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Red Sox Review with John Ryder and Lenny Megliola Hour 2

Sep 1, 2013|

John and Lenny discuss the month of September for the Red Sox. Boston has some tough games ahead should be able to win over 90 games for the season. John and Lenny discuss other teams in the potential playoff race.

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Basis Red Sox review on the WTI. Sports Radio network. It's a recap of the Red Sox and White Sox. Swing and rockets pulled in right field line got a base hit down the line one runners in Ellsbury scores here comes Victor Reno. Ortiz sitting in the second slides in with a double but was stopping his third two more runs in their third seasons back on the beam. He has done it again in the Red Sox have just doubled their lead it is now afforded a -- -- -- Red Sox revue with John Ryder. Here's the 12 home swing and a high fly ball well hit right center but there is Quintin -- underneath he makes -- after the ballgame is over. The Red Sox have won again and today they -- The Chicago White Sox 76 the final. And another save her Koji we are who is now put together 24 consecutive scoreless innings. Now John writers and Red Sox review on the WE. He ice Sports Radio network. For some of the details there in an open from the gray Dave O'Brien. As the red sites and a -- you delights like seven is -- is John Ryder -- Wood -- may go check out -- of the metro west daily news Boston Globe and doing the baseball journal and Lenny you have a piece in the globe today. I -- but if things start you know me with -- human interest stories -- which are great down they were to -- try and they've both struggled last year and they are both gonna go under this year but one team said you know we get scope players the other team said. We get Saddam. We get that alignment right one was from Braintree one with from my frame him -- now they -- one team and I met -- west cowboys. And -- in the league up. Nice they have made some -- you can imagine. The just think of a semi tough right the characters on this -- great -- at lot -- -- -- that. That some friends that have played those leagues in the middle broke over yes and yes that that came up in the story you know. -- dominant the past I have been. How one golf now if I may make sure I mean -- -- flash and Sergio I got theaters that. Eighteen under rights -- static on signature on to win in them another day right. -- you think he'd enjoyed winning tiger is charity. Tournament is admittedly that's a little bit today Interbank. Have. Is Hendrick Stinson is just one and back so this will Yahoo!'s long way to go by nothing counting tiger amid impacts. Yeah anyway and Sergio is a pension as we note to crumble. At the end that's true or does the sector around for that matter in my and the final. Guy he had tigers have faded and as after a 72 of them I'd 6177797937. You can text -- said 37937. Whether it's -- -- will mix it up here even if you wanted to -- the patriots because has been slower roster moves. Over the weekend and teams haven't Japan. To 53 were patriots would. And the number of additions today but no one that you would really -- you're really really -- pay attention to. -- out of college football. Or even the united some of the minimal names on rosters you would no way any of these guys are but there are some Nike names -- let go including Leon Washington today. -- -- Chris -- could Phyllis and and how those guys know he definitely good -- he's got all the information up on WEEI decked out there and straighten him he has here's Charlie implement that Charlie. Land near the end -- A -- has been looking forward to the patriots season but I think it's going to be another instant replay LS season. Meaning they're gonna have to score top points again to win these games. There's this thing mold secondary really gave up 271. Yards a game and ranked 29. They don't have a strong safety. And Kyle Arrington and not enough you know this that. It cut any ball wrong Kyle Arrington was way last year at AB and I have this side of the ball thrown his way were completed. So we'll look at that instant replay again with a secondary. Now hopefully Aqib Talib comes through and a big contract year for him. Yes and also seven according bounces back. If Logan prize and watch for him you gonna have to help Altria. Yes and he's edited pre season we'll see if that translates into area. Into the regular season although they get more pressure this year and that's whatever kind of odd day in Chandler Jones and in his pass rush this group progresses because I don't know if they're gonna put as many points on the board as they have in the past now I think it's asking too much on I mean look at the tight -- situation and receiver -- yeah. But I mean no lack of items really. You know obviously Reno or and his two minutes -- going to be about hiring and don't have much it's it's that little man in a -- -- that's Starr at the Seattle and you know one we know what we're gonna get the I don't we don't and I think grant comes -- -- I assume you know a week for something like that right would you be surprised him and playing against buffalo yes is Leo yes I would I I think even. I wouldn't put it past him to be playing a week the rate. Undated there's a reason it -- put among the populace overlaps a little sick they think he's going to be back here we always going to be six weeks yeah. Militarily -- it's just going to be a great season anything's battling Oakland Raiders they haven't won since two they haven't had a winning season since 20020. And they actually have more quarterbacks in two punters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You see what dated today Charlie to cut their fourth round pick. Fourth round pick from this year's draft I know whatever I can scoff and what a bust Ras I doubt and -- -- a -- -- recent -- ramped patriots. But do raiders from this year's stripped you hardly see that usually automatically. You know you get to the fourth round maybe some -- easier -- the fifth round but. First four rounds uses their -- team no matter what your ward I went around and meet them mystic Tim Tebow. Or if they do make mistakes I think L I'm -- about the same season ago -- and they are strapped him in April and let them go and it. First is sept and I think Al Davis discount you know running that he from the grave I do. Yeah it's pretty bad and what we're happy we got the patriots are not a raiders there in deep trouble -- Everything else. Yeah I know the the instill the AFC's team maybe the dolphins as some improvement ever all. Miami this season reminds me of buffalo Blassie's number rose to buffalo with -- all the moves that they -- now I do think they have a more stable. Quarterback situation much more so would right and nail down there in Miami and buffalo had. But to -- would you say more question marks a beginning season for the pats than them and some time. Yes I would -- I would it and and some recent years yes and we know what it made. Where to begin witness helter skelter offseason had landed headlined by Aaron Hernandez in in terms about if you're wondering. What the moves work. There the patriots cut Leon Washington more -- coal. The get down to their roster to 53. And they added third year linebacker Chris White off waivers from Detroit and three rookies. Offensive -- center Braxton key you've picked up from Cleveland guard Chris barker. They've they've pulled him from Miami defensive tackle AJ Francis also from the dolphins as well. So that's and it also super Roland is right -- does anyone I've I know any of those names. I do. And the practice squad guys. Are they they re signed a Jeff TARP Indians back markets forced in the price can Doris Davis who they is god and Justin Green defensive baggage you're -- Gary Davis a linebacker might be some of the lasted times -- -- -- a couple of those names and please. All right 6177797937. Via text has had 3790 -- -- we're just -- that the break when he. About what a baseball season it's been. And of course we're provincial here we -- trailer it Sikes who's. Perfect finished the last season as well because he had Baltimore and Oakland has surprises but. Would never everything that was going around here and no one paid too much attention to a animals was bit jealous I remember being on after -- is so terrific the baseball season. But just because the Red -- so terrible but this year has been another exciting season. Always has been you know a great some surprise teams. You know -- dodges. On the verge of maybe rent 24 -- to 6000 firing Don Mattingly. And then turn it around like to have and you know and individual performs as some surprises this Paul Goldschmidt from a Arizona you know I mean it's leading the league garden home runs and he's a hundred be over a hundred RBIs in about a 300 out. You know it's a mean if if people are wondering and I still think that'd -- -- it's going on in baseball but I think it's diminished a bit. You look at this letting you mentioned Paul Goldschmidt with 31 home runs men and Pedro Alvarez now is the lead by 132. 32 home runs leads the National League I'm not. And knowing it's about 240 you don't need to 45 tablet it's weird looking at the leaders here Chris I bet if you asked anyone out there. Who was leading the National League in batting average -- -- could ask a hundred people that ended probably maybe ten would get it right. I reminded us now -- -- -- -- Good guess but no ideas in the top five Chris Johnson of the Braves really at 331. Now. I'm -- -- the death. And on the outlook are Scott and I don't look about it I don't know why I asked her to qualify a grown man with -- I know it's and the Braves themselves. You know or somewhat a surprise team to win this many at this point you know I thought of them as it is definitely a potential playoff team but -- Lead the majors in wins at this point right with the Red Sox were in other deals that. In terms -- we know the biggest the angels what a mess they are in the I'd say the two biggest disappointments this year I think of the the two biggest surprises I think the Red Sox have to be involved there's as well yes authorized -- -- a -- question about a I would say that the two biggest surprise of the Red Sox in the pirate signal without some some talent they -- the pirates but not to go this late in the season and -- it get it. These -- storm Francisco Liriano and AJ Burnett -- -- in liriano especially. Those -- the two biggest the two biggest this points as to be the nationals in the in the in angels. And just -- sure giants but they have pitching problems. You know what Kim's not their guy he used to be in. -- resident attempts rights and as he goes old band yeah yeah so. A they want to have the last three good program but that's a big drop far from from them this year. I react in diabetes start to wonder how -- they get it done -- -- with that lineup included the emergence of Marcos school Motorola is here -- -- -- -- But how about Toronto we -- less than Toronto has to be this job forgot about them no question there in the conversation they definitely are our flopped. -- And there were a lot of people I was I I thought they might -- -- be a wildcard team certainly that's happening now and it. A lot of people were right on them though a lot of people said is she still -- -- well. Doesn't look well but a lot of people had them. Some people have an -- when Nadal and he knows it started pitch a little bit better lately is a burly and RA Dickey. Doubt them out now that the Katsav about Tinto but no -- is when I'm all right foreign erroneous it's in good games not you know winning -- SYD -- on seven -- that ignorant. -- and it says -- pointed that out right now blew up his biggest disappointment. As as the angels are there angels and sensitive questions with the age of the patient debating get a -- The way that that contract that pool -- an -- Hamilton as well brutal I'll -- your little you know. And yeah I know they're there they're there have been huge disappointment snowing in all the money Toronto -- and -- You know no return at all you know -- was -- the our -- -- there and let's get to the banks of phones here's rich in Boston a rich. And -- I don't good originally I blow my bullets -- -- it would -- -- produce. And he told me that I'm gonna have to suffer the same thing all over again would you I would. Now -- you ready for this. All things that I wanted to know. Is on the yes network with the Yankees who expect it yet that brought -- the game on on on TV not trying to stir when he. Operating yellow live Michael K they have the former. Ball memorial Ken Singleton Ken Singleton at right now portal one that I've been brought back in the game. Well Linda is if it's Michael -- and none. Michael that you want to look at this morning that yet -- and now another blast some people they don't they don't really can't let. That's what led the Yankees are playing. A ten game home. And it got one Peralta like that. And I looked at my schedule but the minute the reds. It's going to Yankee Stadium so listening to him that means the all powerful Red Sox are gonna look for an overall that ain't gonna. And I put out a lot Bobby Kennedy right now he -- Jimmy Hoffa if you're not guilty I'll allow I'll jump from the capital don't. I don't know if you're old enough to remember that. Now I saw that you said the capital grille is only to influence the -- -- people apparently think. I Baltimore is that playing not. You know not so why -- and have been a bit rattling at camp and I can't -- because it can't but they are they what is going on Longoria struck out three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Red sex to have seven or -- with the Yankees and I don't think that the Yankees and went for strained right. I keeps score of the game when you travel and there I can't keep throwing so many strikes. I don't even get a chance to my name down this quick. -- -- -- I mean that's a different anyways I'll tell -- -- respond I should give you an award for keeping score I don't know winning in 94 anymore. -- -- -- TV award. -- opponents they all are and how much to be honest with me because I didn't -- relied -- -- or not I don't -- look at how did you sample. OK and people say. That immediately evident if you could copied from the computer and I don't know but can be deductible on my own. Right you have a score yet to score cut. Why do you insist. -- can't I get what they call a universal -- Not taken any we're all over the country. And I go it's all booked from may June July August. They were eighteen an -- in April. They -- fifteen and fifteen in May have been what seventeen Lebanon. Fifteen. And and on and on sixteen and twelve and August right now -- ten China came out. And that they weren't running it probably jumped up. You looked at a Red Sox went down from 79. 8386. And that's why then now at 820. So you're telling me they don't have up profile or maybe 99. I picked it. Well they did did get a win over an idea since this interesting. Research. Rich issue you raised may be working for the government they -- not. But yet keeping score. While we don't see -- are a lot of star -- endured in the stands anymore I don't know what does that yeah. But I fellows scorecard outside and a five bucks. Often it would use and that are right up against. A break here is 6177797937. You can text as a TT tech signed 37. 937. Also will hear from David Ortiz insurance health -- I -- Talking to reporters after the game Pete in the car you're up next of that -- -- the phone lines -- this break play. Hard shot to -- grabbed Mike Gillespie -- gets his body throws to first for the out victory no fighter -- up coming out of the box he slams the helmet. Really wanted to continue here and guys Avery had. Hamstring and it appears. That are out of the box event. Hello -- he's walking out toward right field with John Farrell a trainer Rick Jamison right behind him sort of waved them off but there's. Converging on him it wouldn't make sure. And victory note did end up leaving the game but John Farrell said afterwards is still expects completed well I thought the same as GO in Hampshire sure everyone did that the same -- jokes ago that was the hamstring and ambient. What they say anyways hip and Ellsbury left. With a jammed thumb. Which might be swelled up a little bit but they still expect him to play tomorrow I they both play I think my BC one -- item me losses today game. Well -- of thumb you know victory in I was at tiger's Renault Obama and he -- he wants to play how to get him out of the lineup. I would think you that -- I know barrels are down right to Dallas. They're right after the game -- and how many swells up but -- -- a panel that enables Obama handling the bad and so I thought those -- presumptuous as it is Friday Mel -- very primary said you know. I'm fine yeah yeah always Switzerland next day. Yeah on something like that hopefully it's -- long term and we knew we don't base. Ball. And it seems miners sometimes. You can end up being something long term and it may be in the top four been so good Ellsbury. Victorino Pedroia and Ortiz has been the glue right there -- after John Ryder Lenny Magglio Lola great to be working -- here and you can read him. In the Boston Globe -- -- daily news and doing the baseball journal the job until like 8 o'clock it's funny the text boards and yeah declaration that says -- still keep score with had a couple texts on that. Techsters says what he sits in his says season ticket seats heavily Bob Ryan -- scored as does he does it does I can verify that myself. Yeah Bob Bob loves the game that's a throw flabby you know we're all loose best row like Q in the commission and an MBA with your column for years -- from baseball's at the root of his. His love of sports I wonder if that's the case I would say that. Not anymore but I would still say at least around here if you grow up around here at least in the northeast I would think. If you're 35. And over which I am that baseball is your first love that that baseball typically. As for I would think I mean that that was -- me as well I -- a huge NBA and I love the NBA and it kind of neck and neck. Major League Baseball in the NBA for me but I would think would most people anyway. A lot of that if you know option football you would agree is that you and has taken over Elian has a question -- like amateur right if you're a certain age and after a certain image I mean you might find a twelve year old kid who thinks that Pedroia -- the best thing you know -- going and dissident -- based on because of that that kid's favorite sport. But you -- on that I do think. And and the sleeper and that would be hockey because there's a hockey town in a lot of ways. Well there's a lot of sub people that's their first -- you think about -- of your kidney eighties which I was the Bruins had great teams in the alien Bork Celtics of course and in -- I get a huge I love I love playing basketball -- I think a lot of it has to sports that's true by. And we basketball as we know John we comply anytime. You don't need to get any guys you just get a ball -- Dennis Hooper and you just coach you can do that bunea that we had a multiple takes to say meant. Still. And still keep score but I think that's when you are let's get back to phones before you would David Ortiz had to say after the game present Peter in the curry Peter. Eight guys -- and John just on papers -- guys the bad enjoyed listening to you. Thank you let me you're -- and and -- we go shortcut for the transport it on account of professional. We can't live up to our -- like that that banks and countries that. The book and I'm looking for were. -- and Bogart played a key to it so far and go back to the ball tortures that you don't get the shot away or go to. School well at night it's like -- book he had no I I think out of that just won't elaborate more. One thing about both of them. When they fill out. You know especially -- cattle because authority hidden home run threatened with a doubles yeah fundamentals are what's -- up to now they're both doubles going to be homers you know when he talked about fifty -- On they'll do everything in their power -- your -- millions they bill a break the bank for him and he'd be one that it looks the image surely -- it is always going to be at all. Let's oh -- All the approve this -- and. That ended at its interest in what they're gonna do them because. This is kind of almost -- oh -- where. Both of their natural positions were shortstop and I. And eight days the Orioles have to figure JJ hardy's going to be a free agent whether they resigning him and he's had a good season and they movement shot -- back to shorter whether he stays at third and Fred -- something on the nod to the point where it is somewhat similar ours is -- it's going to be shortstop or third baseman meant about it. But the local. Mine that. Actually. It's funny. I was watching him today in the dugout few shots they had a problem com and I mean I I think every time -- gas goes out there. I think he takes it is a step back for him or step back in the guise of -- Farrell and management. That we've got to get their vote got things here and if both got it yet different pressures what do we think from so far. Just yeah -- very small sample. But just what I expect -- expect to come out and you know just that light it up and hit you know late in place he started the season we know that when -- -- last. So no surprises with with the Bogart's I do want to see more bomb. Our middle Brooks want to -- has -- So I don't know how that's gonna play out I would. And you also get Stephen Drew that's been hitting -- yeah hitting lefties -- will be better now that's. -- -- Or -- -- -- druze and he's like Brian. -- just -- it gonna collapse. Our. Well I personality I mean and it's a kid you know a year ago who -- you know -- had a job where you job security if nothing else and it hasn't turned out that way and he was no reason to attack at a lot longer than he thought he'd be. And I think that -- doubts and mr. -- who. At that point but in the wake up call that up. -- go Gary sir you are depressed or whoever her eyes well yeah yeah guy is united in a magazine decent and they are not done. He's he's great the -- he -- I congratulate. Ideas thanks for the call Peter yet Bogart's might take -- urges like you know aids and talking it. Jokester go on Dave O'Brien around the team every single day what strikes them and is that. Which it also pays very well spoken for twenty world -- mature beyond his years in and also seems to be a guy and I asked the guys on the pregame show this. Today our most guys a little room 20/20 1 -- evening if vitamin you mid twenties. You know upset about playing time or they're different roles he doesn't seem to. Be bothered by that. And Bradley -- did you both still young guys. -- you know it just seemed to have nice even even kill personalities. You wouldn't find -- such young players who have had you know. Tries you know try called up to the big leagues and an -- you know Bradley -- Bogota but those guys. That a personality and their approach and the way they addressed the media when this vote took. They they sound mature beyond their -- And what was interesting last now the star of the game -- after the game. When asked who he he gets most of his advice from on his approach. -- it's mentioned Daniel Nava. Which is just. To me it's fascinating because here you got a guy. That was cut every step of the way the red sex pick up for a dollar from independent league baseball and then you've got Bogart's has been his prized prospect can't miss guy. In that last caller asked about Manning the shot oh well yeah he's. These are I would expect him just do you keep getting better and better and -- some of those doubles historical and for home runs and goes out that Freeman Bogart's. He too weak Intel is a lot of filling out to know what he's X ray yeah man. Had just money animated. Another 45 years or even less committees should be you would think I mean look at always -- play out this way but. Thirty home run potential for him I it's real quick before the break it will play what David Ortiz had to say he seems to bit. Getting up the Schneider after the pass a couple of games he had to its 93 today Steve that can continue against better pitching in the tigers but. Where -- is a solid day today -- will -- what he had this. If you do the right thing -- Napa you know the way these things and ways and it left especially you know so. It was fine it was -- it was what it was in Afghanistan and nothing much you can do your perfect world would you not -- to list them. -- for -- and another ran it. Go more fingers. It isn't -- just. Some people against a lineup like this. Johnny. So burdensome to. Well. I won't say intimidate them where he wore them out. Because. Retaliate goal seven pitches. -- get one here. What I get that -- Then now very much to -- Trying to get appreciate it. That's David Ortiz after the Red Sox 76 win over the White Sox today at Fenway it's John -- let him make -- another segment left but. There in the segment will be talking what might try to one of the busiest guys. In the business of WEEI dot com he was at Gillette Stadium today and at Fenway Park today which is usually the case with drags. So will be targeting him up next about the Red Sox and the patriots coming up after the break.

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