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The Road to October with Rob Bradford and Alex Speier

Sep 2, 2013|

Rob and Alex keep going down The Road to October. Topics on this edition of The Road include the Sox losing to Detroit and Salty's ability (or lack thereof) to bunt.

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We are back. Well like we never left Alex we are back. How things can change so dramatically. In just the course of a few Labor Day hours indeed indeed laborious ones that. Well all of that -- go so you're saying Labor Day to take a whole new me because. We were. Breaking things down starting at 10 o'clock this morning we continue to break things down all things Red -- all things baseball. Heading on into 7 o'clock -- on into the great planet Mikey I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Alex spear my colleague my friend the guy I looked up to. WR so I don't as I have I'm in one of the high seats and that -- -- and this fair but. You're with us as well aware that wouldn't -- as well as the team effort. WEEI Sports Radio network this is the road to October so now we always loved in the count. Because this is the road to October you wanna do the countdown. I think -- there are 23 games left now won me three games so now you have to. When they before. The year ago I have to go thirteen and ten yard run to get up to 95 -- in ten at the 95 the Red Sox lose. As John Ryan had just told you his Jokester you know and Dave O'Brien gave you play by play and the pitcher for you. On the WI Sports Radio network. Red Sox lose three nothing to the Detroit Tigers in the most important series of the season. Europe they're all important -- right now by -- they're all the most important from here it's a little hyperbole but that's what makes it fun this time a year that's what that white people or amp up over this series. That's what why people want to see how the Red -- would match up against Detroit. The other team atop the the win won loss record. In the American League the did Torre. Tigers them very very talented Detroit Tigers the team that I believe might be the most talented from top to bottom. In the American League Alex. -- -- were -- clear thinker with that. It's interesting I don't know if they're the most talented top to bottom I don't know if 125. If you know it's kind of in the 15125. They match up with the Red Sox or at least like maybe in the fifteen through when he with a ten to two when he. But they have there the team that has the greatest constellation of stars when you're talking about. That way when you talk -- lineup that features the likes of Miguel Cabrera Cabrera who was out today. And get the Tigers still -- so that's a nice sign for them. Prince Fielder who's struggled but he's still Prince Fielder Victor Martinez has been outrageously hot of late Justin Verlander -- shirts are. And about Sanchez who's leading the American League I believe any ERA of Randy and it's so obviously they skip Verlander that if -- skip Sanchez they get scherzer tomorrow. Yeah Fister today. And this and they're all good pitchers I think that you look at the few teams starting rotations. -- parable. I think Detroit I'm terrible think -- the Tigers in the Red Sox have well I'm just I'm not I'm going by what you. What the Red Sox rotation has become and what they could potentially become with Clay Buchholz you look at Verlander you look at scherzer. That's a very good place to start the Red Sox don't have that right now -- be fair to say I mean those that are. Okay so Verlander has been underperforming yeah that's right or he hasn't been preferring up to clear track record but shirts or has been pretty dominant you know pretty dominant over the course of the -- are you going the other way -- in the Red Sox have a better -- at 100 OK I think that the Tigers I think that the Tigers. Have more guys who more guys were able to work deep in the games. Were able to attack the strike zone then we're gonna get swings and misses with low walks totals in the Red Sox right now. Okay well anyway this this get into it 6177797937. My name's rob Bradford. The BI dot com this Alex spear the same organization could also Texas on the eighteenth he tax line. At 37937. Gets -- -- coming in already. I know that people are probably pretty frustrated over this game and rightfully so you're going up against the Detroit Tigers this is supposed to be somewhat of a litmus test. You underperformed now the one thing I will say this this is the glass half full type of thing. Is that the remarkable thing about this Red Sox team going forward. And throughout the course of the year is that their ability to correct after games like this they've been shut out now eleven times which is remarkable you'd. That's tied for the sixth most in all Major League Baseball which is a little bit surprising for a team that's had that they're kind of consistent run out while the team that has a better record them than them in the Atlanta Braves has been shut out thirteen -- time times the team that's two teams that are that have comfort Cardinals and Pirates have been shut out ten times. So maybe maybe we shouldn't -- too many conclusions about. About the shape of an offense from the sure bet to me that's what makes it and we're gonna break down today's game we're gonna break down exactly with a Red Sox are. Heading down the road to October but I've also -- a look at tomorrow's game because I find it fastening this is the type of things and talking about. Which is after a game like this the Red Sox have shown a remarkable ability to correct what they've done or haven't haven't done and gone forward and put in a better effort would you agree with that -- compartmentalize their struggles and a very impressive fashion in a fashion that is somewhat evocative of what they -- in 2007. When their longest winning streak with five games when their longest losing streak was four games. And it was just kind of that steady wins series after series after series. And avoid any kind of sustained losing streak that ended up taking them to a pretty far place. Happy Labor Day about I forget this happy labor today 6177797937. This is the road to October. Would have kicked things off. And I don't know we're gonna get a lot of frustration I don't know if we're gonna get a of people just reflecting on what they saw today I don't know if we're gonna get optimism. But it's a great time to talk about the Red Sox where there rat. What you saw today and how they match up against the other team in the American League I think that people are picking as favorites will start out. Phillip and mend in Philip Howard you do and. It's an -- Yeah I think lack he should I maturity about who he -- the lack of court unbelievable. He does not get any run support which is right. On have stopped and late in the -- great job to a spot -- two great field double plays. Are the frustration there is no question. It's a testimony to the tide is coming in. We get there. In the American League Championship Series were probably run into them. Our pitchers could be a factor but so we -- you read back of the equity was in that people -- before it went well. I can't -- Salty. Situation -- -- admit -- and put the bunt down. I think generally the Red Sox I think it this far with Detroit especially. It would have to change a lot early innings with the -- down if you don't and period I don't want energies are treat it. Lot of opportunities to get something on. We had. Treat pitcher on the line eat what 23 walks into the sport so yeah I -- -- frustration because into the teams will be playing -- rolled into. That's what's gonna come out here out on the. Well a couple things develop and one thing is that you look at this one game is fair look at this one game breaking down how they did against Detroit. But they had already played four games against him I think they had scored 21 runs. Are so. There's the start make too too much about this one game but you bring up a good. Point in a good scenario that I think we're going to be talking about a few times heading into the next couple hours which is a salty -- today. And and and yeah. In game Brett you know just frustration. We've been real light on line. You couldn't get to opt out as each team especially two or short series. I mean it took this series a -- that -- out there aren't going to be brought the ball and yet you are. It would pay raise I mean yes -- into a -- now once -- teens. That's -- -- -- -- gonna come in and interest means people want to do well when I -- streaking but the first two or 321. I mean well Oakland is there is and it is like playing on a different planet in fairness but like the at the offensive atmosphere by virtue of by virtue of the Bay Area -- is just a different different ballgame as -- off then what you're in town or elsewhere so you know I wouldn't necessarily. Read that much into another I guess that you know in October the air conditions change the you know the -- -- -- conditions change and a run scoring does become more scarce does that mean rob to use the -- -- We'll need to adapt their offensive philosophy naive -- how you adapt your offensive philosophy is. That you look at what you did poorly in the previous game and the sake would we control the strike zone better or repay some enough. That sort of thing now I should make mention because as I said the Saltalamacchia bunt is probably gonna come up few times over the next couple hours. If it was a it was a signature play in this game. And John Carlson after the game that the reason that they put that bunt on which way it's. -- seventh inning first and second nobody out down two runs correct right okay. The reason John -- put that point on he said was because -- had already induced three -- double plays are ready. And they didn't feel like they wanted to hit into another one they want to stay out that so even though Saltalamacchia had bunt did partly -- ball. They put that on hoping we get the runners in scoring positions tale of the double. Yeah I I he's still you know Saltalamacchia has been swinging so well that I think you just. You know you just stay the course you trust in the hitters in the approaches that have gotten you to where they are asking Saltalamacchia to be you know it. It was almost a decent bunt but it ended up being a job being a -- just. Placed in the exact wrong spot. Because -- -- could jump out of his stance if the ball and just fire and you know basically what motion to third without having to turn anywhere so it proved a pretty good rally killer. But you know at a at a certain point just trust your guys trust you know. Trust that you're going to be able to maybe maybe it's put guys in motion because it's Doug Fister is not getting swings and misses. -- I don't know I personally I don't like the idea. Of the bunt in that situation especially when you're trailing by two runs. You know I I don't like the idea of giving away the one I don't I don't. Mind the ball and so much as the big guy who was excused because like you said you have a run producer drop. And in typically. He isn't used to bunting in that sometimes that's when you get the problems when you have a guy might be the right scenario might be the right instance. But sometimes you get the guy who just isn't comfortable doing it received a lot over the last two years it in the -- side received team victory no numerous times execute. Very well and that's situations. The victory and has the chance to -- for a you know when he starts -- he's still has a fighting chance to get a flag and then we can look this up last time Saltalamacchia. And one. Bunt sacrifice by dom is just -- another thing to talk about as good especially when you get to games like these close games. Against very good team is fascinating stuff that's Alex beer. RBI dot com -- rob Bradford of the same organization 617779. 7937. Or text the eighteenth he Tex signed 37937. This -- the road to October. Were talking all putting reds are all things baseball pentagon up to 7 o'clock special. Addition of the road to October all current -- can I do today. All right yeah are you doing it you -- I'm all right are quite -- while we're doing great what do you. How -- are you a little bit about Brett got here. I think has overreacted a little bit. I don't think we've reacted as the -- I think we are the greatest breaking down at this point I donated to. Are all early on you know I like that you money that the most important here and I -- just time -- -- -- -- I'd I've been hectic you know I don't think it would matter if they want not a lot thirteen not -- -- that that it that it you know they're gonna pay. Great pitching up in the -- now they know that. You know I thought they would make it all the -- you make it a -- You know. Yeah I think there -- a little unfortunate it didn't exactly act -- but it. So Derrick Todd is there anything about today you seemed to be taken a pretty even keel approach this game as -- and probably how you should be. But is there anything about today that -- opera like. I ballot elite. More encouraging than -- team -- -- deep into the game. You know I think that. You get that performance from lack in a playoff game. He had a pretty good Jets went back in. It is remarkable in -- some people who have been texting in and also we had a column earlier is this point about the absence of run support their Lackey has received especially relative. To other members of the Red Sox he has yet to win a game this year in which he's given up more than two were and that's a pretty limited margin for error and it's just. Bad luck because there are other Red Sox pitchers this year certainly who have enjoyed more than their fair share of pot of of instances. In which the offense has bailed them out in died in lackeys case. That evidently just the opposite has happened resulting in this what eight to twelve record -- out. Have to talk like darling early good point Indy. Part of this whole next couple hours -- show. Especially after today is looking at everything looking at the entire pitcher and we talked about Saltalamacchia on. We talk about approach against Detroit but we cannot ignore Lackey in his ability to continue to pitch well yeah it's a good point -- you. 1120. Am I the only one that looked like the Yankees in the playoff. Why why would you want to see the -- play out well you read -- one would be I think. They're a weaker team then you know I'll repeat. And do you know I think. A little while but that rivalry really it hit better it's I think if the Yankees are able -- -- -- You know some other. He had -- it I feel like -- have been. Not not at Fenway park at least the past few years. All most welcome thanks for the call I think the intensity once you at the playoffs it doesn't matter who you line but he did that'll that'll fix itself. I I totally agree I think that's fair you -- they're the reason why Fenway lacked intensity last year because they there was not a good baseball team that was there. I feel like and there are times this year when it's really coming back especially now with the kind of late innings dramatics that we've seen at various stages of this year but. Yeah I mean I think it honestly the Sox raised rivalry. Has been spectacular and -- yankees in -- starting in 2000 parents yup so -- with the James Shields Coco Crisp on incidence indeed he had a line in the sand the acting so. And we one thing that we haven't gotten into laugh at today's game is Jose Iglesias what he did. The Indy which is all have strong reactions -- races I mean RB interest in hearing. In hearing from callers from listeners. About how they feel about you know about trading Jose Iglesias. Whether or not but it was the right move for the Red Sox. I attempt to take part in that three way trade that brought back Jake Peavy. Alex has a strong opinion on Jose Glazer is I have a strong opinion about Jose Iglesias we're gonna get to those opinions along -- your calls Steve Joseph -- all up. Ready to go road to October 617779. 79837. Will give you our take on the Jose Iglesias. Return. -- -- -- -- At a boy barely. At a boy. With a backpack. Road October. Were dragging a little bit now we're back. Back fired up ready talked about this. It talked about this Red Sox gave -- talked about what you guys the -- But this Red Sox team ready to talk about how you viewed the upcoming schedule. That's why we're gonna replay got a lot way to play this music for the entire show up at the earth. I wasn't Theres a way to -- basically I should. Rob Bradford of -- the I dot com. Road to October Alex -- it would -- WEEI dot com as well 6177797. In 937. Red Sox lose. Three to nothing to the Detroit Tigers. Play -- -- that doc about and when we talk about the schedule we -- talking earlier today. On the -- Maloney show about the schedule and it's obviously better than what you saw last month by the isn't a little bit of a wake up call to what awaits in -- talked a little bit about this. By about Detroit that you have the Yankees never an easy out. And then you going to Tampa. And I think there may be viewing it from how they were playing at the White Sox right well you're playing well and so it doesn't make a difference who you're playing. Where you're playing but also and one loss. Makes you feel little. Different doesn't it it is a reminder they it. As opposed to playing you think they don't have the kind of cheap wins right they -- -- it look like they kind of got against what's what's not to say. If there's any such thing as a cheap when it's -- -- -- to about the White Sox are you. Are rebuilding team they are not the Detroit Tigers. Who have a lot at stake. And the Red Sox now from this point forward for most of the rest of the schedule with the exception of perhaps the Blue Jays. And of course the Blue Jays would like to make life miserable for everyone in the hell yes at out of the operation out. Didn't change his. It does but yet the so the Red Sox have a pretty. Debt as scheduled dense with teams in contention. Dense with teams were still playing for something they have you know whatever their six games left against the Yankees and their. In a couple series against the Orioles may have Tampa today and they have so this is this is to. It just extracted out there really is in. And great website you -- Staley dot com also baseball -- dot org I was just looking up some stuff on there. And one of the guys who also signify her or are. Carroll was a big part of today's game is Bruce front zone setup guy for the rookie set up guy did Detroit Tigers hit a hundred in three. For the first time in anybody's memory at Fenway Park you remember -- 130. Did. What was the name of the Zuma did some Mariah went 03 maybe that's a tough one that's a tough when I got to give them my story about tell you that later oddest looking out. This on nine MLB and -- -- award. The Red Sox obviously the second best hitting team in the major leagues right behind Detroit in terms of batting average. Against fastballs of 98 or better. Did the third worst. And it's just a nice holes that's a fun stat but. It's interesting to me it's interesting -- you just don't see that type of fastball really a whole bunch yeah I mean I imagine that they're kind of results. It within that range on 98 mile per hour fastballs are pretty densely clustered -- I can't imagine one team. Really separating -- a boat that's the team that really -- -- -- IBA yeah I know I did it in in the one I remember I remember from last year one of the very few highlights from last year was deal -- a bases loaded against her and out for lenders pumping in 999900. And finally now against him takes it the other way big and it. Well again one of the few highlights of the season I think that was on July 31 wasn't it that was on the day of the trade deadline it may have been may have been but. One of the few it does when it looked like the Red Sox rushing coming you know like when they. They were they were actually on a reasonable little run even though David Ortiz wasn't back yet the thought was he was going to come back. In the Red Sox stood pat at the trade deadline rather then rather than moving to blow up what they had at that point. Interesting to digest editor called a good news for you they didn't want him they did not visit today did it they did go on -- and it is. Not a via of the contending -- it didn't work out and I heard Dave O'Brien joked disagree on talk about the that this if they hit 93 wins. It would be the biggest turnaround up any red -- team since they had the -- -- game. Schedule -- in their history. And so that's amazing -- more so than the impossible dream death and the that others not to be any records native or maybe they'll be Sox may intimate and a let's cut some vital to handle its other a route did that this. You you are onto something between my Twitter teachers before and our cut vitals on that this riot sized team. I like it 61777979837. Join the conversation. AT&T tax line 379837. Steve you're in the car what you got today. -- can you -- Steve we hear you. Yeah we are coming back from that game it was a very depressing game and you guys -- little bit -- my thunder and what that much -- -- -- -- -- which we were depressed about it would confer with. The second before that where -- failed to move a runner up. They had -- the line early in the game. And my feeling is that -- a freak out yet but -- has to change -- managing a little bit to face these top teams in due to chance. You get on board early play a little small ball. You have to change your attitude how you play these top teams well it's important to get the impression on that and also Glazer is what -- watching -- a lineup like you guys -- Well every every talked about a place you see and we -- we would -- Alex you actually this plays into the conversation about Iglesias because Steve one of the things that John -- did was in practice that runners in motion. Early in the game in order play a little bit of small ball. When they had that one of their incipient -- at the pitching Victorino is on first. -- Dustin Pedroia was hitting. And Pedroia hit a ball hit a ball to the right of second base and that's where -- is we've got unbelievable play to cross over the back field the ball. Turned it had turned tag victory no hero -- sort of first to double up Pedroia. In -- both Victorino and Pedroia. We're just stood still in like shocked at what it just happened so that was an instant that you regrets or -- badly burned. Because Iglesias isn't anywhere near position to make that play. If he's not if Bob Petrino hadn't been going to bring Iglesias with -- the same zip code of second base. You don't enter into the Iglesias conversation. That a lot of people thought that he might go a little bit around even after that downturn after he was traded. Because he was going to be energized and that's the type of player is. I'm always -- Alex when I hear this well you know here's a guy who plays his best. When you have the four decks in the stands in the five decks in the stands of that the full crowd there. I'm always hesitant and maybe it was burned by the Julio Lugo phenomenon right there because Joseph Maddon was even before Julio Alou left. Joseph Maddon was saying this about Julio Lugo it did not translate. And I still look at Iglesias and look what he did in the minor leagues. I'm waiting I'm waiting but I watched today. And what he is he's a very confident player right now we'll see what happens you know as his career evolves I think he will settle a little bit. But right now what you saw he's very -- And that Brett and that consummate energy guy at times who just makes changes the look and feel of a team because the Tigers felt like they were kind of plodding team. With you know just guys who were if it was a team is built on really good swing and miss starting pitching. Andrew and a really really deep middle of the order that was filled with masters and all of a sudden Iglesias changes the dynamic. What's startling to me is that Fister actually has at least as of through six innings today he had a worse ERA. In the Jose Iglesias Serra that he did prior to which I find just startling gaffe ends you know ends aside that you can't really predict anything. Inside of small samples but. Iglesias yeah I do think that he's someone. Who enjoys challenges and has a capacity. To at least responded initially to the mother sometimes at Leicester can paid we also shouldn't overlook the fact that he faced a challenge last year at the end of last year playing everyday for the reds. -- in August and September and he was terrible institute for -- strikes and when would Pedroia hits the double -- in the game. And Iglesias -- -- and Adam and and try to play you know have some fun with them while the Pedroia really want it any pars there. I think it places seven early did that Mike you're in the car you wanna talk little -- Nicklaus is how you doing. Yes gentlemen I would talk about the trade I'd say I get the sense that out it against that and -- four -- the -- now know Alex is more. Before okay. Yeah now I I'd just like we are but I think -- bite before you get go and I think just to make sure you're clear on my stance I guess. Is that I think that it's a good fit for Detroit I think by. With peavy what you have is not all the other here in the now you have the next year and then you have the draft pick as well so I think all that added up it's probably good deal football games. And yet the ability to deal -- -- -- -- -- if you walk but just Don based on the numbers are treated me nothing but good for the Red Sox. If you look at their July rotations. They -- they had they had their best month you very life and goes. 3.5 pick from the starting pitchers they got over seven innings -- more times this month. And all the months previously. And if you send in the -- is that they all the pitchers. Are starting to get deeper to -- and saving what is really the biggest weakness on the current. Which is there that are outside of the dollar and -- -- there's nothing out there aren't any competent than. In the last game and looking at like I I don't wanna have to rely on all the pitchers going. Seven innings in that. -- it between those two are close -- -- before they get you we are. That in the and the -- in the playoffs I think potentially is I think you'll be out there won't most likely be transitioned into the ball and can that feel like -- the guy who. Who might think it. Do it as the kind of what the white with the Cubs and now I think -- main event and decent Japanese Olympic earned. Mine my -- fully. He -- did the -- -- but talking about it if you look at the schedule together and looking at the -- accept the best record against the elite I don't have any. Of the other fourteen and I I realize. That that the Yankees are significantly better. And they work in April and change you and they actually have a Major League lineup and our. -- line up they are along the road may have been nineteen between one game after today nineteen of them are elite always -- that you would go nine and and then nine. And the Raiders have to go ridiculously. High -- that. I don't like I don't I don't think there's any question that the Red Sox are still -- really -- spot by I don't look at it so much and how they've done against these teams. Because Baltimore's own them but I would think the Red Sox you feel pretty confident against the way the Baltimore playing right now. I look at it more than here in the now power these teams playing where their position heading into last few weeks. Well well I think I reckon -- the Yankees going to play them that probably the team on wobbly at least -- any of the elite teams they have really good pitching. They've gotten -- probably had better pick in the NE AL team. And in that elite but they're dictating has been atrocious. I look at it like and in Baltimore really had their -- them last year I would take out because I mean they gave up. Bobby V in it in on the number and that's when they think they've been working against the Orioles up and then I mean -- you have eleven. And one of the members look -- a good feeling -- for six. They went to a street -- can't do that owning it. And and if you look at the season series this year it basically the opening series. -- by Andrew -- but has Orioles winning this season series. While I am Mike I appreciate the call we also have -- a series in Baltimore. There they've had. -- pretty extended run of having a hard time with -- your -- but as -- said before you look at what the Orioles are now. And it's a different team in the team that was having a lot of success against Red Sox more right and the fact that the Red Sox just did take a series from them you know practiced last week says it is kind of I thought that was an accurate I thought that series played out. Kind of according to expectations. In terms of where those teams -- but it is an interesting point that Mike raised in terms of how the different teams have done against opponents the Red Sox. Are 32 and 25 that's not very significantly different from how the Yankees have done against -- opponents 32 and 27. The rays -- 34 and 29 against the AL east. The Orioles are 27 and 29 so below 500 against the AL east. With and it might even further blow. But for the success against the -- threats -- I think that what I conclude from that is that a lot of teams have beaten up on the would you guess yes yeah 23 and putted -- -- against the Daly and Bob Mike brought up another interesting point in when talking about the glee season peavy with TVs done. And this entire starting pitching staff John Lackey -- seven and third again today goes deep in the game they really saved the ball and lately. And one of the reasons were avoided it yes exactly what the reason we said that this is going to be like 2011 is because the starting pitching while the other side of that is that. Bullpen was bad 2011 too because they were so ecstatic because they were so exposed. Well today it was that year it was really just Bard and Papelbon right there and and so -- this what they have now. If the stars aren't doing what they are. You could be in a victory similar situation where you do have some uneasiness in the the road to getting to who are right. So absolutely well that's another -- a byproduct of the peavy trade Wright and they've been able to lean more right in -- the benefit of being able to stay on a that not having to skip anyone but instead giving guys that extra day of rest. Has indeed permitted them to what to work guys. Deeper into games quality of opposition is hope that as well but certainly starting pitching was a strength in a month we're could've been anything but given the Apocalypse Now this is the road to October -- -- -- all things Red Sox after the loss today about what's what in store for them heading down. The next couple weeks the last couple weeks of the regular season that's Alex beer Dhabi I dot com. I'm Rob -- for the same organization the -- number -- -- main event. To analyze to do whatever you want in regards to this Red Sox team 617779. 7937. You can -- the AT&T tax line. 379837. What worries you what doesn't worry you while you optimistic why are you optimistic. What did you take out of this game today three to nothing to the Detroit Tigers we're gonna tell you exactly. Our biggest points in terms of what. We you should take out of today's gave this one game just one game in the biggest series ever we understand that but I think we both have strong opinions in terms of what we how we should look at today's loss to the Tigers. Given the three don't play as it turned already. We're we're looking to do anything we can put a couple of guys in scoring position. Something that was talked about. Prior to in his previous at bat. Just the way he's been feeling seeing the ball to play. Might not have been the normal. Request -- all -- apart put them. Just trying to stand the double play and bituminous forms that. That is John Farrell after two days Red Sox three nothing -- Detroit Tigers explaining. One more poignant. Moments of the game. Jared Saltalamacchia bunt attempt in the seventh inning nobody out first and second. Did not work out -- It didn't -- it was than usual lines the word request was really interest in him there as in. Ferrell suggesting that dive at Saltalamacchia requested that that's what I just took away from that. That he requested to bunt in that situation. -- -- -- that Bentley their QB is QQ that I produce some time to do it but QB you -- began weakness. That would be interesting if -- find out exactly how that unfolded. The the fact Tuesday. Listen I said before I don't have an enormous problem I think is where we differ I don't have a enormous problem which is the strategy and it by. Anytime you do -- that type of player who was used to doing you're taking it Hansen well and you're playing for one run Samie. You know I really played -- I think it brings in two runs through. Heroes to tie game yeah but it to me you know your and to me it's it's kind of I recognize that it brings in two runs in that situation. But I had -- situation also probably brings in two crimes regardless because. Unless unless there's double play prior to it but I -- -- does but as he said that's what you tried -- Yeah I think that's playing I act I think that's putting the more defensively I thought -- audio of baseball well it's a wildly subjective -- we have that kept badly. The yet. Well we're gonna we're gonna we'll get through it later by I I find it contrasting -- Listen this is why. I like explanations after games. And we can agree with that we can disagree with -- I like explanations after games. Just to say hey you know what this is at least what they were thinking that was one of the things downtime last it would -- frustrating. All you want is an explanation. A real explanation not one where you you know -- about and and usually give those which are and we disagreed with a bunch of them this year. But you get the explanations this is what you -- we disagree with the ones that don't work out yes exactly exactly. 61777979376177797937. Eighteen -- Tex signed 37937. We're gonna go right back to the call people are fired up about the scheme to -- about Jose Iglesias doing well Alex basically. Taught in the car are you doing. Dirt by -- you know. Just couple notes having come from the game and I think he got there right on relative to the Tigers and Everett psyched possibly go up against each other in the championship series largely because they're pitching I think got one thing that should. Also been mentioned the quality of the other managers B London Terrell. In my opinion two of the top airport managers in the American League. But one point about Jose Iglesias -- not start a suicide squeeze bunt he laid down against. Cleveland I believe on Saturday. I'm not sure whether or Cody out but he had a at all. Upper nineties and I had to get the battle albeit not in Jackson was coming up and he got it down. And are believed to tiger at two suicide squeeze Ron adequate it has both of them I think his ability to handle the bat. It's another cluster and the interesting. That you guys just talk about all these and inability to that today he play of the game and and I think that's not a plus Berkley it's a spot -- there out there. Yeah clearly there's a very different skill set -- -- gets a some what Robb was talking about witches it. You execute these sorts of plays of the guys were very comfortable doing it Iglesias. That's a central part of his game it's something that the Red Sox tried to make use of the ability to put the ball -- play through the -- Ryan. Or -- coupons. With the you know kind of more aggressive. In off an early game fashion than you would see with them doing just about that -- with just about anyone else you give it to have a credited Dave Dombrowski Thomas thank. Says that he knew it was an apple withdrawal the he acted on here and sit back and maybe this is gonna happen maybe that's happened and we'll deal with it when it's gonna happen he was very proactive and he got -- -- he has. Iglesias as we said before is seemingly a good fit on this team. He's energized by when he's energized by the players he's around -- suck being a shortstop again by being a shortstop again not being bounced around. And if he was energized and extremely confident when he came back to Fenway Park so give a lot of credit now what's gonna happen over the course of next year. As we said a million times with Jose Iglesias. You can't ignore what he did in the -- easy I just can't ignore that now I mean they got no there's. And you would be were you would be remiss to do so and this -- a guy who is for multiple years really one of the worst offensive players in AAA printed here is very very young. Had probably a lot of player development that had. The that was necessary in order to become a better player. And I do think that I don't ignore what happened in the minors at the same time that I don't ignore. What I saw over a stretch of months this year in the major leagues namely the ability to make. Good solid contact you know and that it -- second call up. There was you know it got beyond at some point just felt you randomness of the infield hits and six hoppers through the left side of the infield. And there were there were some well struck balls you know line drives all over the field so there's some offensive potential and there. But I think skipper for the Tigers you know -- he was he was clearly a defense first acquisition who they hope might have all they had -- -- -- I had enough offense to carry him and and this this take a step back in before we get to the call 61777979371. Join the conversation. Take a step back and look at the progression of Jose Iglesias this year. Every spring training this guy has a great spring training he had every time yeah are you doing now guys are building arm strength -- throw -- pass going back two or three years ago that he was always -- the when he didn't -- team and even when he is his first year pro -- doesn't and it and you're right that he would thrive on those guys earlier in spring training and then -- a little bit. Well he makes the team out of spring training because Steven Cruz hurt. -- makes the most of it. Gets yet okay might have gotten somewhat with the infield it's fine but to your point bigger stronger -- -- effort in the off season. Then start making better contact got more confidence. Now we'll see where it goes from here it's although it's worth noting that he was pretty close to losing his job as an everyday contribute -- Red Sox. At the time of the trade in that he may well be and options. Had he remained with the Red Sox at all I think we point that out of the time. That's that was the blind spot for the Iglesias supporters. That they kept looking at the batting average and kept pointing to the batting average -- he's hitting 330 something well not -- the second or so yes of any Major League player. For that before that last month. Guys go through it is not is. It's nothing against Jose Iglesias this happens to young players. But is something you have to enter into the congress in the same way that we look too well what bowl middle Brooks did last year and we saw what happened to him this year. At the start of it and so there were adjustments that had to be made in order establish in -- still have to be adjustments and we're still finding out. What kind of player will middle Brooks is 6177797937. Keys in Bedford Europe next yeah -- They got. I'm quite sure is nice here because you know about baseball talking on the radio. Bob. Hey I it it seems apparent to me I've been out on the bandwagon since the end of spring training are called for not gains back. And out but I think we need something now it's obvious to me that. At that insult to Ian and and Napoli in the lineup are are just that we need to get outfit here. To protect poppy at least a little bit and it's thought Knoblauch. In its not I think it might be middle Brooks. But I either we got to to I think. I just have to bite the bullet and and and deal for maybe of a rental somebody that's caught. They can right handed -- numb that they can protect popular little bit it's. It's had its kind of dismal watching all these rallies giving. Lucky that he deals you have to be next year of one of things to take note of today in regards to middle -- even though yet it. He was ready to be pinch hit for by Mike -- at the end game. So. So yes so there is so they're not there yet in terms of trusting -- -- -- that responsibility but let me blow your mind -- -- Let me tell you something about Daniel mama it's been done before and after I. You're currently has. He currently has the fifth best on base percentage. In all of the American League. The order Miguel Cabrera Mike Trout Joe Mauer David Ortiz did a -- as number five ahead of Robinson you know. Chris Davis and Adrian Beltre he's now hitting 300. With a 387 OBP and a 445 slugging mark. So I realized that he is not the prototype of the number I had a had a very good game but he was three for three and reached base all four plate appearances. He has been having the he really Wrigley Goodyear is not a. The something you can protect some. Albeit he's someone who can inflict consequence on teams that try to pitch around him too much if he's playing like he is right. I don't think we're gonna watch that happening until we you know. Despite the ball we've just got to be money in the bank and and just get. I don't know it's too tough but -- just please we get home grow this in this whole season I really did. But -- I don't IE I have my doubts now. Well keep thanks for the call there is there's probably money in the bank. But it's money they're gonna have to sit which is -- the -- is now wait a little bit to spend so 61777979837. This is the road to October. That is Alex spear WEEI dot com I'm rob Bradford were talking all things Red Sox are talking all things baseball were talking about. Getting fired up over today's. Red Sox three nothing lost what do you like what that you like. Are you concerned are you concerned looking at the road ahead it's that time a year Alex is that time of year. The really big in what we get to where we get 2323. Games are already three games left 4043. Games and using the time that exposes flaws keys and you know we go back to a couple shows ago actually our first show road to October show. Clay Buchholz. Ball and number five hitters -- of the concerns we just got a call from Keith about the number five hitter are gonna give you some more stats about exactly where they are. In regards to number five hitter how productive it has been since he moved Napoli down there 617779. 79837. Will give you those answers after the break. It is the road to October I am rob Bradford that is Alex Baird were talking all things Red Sox all things baseball we've been here every Monday the last few weeks and going to be a pretty much every Monday. Heading on straight through until that place where the road and switches October. 61777979837. -- leading right up today right up until the great Mikey out with a great planet Mikey. -- keep things go and he'll keep the conversation going regarding after. This Red Sox three nothing lost to did Detroit. Tigers again a number two in the conversation 6177797937. Or you can text the AT&T that I signed a 379371. Thing that I promised before the break and I always above the promises especially when it comes to -- before breaks. I talked about the number five hitter than it was a key -- -- in bed -- -- -- indeed talked about the number five hitter. Really needed number five while the red starts. Number five I'm going off the last three weeks basically around that time in Mike Napoli had been bombed down. Well they've been moving up they've been moving up the charts a little bit not a -- is still right in the middle of pack. But to give me an idea who has been hitting number five who has been succeeding in the number five spot. Jonny Gomes has hit the most now this is the last three weeks by ten games number five spot in 171. With a 6040 Pia. Number two is deal not like he's hit in four games in the number five spot now. He's it and that's why port 29. I'm sorry take that back 385. With a 9670. Yes. And in the next guys Jared Saltalamacchia. Two games in the number five spot. He is hitting 286 -- 804 OPS two or three guys who -- there once so far -- car will middle Brooks Mike Napoli. They've all had pretty good success there. -- 400. Napoli middle Brooks 500 apiece and if I can add to that club one other thing it's noteworthy is that. Other teams are no longer intentionally walking Ortiz then -- stopped doing that. Over a roughly equivalent period Ortiz has one intentional walk in his last fourteen games dating to August 14. I'm in part because -- apart of that period was one of struggle. And so other teams felt felt compelled to attack him so I think USC here going forward in in -- are about. It's dynamic when Napoli get pushed down you're what he was playing in doing. Largely based on some matchup against the a lot of now up against right in pitching I suspect the -- a lot of domes against left and pitching. -- -- If -- -- number one if Napoli catch as far he could move back up or if knob is really hitting from the right side of the plate he could find himself sport that there more times than not. It's really strange to me when you just take a step back and think about this Red Sox team as a -- they are really good team obviously you know to be on this pace of their on when Vick and cruised into the in into 95 and if they discard you playing at their level they will get there. But the thing that's so interesting to me is that there's a lot of fluidity to it in there are a lot of ill defined areas of this team. Even as we're in the final month of the season the fact of the matter is that we still are trying to get a sense of what the bullpen is. Other than Koji to a hot now we're trying to most valuable player at the American League right now in the history of the American League got what you said earlier but. We we still don't know exactly how those set up innings worked especially at a time when Jimmy -- has always been pretty vulnerable for a period of time. And we still don't really know how the -- -- precisely. After David Ortiz from one through four is well defined in that is a clear area of tremendous strength. For the 2013 Red Sox but a lot of that that's quite a bit of moving. Of heresy but inoperable amazes for the -- and what might come down Alex is yes you get the last week. And you see who's in it and that's bizarre. That's how it's going to be I think that you write those top four guys cemented in French and less Pedroia takes a downturn. And you might see a flip flop with a Ortiz or something along those lines. By the rest the lineup. When you get to that last week if you are heading into the playoffs then I think it is going to be moved around and it does get hot to be a a an exercise in the hot hand in the post season as we've seen. Let's not forget 2007 when Jacoby Ellsbury usurped Coco Crisp. As the everyday center fielder medals -- today when Coco Crisp usurped Jacoby l.'s no arm has turn all yes 61777979837. Road to October join the conversation Mike in the car you are next. What's going -- Mike. They don't actually -- our guys straight. I'm didn't get cute game compared to work but -- -- Aurilia addressed it and you know they wouldn't bet takeaways in the game at first thought was. You know what they held Detroit to three runs and it's not every -- you know what the Red Sox are playing it's not blocking -- so now I'll. -- are all 103 run well you know I guess you could take away from the game. But on -- sort of a couple points and Saltalamacchia decision. I'm just listening to you guys and tonight I just can't help but think that a lot of it had to do with their plane. It that criticism that they're getting for that decision to have him on. I'm having everybody was kind of humanist -- is you came here is that kind of a litmus test the arm playoffs. And yeah I think that you know the plain Blue Jays terror -- -- team on their division this decision to get so much. And publicity audit arm. 00 Michael Mike Michael -- -- quick let me play once again John -- cut on his explanation regarding the -- occupy -- here you go -- -- -- Given the three don't play as it turned already we're we're looking to do anything we can put a couple of guys in scoring position. Something that was talked about prior to in his previous at bat. Just the way he's been feeling seeing the ball to play. Might not have been the normal. Request -- all these apart put them. Just trying to stand the double play and bituminous forms that. One thing it's worth noting an in the context of this is that Saltalamacchia had not dropped a sack on since 2009. He had three that year those are the only three of his career. No I Mike and Mike we were talking I don't know if you heard earlier were talking about how the words. And the tone that John -- used and Alex rightfully had some questions about the request part of that comment. But I do -- -- but by do you think that what he was saying was it was -- request right there itself much I've come around. Right but he the world -- Canada is you know and I don't remember our sports talk climate talk about sports as a business. I'm I'm in retail -- competent manager -- up and try to relate to it and you know what I Kimmel with his. Your business manager you make decisions all the time -- worked -- -- -- yeah a reasonable explanation quite get it. You know -- apostles say OK actually tried it but you know let's not do that again or you know so. I don't look at it that way from a business perspective. Yeah Mike thanks for the call appreciate it you know. I guess forget a different ends of the in this is what's great about -- was great about baseball so great about baseball this time a year -- whats great about these sort of game three go one good team against another good team. I don't have a problem of the strategy. But the guy who's executing it that's a leap of faith that maybe he'd -- Can't take because as you point out he has done and so. Indeed although I just had done to what -- was saying Saltalamacchia after the game over ten in his last in his last three contests so obviously he has been struggling of late which perhaps played. In that position although his strikeout numbers it's still been reasonable so here's to putting the bunt play that if you hear the explanation. From from Farrell about wanting to stay out of double play -- -- hit into three double plays at that time. And then you look at what that spot can produce which is getting guys to second and third where a base hits to football the -- you said. Well if he gets a hit maybe the guy from first scores anyway. But that's taking out of the equation the possibility for a fourth double play. It as I have I changed your mind at all Alex no no -- because again I think that you you know. I find personally I find that strategy to be to be so defensive period in your ultimately. Diminishing the likelihood of scoring out of scored multiple runs and an inning by. By consciously. Sacrificing that outs. And in this case sacrificing the out with no great effect 6177797937. Great time to talk about baseball great time to -- by the Red Sox 23 games left in the regular season. They're in good shape but this is -- -- -- stretch coming up -- -- text line 37937. Double tax from the five away. Every major leaguers need to know how to bunt well or go back to last year Alex. It seems like nobody knew out of my game. Despite the efforts to drum fundamentals into the Red Sox last year of videos in the clubhouse and -- is nothing more but they -- Day were so bad at executing on past you weren't then. -- batted executing a lot of things last year and I think that part of it it was was the nature of their preparation. End they're just being kind of three game you know iron and -- they chaos that surrounded them in they have done a much better job of the many reasons for the success for one of the things that they've been able to do. Is really focus on little things really focus on preparation executed we talked to the being in the show. But one thing that this team has been able to do is correct itself after going through -- game like this saying it and it to articulate in regards to. Having better plate discipline approach you starting pitching better approaching pitching in general. Batter so that you aren't jumping you are getting out of your game I've seen now a lot this year that's what makes tomorrow's game so interesting you -- Unquestionably a day they -- team -- -- it has proved in resilient that is really you know it is really minimized losing streaks that's why they're in the position that they are. There have been a couple of times when they've they were there have been really to stretch is all year. In which it's looked like things were listing a little bit they had that run in in May in which I think they were to a nine. Over a stretch of time. And then they had died and then they had done that this most recent run where they were struggling. Throughout this road trip him and the series against the Yankees. And then they found their way back and once again sort of looking like a really good team again. Starting with that series in San Francisco that's Alex spear and rob Bradford is that the road to October 617779. 790s. 37 John Quincy -- up next are you doing John. -- who wouldn't but that aren't out what I'm sorry say again Soviet Union write it -- -- -- -- -- Dillon. I'm I'm at La -- who you're. Able -- connected to what it is I don't actually happened they -- -- -- He won't get -- You are. At. -- -- Don't know yet. By the. At. The garden and I don't know what happen. Yeah I think that that was probably an organization that phone call cal via that was that was just that was an organization that was in. In a tough place they had a ton of injuries. Other really limited what they were capable of doing of doing last year. I'm in I do think they've varied their became this just atmosphere of losing their dog then that started to permeate my I think that there was. You know they they -- in some respects with some of the same issues of the Red Sox dealt with last year namely. That there were philosophical disagreements at various levels of the organization. And it made it harder for there to be a consistent message you heard talking earlier this year about the fact that he was he was -- different places trying to figure out. What people one -- what the coaches want to do vs John Ferrell and you know that that's I think. I think particularly when they lost the top three stars in the rotation and that's hard to adapt to any way. But that's when you really need people who dig in you really really need that communication I think that's one thing. They have going for them this year is from and Estes used the bench coach as an example. You eagle go back to last year where the bench coach and the manager really weren't even talking. And okay well that's not a good situation we know. But then we jump to this year and we see the dynamic between the bench coach in the mantra now and how important is it really does highlight how dysfunctional that was last year. Unquestionably ends this year you just have a consistency message that makes for more comfortable environment they're the Red Sox remain confident even when they're dealing with with periods of struggled there is. You know there -- those periods of struggle or compartmentalized because. There's this sense of okay there is this unity of purpose. That's going to help us get through which is going to help focus the other team in part. -- just reassert ourselves as being a really good team that pays attention to the details I think that. That preparation has put them as I've been a mindset. That is permitted them to play very well now I don't wanna overlook the talent part of that -- neither. I'm -- I think this -- tech's team is clearly more talented than the Blue Jays were last year -- 6177797937. David. You're Greenfield how you doing today. In a bit earlier on things electorate in all. John -- Young coach -- You know at. Several issues with some many decisions he's made mostly because I don't always hear that answer that insured. Stay in owning up to some of the stage. This year. Tight saying I'm not. You know we want to note -- place that's not like -- -- not answer at that point in the game for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well there are other things you can do. Just say well we had and try to bond and and I didn't I almost tolerate I didn't see the I didn't see that catch. As a former catcher they don't call earlier that talked over the polio Iglesias the had to suicide squeeze is now if he's -- from the right side as a pitcher you do two things. You throw it so he can get on the ball and that means you have to hit it. So the guy to stay at third base it will take is -- -- lefty bat in its routes and we can't hit the ball a bump the ball. So -- It in -- obviously he executed the play. So it was something he could handle as a batter. So again as John Ferrell sang what we did this to stay out of this play that's not a good not that I want a better answer I want in the seawall. My mistake because I tried to have him do some that he couldn't do. But I would rather see him strike out. Or -- pushed the ball the right side hit the ball over there I don't care they get a double play we get now it's really tree Rollins. The just for the record it pitches up in a way you're asking about its location Saltalamacchia is batting left handed so -- you push the ball the right size the double play. Right but but but but -- if there's a guy I'm. Now as the guys scoring position. At third base as opposed to you know I'm just. Yeah yeah you score you score you score OK year you got a guy at third base you have throughout. Well I mean what like that so right there. That's not the right totaled that's not what you wanna do understand that say oh we want the -- double play. So we try to have -- as we hit in the three previous. As a manager of the division leading eighteen heading into the playoffs I want a better -- yet. -- I just want a better answer and not a hobby like he's been our -- spots -- at the end he's a young manager. Well he's gonna learn I just think that he. That's not the answer I partially wanted to. They need to thanks for the call David appreciated the only problem I had with the execution are with the decision of it wasn't the strategy part -- and you're saying that your being cool too defensive and understand that. But it wasn't the the strategy part of it was the guy who was up. That was that was more with -- be more concerned but when John Farrell says comes out. And says I wanna stay on the double play that's a check mark in the OK I can understand that reasoning -- I mean I get the logic I'm not I don't necessarily -- -- -- but it's I find that that is that is the rationale if you're bunting in that situation. That is the irrationality you -- -- 6177797937. Steal all the calls lined up this is the road to October that's Alex beer on rob Bradford. After the break I wanna talk about something in regards to. Zander Bogart's will middle Brooks retard so we'll Miller brought a little bit earlier you had to hit today there were gonna pinch hit forum when Mike -- at the and the game. He's still doing okay. But into Bogart's is also doing OK it's a fascinating conversation to me about. Going toward the last 23 games who would you lean on the most we're gonna give you that answer our opinion after this break. Ours is not do however there's very. Is there umpire about an hour around. One you probably don't have as many wins as you'd like. Can you sort of how do you sort of assess that the run you've been on. Can you sort of take positive that -- frequently. I'm trying to. -- -- That is John Lackey and he is trying Alex. He is trying to aren't uh oh indeed years to look beyond that date and home record is actually interesting. Back in 2010 ideas story about. What are actually meaningful what to what to baseball players. And people inside the industry view is meaningful statistics and assessing a pitcher because I think Felix was up for the -- use a 500 pitcher. Leading the American League in ERA and there are some really thought there were some interest responses Clay Buchholz that a pitchers whip. Is what he is what he uses first and foremost. I talked to some industry guys have they really like to zoom in. On a pitcher's on a pitcher's batting average against because tells them something about dominance that along with a strikeout rate John Lackey said. Hey man straight up wins and -- and quite. That's that those matter you know I I don't care what people say I don't care if you wanna like you know if you wanna say earned run average is more important. A lark that what -- what we're paid to do is to win games well. You can sense the frustration his voice and in this isn't a John Lackey vs the team sort of thing. It's a human beings sort of thing when your pitching the past. That you've ever pitched and consistently in this magazine. The -- -- score runs would be pitches yeah he's leading the team any RA and it's he's still third on the guy whose sub 500 and we have the good. The question that we always bring up which is who would you pitch in the one game playoff. And earlier today in -- Maloney show and our baseball roundtable with Scott clobbered the Boston Herald and by McPherson of the Providence journal. Then we also had we all agreed John Lackey would be the guy nothing did today -- dissuade us from field. Be interesting to hear if there any people who disagree with that -- with that assessment if they think that based on where the pitching staff isn't you know and what do we expect from Clay Buchholz would he be the clear number one coming back but I would be. Right now John like he's been so consistent and I don't wanna hear the people -- at 6177797937. That we wanna hear people on that when when you of people. How they feel about today's game how they feel about the Red Sox going for. With 23 games left in the regular season which are very interesting stretch coming up. But the people who say I don't want John Lackey pitching and -- team because the Red Sox won't score any runs. That I don't wanna hear that at the there's no doubt we heard that right -- 61777979837. I also promised you. So I'll look at the third base position a real quick look at the third base position before we go to the call. And as well middle -- has been called up. Playing third -- 30 -- averaged 874 OPS. Into Boca has to play their fourth times through 22. Real small sample size for 44 -- but I think will middle Brooke's performance over there has gone under the radar a little bit. He's compared to what it what we know what it was before that. Right between the Iglesias downturn in July and then the Brock -- in and Brandon Snyder. Filling in for our. That position in that brief time it was not good you were hitting at the end of the day I think they in hole was sent down where Snyder was -- the Al. They were hitting 100 over the last previous couple -- yet their offense from third base it stopped and that's considered to be a kind of premium offensive position for a lot of teams and it was anything but commitment was one of their positions of spot. Of of greatest greatest weakness buy -- You know it was impressive to see what a different approach middle Brooks was demonstrating an initially coming back he was walking quite a bit. That is slowed down. Okay that aid in his ministry and watch has slowed the walks of slowed down so we're starting to see a little bit more of of a hitter in just end I realize is a very small sample. Just in the last nine games or so that he's played in. We're starting to see it down taken in will middle Brooke's performance again. Small sample I don't know if we should put that much more stock in that than we do in the and the eleven games prior to that. In which she was actually quite good -- Entry today in his last eight games who's hitting 160 with a 192 on base percentage. No extra base hits yet so we're -- keep an eye on that and see how they get managed into -- the guy everyone wants to see what Federer wants to see play and let's let's -- got to put John -- set after after -- -- most recent game about kind of -- -- how impressive his approach had been. And how -- you know oh but look at these kind of -- look at his deep deep counts that he's working. That there's been a lot to like about the early returns on in a program would you talk about that -- -- Bogut will middle brought Jose Iglesias his return what he did today one for three in that. Red Sox three to nothing loss to the Detroit Tigers. How you feel about the red sox' 6177797937. Re Indy since August Europe next you do and Randy. The other -- Did that and this and I just thought it had been an opinion to this old thing with with that barrel. I think he needs to grow grow grow -- that -- there's. And I think that. If he he really lacked in game strategy and anxiety. And seen a lot of things happen this year. Where -- I think he's made wrong moves during games you know I think there's problem. Today was -- what he said that he says today he politicize everything I don't like about him. And that was that he played he was playing his game not to lose he wasn't coaching is game situation to win. Is a nice those ultimate fighting you know first second person is going to buy of mine to lose it myself to get older ones will -- out and he's he's bound to. And so you know with a -- the experience but -- and senate so why is he doing this in this situation you know this is not so. And you know other than that -- -- I I I don't like some of the things he's done with -- with these -- -- didn't call. That is visited talking about both grown a step too. I mean it within a matter of the week -- to -- he's pleases and that apple deli can't score from third base and safety squeeze in Beijing this. Really really in fairness you can't have everything here every year you're talking about him being very conservative than in the same breath you also talking about. Squeeze plays in and being too aggressive. So if he's counting on base hits and his plays and understand sometimes as a coach you've got to have plays. Gone in and then those types of plays -- plays they don't you know you get a bunt down that's great that to us and what that does to the morale of the team. That shows the teams don't you know that that really get the team fired up that they're playing a different style of baseball analysis like it out management from the ankles. But bloated and play Smart baseball then you know when you're -- you're playing for a guy that honestly plays not to lose. Safeties pleases. You know things like that mean that that. I think I'm I'm confused Alexy confused I'm I'm a little bit confused I will say this there are -- -- John Farrell has instilled. At at the very least a very aggressive philosophy when it comes to base running. And they used to hit and run a lot they use -- pretty aggressive about stolen bases. They're very aggressive about sending runners on and that is that is very conscious decision they wanna put pressure. On the opposing defense is so. I'm Noah I think that I I think they like to to have -- lives in Vegas I think that the criticism that he has gotten is that. They -- being too aggressive. Right not so much. We having gone through this year and said oh well you know what they're sitting back waiting things waiting for things to happen. Being too aggressive but they say of the game spring training that's or they're going to be there is this the byproduct of that we understand that instead -- five. At least at last check -- far and away the most outs at home plate in the majors right so and that's in. I'll say it again in spring training this is an out of nowhere and they said this is what -- do. And you know the the other thing I'll say this right now if you have I don't have a vote remains of the year. By I would stated John Farrell -- -- you'd -- you make this. I passed to have to win a -- into the year based on the turn around this team. Alex Tara I I think -- home video feature very prominently if he doesn't win it and granted the the the qualification of -- not Bobby Valentine area is the far reaching line. But at the same time look you're taking as as has been pointed out. Elsewhere on this radio station earlier today this has a chance to be the biggest -- -- the single season turnaround in Red Sox franchise history. So that's pretty compelling stuff in the guy who's in charge of that turnaround has created a culture that has contributed to it. And even if even if you think that that's somewhat exaggerated -- at least hasn't gotten in the way. I think the guy who preceded him. For that turnaround I think he's been a pretty considerable part of so where where -- has gotten into trouble sometimes my estimation is that they've been thinking ahead too far down on the road. And I go back to the pinch running not a four instead of Iglesias because you know who's gonna come up the next couple -- instead of playing for. That run right there there's been a couple of instance like that. That's nit picky. Though the at the bottom line is it is win a win and -- business and they're winning a bunch of games. And they're winning a bunch of games because in large part to your point Alex. But I do think because of the cultured because the preparation because the entirety of the thing. But this is what's great this is what's great because we have days like today where we can focus on this one play we can debate about it. We've debated about it we don't see I'd die and on exactly why this was done and that's because I'm in the high -- yeah exactly I'm looking up view that. And no it debates -- you because you with a after the Harvard debate team every what is our view but I am not afraid to take -- I doubted us. I have a tiger to my email and it -- six what 77797937. This is the road to October that's Alex -- I'm rob Bradford Jose and Worcester are you doing today. Are you guys -- and we're doing great. And then that might have some luck it was people and they eating all. -- only that I'll I'll look up acrobatic on the bench the -- on the much in the other night. So you know it was pretty well right at somebody. At -- it out at -- Well that's that is an interesting point I think that you know in that situation you have a left handed batter up so you might be losing some of the element of surprise if you bring up. Let's say a -- barrier something to us to be the designated -- -- I don't think that you make the move out from Saltalamacchia. Two two roster and especially because Saltalamacchia is still in a really nice rhythm with Lackey. And so there's that's and it's standard and learned the seventh inning and there's a very real possibility that you might get another bat on the -- although again you know is he concerned about Saltalamacchia slumping and and us. Are concerned about his his immediately present odds at the plate. Maybe if he's having combined to Mets which it was a different situation when earlier in the year when they tried Tennessee he squeeze with Jonathan Diaz. And Johnson Diaz was. They do the question about whether or not they should have pinch hit for Jonathan Diaz at that time. They didn't pitch it or not because he thought Johnson Diaz was gonna get it. But the thought they thought that this was the right guy to bunt at that time they felt they -- seen him do it before and that he would do it again. Yeah out and certainly you know Jonathan Diaz was that he was a different animal though like that was a guy who's. In it's the same it's the same doggone it about right I'm not a place I've -- yeah I'm not arguing not I'm just saying about. Having the right guy in the right spot and and if you are -- prioritizing guy who was gonna bunt. Sure fine but it's not like accuse Jonathan DS wasn't all Wally would keep them in the game so we're not intending four. They felt he was the right guy exudes. Charm yep different different personnel on that moment David Winfield are you doing today. Hi guys don't -- it I assume there's a lot of what I call -- operator my two cents on that is. But he got a guy when you're down by reading it -- gag -- -- Austria. I mean I don't I don't think you have a month but this is mine no one man's opinion. Runs out at that -- airplane. In my plural a pro bowler started in -- -- it -- we're kind of between a rock or hard place on when they wanted to bring this guy up. I think the boats that are on I think they're kind of missed the boat was that to a three week period when they had -- Snyder and there and they were. They say -- you know what in the bed a little bit. Now that -- guys into positions. And it's time let him hit it seems obvious what building. Valiant crew who knows it can hit these not you know not playing too -- we have middle -- he was playing well now maybe not as much. And they get this one year old kid who's sitting a lot which I don't really like. Well the player development side of having Bogart's it is kind of wiped out by the fact as a minor league season is ending right now. So the the idea was they got to -- him more or less is 500 at bats in the minor leagues this year so they were in a position. Where they could use him according to you know according to whatever they thought the best position was to win. Rather then you know -- we need to have this guy playing everyday first player development the Jackie Bradley argument from the beginning of the year but. You know I do think that it's going to be really interesting going forward. Especially at a time when middle Brooks has been in a stretch of you know nine games now in which is our point of impact has been limited. How how often do you give Zander Bogart's shot although -- I do want to make this point regarding that period you noted about Snyder and Holtz. In that is that Zander Bogart had very very very little exposure at third base in the minor leagues in his career so they -- they felt it was very important formed to get. Further exposure to that defensive position. So that he wouldn't be overwhelmed by making a transition to a in the big leagues something that Gary -- are seen -- felt very strongly about because she was thrown into playing his first professional. Third base when he made his Major -- company said it was disastrous day. Payroll quake I understand where you're saying in terms of Bogut has not getting the raps right now. But you also look at it the last three weeks of the season a time when he wouldn't be playing otherwise and he's probably gonna get some playing time so. It all evens often he ended in at the end of the day cinder Bogart's is gonna play some for the Boston red -- I don't think. That he's going to be sitting around too much between having maybe one time a week -- shortstop and then a couple times a week at third base. And and why they pick up another infielder on the ball that strictly in terms of Pedroia goes -- Yeah I think I mean they wanted you you -- will middle Brooks play second base yesterday as a as the fail safe if you can have another middle infielder another guy can play third as well. Who's considered one of the best defense have been fearless in the game you do that as a as a precaution I don't know if he's gonna be I don't know if he's gonna be on the playoff roster. -- much like with Quinton Barry being the specialist. The pinch runner the defense about -- this time New -- important to have guys who can do every part of the game. -- -- -- appreciated 617779. 7937. A lot of talk about the Saltalamacchia bunt attempt a lot of talk about Lackey -- Iglesias Bogart's we're gonna get all -- it in the final segment storming. To the great planet Mikey with a great Mikey -- right after this break. -- WEEI dot com is Alex Spears taiba organization were talking all things Red Sox heading to planet Mikey. The great Mike Adams coming up to the top of the hour we been talking about a lot of things Lackey the controversial. Jarrod Saltalamacchia bunt attempt. And also the return of Jose Iglesias and we get a man on the line right now -- relic of mass -- dot com. Who was there after the game. With Jose Iglesias after Lacey is rebuffed. Attempts by the media to talk to him before the game -- after the game is to -- dark Avant are you doing. Avant a riveting two minutes after we probably wouldn't cumulative hour and a half ago. Yeah I don't think spectacular. That's that's that's not like him. No not at all IE traditional open title they're talking to reps doctors not a personal. -- Lieberman a little bit better talking about the plane and what kind of play recently picked up there. They -- currently have a practice which of course true -- that. But look let's look at -- he's -- -- -- beaten down by the -- Spears Detroit clubhouse. Well it was huge it was pretty good talked about how he you know you second -- himself because he you want to actually -- out on a plane and you know I thought they don't get one out of the anyway and it would match turned to. But of course well. Evan do you think there is -- does that it is a different environment is is it you know from the standpoint of allowing Iglesias -- talents to come out. By virtue of the fact that this was an organizational change in one in which kind of there was this expectation just. You're you're a Major League defender you are a gold glove caliber defender that's what we care about you know what -- Anything else offense at -- like doesn't matter kind of gravy. Does that change of scenery for Iglesias. Something important for him. You know like it you in the Pacific should we expect to pursue separate but he he that it is a different popular you extrapolate what and that what you want. But he also says quote that's what we're supposed to do I'll be playing shall. So you know it. Whatever he can do it like playing very I don't know but clearly that's what you want to do all along I think we usually want to -- along at a pretty popular you know that he should be. And a reflection be happy what what -- little virtually coming into the intertwined to. Pensacola it -- it's worked up all players. You've beaten down by the -- this is his view he is -- now. So that's what I want to do spend my Labor Day waiting in the dugout for a totally tell -- well -- -- -- problem what why you talked before the well they're the Tigers have a rule that that our players talk during batting practice for -- he was ready to speak he went inside and then we were told the that he was. Be ready to talk afterward. He was not available at that point you can trigger so -- Cuba that just. That had to read or watch. Well -- well that all that's fair Avant Avant you you brought so much alight today we really appreciate you -- Actually haven't we will have you on again the road to October Mary's -- thanks for the update thanks for seven deceit. Figure I'd point seven average -- mass slide dot com a great -- their great anyone who stepped in front of a microphone on our airwaves. Is great as far as we're concerned this road to October. Before we hit the top -- -- in my distance the more call 617. 779. 79837. People have been fired up today with some good baseball hockey usually. We'll have a road to October show on Monday after games but today special circumstance after -- a good game a game against a good team. A lot to talk about. Just interject briefly -- you -- I am reminded to a small degree of an interesting game that it was and it was also a day game between the Red Sox in the Tigers back in 2009. Where the Red Sox actually lost three to nothing. With Justin Verlander on the mound for the Tigers. I'm aimed at that point to me that was kind of like a Clay Buchholz coming out party. You know he pitched so well and that was actually not quite becoming a part of but -- he had in a couple of consecutive starts. -- started pitching really well against the likes of Verlander and sabathia and he was losing these games but he was using them in competitive fashion. You just looked at him basing that caliber pitcher and the kind of take away it wasn't so much the loss at that point as it was. Well that's an important message for the Red Sox as they prepare for the post season. And to me from this game I take some of that away from seeing John Lackey do that I see I take some of that away. From seeing Daniel Nava for instance continued this really outstanding stretch that he's been on. In being at being a guy who's wild -- and I think one of the more consistent. Contributors in the Red Sox senate as we talk about the ups and downs of the middle Brooks is in the Bogart's of this year I do think that the Red Sox may have found something. Pretty important with -- if he's able to maintain strength and health going I think that I think it sets up for a really. Really interesting game -- and we we have Max Scherzer against Muster. And for a lot of reasons number one you once you've Jon Lester can keep this run going you -- rate like he had been previously but he pitched good enough. And you wanna see if he can continue this sort of starting rotation excellence of the dud you brought outing the other day. But then -- also see how they do against her this is by and one of the conversations right. How do they do against the elite starting pitching. I prefer to look at how they do against his good starting pitching. As you point out Alex only starting pitching shuts down everybody got Clayton Kershaw you know is an obvious that protects the map to face him but quicker shot doesn't care who's in the by Indians by how you're doing his starts is how we gonna do against those sort of the games and it goes back to I was saying before which you have a game like this okay you were shut out for the eleventh time this year. Howard you gonna do after this game howry good approach scherzer I would imagine that. I know they're gonna win tomorrow and I don't know figure scoring runs. But I would bet that their approach is much more focused. Much more micro managed against. Because not only because they did this today but also because it's against scherzer and this is a test they know it's a test as well right. Both certainly today they understand I think they to a great job of keeping everything measured in terms of understanding. It each each of 162 games is important. But there are also aware of the implications. You know the kind of residence that a game like that game. Or rather a series like this against the Tigers has that up for what's coming up and yet they do they do really like to show people if they're really good team. Against other -- sure I am in attacks -- from the eighteenth he tax line which is. 379372. Things guys I hate -- trading Iglesias but I want peavy pitching that one big game. Fair enough we talked about who would you want to everybody's right every Thursday guys -- that great decorate and everybody's life right. That's a that's a potential three team trade that might have to set to -- yeah areas that we mentioned today earlier today on the mark Malone he showed Garcia looks really good god go get a glimpse of him. When he came through here. By he we've talked about this before peavy is an important guy in. And I am fascinated by the importance of these guys doing deep in the game because the one if you look at the one area of this Red Sox team. Which you might be skeptical about it is leading into who are right now cracked. I think certainly yet and and that's what makes two things very important number one the stars and how deep they're going John Lackey went 73 again today. And also who are at the and ball watt who was gonna step up what does Brandon -- gonna do is was has our gonna do because -- Workman is a fascinating guy in the sense that. He's the keep it close guy. I thought he would be more of the what Breslow and -- is. Have -- but he's more of the keep it close in other words you're down Iran to bring in -- work. Well here's the problem with having Brandon -- graduate to that role. That's where the starters working so deep is almost been problematic because you haven't been able to say OK Brandon Workman. Let's try this let's see went when it started gives you six innings. You're going to have the seventh and then it's gonna be Breslow in the eighth that day in it were hot and that I know -- -- starters. Have been getting through seven innings in so many instances. -- we've barely seen Brandon Workman in early April I think six relief appearances this. And they've committed right now as we sit in this might change but they've committed to rise Lowe and his hour and really there there 128 inning guys right now. They have although you have to wonder you know it is just hasn't looked dominant but that's where we get to work and -- will this change of the next couple weeks. Is conversations. That we will have. A week from now another great thing about the road to October every single we team that was a full week -- -- that's awesome kicker Billy was well -- Another great show another great day -- and they're great Labor Day another car -- at Labor Day we did -- if labor -- out rob Bradford that Alex beer this is the road to October. Planet Mikey coming up all much much thanks to Bentley Shelby beyond the glass. Needed a great job. We're going to be back next Monday which is an off day for the Red Sox. 6 o'clock will be back talking about all the things that we were confused about today we will see it and.

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