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Gregg Doyel on Johnny Manziel

Sep 3, 2013|

Gregg joined Gerry and Dale to discuss his latest column on Johnny Manziel. Gregg said that there are red flags everywhere for Johnny Football's off field behavior.

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Our number 3-D NC Sports Radio WEEI. NFL season begins Thursday night the patriots season. Begins Sunday in buffalo but the college football season started this past weekend including. The return of the Heisman Trophy winner Johnny -- -- after that onerous one half suspension who leveled by the NCAA. Texas a and M level. Rice is well and joining us right now to talk about Johnny -- -- he wrote a great piece on CBS sports dot com. Entitled Johnny -- -- return brilliant plate tinged with stupid moves. Reg Doyle joins us on the eighteenth he hotline Greg it's dale and Jerry in Boston how are. Great thanks I would -- Greg did when he got to called station to -- -- -- -- station in the challenged the whole town flight. -- and any any follow any got one you got one didn't you Greg your ass kicked a -- I did I think it will you know I I can I ask people have come at a terrible -- me that was really -- sort of event they are mad at me that stupid like that so when you're right you're sure actually it like. Two weeks ago. And they got -- my cell phone number they got old in my office numbered -- cult so much that I had to change my numbers. But it is sort of and that's their fault but is my ball percent submission that anyway. Sort of a way to sitting -- all branch also show people that I am here about what took you know. Not beat me up but just you know CB or me or Kissinger toughest -- to beat me help others far they -- -- a couple places and one guy I was. He's gonna turn pro anyway I got beat up the. And was he in your weight class I hope. Yeah I actually wasn't actually depressing he was but size is bigger like allies they're Expos beat up that guys my size. Younger at all latest Margarita Ph.D. student at eight. I hate that they have -- could -- So it wasn't Johnny -- -- football in other words. That the fund that the a lot of fun maybe someday you're -- Jeff is Jeff Capel. You still got played duke and was coached Oklahoma. And back for a release for a lot of people are I wrote about Capel. And -- -- my -- about broad Jason -- I think became head coach somewhere and I was never present Jason Jason -- on a welcome Carolina anyway. A couple things -- jacket looked like it Jeff Capel telling people that I do sportswriters talk in the that you want to -- -- Jeff Capel I wanna be that Greg oil and so I I have a tweet like a public tweet hey mark -- not -- coming up which is far right there on the court. But he didn't you know -- fight back. While I'm guessing John Lehman sell may wanna beat -- up now and I'm also guessing based on what I saw this weekend. That he is the most powerful person in Texas apparently because not even his coach not even the NCAA can tell Johnny men's all what to do. Yeah -- game suspension and there was some well and that's really yet virtually amount but. Imagine that the goal. -- is that the first half of the game and suspended so it's not much is still. For document out to be humiliating your status problem or country watching watching you not play and we also wired up playing. And then you come up -- off the bench and you play and you played really well and -- your blog of the team out. And then -- -- and you're taught that you make an autograph gestures and you're the literally draw a flag for taught -- -- pointing at the scoreboard. Against rice -- Iraq 5228. At a time. -- And it it to the point that I actually it -- took about the game he got benched it was. It was quiet and it is their vote by the time he -- built on it right up -- 44 with about -- half minutes ago in the right. Had the fortunate for the -- -- felt like really. Fortunately we're reeled off like seven minute possession it's about how many got the ball back it was just time to take three steps should be done and -- -- -- of guilt that. But some on the head coach said that he wasn't a plague and after at the audience like. That you got -- but OP winner being benched. It is first came back and not the first came back this first game back after we split of the first half he can't play the whole second half dug it and bench. And that's textbooks something wrong with you red -- -- to grow up. New explain the half game -- Greg because. Everybody is mocking at laughing about anybody whether you want him punished or not -- it's it's a joke and a half game against the inferior opponent. What are the NCA just make it a whole game they still would have beaten -- don't you think even though was close that. Yeah -- -- like that was -- -- -- -- web site to -- -- teleport into what what can you live with. And today and so we can look with the Afghan Soviet its public came into play because they couldn't because they decided not to. It is determine -- guilty get paid to the complaint is made up of a career looked so also the reputation itself. For making all kind of logical substance when it's investigating crimes -- they'll never happened like that right they have. A lot of information that fill the gaps of competence and sometimes they over they over reached statement that they've hurt themselves -- of your vote we're -- -- things -- quite have been quite know. The common sense that here's what happened toward an amber you. Common sense that meant -- uptight but they're scared camera that scared error per couple things that the biggest it is -- -- weak right now -- be you know the big -- talk about -- And the FCC is the biggest of the big schools and native played the SEC -- mental biggest star. So this was not the guy they were gonna do their normal thing which is on the gas common sense -- ever does get. They're -- collate them what can you live with the negativity except after expansion putt so we are. I was gonna ask yeah I mean technically I guess I NM suspended him right although. It's kind of technical. What part of Yahoo!'s but it who have been really -- inside about saying I did this. They count as it is the joint thing and you Arab and declared him an eligible actually but it's sort of -- of a textbook processing thing that's what you do like Auburn. Declared Cam Newton is eligible three years ago visible like quietly declared eligible same day that next day ability to do it happened. Well then declared Mandela eligible and he applied and knowing that they're gonna were apply for reinstatement as -- -- -- give at all. So it you know -- who get after it off that really who's society that's what that they Cuba's. And -- -- little -- that we can live with it some place that OK we'll take -- If Kevin someone announced today that he was gonna -- bench Johnny -- -- for the game this coming weekend would he be fired by a and amp. You know let seldom has raised like forty million dollars that schools just on marketing and and free advertising and and I'm -- tickets sold and you know shirt sold all that stuff so Mandela's at this moment the most powerful guy I believe the -- school. I don't know what happens if that some of that -- double that the Alabama game. That might be legitimate question Basque the plant and he's playing next and they saw him get bench but it. They are so coddling them I think is that the media. One -- -- week picnic players doubled the media that -- days Tuesday. An -- of the guardian you know submitted the names of people are gonna make available the media for today's -- her briefing outpatient mental not to go that lists other still. Hiding him from. Which is the other right against. You know what's amazing is when he was on a -- on a roll last year Greg in winning when he won the Heisman and -- I voted for like that the guy was. Just special and I thought the NFL would be drooling over him after the season I thought he would be one of those guys like. Andrew Luck where everyone assumes that the bad teams are just playing for the number one spot to get their hands on -- football. It's not the case anymore is a great even -- on the field he's done nothing. To dissuade you from -- can he compete and play. He's not gonna beat the consensus top choice anymore because of his off field stuff. Well and even on the popular stuff really they're there to -- like about him too early textbook -- like he's at. He's the quarterback and it's it's wanting to be a receiver running back whoever. And your control will be taught people you're making your autograph picture motion. -- if you're running back that. It's not cool but -- don't just say were dropped you but but it but it your quarterback and your book -- cool at all times in UK that stopped all in the other team. On a day you the despair that perhaps the game tilt on guilty about 44. But it's -- But it doesn't. Such a lack of judgment that that you you know you don't quarterback being that aspect of that but that's also helping a huge thing but it ended up buying. The big thing at all the field like as -- talk about. He his own dad meant doubled that will be in the magazine that that Johnny drinks to deal with pressure or a source stressed. The talk about having a problem -- ones -- people -- you drink to handle stress that the problem that's. Major -- and you're not even old enough to drink. The death toll it again install come from his dad yeah -- -- -- in the magazine that that he tried to -- his son. By. But not let them. But it ought to be a great car if you start drinking -- school. Why help but again that that that that lets -- party not curricula to parting of the you've been here between your parting is such that people are brought you to stop. And that your your paired -- you party to alleviate stress and furthermore you -- that the Manning camp there's all season. In your party so much you can look up and exporting it really get a later date today you get at all. Talked about you know. I get a textbook red flag and there's a problem. If you had to pick one or the other we DB as an NFL player. Peyton Manning or Ryan leaf which would you -- Oh got to be rightly he spent twenty that he could in theory grow up. You know he's he's not a fully formed. And yes certainly not mentally. It grow up that you'd be you'd think that. After what it would do and hit his career had a had a near death experience -- college career been into what could have ruled it out well that could upset you know. We go recycles stuff we know that we're gonna still be got money to -- stupid. Thank you Don your gear up and back and happened to have a steady got a after suspension. And comes up that first game and and again you know act out so we -- you get brought up yet I what time slot. There is up a lot of examples and -- the patriots just cut an example of the you know a great college quarterback who fails at the National Football League level what are the possibilities this guy could fail at the NFL level. Oh really good you know he's he's a coin flip beat. If I think on the field you fail if he's matured off duty you know if you can stop the partying all that being grow up I think on the field. The way to game shifted. I'm not a great doubt about god at all I don't I don't know there's all the strong enough to make it a thought throws all that stuff. But I know that the that the game shipped so much and -- they've got on the out of the speed guys -- not be -- he does well -- you're doing com. It's arguably the Russell Wilson it is a better prospect than document so beautifully. You you're SEC guy Greg I mean you're you know more about that than most people we talked to appear. Did you think Tebow was going to be a good pro did you think he had a chance in the NFL. You don't have had people senior season and in junior result and all the things happened to vacuum. Orly has not been mute had I not -- that -- had I not heard all that stuff that is all straight out of assumed to be a great quarterback but. By the time he's the senior all you hurt everybody -- his -- is on a strong. And and again maybe maybe like -- they'll watch you got like football. And Edward I control be broke 3000 yards and complete 60% -- they don't look -- guy and realize -- is our -- strong. I didn't see. But again but -- news senior everybody else does so they'll -- saying is I -- piggyback -- greatness and I. I trust that everybody's that is -- -- get it done and everybody at that point okay not gonna make it all the fuel must be right. But again just go about eyeball -- I -- that's what it meant to help I don't know does Armstrong Michael Gross. It in -- -- what took out about the next six months to cycle their play the pros cubic throws at that would also LK ER over the build that picket. They -- eyeball test it was going to be. Hey. I wanna ask you some about that that a Simon. Com did you consider going in the right -- from what did you. And finding out what exactly said when he pot that those guys -- seemed like an obvious angle so that you would do Greg. What I didn't cut argument billion a year you can albeit one place what time I -- one -- don't study one available to us. You'll want to write it came about and that weed out the set. The -- Davis that I was the guy and they'll talk into which first ball clarified he's talked a lot of people but I was gonna talk do. And only said to me was nice tackle. Look at apparent. You making that -- Apparently autograph just as well what you talk about look we had to -- mental set. I -- people why I know people you know -- metal bodies I don't know all I know it Mandela's. Shaking his head no. And Vick autographed gesture. And that doesn't look we like guys saying nice tackle I -- I don't know. Again -- I -- -- -- -- in Israel but it backed like equitably demand -- popped up the same got -- on people late in the game. But he popped up shaking his head no -- you know autograph the -- and the work to get out of -- was nice tackle. You know com want a -- really. Not native spent all of that I don't -- don't yet know what you know it -- if that same particular that they got caught with a moral decline. -- -- Well we also know that he blew off his coach on the sideline. I mean it's kind of hard to to explain away is an. I didn't see that I've I've read that a few times little guilt or your coverage of the game as a -- -- the best angle that you stopped. Right -- so many other things going on. Well I can't believe yeah I got tonight I thought -- -- watching Mandela I shouldn't I and I remember about three minutes later -- out on the bench. And I wanted to know myself -- what happens he'll popular little walk bind to about apparently apple is sort happened and I missed it. It's a detriment to -- formed what looked like what looked like. It looked like a quarterback who was ignoring his coach who was as I -- Colin as he was walking by any just kept -- out walk. Yet but he told nick Albert nice tackle they yeah that's right out caliber we don't bode over well so what it would never ever ever say anything. Possibly untrue to protect our mental outlook public -- -- Early on until the tweet came out I never heard of Lee elder and on the killed 81 to 32. -- -- -- Where does -- go in the draft. Greg gonna hold you toothless and have you back on the -- -- ago in the 2014. And a draft. Well good lord patriots took a chance on Tebow means you know Corey Dylan Ted Johnson. The big monster from the titans -- -- the most. You have it goes the patriots. As they. All that would be so delicious when -- have. Unbelievable well. Have to try to figure out. At first really if somewhat right about -- what would go -- do people what. In hindsight what was he doing we don't know -- area -- -- -- -- I love -- that are out out out loud that it's OK don't be candidate your column you wrote. He's he's not a -- is I call them DiLeo he's got all I have -- Now an odd series title of the scarier area right it is here -- I I read you but I don't know about all the publicity under your name and spell it. Know your column you wrote in -- is still like quietly here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't know Greg we we throw this out on a daily basis we went through theories one day we had 27 theories each was more ridiculous -- the next. Over the last because people don't know they don't know it became part of the fascination. There was a theory that he was gonna play different positions -- never happened he was -- around the wildcat -- -- the goal line which means you take Tom Brady off the field which is ridiculous. No one has an answer to that question why is he why was he here. In hindsight you look at that make this install it doesn't really make sense but. It's like Belichick wants about it felt itself if eyesight and bring him -- -- -- -- from meat but also like cute little last cut which we know that I've taken. He's done. If contact was trying to kill his career he just killed I I don't think that we still wind obviously I don't think that in prospective. But that report that everything else based on what happened or didn't happen up there. Do you think he won't get another chance anywhere else. You know white iPhone Google -- the jets and adequately protect all people like. You know over the further it must elect at the Bob Kraft -- in crafting yourself drummer for people to make craft. Could -- forced to -- of pork projects. I don't think so do you think so -- -- absolutely I mean there's there's those theories to Greg lots of them out selling jerseys and selling tickets and it it it doesn't fly because that's Belichick's call bring in and Tebow is Belichick's call not the owners. And I don't think that could force him on the coach. You know I thought I bunkers over the jet a couple of -- over I think -- -- I think it I think it should be over right now but that doesn't mean there's not one doubt -- came at W anymore to protect -- W. And he did it it does -- not one guy out there little item for some reason I don't know but. Look at it I would -- every tilting the NFL stickers of read -- put me out he probably can't do it. Good guy can't play. -- a good guy if you believe it is. Yeah yeah -- all the other good -- -- like Greg we always appreciate time thank you and it was fun read your stuff but Johnny I is new name for me is Johnny Cash. I had got a cast like protective of the bottom or appreciate time thank you are different there. Eric Doyle CBS sports dot com great piece on John Lehman sell. And this is the guy who can literally tell his coach screw you. Sorry nation. You know it's it's baffling to me is the Tebow question is the question why would the NCA come up with half a game against rice went white -- said he didn't do anything Ronald they could approved the touching it could have proved it. We don't you think cash changed hands -- -- think he sold as a you do right. -- -- -- don't ask don't doubt my money can't play and notes a big philosophical debate -- athletes with besides that -- different -- so if they gave them one whole game and it was the rice game and they're gonna win without were gonna win -- who fights that. This and I am really go to the mat but don't happen again and -- thank god it's only the rights game. It's only half the right now which became comical I mean if they had said one technically we still know suspend. It it it's like -- edit those you know old gray area things did the NCAA suspend him. Detectives say in and say that the NCAA -- wills wills will suspend burst that game. Nobody really knows who actually did it mean don't you think he's a really good quarterback. Obviously college yes you don't think he's -- -- -- and there's a real good chance I just think that in the same Lila I love RG story. I think his his career length in the NFL is going to be very limited. Things again can't play like in the NFL well guys and good luck. And I like not like -- -- mean in different ways it has run on paper you know Jhonny Gonzales is an alike Michael -- but in that regard -- and that hasn't worked for a long time was and number one pick. And they donated everything form. I think that the thing -- the considers that the teams that are likely would be. In the top 2345. They're looking for a savior a lot of time on the look and if it's buffalo. They -- paycheck to that whether. Out just they just drafted Manuel -- they want draft. I think top five teams will be looking for. Star not just the assault and quarterback there will be looking for star. Talk about electrifying France says if some -- another bad Jackson -- -- -- You know that that jump ball over -- chance to bring in Johnny football. And you know just like the animal -- region on fire that's one that that I concede that recent as a buffalo as they just drafted a quarterback that they think's going to be he's got to throw six touchdown pass against Portland drafted you know Colt McCoy in the in the -- out the year two later Brady Quinn is gone from Cleveland already right I mean -- that's what people get did you. Quarterback the most important position in sports and an until you find one. You just wondering in the wilderness right you have no chance and to the -- corporate you cannot win. You can win consistently on a quarterback exceed the just keep him as a matter when -- cost does matter what a longer shot maybe -- failure rate. 6177797937. -- telephone number AT&T text line 3790. -- and every columnist when -- one on the road challenged that its new city to a fight or flight meet me at the GM -- -- I like think could maybe get away with it is Jay Glazer. He's the one guy who could survive to tell but I don't believe as a result. I think it's -- -- doing I just -- works out with the Yemeni guide us in assists. The -- Dual use. It. Places for the folks whose looks to me. All cookies prettiest or not too little stuffed in an -- middle -- it was not like big. What Shaughnessy and on the we're just one run itself like animals or just might. -- seriously. If -- -- quiet actually elect Greg spectacles that it would just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WB yeah.

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