to a vision noted they play as one unit you know ago ago lot of respect which -- -- I don't know him personally recordings you mean he's been -- player but it. I still think we -- -- event is of their defense. That is. That's not some fans it's like talking about his team this week last year it was at this year that Stevie Johnson. Wider C buffaloes and a lot of respect for Patrick chip that. All goes on if if if if really they play the Eagles this year that'll come and helpful Patrick jump they've on this defense anymore. That's a film study thing buffalo -- and -- their right now on C Watson is the quarter folic. That misty for a week no -- young's not here and Euro area lot of respect which I don't know I don't know person. We would -- back is Patrick Chung was a a guest of the show back in the day I'm patriots Mondays and Fridays and today Kyle Arrington. The patriots joins us he brought to you by Toshiba business solutions. So I guess colleague open to respond bill -- respondent Stevie Johnson his comments about your secondary go on to game one on Sunday. You know -- I don't really believe that we got it at that. Note we will have been have some phone with that what I really want to know Kyle is what what number now we use -- musical back to 24 like. Point five still what do what we got. Are -- report about her. OK we will will there be change. -- you know. Apple had a pretty good predictor about so that put that -- the this -- Clark without an elliptical. -- sounds good now on destitute about the guy that there was word 24 put an EIR agent Wilson which. But -- I army can be around the clubhouse is going to be around the team is. How important is that of a guy's been on the legally be around them a little bit of a veteran guy in there. I assume you know because. If you put it that every issue. He. X amount of pro bowler also. EP. You you know like whether or not and we need Burnham. And it what. -- the appropriate course. Let you know it still. Apple -- at her via. A deadly month ago. There are some guys you played with just this pre season other guys Kyle -- of honesty for awhile ago cut. Over the weekend does that date those days ever get easier as NFL player. I'm not at all. It's an important part of the business as well but you know. Keyword is definitely -- it. Never never easy we it's. That are you -- at all that it was not it'll. Is this vote yet at Florida get ready for. The minute. Was with buffalo. Even for you you've been around and he set a new deal here in the offseason I mean there's no talks of you would not make and his team airlock on this team needs to walk around this week given everything that goes around got a looking over your back shoulder to him -- is that just the way it is for everybody. I'm being. We're expecting it -- they now. -- -- -- Every you know here in Europe is. Not quite. -- -- -- but he Marat but. This defense now based on some of the moves you made Kyle looks a lot like last year's defense there at the end of the year and Aqib -- healthy. I wasn't help in a playoff game there against Baltimore. How do you think the pre season went for your defense in terms of taking that next step as a group. What you know our vote always whether BA back as well. Dominant -- -- you know I think. He that its -- and it in the right direction but I know we have a long way to go to but it will be. There you know everything we do not focus. It medical file -- it in the world world. It looked at bluegrass at. I was -- gone for you as far as transitioning you know inside to outside. Beckoned to -- inside you feel more comfortable on the outside now. I know. I don't know if not in. Optical. But it is part. You know do it. You know and out. -- -- it about it it -- -- You know what you're semantic game at I'm thankful output at. Stevie Johnson is not sure who's in your secondary. But he -- -- you are playing the bills this weekend how tough is it Tyler out. A much more difficult that is it not knowing who their quarterback is going to be EJ Manuel bit banged up tool. Might go but not short -- the prep for two different guys this week. It definitely. It -- -- don't think we're. It's written it would like that we are both sides both sides are committed. -- work to do it. When a guy like CJ Spiller and -- the year last year taken a job. Is she dynamic -- that not only worried about Stevie Johnson some of the weapons benign get a guy like that come on the back -- well. Definitely I think there. Not only -- it that straight jacket let them visit that -- Up at the very idea that it's -- -- at feet consolidate data -- on Iraq. Oh. Well that I got -- we are not all the about preparation. A -- we take you. Stevie Johnson talked about your defense what do you think about him as a player now. I extreme doubt it very very. -- though. All around. Are around it would be you know -- He should be Natalie break and out of that didn't go quite happened yet so. We we have -- We're. In a regular sitter. Week one regular season begins on Sunday in buffalo is Kyle Arrington and he joins us here at patriots Monday and Tuesday -- we appreciate it we'll talk you down the road. Kyle Larry to the football with him here joining -- site patriots won in Tuesday's brought you by Toshiba business solutions and really wanna respond to. Totally new vision noted they play as one human you know I got a lot of respect which I'm known. I know him person recording. How disrespectful was that that's like Tyler coming on here Andre -- tough -- that was what the right. Forget that go back the year we like gap we got to prepare for not only tool and EJB -- that Ryan it's Patrick Don -- is. And Lofton. Steve tasker is tough when trying to potatoes guy is Thurman Thomas the best all around back in -- football. -- could he be. That and -- yet -- -- off a driving against Jim Kelly you know you were in for tough weeks -- we prepare for that the last leg of -- -- -- I think it's disrespectful and -- that wanna deal at apple when you name a guide dog -- defense that not even on the defense. Pretty it's respectful. Will talk more Red Sox but Rob Ninkovich -- on its next -- thought Buffalo Bills and you 6177797937. Keeping --

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