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Joe McDonald, ESPN Boston, weighs in on the Red Sox and Bruins

Sep 2, 2013|

McDonald looks at the differences between how the Red Sox and Bruins are structuring their teams. He tells Butch and Gordon that the Bruins are interested in structuring their organization in a similar fashion to the Red Sox.

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Let's go to the phones again and bring in Joseph McDonnell from ESPN boston.com. Joseph how are you my friend. And boy they remember what when you get up in the morning you know do you know -- like I'm cutting interest in when that little rug rat of yours comes CD unit. Did she start to take time asking you about the Bruins or the Red Sox I mean he -- is at a point of confusion in the McDonald's household. No he no he's turning it. No my schedule probably Bennett and I. Yeah he knows where I'm gonna it's great because if she knows I'm going to Fenway. They'll say hey Kobe -- You know I did it look I'm going to you know the garden with the Bruins you know articles say you know tell the guys that. How well old -- -- Yeah so did you give him the news about the surely extension before you gave it to the rest of -- -- -- a source. -- a nice -- -- -- -- so what do you -- of of the -- -- extension well deserved right. Yeah what you I think it's great and I mean here's a guy who. You know that going into his his eight years Japan and six of those sudden previous years -- -- has -- the post season and and the one thing that he said that was. Very interesting the other day at a press conference with someone that app and know what he being so what he's bought. It is in that accomplishment but it -- like everybody liberal. Thought OK -- or barely cup in 2011. And very quickly he said -- old Julian. That it crawled her criticism lyrical Julian has received. During his time here is coach. He's a very good coach. And surely a chance on this guy and it's worked out because this imaging that you have from management. Down through the coaching staff and into the locker room. It is very evident in the you can see that with the production that they have on the right. And that can turn into perennial winners and they have to get surely a lot of credit. Because he's been able to keep backcourt together and you brought in. Almost like the red truck and and Sharon and you know they brought in but complementary players. Who have really -- -- -- terrible crime. The guys in the locker well. It's it's that you bring get a little joke because court you brought up before part of bench Harrington talking about him when Bob Rodham. Is that two years ago was not his choice as manager whenever success at GM gets means that the trio he ownership GM and the manager. That's been a lot of the success of the last ten years and all for the teams in this town well when I when I heard -- mention synergy. In the bruins' system. And the Bruins organization I immediately thought in -- you've seen it firsthand as well. What a difference terrorists now when you have. Ownership. General manager the rest of the baseball operations crew and the players. All on the same page and I think that's what we've seen with the Red Sox. This year in particular you know the last year that's why there was so much dysfunction. In the organization it was it was broken on on on several of those levels. -- I watched some of that press conference which to rally and I -- you asked Peter you know what do you do. To improve at this point you know you've taken a team. To the Stanley Cup finals any cracked wise is said -- -- talk to my wife she's always. Look at for improvement. When you look at and I mean what can he do to improve upon the team's performance this last year. Like in blood thing that I I really don't like to do because like cover bowl -- is I don't like computers for a penalty here but. In that case what the Bruins wanna do is something similar to what venture and has always want to do with the Red Sox organization and -- -- create debt. They've learned as you know they'd been very consistent and fortunately for them. In their troop -- -- they were relatively healthy. But. I think it is really really want. Create apps they've done a very good job very. Similar to the -- sort of a scouting players draft players Chinese -- belt in -- and we CNET. -- last two years these young players. Especially black shirt LA Torre proved he comes up he's already firing in the cup playoff in the produces. I think when Peter that you want to improve in certain areas I think that's what the area that you want. Especially giving a salary cap error that -- right now they know that went out -- it. In the long term contracts that I'd like to grass and trees Bergeron. So then they kept bringing -- young players. Who no interest and don't know what each due to -- got -- NHL level. I think that's what people want to do is really -- at depth in the organization that it needed good lord out of Providence in the can bring guys to be a. We're talking with -- John McDonnell from ESPN boston.com. Does cover the Bruins and Red Sox among other things in earnest now. -- -- Gordon needs arm which earns its Dennis and Callahan in Iran. On Labor Day Monday -- you don't on the Bruins when you look at it and I know you don't like your sport let's do it for a second because. What they've done to me. Is reflective of what the Red Sox have done you are gonna -- prospects dot com all the comments elevated all the top prospects they -- And then the playoffs start last year. And Doug Hamilton and it was their number one draft pick is -- guy. And all fans one in the lineup because it tore recruit because of barred I was Soderbergh all of a sudden ends up playing a role I mean. You succeed in organization by signing drafting and developing and that's -- the Red Sox have built their success. Yet they really I mean little and the one thing that you and Gordon had just mentioned it earlier about how. You bring certain people around and you create at its energy from ownership down there the -- out of the locker room in in any. All the sports. It's true it it really is and Pete surely has. They have a great scouting department. You know they just recently promoted that she Gretzky Wayne's brother should lie ahead of images -- So I think that big. They bring in the right people. And they are right I mean you look at a guy like tore recruit he went undrafted. You know because you -- -- big enough you know you got some good draw your -- you look bigger you know -- not strong you know you can't get the image level the but it did it. And I'm sure you did you know going into this seat majority probably gonna have some ups and downs like. Any young any child and any any young NHL player will have. But they've done a really good job of of developing these players and we've seen it on the and fortunately it regularly keep that -- how's he because they didn't pull off the regular trade back in the deadline. In LA Apple's guidelines so. You know -- -- not a very good job. With that and I only see guys getting better now that surely had an. They -- quick baseball hit -- you're in Pawtucket Friday night for Buchholz -- rehab start. Impressions. What what do you think of that possibility that he will indeed make that start September 10 in Tropicana Field against a race. Yeah court I really think he I mean there I think you know with one more minor league rehab start he will be ready on September 2000 and what targeting the Boston Red Sox and that you struggled in the first inning and act. Of that outing oh what you try to get into the -- thing he found his rhythm. And he was able to our commanders all fortunately I mean obviously the -- of the big picture him. He was able to make set in and -- curve -- the one thing that. He was sort -- well. Given -- -- in the shoulder injury that you deal -- is worried about whether you're gonna happen effective curve ball in and he. Would be able to who's -- And the ability to. Not all counted and with ill -- it would you wrote that when -- discomfort. But you said you'd be able to throw with. Can picture. -- they'll have a let it go and not toward -- so. In his mind I think he's ready physically -- all right so if everything goes well on Wednesday in his third and final minor league rehab -- absolutely who got back in laboratories. Oh Joseph I know you guys don't like to do this gonna put -- feet to the fire gimme prediction a month from now. It's Lester Lackey peavy I'm assuming there RD in the playoffs and you guys don't wanna do daddy. But it's less -- -- Lackey peavy and that is Buchholz one of those four starters urged to do -- and -- No I think it's going to be -- I think are going to be back in and I think -- maybe. This time -- and the good thing or maybe use you you know cut the bulk Latin in natural or so I think it's going to be bark and I just think that that they're looking. That veteran. You know right hander throw bullpen then you know dumpster bedecked maybe you should be that -- but. I I put -- being elected the guys back -- Which -- son's name. Don't let us know when -- is gonna break is next story I. Up I. Go out how to get -- makes -- That's Joseph -- you finally ESPN boston.com. Gimme that gave -- browse keeps coming up in the 9 o'clock hour. We come back more of your phone calls and talk what Mike wrote back. We used to work Prius in boston.com and becomes the Buffalo Bills for espn.com. -- the bills open against patriots next week in -- -- -- this week. Well -- Sunday in today's Monday. -- Sunday's award next week this first day of next week at a -- -- Butch Stearns in for Dennis and Callahan stick around.

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