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Minor Details Ep. 68: Jim Callis on two decades of Red Sox prospect coverage for Baseball America

Sep 1, 2013|

A case can be made that no one has been more important in framing public and industry perception of Red Sox prospects than Jim Callis. From 1992-2013, he served as the man ranking Red Sox prospects for Baseball America. As Callis gets ready for his new job at MLB.com, he looks back on the last two decades of Red Sox prospects. Who was the best of the bunch? The biggest bust? Why is he still convinced that Donnie Sadler was a better prospect than Nomar?

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This week we're going to -- is in a sense not on Red Sox prospects for say. But instead on the man who's been perhaps more important in framing the perception of them. Than anyone else over the course of the last couple of decades. Jim -- is getting ready to leave baseball America after two decades covering the Red Sox farm system for baseball America he's done extraordinary work in that time. And important work because when -- year after year you been told that so and so is the Red Sox number one overall prospect. It's been james' palaces thumb print that's been on that assessment he's the one who's been raiding the Red Sox system for all almost all of those years. He's not disappearing he's still going to be around is still going to be covering the minor leagues in during an exceptional job of it with mlb.com. But. Given that he is moving on from this kind of team this kind of important. Portion of his of his coverage duties it seemed like a great time to reflect on -- is excellent work for baseball America. -- to discuss how the Red Sox farm system has evolved. Over the course of the time that he's been examining it. In 1982 your first -- your Frankie Rodriguez as the number one prospect in Brett sexist and I believe that he was. The number nine overall prospect in all of baseball and baseball America's top 100 list with number ten being too remember Jim. And that would mean Pedro Martinez. Yeah so that's an interest in little juxtaposition I mean. You know when you think about like when you think about the fact that you've covered the Red Sox system you've done you did I -- you were responsible for their system ranking their system in 22 handbook. Right that a lot. I don't have -- -- and document 2001. In thirteen and current. They haven't -- it. 1992. And I did not punitive. In 1999. 99 in 2000 because it's bad things wrapped around them put them since 1990 this -- -- -- on nineteen different sides. Well. That you know that -- can't have really fascinating you know him it into a fascinating time period obviously we're talking about two plus decades of a system. That has had a number of -- A number of very you know a very impact for prospects and a number of them who ended up being absolutely nothing should have Major League level or at least. You know or at least guys who were no more than -- major leaguers and so you know I think I think that it's kind of interesting to take it upon departure. Frankie Rodriguez 1992 what did you think he was going to be when you -- -- him as a top Red Sox prospect in that first year you're handling -- -- system. It's it's you know he that he was such a phenomena and because -- enemy in this business in the -- mentality. Is. This is pre Internet days -- there was no Internet. He was their top pick in 19912. Rounder. There was just standing back and I remember correctly. And when not in a draft prepared that your most of -- -- -- seen -- -- -- draft perhaps we don't think it did -- got reelected as an attack. Any after the draft and he admitted their draft table and the Pentagon that. Frankie Rodriguez went to figure it out there and the rule that the time if -- and -- -- -- is right. You -- sign up until leak before next year's draft people who are that your college. And when it was in the united front 96 in remembers that these -- in under an appointment. It. Particularly in this case I'm sort. And it was indicated what they're getting witnesses excited that the type of 1992 draft out -- Boston -- -- in the making things were just score went to the current. Theory which -- that you could find a pivotal week for the draft right and he played I can't remember what you party in Texas. And rapidly and accurately report that it -- captain. Instinct certainly in which case but when it -- expanded. The -- -- had 48 hours after responding to sign him and he did. That's an exact promised that it would 750000. It was a bunch of money right at the time -- write papers -- money. And it can -- -- integrity to -- I think. These two guys wanna play we did it right in Italy and around eighteen include shortstop. It is certainly -- and it's not the short staffed. It's been in negative consultant pitchers -- after it -- -- pro Tibet and it was going to be violence. And it's funny actually number two and -- really didn't have. Any arms straight. Technically. It in the number and get this putt until it happened and particularly as -- So I guess I Rodriguez introduces the notion you are in a unique position to be able to evaluate you know over a broader period of time. Who is the greatest -- to the most significant bust among all the prospect you know among all of the put on -- camp mrs. I'm whom you saw -- from -- observed in your time evaluating the Red Sox system. The two guys and it's not particular use language it was an ethnic nearly -- Fred I think you Rodriguez and we play at very high in the top of the prospect that YouTube and factor particularly is going to be. Kind of similar to -- Jacoby Ellsbury has become and and obviously -- -- solution. I think the other the other big breasts. Expect apple to protest. -- I understand my thinking again and it's particular decade. That number one prospect in the system. In ninety. And it is that -- three in just a contract Nixon's brother's -- you listeners have probably heard. There's a vague familiarity yes. A couple of front runner number I mean it's evident that kind of you know if you go back to a -- did that you're in the Midwest League. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- McCain's past it and then bit him in the red is now on India that we can't content speed any any active participants will be reflected in. We're gonna you know be good short staffed with unbelievable games he's been in an anti. At the time and -- necessarily speculative element happened but I think if you were protecting democracy. And so perhaps -- that he didn't -- it. Under the right in the kind of the you -- not noted that kind of hit for average but not apparently wasn't. -- it's -- exciting stuff thank. They can't just stubborn. Stephanie they've -- it clear minded right differently if they didn't puppet and and you indicated a Kevin. But it and executed if they had no. Indicated that if you and everything turned out. And -- He jumped and a couple of negative view of the companies and question him change his position in an effort and guidelines. Yeah. Calculated in spectacular looking back yeah it is important that we will be discussed and if presented this -- information on this guy. If you could have been next to the players you have to do for your history in another -- -- do you think drugs are best prospect in 1990. You'd just have offered a cautionary tale potentially -- -- best. Speak up speak up especially seeing that I. Have supporters and -- may be. An issue that the miners pitchers. Pitching again it's good if you -- -- And he -- to retreat to its interest rates you can have a lot of success that you might in the -- and I think that these guys. Decapitated -- -- an absolute runners in the catches up to standard and there's a lot of tension -- -- -- and a it's teaching position and our detectors in the -- right after I think. It -- -- -- to really take advantage to inexperienced -- it is. And I'd -- to do it. It is a fantastic system that yes -- Arab Israeli dispute and Pakistani -- So Donnie Sadler ends up being at being one of the two biggest biggest bust along with -- along with Jeff McNealy. I guess you know let's talk about the let's talk about the guys who just the most dramatic out performance of your expectations among all the prospects. Who knew evaluated in the Red Sox and who is the guy who surprised to them to. If you if you judge you based on what we initially ranked big it's sometimes -- a concern right. Revenue -- I think we're ranked but I ranked and 29 in the first -- in the political left side. But at the time he was an attempt to economic -- but particularly randomly approved list. Don't never brought to top 100 I'll point out. Number company keeps you hear what -- could be the time. No it didn't make the top hundred and discussions with multiple people -- kind of he was kinda crap that. Enough if you have recognized technical -- In the for the practitioner of you can't pass. You know. One -- and even in the minors are picketing won't have the power hitter he became in the big leagues. Absolutely not just a line drive singles that are. Any -- and a very good center and he became an independent candidate in person a third baseman but I'm the type. And what exact opposite and was content in and between. -- didn't under and it especially just worked minister many years and now the Texas Rangers. We try to educate you closer drew and and -- -- kind of perhaps an epic competition was captain. -- you know I think if you break you guys capital. Due diligence and then they'd obviously Woodley their careers turned out there and didn't stick and it. I get another process a topic. -- in the -- You know. And that might regret it Anderson the prospect. Didn't didn't quite work out that this Iraq Anderson the president has happened. It could be years. When he when he was a high class and he wanted to double race for the first step is there's just got a problem that the -- what they have to be in the opening game and up next year. Think it is maybe after the 2008 and the -- -- out in the opening game trying to make here. Yeah well that he will guys who -- who outperformed your expectations mean Pedroia was someone who never cracked I think that he ended up being he was in the top 100. But it was certainly in the bottom half of the top 100. Meant when now when he when he did get that kind of public. But see you guys had died yeah. He's another relative. They have announced that the interrupt you did. You know -- the hardest to step up because it again if you're breaking down -- -- especially in short Stephanie. President and practice standards to step up and run and he put the -- and the and it. And Barack and and that we underestimated him and I remember his stance -- In the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- kind of obnoxious and since we're not sit in the desert the beavers tools. And yet. Remember the Egypt in the -- now because it was to the rose with the red for most of its investment opportunities in. Once once it went in the Republican Party and sovereignty and -- you know I finally figured Dustin Pedroia. Extended to it again please press star prospect. Think you know that the -- -- -- perpetuity. And I think people started to get it might have invested in -- in baseball the right to know that. And that would make an effective is he gets. We can put it if you can really. They're putting -- swinging we have got to look at the top of the charts and most definitely like that. Would be swinging and missing and dust and just continued into the back on the and obviously he did. Police department tools and even perhaps an opening round started. Equipment immediately short -- tremendous second baseman. Number I'm American and Chad you're -- president Chechnya conduct. Where. I just can't -- that we might have been. We've got to put talent at this number 100 part throwing yankees could never kidnapped in not to. Remembered his -- he can go to -- you can -- performance we've gone for the time and and open arms and yankees fans like when he. Approximately the content of the -- the -- understatement to keep the -- can. We're in the top ten until at least in the big leagues -- -- evidence and TARP. Well here's an interesting one for you about Dice-K you guys had a number one overall in the entirety of the -- top 100 entering the 2007 season. -- -- -- Well I mean. No particular question directed it was not what this Friday it would be in the only week we take a cute little bit relative rankings after. Is that you know and it -- if you get started out in the Catholic Charities based Americans in the -- prospects there. You know I'm not an. They need anymore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yep that's said that he actually wasn't the best prospect in baseball if the government class and the prosecutors pretty -- -- constitute three years. It is part -- can't. Well they came up and down there will be your last thought it was gonna be. Actually probably a better pitcher than happy that it has completed in Utica. I do I mean the impact of his two years of those first two years is sometimes easy just sweep under the carpet a little bit based on the fact if -- were. For a very little impact after that. There's been any bracket racket and I thought he would be a superstar. It was you know obviously spent the majors and I think that any product out of this team and I think part apartment -- came. I think she united and it is an agent criticize. I just you know I don't I don't know exactly what our -- here. I think they did before. Talking to Jim callous about his more than two decades of covering the red sex with baseball America as he gets ready to move over to mlb.com. To offer them they had the good fortune of his work. So who has been the best prospects like just in prospect terms you know. Who is if you were to say this guy was the best prospect before he reached the major leagues of anyone. The -- covered with a Red Sox who repeat. I'm not gonna kept -- K that's a direct hit it as early in the minors -- -- and didn't do it and there could be used for announced that they can -- Over the years and we -- is talk that particularly it's particularly I went -- and I would not. Because I think it did prospect didn't really break out of the power in that department. Right he was he did break the top ten -- -- in that last year before he ended up preaching the majors but that was after you know kind of fairly conservative projections done in the sixties and so I think when. You know he had looked like a defensive minded short stop who is going to be. And okay offensive that are maybe -- -- Moreira type and then all of a sudden he became Nomar. I guess I would say. Particularly just if you break them down from the standpoint. Pretty well I don't know the extent of the advocates think that's the product. Nationals shortstop -- the afternoon and -- -- -- and mean he you know it's funny I was. Just gonna play Atlantic and exactly what -- -- -- -- because I had a process that your government penetrated and I think basically hammering on this guy's been. -- didn't work in the minors and they put him in the big leagues in the disparity needed. Yeah I think it -- an appropriate. The -- their -- target not can predict. It's important that they didn't shores perhaps. It's stated position. You -- respond quicker than standard answer. Being an independent I think it's I think it's in power potential problem and and I had a better track record in the minors there have been recovered and I had -- -- -- -- just. To a the pro. Can't personally get sidetracked. Probably intimately crime was more important than their captors started -- -- -- charisma and -- it could have been above average hitter for average and any parts rather than it did better -- to -- to -- trying to do at all. I think it's appropriate -- physically. Talented players and the in twenty of the news and -- That's interesting to me and Westmoreland you know what was on kind of a potential you know he had struck people who -- on that Europe lol as being a potential superstar. And so even though his outlook on it is is remarkable. Out standing in positive about about the direction that his life has taken. In that he hasn't helped and there is something that they're just too hard to think back to about how about just how much promise he had but. When you get to the actual career performances of -- of of Hanley Ramirez and into -- and intimate like. At the point you you point out how -- struggled met last year in the minors in 2005. And perhaps it was with indifference. But the make up questions were you know there were so enough make up questions. It to me you know I do think it's very fair to ask. You know it looks an awful lot Alexander Bogart's as the best prospect come out of the Red Sox system. You know basically since you started covering them I guess because McCain -- for a guy like Clay Buchholz who's ranked number four in an already thrown a no -- by the time you guys were ranking him. Rated the top of the Echelon but. But you know even with him there were questions I think about fastball command it and that led to more questions than Zander has -- just. Crazy to think about for a guy who you know is is just getting their now. Any particular if you look at the -- -- -- -- apartment look at the track record. It's make opening in theaters make and strong and these questions have been in this thing that people can't remember about it. -- -- PI and power potentially keep hitting the public. Any time and what is that it 330. And people. You know and you just. It happened he's an agency in his sixteen and -- -- in the and -- for -- and the -- right you can't if you particularly the -- and the tools are pretty and he would definitely get pandered to make and you would definitely get into the department. -- -- -- -- -- I think units are going to be sort spent ten years from now but he's definitely capable of playing there right now. Mean it's it's it is not a great start seriously okay he's big he's -- Talking to Jim callous about his son has more than two decades with fellow with baseball Americans specifically as the guy responsible for. For covering the reds suck my guess you know it's worth asking how how much responsibility is there. When it comes to you know to these rankings today that occur at the end of the year because. You know really I -- we are able to go back in and look at the record of you know who is the top Red Sox prospect in. In a year in that still has meaning you know 1520 years down the road. -- -- In no way dude where was there ever a need to what degree did you really get a sense of the significance of these baseball America rankings because when you guys for starting what you're doing. Did there weren't other people on the landscape there was no baseball prospectus there was no mlb.com there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Put that everything about it compared to people based American I think they haven't. Yet to be accountable. Somebody around -- saying no probably not cursed -- you there or whatever and they hang out do you rank this -- that guy. I think you'll keep an explanation and he said that when you're doing anything in there is no right answer -- you don't go to private and you step out against that. But I think I think it's important and even did you know it's it's -- -- think I think it's coming -- it right. That clearly ranked guys on this even if you recognize me 22 on the top thirty as opposed and I haven't gone. -- different kind of equipment -- -- these guys get as minor league you can obviously if you're top prospect everybody's working to get people equipment for the cures me. On this particular benefit -- prosperity and security capability of these a year that we ranked in the top there ranked in the top thirty. He -- at a better equipment deal because he can go to our equipment company that it was an exciting series and this public assistance. And I don't think I mean. I don't think he described. And keep our identity is based Americas rankings you know -- we definitely you know I think I can in the. He rankings in the draft rankings I think he'd -- kind of evidently something kinda. -- check in their step against you like it if we have company. That they don't have linked to -- -- vice Versa you know teams came Latin Latin and rapid. I've had team's request. We're gonna propaganda democratic femininity and -- and -- keep taxes. But the thing that you'll find out the ignorant of the fact. This is it propaganda and it's it's a lot of pride that. If I could -- talking -- him that -- -- be agreement number 23. And it numbered one. The president -- more. You know and and you'd get feedback from teams and I -- slump ever declare it in the underpinnings were -- -- you and the teams dictating. The publicity you name it they're not. There -- some teams we don't have to. And you opposite. Chasing the crowd -- -- topic prospects and ordered but I promote together but -- -- It's approximate and sometimes he's actually happened right in his commitment to step. -- -- need to keep an educated they're just better product. Patrick and it -- -- you know we get drafted and should respect. An assessment. An excellent and we deeply ignorant and any get input from the teams drafted in the nation's capital position. It's a personal thing it is -- take it very seriously and we're definitely not. He's it would have missed the cut back during the latter days. And it's. And -- And conduct is America to -- that you came back. -- -- I started in in 2002 so the first your poster -- Well anyway I can. Anybody about it I think -- front office that you wanted and -- and approval from the indicate. Which I. It -- it not been the case remember. My name and into the literature to -- again. Tension it was appealed again thank heavens name would certainly around on whether got to get access to people and then he just -- It's been like this and that hasn't been like to think at present. In 1997. And resting spot eclectic and to. And ignorance and something. Very difficult times the first two years ago and handle it because I basically get -- there -- corporations in the red side. We Britain. I think had a reputation for being returned with a dignity in Britain. Two and -- president is trying to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First to -- it wasn't very happy this international prospects because. More information on and -- To get the proper steps outside organization and again. Reported on the -- that. It -- that I think based Americans in particular. After the about the Indian -- And trade and interpreted to be prospects. And then right. Which is arguably in the past. -- on the tip sheet for the reporters. Stated based on the -- particular. Spread. Because it would property and -- this -- and prudence. That's our system was indeed strong and well that's. There are so. It didn't have much. A much different atmosphere and I remembered how to -- this and first our attention in what could it really existed when that. Yeah he he started out he spent a year on the -- on the international side of things in Villa in the late nineties. -- talked to them in years past and present information I think they had the carpet and I don't know. The first you're speaking. An excellent credit my problem it's. Any chance and it was still there I guess he would come and Robinson yeah I. Correct in 2002 TO was brought on -- is in GM. And and ultimately was the next year -- he was brought he was hired in March in November he became the GM. Yes I remember doing Tibetan. Event. Again with a defective front director probably don't have the total percent. He -- -- -- and I think that's I talked Red Sox prospects -- banned for three hours of its products through. Again wow this is so much nicer than what it spent the past two. It's funny because then and I interestingly he obviously been written -- Management team and and -- and it's time to check out these things he did back then that a few times we you know back and forth over the years. Ago. And other sources at the nation's 500 haven't and the and the consistency and I think about it is that I think -- And then almost always remarked. That -- they did not listed so much deeper than we first started talking and ended the first year we start didn't like okay. I can find thirty guys and now you'll be out. They have a deep front system and different you know particularly drafting. -- -- -- -- so the problem is we keep bringing an RV you can actually put on the right. And the pistons need to begin right to keep it I think it was number 31 -- -- extra guy. Yeah and I Scott nice job leading him in his under the rug out. County keep at it again -- you -- in the competitive again -- have to be in the distance. -- because there did seem to expect coming into an apartment still I'm not sure he's gonna get -- and their impact on -- -- that have been the dilemma which took. Again -- And McCain and about it. -- commitment to hard -- too many pros but it. Yeah again that's been an up and America talking to -- 2002011. International staff and and at first you're -- become effective arm. Director. This system -- very very and in and we both remembered laugh about the economy and that list and and how much different is today. So that actually raises an interesting question what have been the distinct characteristics of let's start with so let's start with -- you know use that as a point of departure because at the time under Dan Duquette was obviously very different from the time from the time under. Just turned on ownership in front office stunted his Marlins had continuity since 2002. What have been the distinct characteristics of the Red Sox farm system. Or how would you define. As different or similar. The Red Sox farm system under first bench Harrington then Mike Hazen and now -- Crockett. You know I think there's been a lot of content. Think our guys did and kind of on the same page and you know it is you know has been rather than it was still there and overseeing. You know obviously get less -- -- day to day basis that but I was still overseeing it as. As the two entities. -- that just got organized but something. And he kept seemingly when he person in particular I -- -- -- -- Secret -- at the end. And the fact -- in any expertise and. And you know in India and right now I think energy and we think it's. It is a public park system you know usually it's economic team and it's seen in the team's front and -- the district. They're being drafted better for. Aggressive and I think and then came in. You know it's apparently believe that there is kind -- under the a much bigger emphasis on. Let's get everybody on the same page yeah I remember this. When that any domestic governor -- games -- read about it and he wants president prospect in the and it was any. Have this reputation. For a draft thing. Well even in this -- -- that was kind of -- And read about because Oprah. Over and they concede primary and -- been Crockett. I think that there's been much emphasis on making sure based on the same page in the that you -- employers had apparently been cut -- for instance. In -- -- and Gulf Coast -- can. Actually initiate probably even in the Dominican Summer League in the kitchen that other upper rafters. That they wanted to -- but they're doing Napoli Iran and you know I think there's. Nevertheless -- it's -- much more organized I think we'll play another disturbing this. Think he would do it happened my indicators that specific goals for what they're trying to accomplish in Iraq. Accountability. You know this is whoever doing things you know this is probably would have been erupting and it is right -- -- it's going to be done at the -- okay. Basically they're captives -- -- initially I think it's motivated and much more me being a -- Issued in terms of efficiency in the rating. You know attack being read and just that it -- it compounds hooked up again. Talking to Jim tell us about his couple of decades covering the Red Sox farm system with baseball America and now. As he gets ready to go to mlb.com to continued fighting outstanding coverage of minor leagues in the draft. I suppose that we've touched upon. A couple of the current Red Sox minor leaguers foremost Zander Bogart who. Unquestionably is us along as he maintains prospect eligibility the top prospect in the Red Sox system. Let's just talk about some of the -- just as as you start to prepare for a year for your role at mlb.com lets -- talk about some of the Red Sox prospects. And some of the year they're having -- -- the ones that are the most difficult to wrap your head or to -- you know kind of wrap your head around because. Bogart is pretty clear what he's going to be right he has clear star quality projection. Short stop if you need him at third base fine but otherwise you don't movement must you have to. Jackie Bradley junior pretty clearly can be is going to be a Major League ready outfielder for -- he's not a lot of questions there. Terrence -- looks like he really really good hitter someone who's been really hit for average I -- his percentage. And you know maybe there'll -- power maybe not but he's he's going to be a big league. Everyday player sometime in the next couple of years. And you try to numbers have announced Connecticut is number 7%. Exactly. Yes he actually delighted and that he was he took note of the fact that die I think there's like seventeen is favorite numbers -- things are not a seven and it. Right like it had been a -- Panasonic is the first -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah when you do anything either orientation. -- in our party and does not have been a -- quarter. Semi rough letter to the -- or spoken to a particular type looks where are. And and I remember it that -- the draft and obviously in play tunes coming off the surgery. And it's really didn't happen didn't like in the -- that we like around Baghdad and other guys who actually you know really performed well on your travels and -- Played against any bad employment numbers seven and then Democrats. Speculative but I retired it. Well so as I said but these are those are kind of the cream of the -- of the current Red Sox minor league system right now and so far is it fairly straightforward to project. You know a baseline for -- in -- nowhere is it worth the healing in the -- I'm so beyond that though I think that it does get into some interesting ground. Where it becomes a kind of more difficult more volatile lot undertakings so let's start with apartment that let's start with this you know there are few pitchers. In the Red Sox system I think personally. And this is you know this is before I'm responsible for the for the baseball America handbook rankings of them. I would put it Alan Webster Henry Owens has kind of the top two prospects in the system based on not based on ceiling. I'm I'm interest in hearing your perspective on the seasons of those two guys and kind of where UC ceiling and floor for them. And everything just because Mubarak met practice backed up a little bit based on this it's kind of -- -- doing pretty it is you know and it is. You know an interesting YouTube and he's obviously didn't happen. And it's partly I think he's got 260 straight up now and he's been an up close and detonated its spirit. He has one more start music like eleven point five punch -- for nine right now. Sixty -- eleven and two respectively. Kind of profound simplistic but I mean I pitchers in this bet you do that. He's doing it and -- -- that you'll you'll run into guys have been steps to get. And like atmosphere. And the dealer you know discuss different hitter or hitters the difference here -- that I. I think terrible -- it's pretty special. He's the guy. Because government. By any means by that is progressing and -- he's not property that I just don't think guys picked up his pitches he's good right -- -- with -- I think makes it hard and it's. I think that's kind of what I'm -- has confronted me having a similar figures and trip -- -- These companies are there but it -- -- government's right for this past I think is something that we start to the dignity to get married and ended. We wanted to get him into trouble he can have a product that's fast. It's got. It's right yeah. -- -- these. Did you know dignity adjustments and it's more than typical -- Its biggest I think mr. Corbett now. And then you mentioned Matt Barnes trip behind him I mean Barnes putting up similar strikeout per nine innings numbers who owe him so that that into insofar as the standard is I won a season -- missed pats well. That looks like Barnes is kind of doing that even though is having to work pretty hard to do which result in some pitch and efficiency but. -- what do you make of a guy who has you know higher than expected ERA in double A you know it's it's in the forest not dominant. And he you know he really hasn't been able to work deep into games but. He's been striking out just a ton of guys. Yes but -- he's given up kids are needed to be -- -- -- -- you know need to know about perhaps the ninth inning attacking ethnic repeated pitches and an -- breaking -- that is consistent -- right the you know. Still think they're the guys -- the potential. You know that price ceiling would be another -- starters are number three -- and everything hit. That particular activity before you -- as -- the captains are packing increases. And I think -- been -- -- Great Britain. They both our product here. And -- have their -- it's. Absolutely -- having been you know one of the most consistent performers over a number of years at this point in the Red Sox system. -- trip back -- beating US department triple happen in the red back at the a top ten hits for the first time since 1993. Great is that accurate on this accuses. Then let's get the position players a little bit you know and again let's let's focus on the guys who who -- kind of more difficult to get a read on. You know we talked a little bit about -- -- but what what is monkey that do you think this guy is he had been. You know he he basically was a guy who had good command of the strikes -- last year and lol hit for average and absolutely no extra base pop. And now all of a sudden he has become a force of nature -- hit fifteen home runs between single -- hi he's hitting like. You know he's he's become -- 3040500. Guy. I think that tactically did I think you'd -- -- step. But he can -- no -- is pretty consistent in the. Do you think he put the -- they need to dictate you can run and. It is going to be it's going to be our -- I think that you are talking donating 2030 deep in the big leagues. Yeah he had a tremendous year and in the event. I would not in contact. And I get it back another thirty money would be -- desperate concluded the top thirty. But it happened and now. -- -- -- -- Yeah and then not other well I guess they have two catchers in the system we're now really interest in Blake's wife -- comes with a pretty good profile by virtue of the fact it was first rounder. Number 26 overall on sign for a boatload of money a couple of years ago in the 2011 draft but then there's Christian Vazquez whose. You know who's basically putting up very similar numbers by -- many ways in his age when he two season. Hitting you know line drives doing a great job of managing strikes on drawing a lot of walks hitting -- not much power at all in double leg. And playing spectacular defense. That makes him look like a member of the Molina family tree which is kind of important or rather which kind of makes sense by virtue of the fact that he's works out with a malignant and Frederico. How do you view those two catchers. It's ridiculous and corporate product that I keep up. And cause I don't think he's going to beat this guy is -- similar type of program improvement the background and the catcher in high school. And you can escape in Connecticut yeah -- -- the -- a bit. Figures -- up 40% of runners in you know panicking and Deborah. I think percent at 91 and. And it's happening and catching prospect in baseball topic these products and three years. So let's wrap this up gym by by pointing at one question. It looks forward but kind of taking you know taking into account this approach we've taken. On the you know appreciating the fact you've offered this extraordinary coverage. Of the Red Sox and the really critically important coverage for understanding the shape of the Red Sox farm has -- the course of oh over the course of twenty plus years has at this point so. Of the guys who you've never ranked in the top ten in the Red Sox system. Who do you bank on being the one who is going to emerge as the greatest threat as the best prospect. Going forward obviously a guy who's who's already in there -- you can pick and not a mystery thirteen year old who none of us have ever heard of but. Who is who in the Red Sox farm system. Right now who hasn't ever broken the top ten. May one day thrust himself into that conversation about you know oh well over the course of all the time that you've been investigating the Red Sox farm system. This guy has you know that this guy was at you know was was among the best of all the Red Sox prospect. But it's scary and it. And then again he's a different type of political position and I'm not saying he's going to be inappropriate I remember that particular that's been about it -- -- on the topic music. I can't expect that the guy can development role it played right -- in this before he didn't let me in the US that we typically don't think guys. Mean we've been proposed would not have enough capacity just because there's a parade and -- And then they have the tendency in a -- into the teams. Appropriately -- which is kind of a new world. And again it comes to wrap things and I'm baggage of the red. Particular threat that's -- teams are there are adamant about I don't know much about -- rattled Q&A on the pirates. It's such an economic let's put -- 120 on the. Political -- -- particularly in. Pick up a couple of pretty. Is inside and out about this afternoon and again. In 2011. And it's got to respect that speed Internet traffic -- These parts runner he's good and it's where did you think he would hand -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's looking to draft draft pick and recently. There haven't been deprived of anything really. It -- to not be prosecuted unity and independence from the political dissidents. Get around. And it straight and still be sufficiently important indeed and I think he went into are there. She did that he's gotten it right here it is Nazis see these kind of just beginning his career to be contacting -- He has to hit the crowd. Well Jim I'm I'm very grateful for the time and obviously you've been a great friend of the show for as long as you've been with baseball America you'll continue to be a great friend of the show. What you are in your new to pass -- mlb.com but you know it's been a pleasure to be able to talk about this. Broader broader set of time and you know and you know you've been a great mentor for me as you know during your entire time of baseball America so I'm grateful for all of those things things -- much for joining. Appreciated. And this kind words and let popular app. The podcast again -- -- contest eligible since this is. Asked you to get any now would you take it at -- -- -- execution part of the views are since. Maybe maybe I can -- Unity apparently will be will be Iraq. It seems to be happy that. I think -- region and podcasts but I do think that the properties and -- -- in the game and we talked about it's we can most of them would respond in the guilty because. Think it's very probably picked up the top. Speculative and it must have thirty. It has backed yeah I least expected to have an immigrant advocate -- And tremendously are intelligent and it's great prospect of this. And I wanna give up the -- -- -- there -- have a conversation and you know Allison you know. To do their job and it could top 30 but I am activities as police now all right you'll you'll you'll get a chance to get a new class of it's. All have to duck now I have to have occurred to my convictions which is dangerous thing and I've never had to do so. -- have to actually put guys in a complete -- It created and be a -- similar terms accounts -- beefed up department. You'd have to pick between Hillary Clinton and arrest them -- between Blake and -- it's into the and make it unprotected side. Spent many hours. At a pentagon and the rest will be brought. The were -- number 22 it would have been in the Portland. A stick closer to that sets standards but the -- in the if you do in the top thirty -- -- an -- Well Jim thank you once again for joining -- weekend you know I appreciate particular defect if you're doing so from such a vice filled in places that hotel Bachmann sort of home of the of the hatching of the plan for the black Sox scandal that. It's I applaud you definitely when you can't do this part of the not my. Is getting ready to embark on his college careers could be used these. Connecticut closer to that apartment -- it because that's in the inaccuracy and I think as a -- fact that they can actually went and gains made it and yet. But I keep you in the words we are absolutely clear. At least in baseball America for mlb.com and -- -- -- thousand miles and he gains and says that it. It do you and and then it turned back a couple more days in an affront to the -- -- -- -- it's been a it's been a similar to really in the government and private practice at -- -- -- instances -- being in the black Sox actually have. And of course. We'll look at this podcast inspires -- scandal that thanks so much Jim good talking to you.

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