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Legendary sports writer Bob Ryan joins Butch Stearns and Gordon Edes

Sep 2, 2013|

Bob calls in to talk about the recent success of the Red Sox and explains how the fluctuating attendance is a return to the Red Sox past. Bob also discusses his recent cross country trip on D&C with Butch and Gordon.

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For any of us who were fortunate enough to make our bones for a while. In the Boston media you know let me just brought that for any of us is new englanders our next guest is one of the most special people around for a lot of different reasons he's Bob -- Boston Globe and it's all you need to say the joins Gordon needs -- myself. This morning hello Robert morning Burton -- Gordon hey Bob I don't I don't. -- I understand Gordon just tell me you had. Quite the summer you drove. You and your lovely wife drove cross country -- what will push through. Today yes something I thought about for a few years that west to drive across country but the kick was to do it off the interstate -- Get just to see what Tennessee and we had done that. Gone a southern route back in 99 when my grandchildren were born Californian and -- was going up to be in any of their that would put them for the next six months and we. We go that California. And the southern -- -- in the it was a day after Christmas you gotta go South Dakota north and out a way back in June of 2000 we basically had a northern route and that's -- -- -- Still crossed the heartland and -- Just look at the map and -- though that the US if he starts in Ocean City, Maryland and it -- in -- I'll. And then you can take you know that would stick it -- and they had to get to the coast and and so that's what we did we followed the fifty with one deviation which was going to Oklahoma City to date before the tornado. At that. Last time he -- you know. Which was set asking me if if it was a sports themed trip tonight I took on the might not know was more at about. Americana. Exactly although that we don't have that you're you know me well and of course that -- a chance to look up into export us. Connect and I would do and we're driving -- can't -- NIC -- to blow -- the birthplace of Walter just. The yet what that up highway and we went to what I so got my picture taken at a billboard there and in downtown. Such as it is not a -- I know this is a loaded question but in how long was your trip and if there's one thing that sticks out from your trip what is. It would be well up they would that that's good trip with eighteen days total well you know we were meandering and that was. And the second question is I would have to say it would be on the Sunday in May. When we were at the continental divide in in in Colorado. And the snow came. So would like I'm in the north and the teacher and we're both in our shorts and a T shirt and that in this and there was it was in -- going at the continental divide that was a critical thing at ten minutes later quit the sun was -- one of those deals. But that that was one of them but you know I just don't go see America. And beautiful little towns. Automobile and and they knew it was some -- I'd fully recommend it to anybody. You know get off that in a statement. And -- about a way. So much of it on not that it is or blame or is nobody insight and your you know cruise control 75 no problem. -- illicit test millions had on this trip. -- lot of nice restaurant in these -- I -- America I meal and Arcadia California remember. Just you know some good eat out there and a mile city mine and had a -- -- -- you know listen he's Collins he's rattling. Put itself. It was. Did that it was. Lot of nice meal. And I'm -- -- -- unnoticed when mr. anatomy are allowed. -- will mean and the US state on the way home -- it was a very surprising opposite place you never expect that the thing you see things that -- scum like what. All have a bit. Happens you know. So let me ask you this you know you hear all the time. About how homogenous. This country has become that it doesn't matter whether you're in. Georgia or North Dakota. Or New Mexico you know we've we've. So many of the components of what make up our lives have become so homogeneous. Now you went right across our heartland improved fifty -- what what impression do you have a -- on the. You know like it's something -- The strip mall. Thing is. Fairly universe you know there are so many in this little -- -- whether that's strip mall that. It looks like who won -- is not where you want me you get that at bat. Sadly that kind of universal but they're still want to get out and I mean you know you're driving across Nevada and the you know with -- -- which is the in -- lonely highway in America quote unquote -- but they give you a certificate you can -- like for having driven it you know. -- -- that you stop but the -- town between Carson City evil immediately in Carson City. That you can stop and and therefore elect 300 miles an immediate stop but he wanted to point to this designated place and they stamped your little political -- sport you know. It's kind of one on. I I think. How we get out west it's different this. You did heartland and a the people are different than nicer room by dinner by definition. It's an awful lot of very quaint little town is still. So I think that. It is in urban urban America it's it's pretty it's pretty much the same but not not not or not. Not off the beaten track America there that has to although I have a little quirks. And there's no question. We're talking with Bob -- -- -- Stearns -- Gordon needs here on the Dennis and -- program -- WEEI on this Labor Day Monday. -- September's always such a great month the patriots start up this week. But the Red Sox are front and center and they -- -- and I've been talking a lot this morning about how they really haven't been. (%expletive) -- senate despite the fact of the best record in the American League at 26 games over 500. How -- you categorize I guess is the best way this baseball season in this team this year again your season ticket holder. Here in the stands that they're not paying in the park or even though they're winning Bobby Valentine's long gone what are your thoughts about this team this season. That -- like that it was who was beat until ten years ago this is reality this is that everything's cyclical in it's cyclical. -- and it has its good that the reason that euphoria couldn't last that that then we're now six years removed and if on the second championship -- -- over. Only two years when that move yet. Who September make stupid back and play elsewhere on the two years away from the greatest collapse in the most. You know appalling. One field in the and off the field it -- that we can all remember. And then last year was a complete went up and start to finish. I think we're we setting that word I like that word except I think the way to have at least that remarkably effective MVP has been turned. I think anybody can say otherwise he he he he he. -- a test in the accomplices in -- Seeing it it it. I don't expect them to collapse. I is this is you know I'm the kinda think that talk about my -- you know Nick Faldo Billy opened can of worms here today which is common and he got the big feedback I thought the feedback from people. A lot of the -- an awful lot of sense everything you know it's hard it's. It's an ordeal -- go to the game you have to make a commitment you know you -- you know he's parking in and and everything has parking along when it's a real real problem. And -- -- is being developed now it's going to be incredibly over developed it by the time they get all that stuff done that they're the one that giant hole there on -- you know -- talking about him on Brookline have been. And and I'm Mike got. I mean I've replaced the park I'm not saying where it didn't. And that that. As well you know it but it's. I live in fear that it won't be there from the day or you know and and and and what I liked him I'm telling you it's hot it's a lot so it. People make -- commitment it was the thing to deal Gordon you've noticed since it was tough thing to do. As things get to as as these things and he -- I remember a night Gordon and what about. How it was in the late -- or maybe the early two thousands and and -- may have noted in the you know as you know like keep score every game -- says that there I remember -- in him going and not it in April lawfully. Third week of the season I think the twins were in town. And they have like thirty now and that's the unusual that -- I've never known how look at this 30000 in April what is this. That was. The ground swell that with the that that the way it was starting you know those Pedro wasn't maybe wise yes that makes sense look at. And then of course we got to the point where they got the ball waksal that every night which you'll remember. When we won three of us started following the idea that a baseball team put a lot of ballpark of course he's in. What not -- so far that. It was laughable it was not possible it was -- and it was it inconceivable thought. That a baseball team would ever sell out of ballpark and and the Indians did it in the nineties and in the -- that it and we get. And and it. Not the -- like. What will win so Bob so I love your word re setting so looks similar to when Garnett came -- and it was a bonus they won the championship in the first year. They're re setting you look at the organization you know its stock from top to bottom -- prospect. Get the get a chance to contend for a World Series is used as a bonus. Oh my god. This is that this is a bonus. I mean I expressed myself yesterday that I would as the season ticket holder would have been I thought that they were better than the 69 I would have been real happy with the one and 81 match at a at a big step on the road back. And doormat you know that the two words you'd like to see him. And yes they're there in the mix we will we all know there's no heavy favorite in the American League the heavy favorite baseball even the doctors that not every paper I don't think. But certainly numerically I you know -- -- the tigers now they're here we can take a look at them. We -- the tires a little -- ideals and and other than that though you can play and I -- -- -- play with anybody -- -- I -- particles it would happen. Yeah Texas is battle tested him I have been -- Alaska we. The lineup that it would want -- right not what it once was and and you'll see what we'll see what healthy picked up. How many healthy pitchers they have when the time comes you know you don't wanna you know if -- that he can play -- and yet it's -- what it's like come back to the the MVP -- opening it. It is ensuring that I'd like to think the thought about that about the cyclical thing baseball would never thought to be that way bill -- repeal bill back to them that. You should invite you never wanted to ballpark of a sold out. Before the effective you can go to wake up in the morning as I wanna go to the ballpark and have a ticket available. That was a romantic and crazy not quite -- -- like go back you know made and lost fortunes you know different times. Any music and hopeless romantic but but the fact is that. That thought if you've got it. Baseball sleeping always -- it wasn't the kind of support -- you have the ballpark sold out in advance for a good long chunks of time and god knows not this season. And and and we got to get back that I am and what's wrong with that emit white everything at least everything can always -- up up up up up on the graph sooner or later perhaps be leveling off. -- look at NASCAR NASCAR has -- now they're worried there have to figure out how to regroup and how to. Get and and the organizer that thought process because they -- their boom is over now I get tennis thirty years ago was incredible tennis peak golf courses golf the down. Golf course to -- torn up and -- ripped up and put back and you know other uses. Amid things come and go out this whole country's embattled I think that we have to learn history the whole country is -- -- that. I was pretty good tribute to him I don't as a pretty good trip you took a cross country here -- not that you needed to think anymore country. I -- a history major and I take very seriously and I love history I love history and I love sports history. And I mean that's the this is the way it lies and I don't think it's normal to the ballpark should be sold is going to be sold out you know and in the net there's. Lot of reasons why people it is it's easier to stay on the go to the ballpark the reward is always there I would outlet free time this week. You know I love every time I go there I even know the seat could be more comfortable with it took up more space and it in and you know and went to get there you know you're just you're bearing in your news. Enjoy it -- hope it's somebody it's the latter optimal way to port this happened accurate that is at the latter didn't. And -- -- I don't recall but what here put you know sweep somebody just message while you were talking. This is a failed to bridge year in a fantastic way and and and then that's. That's actually pretty good and you know you make a very compelling point about bench -- I don't know what you thought -- I thought that coming into this season that -- might be on a very short leash you know I mean he he comes in. You know he he was dios assistant. They have a disastrous year in his first year in and we all -- That you know he didn't happen if he didn't hire the manager but a lot of his other moos didn't work optically while an all in and you know he kind of put his neck out there this offseason. With the moves that he did make. In a lot of erring heat took a lot of heated if you recall Bob. Particularly for the kind of money that he was paying the likes of Victor Reno. Dumpster Napoli Napoli spat you know that was going to be a five year deal -- -- three years 33 year 39 million dollar deal. So. In an end it in the trade for Hanrahan after having played in the Lansing trade blow up on on the year before. So I thought that that you know that that parents job was somewhat on the line coming into this season and I would certainly say that's not the case any longer and. And you know the other thing that does that -- And luck -- -- -- -- our luck luck is looking into him as a closer when that was never the intention and and and and what he's doing and how sustainable. I'm gonna say something publicly that I said privately a lot so yesterday and today which I know some people gonna hoot and Holler and I believe it. Them and all my -- and it's there every fiber may. Please blow -- save it. What -- playoff. Please please please blow one please. I don't -- Tom Gordon situation or not birdie situations. I you know it's funny you say that I was watching that long fly ball on the final out at last night and I thought to myself that wasn't that far from being -- -- -- You need a little luck call it but I mean pleased by it but what he's doing. Unless you got a question have you ever. And you'll always watching it closer more than watching this guy do what he does the -- and maybe the monster yet what you know he had the ballot by now we're going back. Just two years I thought I -- a year with sixty. Fact we get three years sixty cute report. At least Smith when he came here because he was just so damn big and imitating well -- I don't you don't -- today you know. How can Bob we're up against a break as always we never have enough time with somebody like you but. For again 26 games over a 57020. Is still fresh in people's minds but they got a five and a half game lead it's their division. To win now. Is this a free I guess all the questions Malden won. Can this team get to the World Series is a preview of it we knew we -- sample it over the next three days. I'm going -- -- on the war I will I will play it by old fashioned means I won't know I'm not gonna go see it. It's just timing is everything -- and we're not going to be around but I'll tell you. I don't look I don't wanna look at it that way but just too great if I went to it as a as a great baseball here recently as September series of two and a contenders. Yet at all. I've yet to practice the American League is wide open it's available it's available to them it is not a conceivable we can be. Talk about baseball. It made it what Tolbert or you know and and it would be now unfortunately they set up circumstance where they got to win the division now because now that would uses -- have to when it. With the lead they have been -- if they don't oh my god you know is that it will be it will be I mean I don't I don't think about the dialogue on Tuesday. So I think -- Well Bob thanks for your time is always always great -- -- up with you and Bobby if not that would make me happier than if the Red Sox to make the playoffs than to walk in the press box NC Robert Ryan occupy Nancy that -- well it would -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- necessary and everybody but I that's Bob -- of the Boston -- -- -- -- -- two -- down to -- ago. On Dennis and -- and we get tigers GM Dave Dombrowski and others coming up next.

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