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Mike Petraglia joins John Ryder and Lenny Megliola

Sep 1, 2013|

Mike Petraglia gives John and Lenny an update on the Patriots as he was in Foxboro today. Mike reports that Rob Gronkowski was practicing in full pads today. Also we hear about the latest cuts and additions to the team.

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-- Ellsbury and I'll leave and began jammed his normalcy if he's around for tomorrow around right now he's always around whether it's at Fenway or Gillette but any ball Parker stadium locally. And sometimes nationally. It's the one and only might petroleum WEP I'd died comment of course on -- quarter as well -- drags it Mike has got. I'm doing well job I'm doing great when he great beyond with -- and I'd like any Massachusetts state trooper that I highly respect. In honor of you know that no laws were broken on my commute from Foxboro Stadium from Foxboro. Gillette Stadium. The Fenway park at about old or fifty this afternoon. And I hear one of the hardest -- -- of the business so impressions today. Data Gillette Stadium I guess the big news is Rob Gronkowski was in pads and they also cut Leon Washington. Yes and they also cut a little bit of a surprise to me anyway because of their situation and their secondary addict and a Archie Cole -- a lot of the star position in the money position. -- that would be on the slot but you know -- -- -- called upon to do some. Big time what -- in the yacht. A playoff in the AFC championship against the air -- and I thought but he did fairly well. But they cut him out so that they could. Or players to the actor brought her. And that would be too offensive lineman -- defensive tackle. Among the -- but they've made today but obviously the big news is Rob Gronkowski and have like you mentioned in the lot it was in drill holes. Needed more than he did when he was working agility with the training camp last week when he was spotted and everybody made such a big deal that. But today he would. There are fourth in line in the the I can slash fullback group. Are doing -- catching absence from a coach. But he was moving very quickly and obviously. Media would. -- -- -- for they've actually began the formal part of practice so we have no idea what he actually did. In practice itself. My primary job is that he probably. I will not play this week I'd be shocked to be played this weekend -- In the first three weeks of the regular season but that's done I think is really with a line towards the Atlanta Falcons and angle. In weeks or -- And I could see that as well I was saying something similar idea -- during the show items that did you know that brought him back -- for they certainly I'd like. It's going to be they wouldn't they would have placed him on the pup list of data and figures can be vaccinated wheat for so. Right the other thing interest prices mentioned that several and that you got absolutely right and you know my thumb in the locker room today said. You know I'm in great shape guys pop up is sometime this week just not today. Really really good spirits but the thing I noticed is he's very then. And he's probably a lot I'd say anywhere between fifteen and forty pounds. On his prime playing weight a blast will be forty injury last November. By that you have to really put that weight back on and really get in that all contact practice are good students per week. I think people of the patriots would -- about where. Mike what do we know about the guys that they're bringing in they just French players are on any sense of that. The opposite wind up. When he is really what. Or they're concerned about today up one of them. Margaret -- -- the brown and they also find -- offensive guard. You know I guess it's all about to -- money and we don't know anything more than that. Obviously today 55 but this blog wires. On the -- just -- -- back up I think any -- -- regular season. Is really about. Adding players picked up positions that they think they'll need to stop the regular season. But Mike I know you were on rob rob Bradford yesterday heard dead pledged. Through a new listeners that weren't listening yesterday's. What stands out do you amongst the cuts the patriots. Well. It's it's actually who made it. That they're all right and outlook and who didn't and that's the rookies and talked to a couple open but I Bryant Allen. And Michael Buchanan. RB CNN -- Olympic game against the giants last Thursday to they have backed yes -- -- against mostly. Second and third stringers for the giants. But it crap that he really opened the patriot side I think in training camp and or somebody like him to make it. I think made other guys expendable ought to defeat them but why namely jobs and perhaps even -- they. Bring him back in the practice squad player I think that that move was made. The keep somebody like that the young voter ought to try and beat up the -- slush beyond job. Rob Ninkovich and obviously Chandler child they need speed on the end and I think that's what they are getting in Michael -- -- -- -- And you know a general sense is that you know patriots can win a division you know blindfolded but and allowed just senses you're down there all the time. And you get your -- you know football sense. What do you make this team assists while -- as John mentioned John here in the show that I look at this team is. When the more curious patriots teams for multiple reasons and and and putting you know where Hernandez situation aside and we were on the -- we talk what's on the field mouse so close the first game what just cents a of this team. I think they're gonna run the ball more -- I think that is why they -- so many running back. You know they cut Leon Washington today I think a lot of people assume that Brandon Bolden when he didn't sit up there -- -- I and I would be on the outlet. -- that he was gonna get cut and then they were gonna keep Leon Washington. And they were to go about running back for however I think because they saw what they did last year in -- from Brandon Bolden is a good back up -- with Derrick -- I think they're gonna run the ball a lot more a lot more is going to be expected. Change careened out of the -- -- not just got in -- third down I think you're gonna see him. On first and second down a lot more this season and obviously everybody knows that even Ridley is very good between the tackles. Com up when he holds on the ball and not. Obviously is going to be huge factor that. I I think the patriot wanna run the ball more. And give Tom Brady that question where he doesn't feel like everything on the shoulders because we're gonna -- some gains could have sources. Namely that the falcons and the angles and weeks or five. And that is if you go to a game with no running game against teams like that they can and barriers back as the as the saying goes you're gonna run in the big time trouble. I'll the other thing that I would be concerned about I'm a patriot and as a while they that they and the pass. Because last year across -- and I were talking about -- after the beep and not very good at all actually very -- But then what can happen at these and much better. -- still I think later linebackers. Pass coverage or drop out coverage it's going to be. A key as to whether or not they blow people out or given opponents even a team like the Buffalo Bills next weekend. A chance to win a game. Where it was it seems to be the same old story -- this -- some of the question mark is secondary and will this pass rush -- starlet finally if this pass rush. Certainly in the first -- -- these and even though the pass yardage what. Not very good defensively they could get to the -- a lot more Chandler Jones was a big part of that but obviously they have. We're gonna find out how how are available now on obscenity is the -- court hearing September 3. But you know they have a lot of police that. Aqib Talib and -- better. Should stay on the field they vote in cover. In single coverage and pre -- Paula -- to do a lot more with his secondary namely the safety's. Right excellent as always Mike I'm sure I know I'll be talking nonaligned. What tortured -- take care all right my in my. Might try of WEEI dot com that music means we're out here thanks to Mike attracting -- -- Great work a witty yet it's sure Assange on him Lenny Magglio and also thanks to the producing tandem of Bentley hold the DN short. -- back with -- tomorrow. During the Red Sox broadcast -- than ever go.

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