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Mike Rodak, ESPN, lets Butch and Gordon know what's going on in Buffalo

Sep 2, 2013|

Rodak breaks down everything Buffalo Bills heading into week one of the NFL season. He explains what the Patriots should expect heading into Orchard Park this Sunday. Will EJ Manuel start?

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Are closing in on our number three here on DNC Butch Stearns and Gordon needs -- let's talk some football the patriots open their season this Sunday. We know who their quarterback will be there is going to be the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills while that's a great question am I mean it looks like to go along with the rookie. EJ Manuel but he had a minor procedure on his knee a couple of weeks ago so there's still a question. As to whether it. He'll be ready to go Sunday will price find out from our guy Mike -- let's bring Mike wrote back -- because you say then you go the rookie but a week ago their new coach Steve Maroney and believe that's a pronounced and said that all the kid was gonna start again and they say they're gonna wait Wednesday Friday to make -- decisions bring in Mike wrote act. Who covers the Buffalo Bills for espn.com. East of the patriots I'm Mike. Could you don't. Jim what what's wrong -- -- the coach just announced that the kid tool was gonna start a week ago and now they're gonna make a decision on Wednesday. He's dead and they really right now look at the bills are cautiously optimistic that Jerry Manuel will we will start on Monday in the case -- If you week ago basic and I think that our manual and ready after you do is -- -- -- yesterday. And that what was planned on starting a tool for Al manual of the schedule look back at practice yesterday so it looks like right now but he that you're. They -- guy Gordon eats here. Thanks for coming on and yet a little bit of revolving door with quarterbacks last week right they bring in they signed liner. Matt Leinart -- Cottam. In and what that that Lewis and in a deal in Indian like what they saw they -- let him go as well. Very period they say they aren't certain they are writer let -- they've retreated but Lewis. And all the people that did not look very good against the lines and -- received earlier Thursday. The -- you reading checked in at a zero point Euro. And attempt to hold. And that -- back on the practice squad but he's not really I let a lot of experience. And I asked the world yesterday. You want a better world if you look you in your officer and now we're concerned. So it right now have a pretty -- -- -- and if you look he's the quarterback and that's so. The young -- Yeah I I love to it Nathaniel Hackett the at the offensive coordinator said earlier this. This summer when Nat asked about Spiller CJ Spiller said he would we're gonna run a mentally throws up. Nice. Little vivid language Sarah. Mike. How critical is Spiller to this offense. This season. I think he's still very critical look at you looked at an annual you know after trapping archer receivers with -- grounds that they. -- Bill -- -- I think he's. The work or certainly doesn't -- get at least thirteen under 400 yards this season are healthy and be pretty. Mike we talk about quarterbacks here we look at the AFC east and it's instinct you covering the patriots now. Going to the bills -- wait forever for some other team to challenge the patriots and for stretches -- of the bills. Often start six and two -- Or five and three and then they always seem to finish a native passed so the so much resting on EJ Manuel and you look around the division and see the quarterback situation. In such disarray especially compared Tom Brady. -- that they're really resting a lot on EJ Manuel depicting chose that there really high on this -- aren't day. Exactly are and honestly through before pre season that you're likely to them. I'd say that and -- look the part of our. Are there and then it prohibits really that are meek knows there's rookie mistakes some sort of mark -- it awful interception that are. That fumble he looked comfortable back there are so we'll have to see how we are looked record even -- As you saw where you grew up what he's lost -- will serve RG three he ever recorded have become good form as well your team can turn around very quick. Yeah especially in this NFL I guess to broaden the question a little bit in your impressions now covering the bills on a daily basis what do you see. That tells us the bills could be good this year. Or trade -- -- -- our current manual. You can't or use Flickr are not able to make as -- -- -- he's real helpful courses isn't. Public market they have a chance you know the playoffs serves pretty lofty goal and first he's bought over the course of the next year two years. Because compact being contender if they have a quarterback. Erupt between. Are -- might pattern that you but the quarter bringing and then from the jet was a great move I'd call it a respect for guys that are with the New York these answers. So opposite of that come together but again it is what it is very young team but first your accurate for your quarterback so I think your feet and that we are here. A pretty pretty well for the first. Hey Mike talked to so little bit day in and in -- your impressions of of the transition. Doug moron has made from from coaching college sponsor -- says to his first NFL head coaching job here. Eric thank. The no immediate reports from being able to popular it seems like you. Growing role. As he goes on here -- your first hatred at you or you can -- a lot as he. Yeah exchange where Lamar Williams foot injury. Reporter question of the monarchy in right back at -- and I think over the past month he's really -- regarding. He's sort of for a couple of more active. On the on the football field and he he's. Guilty -- are often you don't actually out there. Think Egypt annual -- what happened -- which is usually jobs reserved for a -- manager and so whatever. -- -- down there. And are looking up at the linemen. Doing wrote what argument over thirty I have to look at the conclusion so -- it and thirty year which is I think very. We're cult mentality I'll go to like that so it's refreshing. Nickel back to your comment about a visit at the time the defense coordinator. -- -- I was up in Maine as we -- with a good friend -- dire Buffalo Bills -- any also. Grew up new Yorker knows all about the jets he believes this guy's gonna have a huge effect. On the bills' defense when you consider -- of Mario Williams and Leodis McKelvin and Kyle Williams and Darius up front they've got a lot of building blocks. On this defense again Manny Lawson on the other end. He believes that this guy left New York with the jets because he had enough for Rex and Rex started to get involved. And he knows how to coach defense is of people excited. Is that sub line story that's going on out there. Certainly think there yet are you look at last season until you -- Because they want -- -- -- to -- waters. It was pretty awful arguable that viewpoint patriots go -- -- -- he talks. -- they could not stop Iran as the -- that are there really haven't compared he's he's bringing in -- that -- Pressure defense -- -- -- one name EB unit -- there on Gilmore -- quarterback to. Is really what can help -- fractured -- to release but it was in the back I think they're still want and if he wants. -- readers want the jets social court and you and yours. Are either shutdown order and their lack the ability late last even though the -- look at everything and are in. But more quarterback and you know Mark Williams do -- -- -- speed aperture oh -- others who are popular and that he's. Hey Mike with with concussions of course being so much in the news these days it. With a big settlement of the of the court case last week involved -- -- so many of its former players. Can you tell us a little bit about. -- Kevin called in and just how severe that that the injury he suffered his his. There's been speculation that it could be career ending. What's your take content on cult status -- he might before you answer that let's say divided NASA and it's 9 o'clock. We can hang off for a little bit would you Mike. This is 93 point seven WEEI currently. Sheryl I think right now it brought to -- one arm injuries are so this season is over. That -- his career. It's still up in the air something when it happened the bill to help right away that. What good. Our report to you on the bench and it really no laws that would it was. So. Obviously is where they or the shot and now. It is -- last Butler hurt that you don't so there's a really well now that he sees. He's officially garden yeah -- world sort of almost. You know let's not go that are -- the guys that wrote. The three options and career currently a lot of anger. It is illegal and do that city. It's obviously. Operate and picture suit. It really secure this one we'll edit without injury in. A way to drag and brigade here and there is a mystery set. We're talking to Mike wrote back of espn.com recovers the Buffalo Bills used -- the patriots Mike from up in buffalo what did you make of it's the headline story right now on ESPN that gronkowski. Practiced in full pads yesterday you know the patriots work. What do you make of that. Yeah I think -- who obviously is sort of the team. Europe and smoke -- in -- I would still be shocked if this crop is back for a week or. I could hatred you know why not throw out there and full pads then your target people talked about older people are here -- flow -- so scared of it. At least a superb speaker these are you there. Yeah your circles in. It's great putting it back practiced yesterday it was sort -- aerial. There are -- national spotlight. And you know they -- and he could be back but I think. Secret to doing that -- -- and it would probably do. Mike in year pre season predictions that I read anyway. I'd you forecasts that six in ten record for the bills could one of those six w.s take place Sunday in buffalo in your view. I would say you are probably in -- -- peace -- years ago the -- Portland. When you're -- -- and they ought you then I -- it first happened there what you want to -- We're looking at the -- back into. So aren't -- The biggest thing go to the builder for interviews and so are there aren't here with the movies are out. Hatred in what actually you know two under earlier and between October and and girls are in so. That's what they look -- for technical courses even our -- but still don't have a lot of -- And that these parties -- -- -- -- -- Emanuel sort that once they lose one of the most popular players. It's a big drop off but 400 charts. Over the course but these are people more than -- the -- So Mike we'll let you go does start at quarterback what is the announcement on Wednesday. I think you're going -- our markets are as we do we your -- start school because you know keep it that you could. It would be careful manual. There is picking activists are being back at practice yesterday and expect to the practice always. I didn't think that from Wednesday there's that many out there and try to be -- I'm Mike thanks for your time it takes Mike. Horton. Okay that's Mike wrote back from espn.com. We gonna take another quick break. Don't forget. The catch on which -- at a time now for your chance to win 1000. Dollars right now. Go to WEEI dot com slash cash enter the code word score. You have ten minutes right now -- to enter score in WEEI dot com slash -- Now your -- shot will be at 1 PM today quick break and then Mike Reese on the other side when we come back.

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