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Aug 31, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien before the middle game of the White Sox series. The skipper said that the relievers have been able to get the ball to Koji Uehara.

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John thank you very much Red Sox and the White Sox and with John -- -- got to be delighted with you know the guy would added rest coming off the suspension Ryan Dempster getting through particularly that first inning after walking a couple of guys get to big double play ball he's off to the races. And after the first inning he did settle in but he was fairly economical -- -- with -- pitch. Distribution and the three pitches that he was also the total number that he threw and you're right Dave I thought the ground ball double play to Ramirez keeps them from knowledge putting -- on the board but potentially multiple. And didn't dig a hole from self and shuttered up there and walked out for the seventh inning. To start the seventh inning FO we were clearly in positive territory when it is that you seemed a very positive mindset we talked to him after the game he -- all the controversy -- A-Rod saga. He didn't pay much attention to it he didn't read much he didn't watch much but that was probably a Smart move on his part. Well clearly and unfortunately a lot of negativity was drawn to our team which is what. No one wants here. And yet. He paid the penalty for the actions that took place on the field and and to his credit I think probably what about the right way and just focused on the work that he. Had to take care of it in the ten days in between starts. And last night went on paid off because as we've all come to see that every game that we walk on the field regardless of who were playing who was on the mound. It's an important win for us. Red Sox -- a lot of good decisions this season obviously an eighty wins and nine out of August yet. One of the biggest task to be to insert Koji we are. In -- closers role and maybe it wasn't the first idea but Edison didn't invent the lightbulb on the first try out either right. No I guess he didn't put almost by default that Koji ends up in the role that he's in and he's been spectacular I don't know that is -- -- we brought a lot of numbered from. Words to describe him but. He so efficient and that's what really allows us or me to make the decision of OK if we need a four out save which we've done twice in the last week here. Again four -- on sixteen or seventeen pitches. And it's likely he'll be available again tonight so. He's been he's been outstanding closing out games force as good as he's been at the eighth inning is that still an area where you're kicking around ideas and and me be even bringing in another guy from an outside organization as it is it's a possibility well time is ticking on bringing guys in from the outside today be in the final date and a guide to the organization that. Would be eligible for post season. But at the same time the eighth inning as we saw last night when when we have to will match up you know took three pitchers to get three different routes inside that inning. And what gets kind of lost in the shuffle as Franklin -- -- At -- against Adam Dunn which you know frankly hadn't been on the -- about seven days in San Francisco and and did a great job so. With the inconsistencies of has right now Junichi. You know we'll look to do some things but again. Brandon Workman will continue to get added responsibility with -- from baseball. David Ortiz breaks I don't know for 23 with a big hit drives in two runs. When you watch him swing the bat there and seeing David's overall demeanor last night -- thinking yup I think he's out of it. Well I think the thing the stood up to me was not just the the two run single which we desperately needed but it was the swings against Percy. In that last at bat he felt a couple of fastballs he just missed. But where you saw the fouls or the contact being made to the front edge of the plate work -- -- over the last twenty at bats had been a little bit behind him so. I think more than anything that the base it may be allowed to take a little bit of a deep breath take some of that. Self induced pressure off them. But you know there's no question David's a key part to our lineup -- be in the lineup every single day as we move forward and it was just good to see him coming off the model that. Funny -- heard a number of writers comment about this and commentators to saying boy you know John really seems to trust David Ortiz he's not taking them out of the lineup. That thought never crossed my mind no wonder they never crossed your mind not. When Bennett and I you know I think one of the writers asked David last night after the game and you read his comments today it was like what's he gonna do sit me any hitter right on the -- I mean David Ortiz is you know. He's make a push to be a hall of fame hitter you. I have to have my head examined if I was not gonna write his name -- lineup every day regardless of the Tony. At that stretch where he's scuffling a little bit so that's the first time all year that is gone through any kind of a dry spell and he's right back in the middle of it again today. Tomorrow will be the first to September of the B September call ups that provide some relief for players -- were a little bit worn out but are you noticing that it and we've come commented on at that. Players around the league hey they're getting tired guys who -- in a lot and you've had guys who played a lot but they seem to be a little fresher. Well I think it's natural and and very normal guys are gonna feel fatigued at this. Point in time of the year fortunately this is where. Over the course of a full season the depth of our bench really starts to shine through and were able to rotate guys through and you know I think we've got. Eleven position players that have north of 175 at bats so that means it's been. Evenly distributed to a certain extent we've got the platoon situation and laughed. And we've had a number guys be able to spell Mike Napoli first. And now with middle -- coming back to us you know about a month ago. Bogart's now coming back was was given Stephen Drew a night off we we try to conserve but yet put the best team on the field every night to win. -- is an a tonight. He has to be at at shortstop tonight with -- -- at third with tomorrow's day game and and a string of right handers coming dances with two big games Sunday Monday. Stephen Drew will be back in there tomorrow and don't forward. -- -- David Ross catching Jake Peavy tonight that brings us to our Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John Ferrell. And Jake obviously pitched with the Chicago White Sox for them for about six years. In when you look at the matchups tonight does one or the other have an advantage here does -- -- an advantage -- he played with these guys or did they have -- managed as they know. So well well. How I would always side with the pitcher because he knows the pitches -- he knows the location which is going to certainly there's tendencies that are. Known on both sides here but it's gonna come down to consistent execution and that that's one. With in my mind shifted back to the pitcher because like you said he knows the pit selection he knows where he's gonna go with a certain location. -- provided he's consistent with the execution he should pitch as he's downforce in the five starts may already John thanks good looking game to the White Sox thanks to appreciate it. Our question with a manager -- brought you by Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz C class sophisticated elegance with sporting style. 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