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Tom Brady on the start of another season

Sep 3, 2013|

Tom joined Dale and Gerry and discussed his preparation for week one against the Bills. Tom left the door open for a return of Tim Tebow and called him a great teammate.

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Joining us right now on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest now the most reliable forgy LTE. Is the quarterback -- England patriots -- conversation with Tom Brady has brought to you by northeast electorate electrical distributors. I atomic dale and -- good morning how are you. More and I want to hear. Yeah basically it is the best time of the year -- It's we actually realized -- week in the game that is gonna matter in the standings it's everyone is -- very excited we we're prepared for the last. Couple days and and we've got. Today's. Relatively off stay -- -- 33 days of practice this week. Became somebody so it's very exciting -- Anyway it seems to may come -- the pre season could not have gone better for you for you personally I guess for you and your. And your teammates on offense did today does it feel that way to you did this pre season go as well as you could help. Well I I think. More so than even the game the quality of the practices and -- the spring went with. Guys being able to be healthy and make significant improvement was the most important thing so. It Dutch open the game and that's where. You have your task. You know at the end of the practice week but it. I think for the most part you know between this is. It's it's been a lot of fun it's been a lot of hard work a lot of preparation -- a lot of guys to their release. I'm bought into the Olympic coach Belichick tries to coach the team and in the world you know goes -- but -- that's what that's really what will know how prepared we are we actually finished realized that the competition with. And everything on the line it's. You you certainly gain a lot from the precinct in in the experience of playing but it not since like regular season football so. It's just a whole different thing that's a whole different level of competition it's. No it's great to be able to gain plant for a particular achievement. He tendencies and -- things that you really. Like you want to attack him and that's what this week saw about so hopefully -- best on Sunday. As as we all know you got a whole new receiving -- all new cast the characters here and it seems to be working how well. I know you're you're probably happy with. A number -- guys who can you give us one or maybe two names. Of a guy who has been the most pleasant surprise to you as as a quarterback. Well. I think that they that that I see is it. You know everyone that's on the team as talented -- ability to play here so you wouldn't be and you would reach this level if you do have the ability to perform. I mean -- the they would set -- -- full force you to perform on a daily basis and during these a weekly basis in the game. That's what -- stick around for a long time because they can they can consistently. Perform at a higher level so. You know it's hard to tell within the rookies where that there was. Have doubled teamed and he thinks there. They're able help us win games which is why we're here why -- we have the job that we have to win. So. You know I'm -- like everyone else to see that too so it. You can talk about it and think about it and hope that -- -- we gotta go do that. That's that's why you play the game and so. -- all the guys we've got a lot of new guys on the team especially the skill position in the running back position is. You know it's it's certainly hopefully it's great for us off that the weapons were little returning starters which is hopefully and other strength. The receiver position is that we are basically all you guys with the exception of truly Matthew Slater. And that a -- their position with. You know there's a little bit carried over. You know we're we're going to be. We're gonna take -- -- -- -- our identity which. In that like that how that plays that means releasing. Danny Amendola arrive with a a very well deserved reputation of being a very good receiver in the National Football League. What have you seen from him what are his strengths that he brings to the position for your team. For forgiving yes. -- -- Well didn't you know that. I think first ball he just you know very hard working hard nosed football player he wants to be out there every day how competitive he is and he wants to do the right thing and just you can tell how much you love the game and how much he. Want to contribute and and do it so this is our first opportunity to be able to do that. You know this weekend and he. He missed the last couple pre season games and you know I know he's anxious to get out there and could ever live action we've played against Kevin -- game plan for himself. Nor defense -- speaks. -- level of quality of perceived that he is. So a bit. It expects first brought there and have chances to do with this week. Everybody is trying to play fast in the NFL not to on this story in sports posted about it we know Chip Kelly. Doesn't ever huddle up in Philadelphia will play be playing real fast with this well all these new guys can you played just as fast. As you did last year or just as fast as you did the last few years which was. Faster than any team in the NFL. Yeah we did that in and we definitely use that as. Is an advantage is the strength. I think we've learned a lot from that both the positive and the negative. And that's really something that evolves over the course of the season for achievement. In every team has. Temple's offense whether to to -- offense whether it's strictly in the huddle offense. -- Chip Kelly that could be their entire offense. The most important thing. I think I've said this before it you know that you can't. There's no gimmicks in the NFL that work. For an extended period of time and ultimately will win football game -- excuse ship and it's the same basic fundamentals so once football games for. You know for decades and that's blocking and catching. And running and rolling. And just the basic. Fundamentals of the game that you can't trick your way through those things so you may come up with -- formation under. As certain players certain blitz for the first defense -- that yet it may. Help with an aging in a you know from that -- was the which you know what indoors over the course for a long period of time it is. Good quality players playing Smart playing tough played physical and actually cute with great fundamentals. And that's. That's the purpose of football so. You know we've had years where. You know offensive restraint create your defense of the strength we that your first question the strength we. The running game restraint depressing interest rates pass coverage of the straight turnovers -- strength all those things at play in the winning and losing games -- You know I think that is a trend to try to go faster. But ultimately it's the execution of the -- be great if we -- -- play in a second. Great world we lose regard of the -- it's not great what you need to do is move forward and you got to move toward your political I've got to get the ball -- so so. There's lots of ways to get that done. You know food our particular -- over the last few years yeah that has been something that we've done a good job of Woolsey if that restrict first this year by. You know third definitely. You know things have played themselves out over the course of the season and I would say for example -- no huddle offense played itself. When we saw the kind of players that we had. Both physically. You know intellectually. For those guys to be able -- excuse at a high level. Elected -- -- in the Wes Welker isn't quite often and Hernandez when they were able to that was really straight for -- -- What's respect Bertie boy I don't know Woolsey. So we're gonna have to we have to go out there heard it. Final question from -- Jerry asked this question earlier all askew. Was your rival. One in particular yet. -- your big rival Lucy you know like at Michigan it's the Ohio State week who's your who's your week. Well there's a -- look at this year there was a lot of -- You know it was always Notre Dame it's usually don't want to that you played quite a bit and I think this division rival that we have that has. Those little those little ones that you developed the you know the great rivalries with is that when you know I. Mean buffalo I I know we. We've done a good job against buffalo over the years very tough very tough team we always. I have battled against them that we come probably the end more times than not I mean look they give us everything that we can handle I've got. However expect from the the jets' sudden we've had obviously you know nothing -- we've we've got a lot about them and Miami's. You know we've had some great bout with them so I would say our division opponents are the ones that we always you know have our eyes on that. That's the path to the play out straight there's been through your division. -- We've got -- know we got a great way to start there's no tougher challenge in the NFL but gold on the road on opening day gets to division reports I've. I've learned that you know a long time ago it. This is gonna be really great challenge for answers about what information around you know player. New coach new coordinator new offense the defense. Got a really prepare for everything so that's really what we're trying to do. I would say that if the colts used to be arrival another Broncos earned. For those -- one thing in common -- you -- rival he's a player and Peyton Manning you probably don't want. Don't hear that. Well on the Blackberry yeah I mean I would say we've got a great history I mean we've got a great history against. You know Peyton Manning led into an agreement should give the ravens at this point about a meaningful games that we played against them the chargers for a long time we did. So it you know protections we've we've had to battle we have of every team at this point that's the thing that's exciting for the NFL what is. You know you look at -- day like today there -- 32 teams are very hopeful that this season and four months from now. Visibility that a lot of crappy seasons. And and nobody knows which -- -- -- And there are a lot of things that can happen in the meantime so. I just hope we're all of those crappy teams that are in and we do everything we can't picture one of those teams that still -- beautiful game at the end of the year so. If it's fun it's fun for the players it's fun for the fans it's appropriately. I mean it's football -- get past Labor Day and you know work world for the year we'd all have days. Try to improve we have every day -- and you know us we we as players understand the urgency of that it. Everything that we've done for six months -- -- this week and it's for this week and I hope for our -- -- at a position where we're ready you do that in. Other excited to go to buffalo and -- will -- it -- -- At one last quick question you can hear this question to the rescue alive in mind as well answered today the way what was it like. Working with Tim Tebow was it like hanging with Tim Tebow for the brief time that you did. Why you have arrived I enjoyed being around him very much and he's a very. -- the football player in it and -- -- That the couple -- put and then. Kinda become afraid that this is. You know it was a great thing leader. Yes they talk about a lot of the quarterback but it didn't directly over the years I've ever won brings the unique. Skills that attitude of the table it. I really enjoyed -- avenue -- on say these things. In the NFL always. You know. We're never kudos for going back -- the team at some point this year -- You know I wish him nothing but the best she's really great person and then a great player. Tom we appreciate time good luck this week. -- make it we take care that is a patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Our conversation with Tom -- -- -- by northeast electrical distributors -- all due respect to the quarterback of the patriots. I just wanna point out to them. In his lifetime record against the Buffalo Bills is twenty and two. With 52 touchdowns and seventeen interceptions. I just wanna say 2220. And two. 52 touchdowns seventeen -- and one of the two was the lower bowl 31 enough and and the other one was September 11. -- to September 25 2011. Builds were down 21 nothing came back and beat the patriots 3431. Snapping 815. Game losing streak. So I mean I know that it's always tough to opened the season on the road it's an -- rival. -- says it's the hardest thing to do open the open the season on the road against the division particular things -- a playoff game. Well on the road but I mean it was giving those are those statistics for statutes it's 20 I'm well aware of them think it's too bad I've had enough currencies if you like -- please this feel like the fifth pre season I'm one of those people wouldn't mind to pre season games I don't want eighteen. Regular on the I want to pre season games and and sixteen regular buddies I -- to August of cost the owners too much money but the that would be okay it would -- how many pre season games to be college teams play. Be like non now right yeah that works out okay they don't have they have. Square images. You know that works out fine pre season games -- and we have another one this Sunday at buffalo unfortunately. Amid -- I don't I don't I'm not gonna admit it but. This look at the opening -- slate it's. The worst team. Mean cattle on Thursday as the best I think it will be on to see Brady were -- receivers but let's face he's got a chance to work out the kinks before they hit the the iron on to -- -- -- -- -- down by four touchdowns yeah I've but it will be 6177797937. With telephone number. AT&T -- minus 37937. -- who thinks the Buffalo Bills are better than -- -- does is on the other side of the last Sports Radio W yeah.

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