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John Farrell postgame press conference Sun. September 1

Sep 1, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference Sun. September 1

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-- velocity this series here we take away from these past three games. That we go out and execute whatever game situation calls or we've had good starting pitching the first two games this year's. Today when when Felix -- and throw along fourth inning our bullpen picked him up and picked us up. And -- little piece this game together but. I think in the end. We take each game. Individually and respond inside. That the game situation calls for and today more than any in this year's. Above and beyond what we've talked about you know with the consistency is strikes out. Have come away from a lot of games in which is closed out almost the but he has a six cents on the mound which pitch to throw on which location. Almost a feel for what. The hitter at the time is looking for. You know premier strikeout was it was evident of that today. And he's very calm he's. Regardless of the role that we've had him in this year we've we've seen the the consistency start to finish and he is saved our. Our talent. Or your long. When he slid into first base he re aggravated he's got a contusion that he's dealing with and it. Begins to affect some of the other areas that he's been managing for awhile we fully expect and be on the field. Tomorrow. But when he when he aggravates it begins to kind of shut some things down nominated doesn't feel the explosiveness so cross -- we government there. Jacoby. A couple of bats -- got jammed and that that's kind of banging on that bone inside the thumb so. We are hopeful and expect him to be on the field as well tomorrow so we'll check from both are obviously more. What is hard about coaches but you know that the two month -- haven't you know see me because ever have. Iran that what the the likes to come. -- -- It's a a very common in. From our perspective. Hopefully government continues. But it's. Not only is he didn't efficient but. He's in is he's in complete control. In the inning that is out there inning third inning whatever might be on back to back days it's. It's a very. Calming inning. -- -- Yet there's an inability to finish off some hitters it's not that he created issues with. Base on balls. You know he gets north of forty pitches an inning and to me that's when he got into some danger zone from a health standpoint and with a one run lead the way it was felt like we available and preserve a. John -- talk about it. Yet just matter timing some things he's been working on early with with Kobe and Victor. And can pinpoint that two run base at the other night that has allowed him to relax a little bit is not over swinging the bat and can some timely -- Just -- apology for just the second how impressive is it not just what he's doing but at the number of innings he's pitched in the workload that he had earlier is it fair to say he's getting stronger as the year has has progressed. Wouldn't say stronger because when you look at just. The radar gun on the on the border is just a measurement -- there hasn't been an increase or hasn't been a decrease in velocity. The one thing knees. Probably improved that is just the consistency command and the and that goes to the the fewer number of pitches inside an inning that it throws and you can marvel what he's -- for. For the stretch of -- Here. -- certainly I -- given. That that Vick went out the inning before. You know the way you know to Kobe's double swelling and I -- and so we felt like it would affect his throws. And got a more precautionary. So we thought the sooners. Are very good thing I know we know we're gonna get good starting -- thrown out us. A top offense in the game. Any time you know you look Miguel Cabrera or fielder or -- guys -- about that order him. It it'll be important for us containing guys ahead of them and -- it to hopefully do what we can keep them off base and go out and continue to pitch. And and pitch the way our starters -- -- I would say measuring stick have a lot of sense similar questions when we were in LA against the Dodgers this is another series it will prepare for tomorrow and continue our process and Blanton and continue to hopefully execute the way we have.

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