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John Farrell postgame press conference Sat. August 31st

Aug 31, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference Sat. August 31st

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Darn good with good returns eight -- win you can you. Give us government Reid would turn it around and what it. He believes. Well I think the record to date speaks to the the depth and a that you Venus of this team. Our starting rotation has been very consistent. Our our lineup up and down one through nine it is got a grinding out approach. That allows us to get the ball and sometimes early in the game than maybe some others. As we talked about right before the all star break -- the reason why this team has performed so well as -- the overall depth and that's that's. That doesn't stop with the 25 man roster. You -- on TV and -- He's been everything we can of hope for since coming over here. He's worked deep in games. So a lot of strikes. He's made some big pitches in key moments when he needed. And even -- when he's got some traffic you know on the base as he finds a way to minimize the overall damage in and that's held true and think five of the six starts -- made or some. I just. It's a very strong competitors -- it. -- Not really all -- tested defensively but offensively. He's got a very good understanding the strike zone and you watch them from the open side. It's a very loose swing. Creates a lot of bat speed. The the commander. John and see John McDonald -- what are your impressions and where it and we. You know he's a he's a premium defender at all three positions and they'll serve as depth. Particularly in the middle infield. You obviously also play third base but. We felt like even know people will second base couple times -- if something were to happen on for -- we've got someone who's. Not only tested but very seasons. At second base as well. Well we've been. Looking out for this type of player we -- home obviously boaters got a lot of history with him as well. Put you'll fit in very well over the -- now. You should top mode I am very. And. Obviously disruptive on the base past you know he gets that first first at bat tonight. It's possible played in the 56 home be tougher base hit. Double down or right field corner. Yeah I think. Back in mid may when your last play Chicago that was the turnaround this season from that point forward there's been a combination of double. Stolen base percentage. But. Additional power. He can be that dynamic players -- -- -- -- He's as important as anybody else we have on this lineup I can't single him out without. Doing a disservice to other guys put defensively the range in center field. Offensively as we just talked about. Darn good player. -- Yeah. Now. There where there was really no conversation was over -- the seventh. You pretty much. Our club is part of it is -- again. 01 means the games under control into. Every time we bring a reliever to the mound he's he's he's rested and you're typically gonna get. Better performance out of those guys because of that and not being overused. But it's I think. The stretch the wrong we we walk on the field with a lot of confidence and only game's going to be under control from the start. I think it's that sets -- tone for team. In and the feeling and -- club house is shared not just by the guys. And that's starting rotation. Nobody came awfully much you think this. Past. I think that's something to do that Adam. I think the foot issue that he was great dealing with that has. Subsided someone it's not his. I guess it is a hindrance to -- whether it's -- can swing but I don't think we get overlooked. The ability to rotate guys through there and keep him fresh. And expect they'll be here for. We do you know he's obviously get a travel and out and -- Phillies that right now but. Yeah we we would expect -- to be -- Marcus. I know we've got a couple of other moves that will be announced just my country. No nothing else. That's the only trade right now. Over. It. And now -- You know I think all the players are aware of what's taken place here in the past but. We've got so many new faces and that was evident -- when we broke spring training with eight or nine new players from a year ago. I think the attitude downstairs is completely different than it's been maybe over the last couple years. And just. Hearing the talk that is down there. It's a confident group but certainly not one that takes anything for granted and and that shows in there and their preparation and their attention to detail.

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